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The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions
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The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions

3.92  ·  Rating Details ·  190 Ratings  ·  29 Reviews
Christians affirm that everything exists because of God--from subatomic quarks to black holes. Science often claims to explain nature without including God at all. And thinking Christians often feel forced to choose between the two. But the good news is that we don't have to make a choice. Science does not overthrow the Bible. Faith does not require rejecting science. ...more
Hardcover, 250 pages
Published March 15th 2011 by IVP Books (first published January 28th 2011)
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Chad Warner
Sep 29, 2013 Chad Warner rated it really liked it
An engaging but theologically unfulfilling attempt to convince Christians to adopt theistic evolution. The authors accept as fact essentially all current theories of biological and cosmological origins, and interpret the Bible as non-literally as necessary to fit. They seem more concerned with interpreting the Bible in as broad and symbolic a way as necessary for their purposes than with studying creation-related topics in a biblically sound and theologically consistent way.

The book discuss the
Jared Totten
Sep 10, 2011 Jared Totten rated it liked it
In 2006, Francis Collins rolled a snowball called The Language of God and tossed it down a hill. It picked up steam, it grew, and it is now an avalanche fast approaching both the scientific and Christian landscape. From the book grew the BioLogos Foundation. Then an appointment of Collins to Director of the Nation Institutes of Health. And finally, BioLogos birthed a second book, The Language of Science and Faith, which was gathered and written by Karl Giberson.

At the risk of being too simplisti
Jan 06, 2012 David rated it liked it
This book presents the position of what is commonly called theistic evolution. The authors attempt to both argue that Darwinian evolution correctly explains how modern species came to be and that this in no way negates the existence of God. They cover a lot of ground, with each section beginning with a question (thus it almost reads like a 200 page FAQ).

I enjoyed the book. They succeeded in strongly presenting the truth that Christians can believe in evolution. Further, they succeed in answerin
Angus Mcfarlane
May 20, 2013 Angus Mcfarlane rated it really liked it
Shelves: spirituality, science
Is evolution, Darwin's version, compatible with conservative, protestant interpretation of the bible? This has been a question I've wrestled with sine I was a teenager and despite having read many books since then which tackle this question (including some from an atheistic or materialistic perspective), this one had some fresh perspectives to offer.

In the first instance, it is forthrightly supportive of evolution through natural selection and seeks to agree with the modern scientific establish
Paul Bruggink
Nov 02, 2012 Paul Bruggink rated it really liked it
This book is written for "Christian readers who would like to have a position[on creation and evolution] that is both biblically based and scientifically sound." The broadest and most general question the authors are addressing is "how to understand evolution as the way that God created life." The authors strongly refute the notions that "many scientists are rejecting evolution" and "a large number of scientists have publically repudiated evolution," stating that "these claims are simply false. ...more
Seth Heasley
Oct 30, 2011 Seth Heasley rated it really liked it
As I mentioned in my book review for Kenneth Miller's Only a Theory, I've read quite a few books on the topic of origins and have gradually migrated from creationism toward something like theistic evolution. It's still not a subject I'm a big fan of fighting over, so I generally just keep my opinions to myself. But I do keep reading. It's how I roll.

My migration, though, has had more to do with science than theology. When I watch something like Dennis Venema's excellent YouTube videos on the gen
Oct 16, 2011 Sheila rated it it was amazing
I’m a committed Christian and a mathematician with a serious interest in science, so this book had to catch my eye. Francis Collins is famous for his work on the Human Genome Project and his book The Language of God. Karl Giberson works with him in the BioLogos foundation which followed that work. And this book explains very clearly why there’s really no reason to deny faith or science in understanding the world. The writing makes an easy read with arguments well laid out, nicely relevant ...more
Apr 03, 2015 Larissa rated it liked it
These fellas are Christian scientists who believe in evolutionary creation. Pretty interesting stuff to add to the ole temporal lobe.

Favorite passage (pgs. 107-108):

"The first step in addressing apparent conflicts between science and religion is the recognition that they are different enterprises. These differences are often highlighted by noting that science and religion answer different questions or answer the same question in different ways.

John Polkinghorne, the world's leading scholar of t
Josh Meares
Jun 25, 2011 Josh Meares rated it liked it
This book offers scientific answers to questions provoked by Francis Collins' earlier book, The Language of God. This is a good book, with a few important exceptions.

First, the best part of this book is its explanation why Intelligent Design is not helpful, either to believers or to scientists. Second, Collins does a nice job of documenting the (recent) rise of young earth creationism as the dominant conservative Christian paradigm. I did not realize that Christians had, by and large, adopted so
Janet Zehr
This book develops the relationship of evolution to Christianity

Both of the authors of this book are biologists and committed Christians. Their purpose in writing this book is to show that it is possible to hold a belief in a scientific theory that explains the history of the Earth in evolutionary terms and also to believe in a Creator who used this system to create the universe and all the life forms we observe today.
They develop their ideas systematically in a series of very readable chapters
Jul 07, 2013 Chris rated it liked it
Intriguing book - makes you think seriously about broad and huge topics. Challenged me to confirm why I believe what I believe and really encouraged me to study more in-depth the issue of evolution vs. creationism and how it really plays out in modern society.

At times, the authors seem to dive off into tangents un-related to the concepts being explored, and this can make it difficult to follow. Also, overall this book is highly technical and so unless you have a fair amount of interest in - or k
Isaiah the Ox
Feb 08, 2015 Isaiah the Ox rated it really liked it
Shelves: christian, report
I really enjoyed this book. I am researching Genesis 1 and Creation for a school report, and this was the perfect book for my report. Having grown up in a Christian, homeschooled home, this was the first science book I have ever read that actually accepts evolution. That might be the reason I found it so interesting. Many of the problems most Young Earth Creationists claim are flaws in evolution where discussed and proven wrong in this book. I am finding Biologos to be a very good explanation of ...more
Matt Hill
Feb 20, 2012 Matt Hill rated it it was amazing
at this point in my whole foray into evolution/theology/etc., this book was more of a survey and not really about what i'm specifically interested in anymore, but it's really well written--esp. the whole format by questions people might ask, which are timed perfectly, btw--the guys writing it are authorities (obviously) and know what they're talking about and how to cite other authorities, and it just does a great job of covering the issue overall . .

for me, i'm now more interested in reconcili
From Francis Collin's BioLogos foundation, this presents "scientific creationism." It seems to be addressed to evangelicals, but I think many people would find the discussion helpful. I think they offer a generous position for people who want to take both their Bible and their science seriously, specifically in terms of incorporating evolutionary biology and quantum physics into a Christ-centered faith.
This would be an accessible book to give to someone and say, "It doesn't have to be one or th
James Andersen
Aug 28, 2011 James Andersen rated it it was amazing
This book is a very good read, everything from theological discussions to science behind the things that fundamentalist can't defend themselves from. After reading this book, anyone who believes in a more allegorical interpretation of the Bible will be more confident and thank God for Evolution, The Big Bang as well. This book is perfect for everyone who wants to merge their scientific minds to the theological mind. The BioLogos Foundation is indeed a much more intelligent Christian foundation ...more
Mike de la Flor
Apr 30, 2012 Mike de la Flor rated it really liked it
This is one of the best books on the topic of science and religion (Christianity). Karl Giberson (who is a scientist and a Christian), does an excellent job at explaining what modern science is and what it is not. And also does a great job at explaining why concepts like creationism and Intelligent Design are not science. The book is a an honest refreshing read that I strongly recommend to my Christian friends.
Feb 24, 2012 Readnponder rated it it was ok
I picked this up because I loved Francis Collins' first book "The Language of God." This follow up was a disappointment to me; however, others may love it. It is arranged in a Q & A format regarding different topics where science and faith seem to clash. E.g. age of the earth; origin of first human species, etc.

I had a harder time understanding the science in this book, particularly when it got into quantum physics. They problem is probably with me.
Shawn Tickle
Dec 29, 2013 Shawn Tickle rated it it was amazing
Even better than The Language of God. Powerful, effective argument, artfully written. A pleasure to read. Even those who disagree with them will have to admit that the book is well written, well organized, and well argued. Just like The Language of God, this is one of the best books of its kind ever written.
Joe Caplinger
Sep 23, 2011 Joe Caplinger rated it liked it
This is a good read for anyone who finds themselves wondering if science and the story of the Bible can work together. I myself have always wondered if believing the Biblical story meant the scientific story could not be true. This book does a good job of linking the two together and showing how the two work together.
James Smith
Mar 18, 2012 James Smith rated it liked it
Though theologically "thin" (and perhaps just a tad philosophically naive), this is nonetheless a clear presentation of the issues. The FAQ questions format is helpful. I'll be passing this on to my son, who is a senior in high school and interested in science. It's a helpful volume for just that sort of purpose.
Jan 06, 2015 Laura rated it really liked it
A very rational book on this subject, and simple enough that a non-science person like me could still understand it. I enjoyed reading a book that takes the discoveries made & proven by scientists and explains how they don't conflict with a belief in God.
Dec 10, 2014 Sharon rated it it was ok
This title does an excellent job of showing that faith does not mean one has to reject science. Whether referring to dark holes, evolution or quantum physics, faith and religion do not have to be mutually exclusive. However, I felt like I was reading a textbook and had trouble staying engaged.
Roger Morris
Jul 16, 2011 Roger Morris rated it it was amazing
This is a great book and a great springboard for anyone who wishes to explore the science/faith question, and to demystify evolution as a live option for Christians as the mechanism of creation. Highly recommended.
Lyle Blosser
Feb 27, 2016 Lyle Blosser rated it it was amazing
An amazingly clear and insightful book; recommending this to anyone who is searching for answers but is tired of all the Bible vs. science bashing and rhetoric that goes under the name of "intellectual discourse" these days.
Patrick Breck
May 23, 2011 Patrick Breck rated it really liked it
A very engaging book that demonstrates how our faith and science no longer have to be in conflict with one another.
Oct 26, 2012 Liz rated it really liked it
Whew, not for the faint of heart. But I liked it. They changed how I view the world a little bit. Not on everything. It was honest though. It made me a little less defensive as a Christian.
Jun 29, 2014 Miranda rated it really liked it
Arguments for theistic evolution presented in a very clear manner. Gives lots of food for thought and jumping off points for further research, but is also very satisfactory within itself.
Jeff Kurzrock
Sep 10, 2011 Jeff Kurzrock rated it liked it
Excellent idea to bridge the gap between religion and science. Made me wish the two weren't so divided. My only problem is, that this book often read like a very dry college textbook.
Mohsin Trixxx
Mohsin Trixxx rated it it was amazing
Jan 30, 2016
Steven rated it really liked it
Jan 04, 2015
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