Dead or Alive (Jack Ryan Jr., #2)
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Dead or Alive (Jack Ryan Jr. #2)

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Jack Ryan, the former president of the United States, is out of office, but not out of the loop about his brainchild, the ?Campus? ? a highly effective, counter-terrorism organization that operates outside the Washington hierarchy. But what Ryan doesn't know is that his son, Jack Ryan, Jr., has joined his cousins, Brian and Dominic Caruso, at the shadowy Campus. While a hi...more
Audio CD, Abridged
Published December 7th 2010 by Brilliance Audio (first published January 1st 2010)
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Rachel C.
Plowed through this book in one day. I went in eager to approve, but didn't like it as much as I'd hoped. This is the first time Clancy has shared a byline on a Jack Ryan book and I'm a bit scared that the floodgates are now open for a ton of Patterson-esque cheap knockoffs.

I guess it was easier to enjoy the Cold War Clancys since there was historical, and therefore psychic, distance. I found it much harder to turn my head off and become immersed in this Middle East / terrorism story. I kept com...more
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Alain Burrese
It had been a long time since reading about the exploits of Jack Ryan, John Clark, "Ding" Chavez, and the Caruso brothers, Brian and Dominic. I've always enjoyed Tom Clancy, and have to admit, "Without Remorse" and "Rainbow Six" were probably my favorites because I really like the character John Clark. So, when "Dead Or Alive" came out, I was excited to read the newest story about Clark that also featured all of the other main characters from Clancy's novels. For whatever reason, the book got se...more
Peri Kinder
"Dead or Alive” was boring. There wasn’t that hanging-on-the-edge-of-my-seat suspense that Clancy writes so well. I thought the writing was choppy, the story was bland and the characters were flat–except for the women, who always seem to have large chests. I trudged through 900 pages hoping it would get better–but it never did.

Give me “Hunt for Red October” or “Clear and Present Danger” and I’ll be in espionage heaven. But this one didn’t work. Too bad. But I’m not giving up on Clancy yet, maybe...more
Paul Pessolano
Those of us who read Tom Clancy had to wait almost a decade for this book, and it is co-written.

"Dead or Alive" brings back the men of Rainbow Six, Jack Ryan, and Mary Pat Foley. It seems that Ding and John Clark are being mustered out of the service but find themselves employed by "The Campus". The Campus is a secret agency posing as a financial institute that runs covert operations but has no direct connection to the American Government. The Campus was set up by Jack Ryan before he left the Pr...more
William Breakstone

“Dead or Alive” by Tom Clancy

Reviewed by Bill Breakstone, January 12, 2011

Tom Clancy’s latest novel, “Dead or Alive,” is a 950-page monster, his 14th in a series that began with his classic “Hunt for Red October,” published way back in 1984. I’ve read 13 of these books, all but “Teeth of the Tiger,” and enjoyed them all. My last Clancy read was in 2000, thus it was a pleasure to return to most of the old characters, with a few new ones tossed in.

Dead or Alive is a complicated, many-l...more
Mike (the Paladin)
This is another book the drives me to mention that we REALLY need a 10 star or a half star system. I switched back and forth between 3 and 4 stars on this one so often I almost needed Dramamine.

Of course the problem there would have been that when the book lost that 4th star it was because it slooooowed wwwwaaaayyyyy dddooowwwnnn... Since Dramamine makes you drowsy you can see the problem.

The book is well plotted as has been Clancy's record. We're following the characters of Jack Ryan, Jack Ry...more
Dodol Surodol
A long read, Dead or Alive is. I don't know if it's the "with" authorship or Clancy having changed -- lost his edge, if you will -- since '90s, but I find myself longing for the days of Patriot Games and The Cardinal of the Kremlin.

The actions are still good, the I.T. stuff believable (which is better than most books), and all-star setup having me excited. The authors are very in-your-face now with their right leaning. Either you're right or you're incompetent. The good guys even deem torture ne...more
Josh Glover
Oh, another Islamist terror cell operating in the US with a grand plan to set off a nuke? How surprising!

This is the first Clancy book that is written "with" another author, and it feels to me not much different than the Tom Clancy-branded "Op Center" and "Net Force" series. Those are perfectly OK if you just want a high octane page-turner, but I've come to expect a lot more from Tom Clancy.

Without knowing the details, I suspect that Clancy himself outlined the plot and read the manuscript, but...more
Most people think Tom Clancy lost his nut on 9/11. And it's true, he's bugfuck insane. But it actually happened earlier than that. His fiction was predicated on the cold war, and the cold war ended, so Clancy flailed around looking for some bad guys to fictionally blow up. He tried the Japanese (Debt of Honor, 1994) and environmentalists (Rainbow Six, 1998). 2001 was actually a good setup for him, because he had a new generational conflict to fictionalize.

The thing is, the brain-eater got him. "...more
Never judge Tom Clancy against the yardstick of literature, but do take his measure by the other books he has written. Reading his stuff should be a guilty pleasure, done for the fun of it. Sadly, reading his latest book “Dead or Alive” was more of a guilty chore.

The book weighs in at a hefty 900+ pages. There is lots of white space around the words. The story's pace never makes it out of second gear. The action jogs along at a sedate pace, not at the red-hot speed of a ripping page-turner. It r...more
This sequel to Teeth of the Tiger resumes the story of Jack Ryan, Jr. and The Campus, an off the books anti-terrorist organization setup by then President Jack Ryan. Going after terrorists by any means necessary, the story starts by integrating two previous Clancy characters last seen in Rainbow Six, John Clark and "Ding" Chavez, into The Campus, with Clark becoming Jack, Jr.'s training officer. The United States is again threatened by the Emir, a shadowy Osama Bin Laden-type terrorist leader wh...more
Nobody does intelligence/spy thrillers as well as Tom Clancy. I am not sure why he has a collaborator on this book, but you cannot tell, it reads just like his other Jack Ryan novels. Unlike other spy fiction that focuses solely on the agents in the field, Clancy covers the entire intelligence community, agents, analysts and the political structure of various agencies and how they interact, or fail to interact, with each other.

The scenarios are more realistic, sometimes the intelligence is there...more
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My dad informed me there was a new Jack Ryan book and then passed it along to me. I remember a summer, which seems not long ago but was in fact a decade now, where I devoured pretty much every Clancy book that had been written up to that point - up to Rainbow Six, I believe. Even at the time there was something of a guilty pleasure element to it and that's only worse now. Clancy is what he is and isn't what he isn't, and being as the man is from Maryland he always manages to get me with a little...more
Weighing in at well over 700 pages, Dead or Alive by Tom Clancy and aided by Grant Blackwood is a monumental publication. Although in no rush to finish the book, it took me three days to finish and, my overall reaction to reading my first Tom Clancy thriller was one of efficaciousness.

It’s not very often that a book can afford to spend in excess of 200 pages creating a thorough and enviable foundation but Dead or Alive successfully achieves this, all the while creating countless scenarios and on...more
I'm going to rate this as a guilty pleasure 4 stars

I can't help but compare this to David Weber's "A Mighty Fortress", which I reviewed recently.

* Both books are the latest entry in a series of indeterminate length.
* Both books are ... let's say "plus sized"; Clancy's coming in at over 900 pages.
* Both authors are "Franchises".

Maybe I should explain what I mean by that. Besides writing their own books, both writers have enlisted other writers to write books in their "universe". A great way to ea...more
Chris Hubbs
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I have fond memories of clancy books - I seem to remember really enjoying a lot of his books, and given the size of his books, well, let's face it - we get our money's worth.

On the other hand, I just barely remember reading the last few of his books. I remember enjoying Rainbow Six (late 90s), and I think I remember enjoying up through the Bear and the Dragon (early 2000s) - though the idea of a war with Japan and the events that fell out of that seemed ludicrous at the time, and even sillier no...more
I had not picked up a Tom Clancy book in almost 10 years. I was a tremendous fan of his books through the late 80's and into the 90's. So let's start with what is good: Tom Clancy, as always, DOES HIS RESEARCH. He is a master at getting into the nitty-gritty technical details that it really makes you believe that he is writing from well inside some super-secret-squirrel compartment dug well inside the catacombs of government. His understanding of the military and tactics is also impressive and c...more
This is a tough book to rate. It was a strange book to read, too. At times, it read like really, really good fanfic. It's been a while since Clancy came out with a Ryan/Clark/Chavez book and maybe that's the reason.

Anyway, I'll keep this spoiler free and just say that the book had a really good ending when the action stopped, but Clancy couldn't stop himself from indulging in a little bit of fantasy/wish fulfillment at the end which was both unnecessary and unfulfilling.

Both Jack Ryans are bac...more
Ryan Mac
I have to agree with several of the other reviewers--this was not a bad book but not up to the classic Clancy standards. The book focuses on The Campus, introduced in an earlier book. Several old characters like John Clark, Ding Chavez, the Foleys and others reappear. It was nice to see them again and nice that Clancy gave Jack Ryan, Jr. some personality. It was sorely lacking in the last book. Better than the average book of this genre lately. Don't be fooled by the size of the book (my copy ha...more
Dead or Alive contains an all-star roster from several of Clancy's series and story arcs (Jack Ryan, Rainbow Six, Jack Ryan Jr. and the Caruso Brothers). This alone makes for entertaining reading. The first part of the book, however, is a deluge of minutia and fine grain detail on everything from the wheels of government to the intricacies of special operations. For those familiar with the author and this genre, it is rather repetitive and an explanation of the obvious. After slogging through th...more
Peter Calabrese
As always Clancy draws his readers into a spider web of intrigue by starting from multiple disparate stories that follow the web to its center - effectively ensnaring reader in the drama and action. The true value of his work is not the little details that add an air of authentication but the attempt to give us a glimpse of the humanity of the heroes.

His characters often reflect ion the morality of their actions which is a good thing. The moral judgment on torture is reflected upon multiple time...more
Somewhat disappointed as the book was so long and too disjointed. Loved the returning characters but something definitely was missing in the delivery. Not a true Tom Clancy novel that you can't put down. I could and struggled to finish.
Yussif Jaber
This is my first Tom Clancy book that I've ever read. I have to admit it was pretty hard getting into the book. Especially when not having read any of his previous books. But all in all it was a fascinating read. It was a great page turner; I always kept wanting to know what would happen next. I could barely put down the book till I reached the end!
It didn't end how I hoped it would however; as a one time novel. There was no real character development. There were huge lead ups to character growt...more
Boy, in some ways Tom Clancy is so good in spinning the yarn--and in diving deep into military/intelligence nomenclature. I have enjoyed his books before and I really wanted to enjoy this one. But at the end it felt as if he was writing a advertisement for the NRA/NSA. Maybe I just haven't noticed his books as propaganda for the intelligence community. No wonder the pentagon had him come speak. So this book is about two times too big because of his spending too much on details just to show he kn...more
Tim Smith
As I noted in another review, most books by Tom Clancy are a comfortable read. There are familiar characters, a plot line that progresses at a reasonable pace and all staged in situations that could have been fodder for the cable news talking heads. However, multiple sub plots along with a whole host of bad guys had me rereading pages to keep track of all of them. Although Mr. Clancy is no longer with us, we can only hope that his successor(s) will subscribe to the notion that sometimes less is...more
Lewis Cox
Jack Ryan, the son of former President, Jack Ryan, sr. , and a group of his tough, organized, friends work on the "Campus", a highly devoted Intelligence Agency, which devotes the groups efforts to thwart Terrorists from harming the USA. One of the "Master Terrorist" called: The Emir a high ranking terrorist is the primary object of their hunt.
He is a sadistic killer who masterminded the most vicious attacks on the west and has eluded capture by the world’s law I forcemeat groups. In this book J...more
This book showcases all that is amazing about Tom Clancy novels. Watching all of the separate little gears churning for the ultimate final product. Watching all of the different pieces acting out, serving for one single purpose that has yet to be revealed keeps the reader guessing and thriving for more. Not to mention this second book in the Jack Ryan, Jr. series is full of nostalgia for those that are familiar with Clancy's earlier works. Clancy does an amazing job of combining the old with the...more
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From Best-selling author Tom Clancy was an English major at Baltimore’s Loyola College and he had a dream of writing a novel. As a Maryland insurance broker with a passion for naval history, his dream came true with his first effort, The Hunt for Red October (1984). He has since written more than a dozen novels, which have a blend of realism and authenticity, intricate plotting, and r...more
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