Her Good Name
Josi S. Kilpack
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Her Good Name

3.67 of 5 stars 3.67  ·  rating details  ·  659 ratings  ·  131 reviews
Chrissy is having an identity crisis. As a single woman and convert to the Church, she has always managed to find her place in life — at least until someone else begins using her credit cards, her bank account, and, most important, her name. Now the real Chrissy must prove her innocence against a growing pile of collection notices and unpaid bills. But with no job, no mone...more
Kindle Edition, 320 pages
Published 2010 by Deseret Book Company (first published September 15th 2008)
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Aug 29, 2008 Cindy rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: everyone!
Recommended to Cindy by: Josi Kilpack
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Rebecca Irvine
I was naughty last night. Yesterday I received Josi S. Kilpack's novel Her Good Name in the mail (I had won it on the LDS Women's Book Review Blog) and started reading it. I should have gone to bed at 9 pm to get enough sleep and get up early to get my things done before work. But this book was too good to put down. I read it until 11:15 pm (when I finished). And tonight I will likely be rereading it, although I am extra tired this evening.

Here is the description of the book:

"Chrissy is having a...more
As an LDS fiction, this is one of the better ones- hence 2 stars instead of 1... I like Josi Kilpack a lot, and I love that she writes about relevant, current topics like modern infertility and identity theft and internet predators. However, this story lost me at the point where the victim of identity theft goes to Southern California (from Idaho) to track down the people who stole her identity. I mean, I understand that it wouldn't have made a very good story if she'd just sat around in Idaho m...more
After reading Lady Audley's Secret, I needed something light and this one was a really fast and easy read. My only complaint is that I wanted more at the end. Did she end up with the guy? Did she adopt that baby? If I knew there was going to be a sequel to this, I would have been more satisfied at the end.
Oct 04, 2008 Heather rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Adults, preteen 12+
Shelves: suspense
Her Good Name
By Josi S. Kilpack

Review by Heather Moore

I’m a longtime fan of Josi Kilpack and her books rank among some of my favorite LDS fiction. Her recent suspense novels are just as good as anything written in the national market. Her last book, Sheep’s Clothing won the 2007 Whitney Award for Best Suspense by an LDS writer, and it was well deserved.

So you can imagine the anticipation that I had to read Her Good Name. I was caught up in the story right from the first chapter. Chrissy, a thirt...more
Chrissy Salazar is a feisty convert to the Church who finds herself in a horrible situation when her identity is stolen. With the help of a former blind date (from a date Chrissy would rather forget), Micah Heet, she is determined to find out who did it and make things right.

Another wonderful story that is difficult to put down, and with characters that you really care about or absolutely despise (I know, I keep saying this, but it's true). At times the story seemed a little far-fetched, but, t...more
This was another good LDS suspense novel written by Josi Kilpack. The story this time is about identity theft. Chrissy, a 35-year old Latina convert, has her identity and personal identification stolen and sold to a rebel from Guatemala who is involved with drug running, stolen guns, and murder. Trying to prove that she isn't the same person as the one who has racked up massive debt nor has she put a second mortgate on her home nor been arrested for possession is like trying to prove a negative,...more
Chrissy Salazar is thirty-five years old, single, and has pretty much decided that all the disastrous blind dates she has been on really haven't been worth the time or the effort. So, when she embarks on yet another blind date set up by the wife of her home teacher, she goes into that experience with low expectations. She is pleasantly surprised, however, to discover that there are still some gems to be uncovered in the world of LDS singles in Idaho Falls. She meets Micah Heet who is a divorced...more
I enjoyed this story for the most part but I seriously hesitated reading it after a comment in the beginning. I guess I am a little sensitive when it comes to step-parenting and there was a comment about the kids being "our kids" and the step-parent's role as non-existent which kind of rubbed me wrong. Actually it did more than that and I considered writing the author and giving her a piece of my mind. Instead, I talked to my husband and a couple of days later, picked the book back up and finish...more
Holly (2 Kids and Tired)
Chrissy Salazar has a good life: she is active in her church and adores her niece and nephews. It's not perfect: she's 35 and still single, her sister drives her nuts, and she's facing yet another blind date.

However, when her identity is stolen, her life really spirals out of control. Suddenly, she has no job, no money, no credit and an arrest warrant. Micah, her blind date, has his identity stolen as well and the two embark on an attempt to clear their names. What happens next is nothing short...more
Karla Hansen
This book, though fictional, should be read by everyone. We think when our identity is stolen it may mean that someone will buy a big screen tv that we can prove is not our responsibility.
Identity theft is a billion+ dollar business with very little the innocent can do and almost nothing the authorities can do to catch and prosecute the guilty. We should all be aware and this novel helps us understand the pitfalls.
Entertaining and easy read--a little romance,and intrigue.
This book gets off to a slow start, but becomes more interesting as it goes along. Certainly it makes you think about identity theft, which is perpetrated on the protagonist, Chrissy. For once, the characters call the police when things go dangerously downhill, although not as soon as I think a sensible person would (meaning "not as soon as I would"). Not as entertaining as Kilpack's Culinary Mysteries series, but still an okay read with some thought-provoking content.
Her Good Name by Josi S. Kilpack

Since identity theft is the number #1 crime in America for the 8th straight year, I was very interested in reading Josi's newest issue book. She has such a knack in really delving into an issue that is very relevant in today's society. Chrissy Salazar meets Micah Heet in a cafe on a blind date, never realizing from that date that Chrissy's identity would be stolen from her. With Micah's help as a loan officer, she is able to get her identity back amidst all the re...more
Good story, and not cheesy, like some LDS books can be. Chrissy is impacted by identity theft, which is the basis of the story. A little romance thrown in, but not enough to sideline the main plot. It makes for a good story, but I had a hard time believing the trip to CA to find the culprit. Fun story, yes. Reality, no. What I really liked was the page or two at the end detailing different kinds of identity theft, and what a person can do about it. Good information
When her boss's lecherous son takes over the insurance company, Chrissy decides it's time for a career change. She's always been careful with money and figures she can live on her savings while she decides what she wants to do. Suddenly she finds her bank account emptied, her credit destroyed, and a warrant out for her arrest. As Chrissy tries to prove her innocence, she runs into something much bigger than she expected.

This was a real eye opener on identity theft. Fascinating characters, especi...more
Intriguing story that teaches you along the way about identity theft. I enjoyed the story and the cute little quirks that Chrissy had. I thought that some of the promtings she recieved were a bit far fetched. I don't believe that we always recieve instant promtings like she had or hear a distinct whispering every time, however she wasn't given direct answers everytime which was a bit more realistic. Although I realize there was surely a purpose to why it was portrayed that way.

I really liked th...more
Feb 08, 2009 Shanda rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: pretty much anyone
This was a good story with a good message. The first thing I wanted to do after reading Her Good Name was sign up for a credit monitoring program. Besides helping me realize I'm not as diligent about my credit as I should be, Josi's novel kept me turning pages. At times I wasn't quite sure how I felt about Micah & his relationship with Chrissy- their first date & interactions at times felt unbelievable & awkward to me. I was able to feel for Chrissy's niece & nephews and the situ...more
Here is another LDS romance/adventure. I would put this more in the adventure category. This one was pretty good, and also gives you good information on what to do if you suspect your identity has been stolen.
It is about a single gal named Chrissy who goes on a blind date with this guy, and they both end up having their identities stolen. They are both kind of hesitant in getting too involved in dating, but while they are working together to get their names and credit cleared they fall in love...more
The author did a great job portraying the frustration someone must feel when their identity is stolen. However, that is not something I necessarily want to read because I started to feel some of that frustration as well. It was also very slow moving and I found myself skimming over some parts. I do like that she left Chrissy and Micah's relationship kind of open at the end instead of forcing them to say I love you or get married when they had barely known each other. I kind of wish that she woul...more
This is chick lit, so you have to do the obligatory suspension of reality, but this was light and fun. I'd recommend it to lovers of mormon chick lit.
Important read, as well as entertaining. Important because it brings more to our awareness a huge and growing social problem. Identity theft is the background for the story, the element that brings the two main characters together. The author did a good job realistically putting together a tale of personal terror, international intrigue, and all, but I was frustrated when it took SO LONG for the police to be involved. Maybe I have too much faith in the system, but it was frustrating.

But it did a...more
Jul 17, 2008 Josi rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  (Review from the author)  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Anyone who enjoyed my other books
This is the story of Chrissy Salazar, a Mexican-American woman whose life, though far from perfect, begins spiraling out of control when someone steals her identity. She finds that when it comes to the debts and crimes committed in her name, she's guilty unless she can prove that she isn't the woman they are looking for. Chrissy is a fun character, with sass and class, and an endless supply of banter. That the other half of a blind date that didn't go anywhere was also a victim of identity theft...more
Tressa (Tressa's Wishful Endings)
Chrissy is a faithful LDS single woman who doesn't understand why she isn't where she wants to be in life and then things get worse when her identity is stolen. However, she would have never ended up spending so much time with handsome Micah otherwise. The question is if it will amount to anything more and if she can get her identity back.

I would actually give it a 3.5. I liked most of it, but the ending was a little unrealistic (who is alright with carrying gun parts around in their car and not...more
This book is about a woman who has her identity stolen and how she goes through trying to clear her name. It also covers her family relationships or lack there of and how she had a rough date with a guy who ends up helping her with her identity problem.

The story is well written and kept my interest. It didn't have so many of those typical LDS novel cliches, however the last line of the book was very cheesy. Overall I enjoyed the book. It definitely made me stand up and pay attention if I am doi...more
Chrissy's Identity is stolen when she is on a date at a restaraunt and has to leave early to go pick up her neice. She does not know about this until she starts getting letters telling her that she had'nt paid things yet. The person who is using her Identity has a baby at a hospital. Everything goes downhill from there.

I rated it 4 stars becuase is was really fun to read and I really liked how it jumped from one time and place to another.

I would recommend this book to anyone who like suspense an...more
A great book! I read it in one day on my day-trip up to Idaho! (Sorry Jana...) Another hit from Josi Kilpack! This was a scary tale about identity theft! It was also a wonderful story about holding on to your faith, even through the hardest trials you could go through! Chrissy was such a fun character, and I just loved, loved, LOVED MMmmmmm. Hahaha, I just loved that. These characters that Josi writes about have so much more courage than I do, it's fun to see what situations they get themselves...more
This was a fabulous book. It's main plot is about how Chrisy gets her identity stolen. It is amazing to see just how easy it is for someone to steal your identity. I never realized how fast and how complicated it could be. She spend a large amount of the book defending who she is, when she didn't even commit a crime. There is, of course, a romantic plot in the story. :). Overall a great book, and it really opened my eyes about identity theft. I would highly reccomend this book, one of the best b...more
This was the first book I've read by Kilpack. Her characters aren't your typical romance characters (mid-late twenties with such great jobs they are super rich and really don't need to work, ultra good looking). It was refreshing to read a romance that had "normal" people as characters. The plot was interesting and the book was well written. Mystery isn't really my thing, so I don't think I'll read Kilpack's food series, but I would gladly read another romance by her.
I wasn't sure about reading this since it didn't sound terribly exciting... but it was actually really enjoyable and well written. It was dramatic and yet still humorous. The only downside (which can also be an upside) is that it made me even more paranoid about something I already have a pretty go amount of paranoia toward. In fact, I finished the book today while my kids were napping and headed straight to the computer to check my credit report. Yep. Paranoid. :)
Rebecca Dean
Interesting book with good character development. Spoiler alert, lots of info about identity theft. "Tortured" feelings, which I always want to get away from in a book, but seems inevitable in getting to the good part of the relationship. I just want the 2 people to get together, enough with the "torture" and self-doubt, but I guess there is not much "plot" in that.

I have thought about this book since I finished reading it and to me that says alot.
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I'm the third of nine children born and raised in Salt Lake City Utah. I met my husband in high-school--well, he wasn't my husband then, just the cute guy in weight training with the permed mullet--and we married in 1993. I wrote my first book while on bed rest with my third child and have gone on to publish 18 novels, the most recent being part of The Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery Series.

I cu...more
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