The Last Musketeer (The Last Musketeer, #1)
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The Last Musketeer (The Last Musketeer, #1)

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On the first day of a family trip to Paris, Greg Rich’s parents disappear. They’re not just missing from the city—they’re missing from the century. So Greg does what any other fourteen-year-old would do: He travels through time to rescue them.

Greg soon finds out that his family history is tied to the legendary Three Musketeers. But when he meets them, they’re kids his age,...more
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published September 27th 2011 by HarperCollins (first published May 1st 2011)
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Kat Heckenbach
My 10-yr-old daughter picked this up at the library and I flipped it open out of curiosity. Before I knew it I was several chapters in :).

The writing is good, and the story is fun, and I'm definitely planning on reading the sequel. What more do I need to say?

OK, maybe one thing. I read some of the other reviews, and I have to say: Please remember this is fiction, and so was the original Three Musketeers. I get that some of the historical things may be not quite perfect, and some points taken for...more
Ms. Yingling
Greg and his parents are traveling to Paris, but it isn't really a vacation. In order to survive financially, they are selling many family heirlooms to the Louvre, even though Greg's grandfather told them not to. The museum director is particularly keen to get Greg's mother's crystal necklace, even ripping it off her neck when she decides to keep it. The reason? He has the other half, and when the parts are reunited, all four are sent back in time to Paris in 1615. There, the director accuses th...more
Margo Tanenbaum
As a Three Musketeers fan since I was twelve years old, I was of course excited to read this new time travel story, in which a 21st century boy travels back to France of the early 17th century, befriending the future musketeers, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. Author Stuart Gibbs' fast paced, action-packed tale may well appeal to today's tweens, but I couldn't help but be disappointed in the way he interprets Dumas' classic story for the 21st century.

The story starts off strong, with a terrific fir...more
Sean Tay
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Grades 4-7: Greg Rich's family was once rich-- but his parents can't keep up the family estate any longer, and when the Louvre contacts them about selling the family heirlooms that date back to 17th century France, it sounds like a dream come true. They travel to Paris, where Greg is immediately distrustful of the strange Michel Dinicoeur, the Louvre representative who meets them. And with good cause-- once Dinicoeur gets his hands on a crystal that Greg's mother has always worn, he attempts to...more
Hazel West
Thoughts on the Overall Book: I love time travel books and I love the Three Musketeers, that should have made this great right? Well, actually that was the problem.

Cover--Yea or Nay: I think it’s fine for the genre and age target of the book. I especially like the font, though I don’t really get the title.

Characters: This was the problem. Okay, overall, Greg is not a bad protagonist. I don’t care for him being “the” D’Artagnan, but whatever, there were too many other things to care about. And ev...more
Tony Keefer
This time travel adventure plays into the idea that a boy, Greg Rich, from our time travels back into time and becomes the real D'Artagnan that helps to inspire the Three Musketeers stories by Dumas. It was a clever and fast-paced read that is definitely the beginning to a new series. The ending is not a cliff hanger but, Greg has not yet made it back to our time, so we know there will be more to come.

I think Gibbs did a pretty good job with blending some outright crazinesss (e.g. Greg traveling...more
Heather Johnson
This is a fun adventure! Greg Rich's family has lost its riches and is pulled into the past - 17th century medieval France. Greg has to rescue his parents from Michel Dinicoeur and Triste Mort, the French dungeon where his parents are sentenced to execution for a framed attempted assassination of King Louis XIII. He is not alone in his attempt, as Greg - or, D'Artagnan - is joined by the Three Musketeers, each with their own personality!

From the start, let me mention: I've never heard The Three...more
Jeff Crosby
Engaging juvenile novel involving teenage versions of D'Artangion, Athos, Porthos, Aramis, Milady de Winter, and Louis XIII. Twisted around time travel and sorcery, this is a wonderful mix of Dumas characters, historical anachronisms, and the time travel paradox. While it probably owes more to Marty McFly than Robert Heinlein, this is a lot of fun.
When Greg's family looses the vast majority of their fortune, they agree to meet with a curator of The Louvre and sell off many of their priceless goods, including a black crystal necklace that is low in monetary value but important to Greg's mother. At the last minute when she decides that she isn't interested in selling the necklace, the curator grabs it from her neck and jumps through a painting. Not hesitating or thinking, Greg and his family jump into the painting after the man and find the...more
This book is a historical fantasy very loosely based on the setting of The Three Musketeers. As an adventure story, it is exciting and interesting. Its flaws entirely center around the aspects which are a pastiche of the Dumas novel. These are so serious that as a reader, I began to wonder if Stuart Gibbs had ever read the novel, or only seen a movie version of it.
A typical example: many key points of the story center around the family of the Cardinal Richelieu, and Richelieu being the family na...more
The Last Musketeer is a combination time travel/adventure story. It begins in the present with 14-year-old Greg Rich and his family arriving in Paris at the invitation of one Michel Dinicoeur. Monsieur Dinicoeur is an official at the Louvre (a famous art museum in Paris) and had contacted the Rich family–who is in dire financial straits–about acquiring the 17th-century antiques in their possession which had been passed down in their family for generations.

Although Greg’s parents are trying to “s...more
Brenda ♥Queen of Aces (Asexuals)♥
What really attracted me about this was that it's a retelling of the famous book The Three Musketeers. It used to be my most favorite book (which I have read 11 times so far). So I decided to pick this up as soon as I saw it. I must warn you though, this is DEFINITELY different from the book. I have the entire book of The Three Musketeers memorized and this IS different. For starters, the main character, Greg, ends up in the past and is known as D'Artagnan. So yes, the story changes the original...more
Grandpa Gus always told Greg that his family should never sell any of the old things in their home. “These heirlooms must always stay in our family, no matter what” “…These things are more important that you can possibly understand. …Do whatever it takes to protect them. And most important of all …never take them to France.”
But now, 14 year old Greg’s family is no longer rich. And his parents have decided that the best way to get money is to sell the family’s heirlooms. To the Louvre. In France...more
the last musketeer is about a boy and I forgot his name! So one day his parents decide to sell the stuff that they inherited, from his grandfather, to a museaum. When they arrive there his parents get thrown into a time portal by a guy whos name I've also forgotten. the boy has no clue what to do so he jumps in the portal in search of his parents and finds out that he landed in the past and he is suppose to make up the three musketeers and also rescue his parents from excecution and defeat a two...more
The Last Musketeer is a lot of fun! It is a time travel adventure that sees Greg Rich and his parents transported back in time from the present day to Paris of 1615. The Rich family has fallen on hard times and now they are selling off their antiques to the Louvre. The curator, a M. Dinicoeur, is very anxious to have the Rich’s treasures for the museum, in particular a necklace that Mrs. Rich is wearing. When she decides not to part with the necklace Dinicoeur snatches it from her neck and runs...more
Karen Arendt
Greg and his parents are headed to France to sell all the family heirlooms; the family is bankrupt. When they sell the antique furniture to Michel Dinicouer, Dinicouer grabs the jewel necklace Greg's mother is wearing. She had decided to to sell that item, but that is what Michel wanted all along. Michel jumps into a painting and time-travels to 17th century France. Greg's parents follow him and Greg follows his parents. His parents are arrested for being assassins and Greg has to plan an escape...more
Well hmmm. LOVED Belly Up . Love the story of the Three Musketeers (and, I'll be honest, the Chris Donnelly, Keifer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen (EEEK! I DID JUST SAY THAT!), and Oliver Platt movie version ... haven't seen the newer one yet).

Love time travel stories.

Didn't love this one and I'm not really even sure why. I guess ... a kid would need at least some background knowledge in the musketeers, wouldn't he/she? I mean, this one does explain some history. And there are some good action scene...more
This is a quick read, but not very engaging. There were moments it was intriguing, but overall it read like a book written by an inexperienced writer. I was glad to finish it. Had it been longer, I may not have bothered.
A time-travel adventure with a new take on my old favorite, The Three Musketeers. 14-year-old Greg's parents have lost everything and are trying to get some money back by selling the family heirlooms to the Louvre. On a trip to Paris to take a bunch of stuff to its new home in the museum, they meet the villainous Michel Dinicouer and find themselves sucked back in time 400 years, where Greg's parents are on suspicion of plotting against the king, and Greg, now called D'Artagnan, must join forces...more
I love France and the time period of the musketeers, although I would probably say that I old want to live in a more glorified version of that time period. It seemed very down to earth and practical on the unhygienic practices of the time. It probably was more to do with the wow factor that young readers would get out of it than anything else but it did provide some comic relief. I am now going to have to go back and read all of Alexander Dumas' work to see how accurate this book was. This was a...more
Good book. Good imagining, Stuart, with Greg being D'Artagnan. I thought it was an excellent idea. I smiled when I read the part about the cell phone. They didn't have cell phones in 1615! Although, some melancholic news: You set this book up in Spain, 1615, as Porthos, Athos, Aramis, and Greg, who seems to have the likeness of D'Artagnan, the Captain of the Musketeers, or Captain of the Guard. However, Louis XIII, the father of Louis XIV and Philippe of France, who lived from September 27, 1601...more
4K got this first.
I love me some Musketeers. This was a pretty decent middle grade read. The time travel logic gets a little hard to follow, but then again, time travel is always hard for me to follow. I'm not usually one for cliffhanger endings, but this was a good one. Those familiar with Dumas have to know what might be coming next. I'm looking forward to Traitor's Chase!
Greg and his parents go to Paris to sell their possessions to the Louvre. Michel D. meets them and steals the necklace from Greg's mother's neck. They chase Michel D. to a painting in the Louvre that lets Michel D. into it. They follow and find themselves in the past 1615. Greg's parents are thrown in prison. Greg escapes and as the days go by meets up with the teenage version of the three musketeers. They have an adventure rescuing Greg's parents.
Mark Baker
Greg Rich finds himself sucked back through time to early 1600's Paris where he must unite teenage musketeers to save his parents. A kids book that combines elements of fantasy with historical fiction, I enjoyed it, although I did find the set up a bit too long.

Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.
I read this book for a conference and I was sooo happy they had this book on the list!

Gripping, turn paging adventure that starts in present day so it isn't like other historical fiction books that can seem boring to some kids. This should be an easy sell and be prepared to have some books on the three musketeers for those that get interested about the real story.
Read this one to my 8 year old. Really kept his attention and was interesting to me because of the history of France and the back story of the 3 musketeers. Also some interesting time-travel paradoxes that were handled pretty well.
I read this on recommendation from my 10 year old. He loved it. Great adventure for 9-12 year olds. I thought it was well written and the author kept the plot moving--essential for most boys. We'll be reading the rest of the trilogy.
Harry Routhaug
This was good, quick and easy to read. I could see it being turned into a movie, Stuart Gibbs is a good author he understands what young people want to read. I am looking forward to reading the next two books in the Musketeer series.
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