Beyond the Veil: Male-female Dynamics in a Muslim Society (Saqi Essentials)
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Beyond the Veil: Male-female Dynamics in a Muslim Society (Saqi Essentials)

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Sexual inequality is a prominent feature of both Western and Islamic societies, but the underlying concepts of female sexuality in Christian and Muslim traditions are very different. In this classic study, Fatema Mernissi argues that many Muslim scholars historically portrayed women as active and in possession of an aggressive sexuality. Such traditions as veiling and dome...more
Paperback, 197 pages
Published July 4th 2011 by Saqi Books (first published 1975)
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يدور حول ديناميكية الرجل - المرأة في الأُسرة المغربية
كتاب جيد
Ahmed Almawali
الكتاب كُتِب قبل أربعين عاما، بقلم الباحثة الاجتماعية فاطمة المرنيسي، وضمّت عينة البحث مقابلات رجالا ونساء، وكذلك قامت بتحليل مضمون لمئات من الرسائل الواردة للمفتي، يجب أن ننظر لأربعين سنة بدقة فالكثير من المتغيرات الاجتماعية تغيرت.
تناولت سيسولوجية العلاقة بين الرجل والمرأة في نظر الإسلام، بالإعتماد على إحياء علوم الدين للغزالي، مقارنة مع الفكر الفرويدي في نظر كل منهما للمرأة. للأسف اتخذت من: الطلاق، تعدد الزوجات، ذرائع لتُثبت أن المرأة تابعة للوجل، مسيطَر عليها، لا حول لها ولا طول؛ لذا فالقارئ...more
Ameera H.  Al-mousa

كتاب لابأس فيه .. واعتقد هو الأقل مستوى لمجموعة فاطمة المرنيسي .. جميلة المفارقات الذي أوردتها حول ذهنية الغزالي وفرويد والعقاد حول الأنثى والجندر الاجتماعي، ايضاً اعتمدت على دراسة اجرتها حول هندسة الجنسانية عند الأسرة المغربية التقليدية منها .. وانتهاءاً بتشريح وتحليل قانون أحوال الأسرة في المغرب ..

What I appreciate about Mernissi is her frank and clear declarations of her worldview and purpose in writing this book. She doesn't hide her dispositions in convoluted abstractions; writing on page 8 in a section entitled A Note to the Western Reader she says very clearly: "I believe that sexual inequality the basis of both systems [the way women are treated in the Muslim East and the Christian West.]" It is clear that she sees religious worldview as the root of the problem of female equality, a...more
أخيرا أنهيت هذا الكتاب
غالبا ما تقرأ الكتب للمتعة أو الفائدة ،، هذا الكتاب خال من المتعة وبالنسبة للفائدة فهي قليلة جدا نظرا لقدم تاريخ الكتاب وكون العلاقة بين الرجل والمرأة وبين المرأة والمجتمع عموما تتطور باستمرار

في الحقيقة وضعني الكتاب أمام حقائق صادمة لا أعرفها ولا أعايشها تعزز سلطة الرجل بلا حدود
وتجعل المرأة مواطنا من الدرجة الثانية كونها تحمل الهوية المنزلية بينما يمتلك الرجل جنسية أخرى هي " الخارج"
وإحساس الرجل فيما بعد بالضيق لأن المرأة أصبحت تزاحمه المال والعمل،، ويجد نفسه ضائعا بين ممار...more
First written in 1075, then edited and re-published in 1985, the book, read thirty years later, is obviously dated with some dynamics having already changed in some Islamic countries. Living as an expat female in an Arab Muslim country has led me to some observations and questions. Some of these were answered in the book, such as the patriarchal structure, it's Islamic roots and history. In some Arab countries it is slowly becoming more equal. The varied interpretations of the Quran and it's app...more
In exploring women’s role in modern Islam, the author leads the reader through the process of applying Mohammed’s teachings to modern life as well as a brief history of Islam. This concise explanation is a good start for anyone seeking to understand more about Islam and its role in the world today.
This is a scholarly treatment but I found it very readable.
My last semester at law school, I took an elective class on Women in Islamic Law with a visiting professor from France, and Mernissi's "Beyond the Veil" was one of the assigned texts. The class itself was an unexpected thrill--- I'd done a bit of Middle Eastern history in grad school long before, but I knew very little about the role of women or about feminist theory in the Islamic world. Mernissi's book was something I very much enjoyed reading--- a clearly-written and incisive look at the way...more
Some genuinely useful insights mired in a relentless conflation of the psychosexual pathologies of a particular modern Arab Muslim society with a selective and frequently tendentious reading of the Islamic tradition writ large.
I read this years ago and have often thought about it since then. Very well-written, it delves into the life of the author and coming of age in Morocco while providing a larger picture of women's rights in the Islamic world. I love it when nonfiction is personally compelling and also gives me the chance to learn... I was unaware of the strong women's suffrage movements in North Africa, for example.

This was written in 1975. I would very much like to find more contemporary autobiographies by Musli...more
Haneen House
علعموم الكتاب ربما يناسب شخص غير ملم بالثقافة الإسلامية ولكنها بكل تأكيد لن يستفيد كثير من هذا الكتاب من نشأ في هذه الحضارة
As someone who doesn't know much about Islam, I found many fascinating historical facts here.
This was based on a phd thesis and often it made reading it slightly jarring. Also although this is a new edition with the exception of a new forward it has not been updated from the early 1970s. It is excellent from a historical perspective, however I would be very interested to see how the situations is in the Muslim world and especially in Morocco today.
هذا الكتاب هو بحث معمق في طبيعة العلاقة بين الرجال والمرأة في الإسلام، وما قبله في المجتمع الجاهلي. مع ربط هذه التطورات التاريخية مع واقع المجتمع المغربي، التي أجرت فيه الباحثة فاطمة المرنيسي بحثها قبل أربعين سنة تقريباً.
الكتاب جيد، وهو محاولة لشرح طبيعة العلاقة الإجتماعية بين الرجال والمرأة. ولقد إعتمدت الباحثة فيه على عدد مهول من المصادر والمراجع، الحديثة منها والتاريخية، أيضاً إجرائها بحثاً على عينة من المجتمع المغربي، البدوي والمتمدن.
A more academic look at women in Islam--but does explain the orthodox Muslim scholarship and tradition around the roles of women in Islam. Mernissi is a Moroccan intellectual and most of her books are pretty heavy, this one is only moderately so. My favorite book of hers is her autobiography of growing up in a harem in Morocco...facinating and an easy-to-read narrative.
Laura Hartmark
Societies that believe in internal control do not utilize external controls. Societies that utilize external controls do not believe in internal controls. This one insight makes this book worthwhile. An essential read for Judeo-Christians and Westerners struggling with understanding the position of women in muslim societies.
محمد  النعمه
تحليل اجتماعي عن العائلة المغربية ، وعلاقة الرجل بالمرأة
بحث مهم وصادم
Jasmine Star
I don't even know where to start reviewing this book. It i more of an essay, as most of her books are, but it possesses a quality that makes you debate your idea of gender, space, equality. I am still debating the ideas in this book with myself and others.
Nicole Cronin
A bit of an academic book, but interesting nonetheless. I think Mernissi made some valid points about male/female dynamics in Muslim societies, but I also think a lot has progressed since she wrote the book and so many of her points aren't as valid anymore.
مريم ناصر
مختصر من دراسة قدمتها فاطمة المرنيسي. حول الزواج والجنس وبعض الأطروحات المختلفة في هذا الموضوع وما حوله.. وتطرقت حتى للحماة في المجتمع المغربي.. لي بعض التحفظات على بعض الأفكار ،عموماْ كتاب جيد للإطلاع،،
Sabà Peterson
قرأته في نسخته العربية .. لقد وجدته صدفة في مكتبة والدتي منذ سنوات عديدة لم أكن وقتها اهتم بالمواضيع الإجتماعية التي تتعلق بالمرأة و بقي إسم الكتاب في بالي إلى أن اعترضني نقاش حوله في منتدى فعدت لقراءته .
excellent book! even if it's a little dated, the information in this book put a lot of my frustrations with living in Morocco in perspective. a must read especially women living in a Muslim country.
Gives a good background on Islam's view towards men's and women's sexuality. While some claims are unsubstantiated or not explained thorougly enough, the author gives an interesting perspective.
Yasser Al-Zaiat
The book is divided into two sections: A historical background about women in pre- and post-Islam, then a sociological view of women situation in Morocco. Rich but not so genuine.
Jan 07, 2011 Elizabeth marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
I tried to get around to this but my focus on the history of science, history of women and sex education, and the science of happiness just kept edging this out. Jan 2011
Excerpt -- Not Exactly a Love Triangle
"'When a man and a woman are isolated in the presence of each other, Satan is bound to be their third companion.'"
كانت رغبة في الإطلاع ع كتابات السيدة فاطمة المرنيسي ..

ولكن يبدو أني لم أوفق في اختيار الكتاب ..

blom punya :(
pengeen banget...
sayang sudah sulit mencarinya
the book is a very courageous writing..
a good read
Incredibly interesting book. Informative and eye opening.
Will continue reading this again.
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AKA فاطمة المرنيسي
Mernissi was born into a middle-class family . She received her primary education in a school established by the nationalist movement, and secondary level education in an all-girls school funded by the French protectorate. In 1957, she studied political science at the Sorbonne and at Brandeis University, where she earned her doctorate. She returned to work at the Mohammed V Unive...more
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