On the Oceans of Eternity: A Novel of the Change
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On the Oceans of Eternity: A Novel of the Change (Island in the Sea of Time #3)

3.98 of 5 stars 3.98  ·  rating details  ·  2,173 ratings  ·  72 reviews
Ten years ago, inhabitants of the twentieth century and the Bronze Age were tossed together by the Event. But as two worlds converge, only one can be the victor in a battle to lead this strange new world.
ebook, 640 pages
Published April 1st 2000 by Roc
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Nov 29, 2007 Craig rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: No one
OK. So I'm done now. It was painful to finish the series, but hey, I'm adicted to reading.

Stirling does not cover himself with glory in this series. There are some interesting characters, and the basic story is quite good, but the pacing is awful, there are stretches of description and inner-monologues that are interminable, and the sheer number of characters Stirling is trying do justice to is unmanageable.

Considering this is the guy who wrote The General series, he's ALREADY dealt with the who...more
Joel Judge
I had very mixed feelings about this book. At first I was really annoyed with the none to subtle rehash of the film Zulu. I cannot for the life of me comprehend what the author was thinking by simply rehashing scenes from a 1964 film. Enjoyed the film but did not enjoy having it plagiarised in print.

From then on the book improved marginally. I liked the premise of the series, but thought its execution was flawed. The world building was weak and not enough time was devoted to fleshing out the ma...more
Oh my, does Stirling love details. Seriously, I'm not going to learn how to captain a ship by reading your book. I know starboard and port. I really don't need to know anything else. I don't even know half the words you are using. Because it couldn't hold my attention, it was hard to get through this book even though the author's other series, Dies the Fire, is one of my favorites.
I have enjoyed listening to the Island in the Sea of Time series. It is a solid 3 star read which has as many positives as well as negatives. It verges on a 4 star in some respects but there are significant reasons that hold this down to 3 stars.

The first novel ‘Island in the Sea of Time’ does a great job of setting up the world, characters and drawing the reader into the story. It is a more discrete story which spends most of its time in a few well drawn locations.

The second novel ‘Against the...more
i could cry for the wasted potential of this series. such good ideas. such a strong beginning. such a stupid useless pointless plot. war war war, nothing but war, only war. it degrades the characters. it has no purpose; there's so much *else* he could have done with the time travel. this is probably the worst Stirling book i've ever read.
I really wanted to like this book but after about 200 pages I had to give up. I just couldn't read more than a page at a time.
This was a pretty good ending to this series. I honestly saw the ending coming quite a long way off so that was a bit of a disappointment, but that is ok. What I liked about this book (and the series) was the melding of historical figures (Odysseus was in this novel) and modern technology. You also really get a feel for what humans have learned (not just tech wise) in the last 3500 years (for those reading this that are asking what I mean I say read the series). My only real criticism of the boo...more
Thomas Alvi
Whatever it's faults, this series is EPIC and slavish to the minutest detail of war, sailing, and tactics. I will never forget Marian Alston and Swindapa, the fightin'est lesbian couple known to modern literature! I'd even go so far as to say Marian is on of the top ten characters in any Fantasy/SciFi I've ever read...I can smell her sweat as I write this!

This third book was really good, though the side-stories were a bit much sometimes. (The California side story almost seemed like filler, as i...more
I thoroughly enjoyed the entire "Event" series (first two: Island In The Sea Of Time, Against the Tide of Years)
As with all of Stirling's work, the premise is ridiculous: in this series, the entire island of Nantucket has been mysteriously transported back to roughly 1250 BC. But the exposition is excellent, with compelling characters, great pacing, and imaginative but believable plotting once the premise is accepted.
In this final book, the Nantucketers press their war against the rebel sociopat...more
Jonathan Palfrey
This seems to be the final volume of the Nantucket trilogy, although Stirling left himself the opportunity to continue it, should he ever feel the urge.

To recap, the trilogy tells the story of the island of Nantucket after it finds itself suddenly transported from 1998 AD to 1250 BC.

It's another long book, full of digressions that aren't important to the plot, although they can be of some interest. What was the procedure for negotiating with the relatives of your wife-to-be in ancient Babylon? P...more
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On the Oceans of Eternity review

This whole series was really a mixed bag for me. There were several things about the series I enjoyed, but as I came to the end I couldn't help but think of what might have been.

There maybe a slight spoiler in what follows, read carefully but I think you'll be ok, since I'm just giving my opinion.

If your reading this review I assume that you have read the first two books (or your just curious and want to see what might wait ahead if you do start the series...I do...more
Another enjoyable book but it ends very anti-climactically and suddenly, I felt kinda cheated. It feels like too many loose ends are not tied up. I feel like the villians deserved a better ending. Of course, in real life things can be anti-climatic as well. It just seemed to tie up a little too easily for my taste.

It seems that the author goes out of his way to understand every culture really well and represent them according to what we have learned about them. Who knows how accurate that real...more
Feb 24, 2008 Sheena rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Stephanie
Recommended to Sheena by: Stephanie
Shelves: fantasy
This was one LONG book! The third in the Nantucket trilogy set in an alternate past where only a few present day people are sent back in time. Fantastic alternate history!

As much as I enjoyed it I think that there were a few too many side stories. There was an expedition to California that could have had it's own book. While the war fought in this installment was fought on many fronts, there were a few that were too elaborate with characters easily lost between chapters. There was so much going...more
Stirling is hands down one of my favorite authors. I enjoyed this whole series - with a bit of an exception in this book. For the first two books, and half of this one, I had become very invested in this world - and I honestly felt a bit cheated at the end. Things were tied up quickly, and I felt that we were left hanging with several intriguing and promising story lines. If the series had continued, the score would have been higher - but since it finished with this book I really felt that the s...more
This alternate history series consists of:

Island in the Sea of Time
Against the Tide of Years
On the Oceans of Eternity

The island of Nantucket and the Coast Guard barque Eagle are mysteriously sent back in time to around 1000 BC. Being too small a society for self-sufficience, the inhabitants (including many seasonal visitors) must go out in the world and survive using technology and cunning. Epic adventure, well researched and well written.

Note: Stirling’s Emberverse series is connected to the...more
Douglas Brown
This series was very engaging. At least 4 stars over all. I only give this novel 3 stars because i didn't have as much interest in the historical description of the Middle East.
This was the third of a trilogy. I liked the premise of the story. The Island of Nantucket and the surrounding waters and is an island of the present in the far distant past. Those on the island learn to survive and prosper. The final book is all about the Eagle People's (citizens of the Republic of Nantucket) war with a renegrade, who has established his "kingdom" in ancient Greece, and his "allies." I liked the characters and the story, but not the amount of time spent on battle details. Lots...more
Having just finished the series, I'm a little disappointed. The book wraps up all of the plot arcs while still leaving wiggle room for more books, if Stirling so desires. But many story arcs end rather abruptly with little payoff for the build-up over previous books.

The Zulu homage was fun when it first appeared. When whole blocks of dialogue were lifted directly from the movie, including character names, that was annoying. And the wink the book gave you afterwards was the cherry on top.

While n...more
Award-winning science fiction author Harry Turtledove hailed Island in the Sea of Time as 'one of the best time travel/alternative history stories I've ever read,' and Jane Lindskold called Against the Tide of Years 'another exciting and explosive tale.' Now the adventures of the Nantucket islanders lost in the time of the Bronze Age continues with On the Oceans of Eternity.

Listen to On the Oceans of Eternity on your smartphone, notebook or desktop computer.
CV Rick
Well I finished the series. I deserve a certificate of completion.

Cookie cutter characters - all good and talented or all evil and relentless. Myopic viewpoint in love with modern innovation by rejecting modern sensibilities. Annoying internal speeches. But the plot was fast and engaging.

I wonder if Stirling believes that people speak in hackneyed similes? I wonder if he knows that good people can be bad - or bad at things. I wonder if he's met a bad person who does good.


It's worth 3 sta...more
J. Darien
I have to say that I think the trilogy holds up quite solidly. My only real complaint is the Lewis & Clark subplot, which went nowhere in Book 2, only to be revealed as completely pointless in Book 3.

Some might complain that the end of the King of Men's reign was anti-climactic, and it certainly didn't have the punch of the Battle of the Downs from the first book, but I think it worked fine. It's not like there weren't enough huge battle scenes, and it teaches the most valuable of all lesson...more
The final volume in this series and it has quite a story to resolve. The evil Walker has made himself in Greece and armed the military with cannons and muskets. The Army of Nantucket must beat him to Babylon to prevent him from taking over and installing a new Dark Age. Sounds pretty heavy but it is skillfully told by Stirling although I would have liked another volume since this one was so rushed to bring it to a conclusion. I have learned to like alternative history a lot!
Michael A
really liked this series.
Final book in the saga is better then the second but that doesnt make it any better then a 2 star rating. Stirling trimmed his bad habit of having 100 pages dedicated to a single firefight down to say 50 pages.
At the end he still finds out that he has run out of pages to write on so he sums up the story in a very cliche way. He didnt even have room for an epiloge -.-

Thats what I straggled trough the 3 books for and he couldnt deliver that :/
Bob Alberti
Jul 14, 2008 Bob Alberti rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: SF&F fans, GLBT interest
Stirling is up to about nine books in his "Emberverse," a postapocalyptic vision where the unexplained departure of the island of Nantucket for the year 1000 b.c. results in the cessation of technology back in the Twenty-First Century. Beginning with "Island on the Sea of Time," this fun adventure series includes a lesbian couple as protagonists making it of interest to the GLBT community as well as SF&F fans.
It was a good book and would not have takeing me nearly so long to read if not for Nov. In other news.
This book did a good jop at tieing up the losses ends. Walkers end was fiting. Hong though was well she was to evil to go that way. But it kept the tone of the book, and was fitting. Just I whish it was more evil. I wish there was a way to know how there would looks a few genrations done the road.
Richard Tolleson
The sprawling Nantucket Saga continues. This is an exciting book. My one criticism is that by book 3 it's gotten too big and unwieldy. It's hard, particularly in Kindle format, to tell where in the world we are when there's a scene change. (Most chapters move through multiple locales.) In the end, the biggest flaw of the book is that there's no single protagonist. Then again, there is no I in team.
Finally worked myself up to finishing this book after giving up on it for a few months.

(view spoiler)
after so much detail of all characters, events, battles, the finale felt rushed and dropped off with poor support for why the main antagonist/conflict ended abruptly.
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Stephen Michael Stirling is a French-born Canadian-American science fiction and fantasy author. Stirling is probably best known for his Draka series of alternate history novels and the more recent time travel/alternate history Nantucket series and Emberverse series.

More about S.M. Stirling...
Dies the Fire (Emberverse, #1) The Protector's War (Emberverse, #2) A Meeting at Corvallis (Emberverse, #3) Island in the Sea of Time (Nantucket, #1) The Sunrise Lands (Emberverse, #4)

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