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The Struggle (The Vampire Diaries, #2)
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The Struggle (The Vampire Diaries #2)

3.54 of 5 stars 3.54  ·  rating details  ·  23,389 ratings  ·  835 reviews
Serial TV Terpopuler di AS

Hubungan Elena dan Stefan semakin dekat—bahkan gadis itu bersedia memberikan darahnya. Namun, setelah serangkaian teror terjadi di sekolah dan lingkungan sekitar, Stefan menghilang.

Di luar dugaan, Damon semakin berani memunculkan diri di hadapan umum. Dengan kekuatan yang dimilikinya, dia membuat Elena semakin terpikat oleh pesona gelapnya. Gadis
Paperback, 282 pages
Published September 2010 by Atria (first published 1991)
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This second book of the Vampire Diaries series picks up exactly where the first book ended. Stefan is missing, and Elena confronts Damon by her choosing. We see a lot more of Damon in this books and he gets close to classmates and family members, drawing ever closer to her. Bonnie's abilities get showcased more in this book as well. This story also focuses more on Elena's missing diary.
The pace of this book seemed a bit faster to me, which I liked. we also get to know the minor characters, Matt,
Like many people, I read this because I loved the TV show. To anybody else who has this idea, I say this: really, truly, don't waste your time. Even if you love the characters. The TV show has created lovely characters and the book just doesn't have them.

This second book was better than the first. Had to be, since pretty much nothing happened in the first. Of course, the main character still carries a sense of petulance with her like a shadow, for no good reason. Damon is un-redeemably evil and
I want my YA goggles back! Iwant my YA heroines to be strong and independent. I want my heroes not to be creepy. What ever happened to strong and independent heroines/heroes? Why on earth has this story come to revolve around a murderous set... and I don't mean the vampires!

I really don't like the heroine here. But to be fair, I really don't like the "heroes" either. Stefan... is whiny! Damon is creepy. Elena is a self centered spoiled princess. Who could blame Caroline for feeling threatend by
already own it on my kindle. Might as well read it.

after reading:
it's so bad. SOOOO BAD. but also kind of great??? like you know where there are books that are so bad you hate them more than anything, but then there are books that are so bad they are good?

I mean this book was written in what? 92? Something about that just makes me excuse how bad it is. We are clearly in the high point of YA literature now (although hopefully it will continue to get better) so everything that kind of cam
J.D. Stroube
This book was better than the first. It seems to be the true starting point in the series, and I really wish L.J. Smith would have combined the first and second books.
Shameeka Alexis
I'd pretty much given up on the series after the first book,The Awakening.
But I was interested to give the series another try after hearing one of my friends gush on and on about the TV series.
I re-read The Awakening and continued with The Struggle.

The book picks up where the first book left off.

In the second novella of the first volume, what follows is a fight for Elena's affections and indeed her soul as Stefan's older brother is unmasked as the real culprit behind the horrible attacks and t
Janelle Dazzlepants
One word to describe this book: EPIC. A HUGE improvement on The Awakening, because it deals with Damon increasing his reign over Fell's Church and over Elena's life. He's creepy as hell, totally dangerous, and really kept me reading on. I wasnt sure how I felt about Damon at the end of the first book, but now I'm hooked.

Elena's changed a whole lot since The Awakening, and is no longer catty and obsessed by pathetic and petty high school things. Though that's not to say that everybody else feels
Jessica ~Books galore~
By the time I got to the second book I was really hooked, like I've said in my previous review (of book #1) it's very different to the tv series but that doesn't really effect anything now that I'm used to this 'version'. Again this isn't the longest of books but there's still quite a lot of stuff packed into the chapters.

I thought the ending was really...dramatic, I'm not quite sure if that's the right word, but I'll get to that later.

For those of you who haven't read the book: Elena has now fo
Daniela Lago
I bought the second book because I had a few points in my local bookshop and I could pick one book,so I chose this one. I regret nothing.
When I first read the first one, I was in a big dilemma, because I wanted to know how the story actually was but I constantly felt more attracted to the characters in the show, which is the version I knew first.
In the book everything is really different from the show, even though it has the same events, twisted and at different times; but everything has a diff
My reaction when I finished reading this: What the fuck did I just read?

Okay, so I might have misled even myself with the rating I gave to the first book, 3 stars. This one was an utter waste of time, absolute trash, and pointless. It was a struggle reading this, even though it was pretty short.

I thought reading the books would give me a better insight and help me understand the TV show better (which I stopped liking after the first two seasons), but it didn't. This book has less story than a
Sarah ( Paris )
وفي نهاية الرواية ..
ماتت الينا ..
لتعود كـ مصاصة دماء ..

وكالعادة لم نتفق انا ودامون ..

وستيفان ساحر ..
وطبعا ملك قلبي ..
تايلر الذي لا أطيقه في المسلسل ظلَ على حاله ..
"بعض الأشخاص لا يتغيرون "

أما كارولين ..
يسيطر عليها حقد غريب تجاه الينا ..
وأنانية مفرطة لم أفهم سببها..

كثيرة هي الاختلافات بينه وبين المسلسل ..

لكن على الأقل هذا الجزء أفضل من الجزء الأول ..

Actual rating: 3.5

I'll have to be honest... I liked this book but did suffer from Second Book Syndrome.

The plot was not all that amazing but I did enjoy the mystery behind Elena's diary and how Elena's did open up more to Stefan because I felt that she wasn't telling the whole story.

I love the characters however I thought that Elena could have used some character development because she reminded me a little of Bella in New Moon.... whiny and annoying.

Stefan and Damon were equally good character
I hate myself for this, but I watched the television series first. I rarely do this, but in this case I did. In all honestly, I’m glad I did it that way around. Had I read the books first I would not have watched the show. Whilst I have come to dislike the show I at least lasted through a number of series. With the books I hated most of the characters from book one, and only continued on because I’d been brought the first four books (yeah, I do love to subject myself to torture).

If I read this c
Source: I own a bind up of the first two books in this series.
Cost: Free Gift

Title: The Struggle
Series: The Vampire Diaries #2
Author: LJ Smith
Overall Rating: 3.9 Stars

This book picked up in the exact same place where the last left off, Stefan is missing and Damon is the one behind it. Everyone still believes that Stefan is the one behind what has been happening in their town, helped by Caroline, who spurs and promotes rumours to tarnish Elena's queen bee status. But can Elena protect h

Pasti ada sekrup yang copot di kepalamu!
Kenapa sih perempuan selalu suka dengan sosok cowok jahat?

Sorang sahabat laki-laki saya bertanya dengan heran. Saat itu, kami sedang menghabiskan waktu disebuah kedai minuman. Obrolan ringan tiba-tiba mengarah pada Film The Vampire Diaries. Betapa kami, para wanita terpesona dengan sosok Damon, sang tokoh jahat dibandingkan dengan Stefan si tokoh utama yang berkarakter baik. Rupanya hal tersebut membuat heran para pria yang ada disana. Menurut mereka, soso
Mishel Zabala
The opening of The Struggle picks up right where The Awakening left off. Stefan is missing and Elena seems to know exactly who may be behind his disappearance. She goes to confront Damon and finds herself attracted to his wildness and bad boy image.

In the first book, the story of the two brothers was introduced. Born in Renaissance Italy they were both in love with same girl, Katherine, who turned out to be a vampire. She turned them both because she couldn't decide who to be with. They fought o
Heather Hamilton
I gave the first book in this series, The Awakening, 2 stars, but The Struggle is 2 and a half. The half comes simply from the surprise ending.

This book was just as plodding as it's predecessor, but had a little more action in the plot. I still have pain in my face from all the grimacing and eye-rolling (as the characters made stupid, immature decisions, relentlessly). But the twist at the end was actually really good...I wish there had been a story worthy of it in the first 7/8 of the book.

I no
Comicfairy (Leanne)
I grew up on LJ Smith and though this is a good series, she has better. In terms of general environment, the books are definitely spookier and more atmospheric than their TV counterpart. In terms of actual plot, I would honestly just recommend the TV show. I don't think I've EVER said that before in a review, but it is true in this case. Stefan and Elena (in the books) are a very boring couple. I was always disappointed that Elena did not end up with Damon in the books, who was always more intri ...more
Another abrupt ending. If I the next one wasn't out yet, I'd stop altogether in a fit of righteous indignation. If these weren't FREE via my library, I couldn't be bothered.

I don't like anyone in this book.
Stephan is weak and emo
Damen is all evil so far with no shades of gray.
Elena is a selfish empty twat.
Stephan's AND Damen's attraction to Elena is ridiculous. Damen has barley even spoken to her except to harass and threaten. Stephan hasn't really had any meaningful conversation with
Wanda Hartzenberg
Oooooooo Kkkkkk, so when I first started the series I was filled with hope. It was soon squashed like a bug. Gillian, author of Guardian and Forever warned me that since my feelings towards book one is one of horrified disgust, I should probably stay clear from the rest. "It gets worse", she told me. But I, friends, family and assorted readers, I am a masochist. I need to know why this book series was made into one of the most popular TV series. That and the fact that I have the first 6 books on ...more
This series is definitely intended for young kids, evident from the lack of creativity in the writing (How many times does Elena say, "I want to kill him!" "I'm just going to die!"? There ARE more ways to say that without repeating the same two verbs.) Also, while Elena and Stefan's characters do not bother me, Bonnie was really irritating (Maybe this says something about the author more than the character, but who think it's romantic when someone is choking you??)and Meredith was boring (no won ...more
Erika Lynn

The reason I started this series was because I have Netflix and Im interested in watching the show and getting caught up so it can be a weekly thing. I liked this book much much more then the first one, thats for sure. There was alot more action and suspense, alot of my questions and confusion stemming from the first book were answered and resolved.

I love the Damon/Stefan rival over Elena although one question still isnt answered: Why does Damon want Elena so bad? Why did he let
Posted at Read, Write, Bliss

The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle picks up where The Awakening’s cliffhanger ending left off. Elena Gilbert stands alone in the old cemetery and shouts into the raging wind to summon the frightening force that has been stalking her. Stefan, the repentant vampire boy she is crazy about, has disappeared, and Elena knows who is responsible: Damon, Stefan’s cool, cruel older brother with a serious ax to grind. When Damon shows up in all his dark and menacing glory, he mak
Déborah Muñoz
Reseña completa y más en
Ha mejorado notablemente respecto al anterior, tanto en los personajes (Elena ya madura un poco, y sus amigas son algo menos idiotas, además aparece Damon para darle un poco de gracia al asunto y Stefan sigue tan maravilloso como siempre). El argumento incluye un poco de misterio y se hace mucho más ágil y atractivo que en el libro anterior, que más parecía la presentación que un libro en sí. No me extraña que las ediciones angloparlantes hay

A eso le digo una mejora.
Este libro me gustó mucho más que su antecesor. Tiene más acción, menos Stelena, más Delena [:p], Menos Elena Gilbert [que como saben me molestó mucho que Elena fuera el centro del universo], más Damon, más humor y más 'enganchabilidad'(? que el primero.
Hay un crecimiento palpable de los personajes, se nota que -aunque no pasara nada desde el final del primer libro- tienen un poco más de madurez y se toman las cosas más en serio. Pero lo mejor fue Damon, cuando él
Feb 01, 2009 Jocey rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Jocey by: Daniellesof2014
The Struggle is a book about a girl who finds out a big secret about Stefan.
The main character in this book is Elena Gilbert. Elena is 18 years old, and has blond hair and blue eyes. Her main internal struggle is that she really loves Stefan. Her main external struggle is that Damon is annoying her, and following her.

During my time reading this book I made a text-to-text connection. This book reminded me of Twilight. There was a part in the book where Elena realizes that she loves Stefan. That
Thomas O'Brien
You've done it to me again romance. And I fell right into the trap. You gave me a first book which was by no means spectacular but readable and left me with a cliff-hanger so I had to read the second to see what would happen, and you left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
But as such I found with this one I was only reading it for that reason, to see what happens, I did not particularly enjoy it, the last chapter picked up a lot. But I'm sorry, a good last chapter (and good last chapter only, min
From reading the first 2 books of The Vampire Diaries, I can honestly say that I like the T.V. version Elena better than the book version. I mean, Elena in the book seems a lot more like the mean popular girl from the first book and her character actually grew out of that phase a little during the second book. But to judge the book alone, I actually like it. It is YA paranormal romance but the characters sound like they come from the 90's where not many high school kids have their driver's licen ...more
Conflicto mejora en varios aspectos en comparación con la entrega anterior, pero aún así, no me aporta nada nuevo para seguir queriendo leer la saga. A pesar de todo lo que he dicho, me parecen libros entretenidos, pero poco más. Y yo sigo preguntándome el por qué del gran éxito de esta serie de libros y de la propia autora. Puede que sea por lo que ya mencioné: que en la época en la que se publicaron -allá por los 90-, fuera una apuesta original y novedosa. Lo siento mucho, pero no voy a seguir ...more
I loved this book simply because I think Damon is SO.DAMN.HOT!!!


I'm a sucker for bad boys. haha

I don't care how creepy he is. I just love him and I also like his enthusiasm.

LOVED THIS BOOK! :) but not liking Stefan that much.

The only thing I hate was the ending. Why does it have to happen to Elena????? On the bright side maybe it happened to her so she could stop being too weak.

Can't wait to read The Fury to find out.
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I have a new blog about my Vampire Diaries fanfic.

L.J. SMITH, Lisa Jane Smith, is the New York Times #1 Bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, The Forbidden Game, Dark Visions, Wildworld and Night World series. She has written over two dozen books for children and young adults, and has enjoyed writing every one of them. She lives in th
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Matt from The vampire diaries”
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