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Replacement, The
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Replacement, The

3.57 of 5 stars 3.57  ·  rating details  ·  14,225 ratings  ·  2,293 reviews
Mackie is not one of us. Though he lives in the small town of Gentry, he comes from a world of tunnels and black murky water, a world of living dead girls ruled by a little tattooed princess.

He is a Replacement — left in the crib of a human baby sixteen years ago. Now, because of fatal allergies to iron, blood, and consecrated ground, Mackie is slowly dying in the human wo
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Published September 21st 2010 by Brilliance Audio (first published September 1st 2010)
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Maggie Stiefvater
I loved this eerie and beautiful story of ugly things. It should be read aloud after dark, at a whisper.

So to put it simply, I was not a fan of this book.

Like, at all.

Actually, I kind of hated it.

I'm really not sure what I was expecting it to be, but I definitely wasn't thinking it would be a lame high school drama mixed with painfully dull characters and even more painfully boring and lackluster writing. I guess the cover is what attracted me to read this book in the first place, but honestly, great packaging and poor content does not equal a good book.

First, there were the thoroughly unlikabl
Amelia, the pragmatic idealist
I absolutely adored the originality of The Replacement. I think the fact that this is the author's first published book is phenomenal. The story's major strength was in its imagery and attention to detail. The eerie town of Gentry and the House of Mayhem under the slag heap were so detailed, so vividly imaginative, that it turned Replacement from a fun book to an edge-of-the-seat thrill ride.
The characters were also fleshed out very well and very creepily, I might add. The Morrigan and the "crea
J.m. Darhower
I can without a doubt say I have never read a book quite like The Replacement before. I'm convinced Tim Burton needs to purchase the rights to make this into a movie. I'm sure we can find a role for Johnny Depp.
While reading this I felt like I was in a dark funk, and that's because Mackie Doyle has been in this kind of funk for almost his whole life. He has never felt like he belongs because he's just a replacement. A replacement that has to keep that a secret at all cost, but that can't last for long can it? His secret is jeoparized when Tate's little sister is thought to be dead, but Tate doesn't believe that and presses Mackie to give her some answers. How can he do that though, when he doesn't even ...more
Morgan F
If I had to come up with one word for this book, it would be disjointed. I felt disjointed from the characters, disjointed from the plot, and the characters and plot felt disjointed from each other.

I just didn't understand it. It wasn't that the book was complicated, it just didn't work. I did not connect to Mackie, the main character, on any level, and I couldn't comprehend his actions. Same with the other characters. I just didn't know what was up with them. Their feelings were up and down, t
I’ve ranted about books such as The Replacement time and time again and I always ask myself, “How do these crap books get published?” Well, I have finally discovered how such books come to pass. Allow me to recount my theory.

Like many fellow readers, I often toy with the idea of someday becoming a writer. Of course that day remains elusive. First I need to develop a diligent writing ethic, gain some discipline, and, well, learn how not to destroy the English language. My writing is all over the
Enna Isilee (Squeaky Books)

This book was NOT for me. Probably one of my least favorite books of all time. I don't want to be mean. This isn't to say no one will like it. Heck, the author is published, so she's better than me in that way. But I just could not stand this book. So much profanity, so much vague-ness, so many things left unanswered.

*sigh* Sorry, world.

FULL REVIEW (posted on 7-27-10)

I have never given a book zero stars on my blog before. I don't usual
The Replacement started out so strong; cool, creepy and a little disturbing. The story takes place in a small town where children are abducted and then replaced with unnatural replicas. No one knows who takes the children, where they go or why they are stolen. People just know that once they leave, they are gone for good. The replacements never live for long. Adding to the eeriness is the fact that none of the towns people talk about the oddness of their town. Despite living in modern times, the ...more
For a book featuring such a ridiculously awesome holy-crap-are-you-seeing-what-I'm-seeing cover, there were lot of things that I was not wild about.

Tate was a somewhat uninspiring love interest. I get that Mackie is attracted to her because she’s so anti-establishment, and rages against the dark, and is so full of the anger, and also is good looking. But I just didn’t personally care much about her, except for that last kickass moment at the end where she was beating the shit out of (view spoile
Shayantani Das
Bleeeeeh, I quit!

I need to learn to do this more- quit a novel after 10 chapters or so when I clearly realize that it will disappoint me in the end. Call my policy discriminatory, but I can’t give YA the same privilege as Classics or Booker Prize winners. They are not allowed to be boring! Or slow! Or have a dull premise! Or be average !

Plus, the character and the choices they make are so bizarre. One moment the male protagonist is cribbing about dying, the next he is checking out some girl,
Financially you are very lucky indeed, if you are born as an inhabitant of the small town Gentry: Although all around the industry’s prospects are bleak, Gentry still flourishes. This astonishing piece of luck is something best not talked about. That is the consensus of the supersticious townsfolk. Equally hushed are murmurs concerning the random bad luck which eventually strikes among the community: Every now and then an infant suddenly dies.

Mackie Doyle knows that he, too, would have died as
Wendy Darling
I've always been intrigued by changeling stories...but this one is pretty disappointing, as it has unmemorable characters and a fairly predictable, run of the mill plot.
Somewhere between a two and three on this one... I'll go with 2.5.

There seems to be a reasonable amount of hype for this book. Honestly, the only reason I picked it up was because one of my favorite authors, Maggie Stiefvater, heartily endorsed it with an extolling review. Did it live up to what I had predetermined it to be? No, not quite.

This is the epitome of a paranormal story gone wrong. Take an interesting concept like faeries that do not belong in the human world but inhabit it anyway, but
I think that the time I spent trying to get through the muddled, twisted, ultimately pointless narrative of The Replacement has muddled my own mind. I can't quite articulate what it is that makes me dislike this book so, and yet, there it is. The plot seems like it should be fairly straightforward: it's Yovanoff's take on the idea/myth/fear of the changeling, the fey baby who replaces the human baby taken away from its parents. The hero, if you can call him that, whose name is Mackie and who thu ...more
Okay, I wanted to read this book because it's got faeries in it and I'll jump on anything that has faeries. I love the idea of faeries not being those sexy, brooding, romanticized creatures (though I love them too) and changelings/tricksters/dark faeries are awesome to me. The cover turned me away from this book immediately because while some may love its dark sort of mood, I think it's well drab, ugly, and not to my style.

I had a lot of problems with the way she portrayed her faeries. It's like
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Months ago, someone on Goodreads posted this as to read and I went a little wild over this cover. I mean, come on. I was determined I was going to get my hands on it, but it's not all that often that I'll actively pursue a review copy of something. I figured I'd just have to wait until it's release to read it. So imagine my excitement when I got a copy of it at ALA. (*ooh, little frisson of excitement still*) So that was a little too easy. And we all know what generally happens to me when I go g ...more
A good friend recommended this book to me a while back, not because she had read it, but because the cover caught her eye and she thought it might be something I would enjoy (cause I’m warped in that special way). So first let me just say I really do love this cover. Even though we're told we never should, sometimes I just can’t stop myself from judging books this way. That antique "English" pram made me think of Rosemary's Baby. What did I think of the sharp implements dangling like some kind o ...more
Nevey Badr
One of the best books I have ever read....

The replacement is "One of the best books I have ever read." still I have a hate/Love relation with it. You can never love it completely or hate it to the edge as it was almost perfect (for others it can be perfect but not me).

Mackie is not a human; he once was but now he is one of them living among us. The people of the underworld who must sacrifice a living child to keep them powerful.

Mackie is one of the teen characters that you will like but the one
Andrea Cremer
A book like no other I've read. This story has seeped beneath my skin and will settle deep in my bones. Sublime and devastating, like a knife in my heart that has left me holding on to the hilt of my own volition, white-knuckled, and never wanting to let go. Bravo, Ms. Yovanoff.
Carolyn (Book Chick City)
Reviewed by Jo for Book Chick City.

The Replacement’s plot is very intriguing. In the town of Gentry, human babies are often given as tribute to the inhabitants of the town’s Underworld and as a replacement an otherworldly baby is left in its place. These babies usually sicken and die quite quickly, but our narrator, Mackie, has made it to High School. Even though Mackie has made it so far, he still is slowly dying of allergies to the world around him, and he longs to be human for as long as he c
5++++ stars

Every once in a while I stumble upon a book that takes me completely by surprise. I had no idea what to expect going into this book, but decided to take a chance on it because of the interesting synopsis and creepy cover art. I am so glad I did, because this was hands down one of the most enjoyable reading experiences I have had all year.

On the surface, Mackie seems like an average teenage boy. He goes to school, has a crush on a cheerleader and feels alienated from the adults in his
2.5 stars

For a first novel, there are a lot of things about this book that excel. Yovanoff masters the ambiance. The dark, rainy days, the mysterious mythology of the town, the poetic writing, it all creates this creepy, unsettling feel that looms the entire story. The idea behind the novel is so original and creative that I was always wanting to flip pages to find out more. Not far into the book though, I started to get frustrated with the lack of answers. The plot takes way too long to develop
The Flooze
I won’t lie. It was the cover that drew me in. The silvery grey mist. The ornate, lonely carriage sitting abandoned beneath a bare tree branch. The various bits of metal hanging above, some so sharp they conjure up horrible images of a curious little hand, a small fragile body being sliced beyond repair. It’s a haunting image, yet beautiful. And the story is much the same.

The Replacement captured my interest right away. There’s a cinematic quality to the writing. It makes Mackie’s world seem bot
I was reading someone else's review of this book and noticed that my review was totally missing! I read this book 4 years ago! I've heard of this happening to other people, but this is the first time it has happened to me. I have started copying all of my reviews and keeping them in a file on my computer just in case something like this happens. I'm not sure what happened to my review, but I am rewriting it now.

I would give this book 2.5 stars. The characters were ok. I didn't really love any o
This book contained everything I could ask for in a story and more. The Replacement is an eerie book that kept me up late at night. It falls into my favorite genre, paranormal/fantasy romance, and it actually does the genre justice. My only complaint is that I wanted a little more in the romance aspect. I wasn't really sold on Mackie and Tate's romance. It's been a LONG time since I've read a book from a male point of view, and I found myself enjoying that aspect of this book a lot more than I t ...more
Oct 01, 2010 Mariel rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: outsiders
Recommended to Mariel by: changelings are my favorite fairy mythology
I would have liked The Replacement more if the realizations and observations were made naturally, instead of told to the reader by the first person narrative of Mackie. Mackie is a changeling. His adoptive not by choice human family know what he really is. Their town has known for a long time that their kids die and are replaced by these things that are not their children. They look like them, only wrong. It could have been an interesting take on kids who are placed with other families for whate ...more
This is not a series! For that alone it deserves five stars... but wait - there's more.

This is a dark story, about the town of Gentry and the, well, I don't know what to call them but they're dead and live underground and Gentry pays tribute to them. The tribute can be in the form of love and devotion, or in the form of sacrifice (and usually little babies, at that).

Mackie is one of the replacement children, a thing left in place of the real Malcolm Doyle. Usually these replacements die relative
I knew I would like this book when I saw the cover. I also like changeling stories.

Mackie has known all his life that he was different, and not only because his sister Emma told him she saw a man come and switch her baby brother and replace him with Mackie. Mackie might look normal - if a little sickly - but iron burns him, and blood iron makes him pass out. Even though his father is the town pastor, he can't step on consecrated ground. No one says why these things are, but the town of Gentry ha
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“I wanted to tell her that I loved her, and not in the complicated way I loved our parents, but in a simple way I never had to think about. I loved her like breathing.” 137 likes
“Do you really want to know where we come from?" she said. "In every century, in every country, they'll call us something different. They'll say we're ghosts, angels, demons, elemental spirits, and giving us a name doesn't help anybody. When did a name change what someone is?” 64 likes
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