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Hopeless Savages: Greatest Hits 2000-2010
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Hopeless Savages: Greatest Hits 2000-2010 (Hopeless Savages #1-3)

4.08 of 5 stars 4.08  ·  rating details  ·  230 ratings  ·  50 reviews
It's the total swerval return of the First Family of Punk! Dirk Hopeless and Nikki Strange went from the parties, touring, and recording studios of rock stardom to the quiet of the suburbs, but that's no reason they can't still be themselves. Join Dirk and Nikki, along with their kids Rat, Arsenal, Twitch, and Zero as they bounce their way through kidnapping plots, first l ...more
Paperback, 391 pages
Published October 19th 2010 by Oni Press
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Seth Hahne
For this year's Band Books Week, I thought I'd revisit one of my favourite comic series, one that charts the lives of the nuclear family of former punk all-stars Dirk Hopeless and Nikki Savage. Hopeless Savages is delightfully rollicking and more indie than it is punk.

Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero by Jen Van Meter and Christine Norrie, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Ross Campbell, Chynna Clugston, and Andi Watson
[Skank Zero = the hooskiest]

Writer Jen Van Meter teams up with artists such as Christine Norrie, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Ross Campbell, and Chynna Clugston to deliver three very different volumes that exist as easily digestible stand-a
Diana Welsch
This is the most amazing comic ever. I had gotten these from the library, and then my sweetie got me this really nice compendium as an anniversary gift. When we first started dating, I made him read Ground Zero, and he asked me if I saw myself as Zero and him as Ginger. <3

The Hopeless-Savages are the best family ever. Dad is a Sid Vicious-type punk rock guy, Mom is sort of along the lines of Kathleen Hanna. They made it big, got clean, got married, settled down, and had 4 distinctly interesti
I think I got lost chasing the macguffins in each of these books instead of just enjoying the concept. I think the first book was the best but the resolutions of each were mostly unsatisfying. For me, there were too many characters and I was often confused as to which character I was looking at, especially since different artists jumped in and out of the series and there were a lot of flashbacks. A couple characters really stood out and the one-shots at the end of the collection were snappier an ...more
Gerran Walker
Great comic about an awesome punk rock family! Features some great artists and some amazing characters.
Griffin Raynor
This collection was fun and a great introduction to the Hopeless Savages that left me wanting more. It was engaging and original and I found the characters interesting. However, the stories could be hard to understand or follow at times, and there were several problems with the art, including:

-the art shifts
-difficulty distinguishing characters from one another or recognizing them from one art shift to another
-inconsistency in character design between art shifts
-particularly Skanky's height/siz
Gayle Francis Moffet
I sat down meaning to read the first book in the collection, and when I looked up again, it was 5 hours later, and I had no more book to read.

Hopeless Savages is a family comedy full of heart, fun, and a core of just plain liking one another. Dirk Hopeless and Nikki Savage are stay-at-home punk rockers who made it big back in the day and are still well-known and respected. Their kids (Rat, Arsenal, Twitch, and Skank Zero) are well-rounded, interesting, and always ready for a good self-defense f
Picked this up on a recommendation from a patron. She described previously hating graphic novels and manga until she met the Hopeless-Savage family, so I decided to take a look.
It takes a little bit to get used to the pace and all the characters (the family is comprised of 6 members with a couple school and music industry friends on the side), but I ended up liking the family and how much they stick together. I love Zero's style and innocence, Arsenal's fire and strength, and Rat's accent (that
It's not enough that Oni Press raises the bar on what comics can do to tell stories. They also have to go ahead and put out books like Hopeless Savages which in inundated with 70s punk culture. As such, this book is a treat for music (and especially punks) from the get-go.

Hopeless Savages is a lighthearted and hilarious account about a punk rock mom and dad who ended up having kids and being parents. Fully immersed in punk rock and counter culture, the kids turn out street punk, goth, mod, and
Omni have just published a complete collection of four of the Hopless Savages books and yesterday I sat down and read the whole thing cover to cover. It was really great!!! I think that if there were one comic book world I'd like to live in this would be it. While the ageing punk parents didn't seem to be utilised enough the happy punk family was great. There was a goth daughter who loved kung fu a cute gay mod, and the youngest daughter, who despite a blonde pony tail, was the most punk. The st ...more
Oh Ya! Comics
From the Oh YA! Comics blog.

When Zero Hopeless-Savage wakes up one morning to find her punk rocker parents, Dirk Hopeless and Nikki Savage, kidnapped by fascist music execs, it's up to her and her siblings, martial artist Arsenal, mod theater designer Twitch, and the long-lost Rat--who rebelled and became a respectable businessman--to team up and rescue them. But it is only the first of many quagmires that the family find themselves in. In this bind-up volume collecting three previously publishe
Once in a while you'll find comics that you fall in love with instantly, that cater to your every desire. Hopeless Savages is one of those comics. Not only are the main characters interesting & original, but the artwork is drawn by many of the big names in the indie comic circuit.

The plotline consists of Skank H-S discovering that her parents have been kidnapped by persons unknown with the only note saying for her not to call the police. After freaking out, she calls her siblings to help di
Colin Moon
Hopeless Savages features a sort of 'who's who' of indie comics from the period, and explores a sort of domestic punk world--the world of classic punk rock moving into family life. It's cute, and illustrates the sort of social consciousness which came from that movement on a familial scale: what do children of punks idealize, and in what manner of tiny ways? The genre skips around from series to series, but always makes a point to high light a better world through punk's dying--and forgotten by ...more
Jen Van Meter's Hopeless Savages is infuriating. The set-up, a family drama centered around a now-settled punk couple (Dirk Hopeless and Nikki Savage, the Hopeless-Savages) and their many children, is rich with possibilities, but it stumbles from the first issue. Our narrator and surrogate is Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage. Let that name settle for a minute. That's the kind of 'edgy,' overwritten nonsense you can expect to encounter in every panel. Skank (or Skankabelle or Zero or Zee or Zed) has th ...more
Wandering Librarians
Zero Hopeless-Savage has quite an unusual family. There's her mum Niki Savage, and dad, Dirk Hopeless, famous English punk rockers (now retired) her two brothers, Rat and Twitch, and her sister, Arsenal. Dirk and Nikki might be retired, but they'll never lose their punk rock roots and they've raised their kids the same way. No matter what happens, whether it's her parents getting kidnapped or she's dealing with problems at school, Zero knows she'll always have her family behind her.

LOVED. So muc
The plots in this book are so ridiculous that my disbelief was suspended beyond its breaking point within the first ten pages. But it absolutely didn't matter, because within the first five pages I'd already come to love this delightful rabble of characters. I want to wrap Zero in a blanket and take her home with me. I want to be Twitch or Arsenal (depending on mood). And I'm just generally in love with this family of misfits and rebels, misunderstood, picketed, even reviled--and loving and prot ...more
*Queen Diva*
I really, really, REALLY wanted to give this book at least a 4, but the constant changing in art style really bothered me. Part of the appeal of graphic novels is getting comfortable with the characters and what they look like and their mannerisms...or at least this is true for me, so when the artwork was changing from book to book (and in the case of the last book... changing DURING the book) it was distracting and disappointing. I loved the story, the characters, and the awesomeness of the Hop ...more
Michael Waehner
Quite charming. It's no Scott Pilgrim, but good for fans of that series. The ever-changing artists make it confusing at times (identifying characters, panel and speech bubble styles). Characters are delightful, plotlines are often cliched but saved by quirk and style. Worth a read, especially if you're as big a fan of rock music obsessed comic books as I am.
This book collects all previously released editions and puts them in one book.

I freaking love the Hopeless-Savage family. Dirk Hopeless meets Nikki Savage. They fall in love and have four kids: Rat, Arsenal, Twitch and Zero. The book is punk rock but with great storytelling. Love it!
What an amazing book I am so glad that I finally managed to read it. The Hopeless Savages are four siblings, Arsenal, Rat, Zero and Twitch who are the children of Nikki Savage and Dirk Hopeless, two punk rockers who sort of settled down to raise a family. The characters are all loveable and fun and this is the exactly the kind of upbringing that anyone into the punk music scene wishes they had growing up. There are three longer story arcs, two of which are mysteries and a couple of shorts rangin ...more
Now there is competition for my heart. Before, Ramona Flowers was the queen of all graphic novel heroines as far as my heart was concerned. Nobody came close to Ramona. Not the ass-kicking used-to-be fairy tale princesses in “Fables.” Not the real-life women who pepper so many of the graphic memoirs I love (think Alison Bechdel, Marjane Satrapi, Ariel Schrag). Nope, my heart belonged firmly to Ramona.

But then Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage kicked down the door to my heart and I fell madly in love wi
Sorry, Tolstoy, but this very happy family has plenty of stories to tell. Who wouldn't want Sid and Nancy to survive, raise three lovely punky kids, and throw the occasional necessary beatdown in the parking lot.
So much fun! Some of the stories were a little out there (especially the first with the parental kidnapping), but all completely absorbing. There's something to love about every one of the punk rock Hopeless-Savage family, though I am particularly enamored with Zero and her many made-up words. The bonus glossary in the back was a fantastic add - I'm tempted to add a couple of these to my own vocabulary. :)

The only real problem I had was the revolving slate of artists - each really did portray th
This whole thing just feels so forced. The changing art styles was frustrating. The writing is obnoxious. I dunno. This whole thing just fell flat for me. Oh well.
Zero Hopeless-Savage has quite an unusual family. There's her mum Niki Savage, and dad, Dirk Hopeless, famous English punk rockers (now retired) her two brothers, Rat and Twitch, and her sister, Arsenal. Dirk and Nikki might be retired, but they'll never lose their punk rock roots and they've raised their kids the same way. No matter what happens, whether it's her parents getting kidnapped or she's dealing with problems at school, Zero knows she'll always have her family behind her.
The one love story in the middle went on a little long. Picked this one from the library up on a whim, mostly based off the cover. I had been expecting something a little more tank girl-ish, but found myself getting sucked into the stories. The bonus material at the end is surprisingly good as well and the family stories are sweet.[return][return]And I love the made up words. It's almost worth reading just for that.
The author of "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World", co-writes another story, set in a world I would LOVE to live in. Loved every minute of it.
Jean-Pierre Vidrine
If ever there was a title that proves you can do more with the medium of comics than super powered guys in tights, this the one. Well, to be fair, there are actually a lot of books that do that. But this one stands out.
The concept of a punk rock family was the hook that got me to pick it up, and I stayed hooked. I hope to see more adventures with Dirk and Nikki and their amazing offspring.
This wasn't quite as awesome as I hoped it would be. It's a collection of short stories about the Hopeless Savages - a family spawned of punk rockers. I enjoyed how distinct each child was, and the fantasy elements and creative language was fun, too. Didn't grab me completely, but definitely worth the read, and enjoyed seeing more work by some of my favorite comic artists.
I first picked up a Hopeless Savages comic when it first came out, and I enjoyed it. Then I moved far from the nearest comic shop, and finally caught up when I found this volume. It was well worth reading, and despite the annoyance of having multiple artists making character identification less simple, it was still very good. Surprisingly clean for a book about punks.
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