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Tempest (Destroyers, #1)
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Tempest (Destroyers #1)

3.58 of 5 stars 3.58  ·  rating details  ·  1,240 ratings  ·  105 reviews
Sixteen-year-old Janelle never thought the gray spiral birthmark on her arm meant anything special. That is, until she meets Gary, a boy her age with a birthmark exactly like hers. Gary’s attractive, brooding, and perfectly normal…except for the fact that he materialized out of a dangerous hurricane right in front of her. Janelle’s certain of only one thing. Gary’s mark—an ...more
Kindle Edition, 2nd, 286 pages
Published September 14th 2010 (first published July 7th 2010)
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Anna McC
A fantastic story! Holly Hook has managed to take a simple idea and turn it into an action packed paranormal book. By diving straight into the drama the author grabbed my attention. The author kept the fast pace of the book from start to finish and left the reader sitting on the edge of their seat. This is a very unique and creative novel. I believe the author has done a brilliant job of keeping the readers attention throughout the book by creating a fantastic and original plot.

Janelle is a norm
"Tempest" was an okay story, but i found some parts really predictable.

The issue with the phone was the most predictable thing in the book. The moment Janelle lost it, i knew exactly what would happen. It was so obvious.

The main character, Janelle, really annoyed me.
She changed her mind so often, it went past ridiculous, and it drove me crazy.
One minute, she hated her dad. The next, she'd understand. Then she went back to hating him again.

The only character that stood out to me, was Andrina.
What to say, what to say. This book was alright, when it wasn't "fall asleep boring" it was "so much damn action gotta read twice." Anyway the story line was good but it was to much, like bread butter bread butter bread butter bread .... you get my point, had no juice goodness inside it just kept repeating the same bland flavoring. Let me tell yea, real old real fast. Now there is going to be some spoilers so please if you don't want to read the book in the next paragraph then don't read!!!


I’m on the fence about whether I should give this book 3 or 4 stars. This story is very original. It can be enjoyed by all ages (as long as you don’t mind your kids reading a couple of swear words). However that last plus is also a minus; it seems that the author could not decide the main audience of this book. It is written from the first person perspective of Janelle, an intelligent 16 year old girl, but Janelle’s thoughts seem more like that of a girl that is 12 or so. Even if she led somewha ...more
Sarah Snyder
Tempest is the story of Janelle, a teenage girl who discovers she is in fact, a hurricane. Janelle was a difficult character to like. I understand that she was frightened by her situation, but to me, she came off as incredibly selfish. If she would have just taken in all the facts and made a decision based on them, she could have avoided the majority of her problems. I just felt like it took her too long to just accept her life for what it is. Instead she runs around for more than half the book, ...more
Ana Ivkov
I found this while looking for Shakespeare's "The Tempest" online, but the plot seemed interesting so I decided to go for it. A definite good decision! The book was a bit slow to pick up the pace, but once it did, it was FASTPACED. Janelle, the main character, does everything a teenager would do when faced with such difficult circumstances. While many of the books I read have a "love triangle" type of plot, this one definitely doesn't! It's all action, and the fact that Janelle obviously likes G ...more
This didn't even deserve 1 star it bored me half to death and I seriously SKIPPED pages, it was horrible the authors writing was bad the characters had no emotion and personally I thought the protagonist was 1 whiny sook all she did was " I don't know who I am, Gary please tell me pretty please" and then when she finds out all she does is run away. This book didn't even engage me 1 tiny bit and if I had a time device I would go back in time and tell myself to not waste time reading this book.
didnt like that book.
the characters are really flat. the main character doesnt act her age, even after I've finished this book I still think she doesn't act like she's 16, sometimes i was really bothered by her naive way of thinking or acting.
couldn't connect to any of the characters or bring myself to feel symphatic. ugh...not my cup of tea.
This book was OK. I didn't hate it, but I definitely didn't heart it either. This was another of my .99 cent books I bought on a whim out of the Kindle store and I definitely got what I paid for. The book is about humans who turn into hurricanes and you've got your one moralistic human who tries to save the world, yadda yadda yadda. The thing that bothered me most about the book is that it just seemed too teenage. The book should not be young adult, but just young in general. The characters were ...more
3.75 stars out of 5

Janelle's life had been normal,
But moving to the coast, things change...
When a hurricane comes, and everything's damaged except her house,
It is weird!
But when a guy comes out that hurricane, with exactly the same birth mark as her,
It is scary!
Trying to find out the truth,
Janelle discovers secrets she wished to stay burdened...

•My opinion:
Let's be honest, for a freebie, this was awesome!
Yes, there were some misspellings,
But the storyline was highly enjoyable
I loved this story! The whole storm shifter angle was new to me and a bit scary. Janelle and her dad just moved to Florida when a hurricane hits and her father starts acting really weird and doesn't think they need to go to a shelter. Janelle is flipping out scared like any "normal" person would be only poor Janelle doesn't find out until much later that she is in fact not normal at all and her world really gets turned upside down when Gary arrives on the scene wrapped up in a twister storm fall ...more
'Tempest' by Holly Hook, the first book in the Destroyer Series, is a beyond interesting YA novel centering around a girl named Janelle who is about to realize that she is in the middle of a reality that she never knew existed. Always having had a gray spiral birthmark that she was compelled to keep hidden, she thought it was a simple anomaly with no greater meaning until she encounters Gary. Just as she had moved Florida, a hurricane suddenly hit, Hurricane Gary. Out of ominous clouds and heavy ...more
Hurricanes. Since Katrina, everyone older than 7 knows what a hurricane is and what they do. They
think. Actually, according to the Natural Law, Katrina was a girl who was born a Tempest. All Tempests names come up once in their life and that is their turn to destroy and kill or, if they’re kind-hearted to try not to.

Janelle and her dad had just moved to Florida from Michigan. Mom had passed away years ago and Dad
had a new job. Janelle was amazed by the power and force of Hurricane Gary – the f
Grace Krispy
Janelle, a normal teenager who has just made a move from Michigan to Florida with her dad, realizes something's not quite right the day her dad wants to stay in the path of the hurricane to watch its power instead of flee to safety. With the help of a police escort and a mandatory evacuation, they make it to safety just in time ... just in time, that is, to see a boy come out of the eye of the hurricane. Janelle's initial shock and confusion turn to anger and fear as she realizes there is more, ...more
Rida (Raindrop Reflections)
I quite liked Tempest. The unique storyline was refreshing, to say the least, and the writing was unique and well-polished. The only thing I didn’t really like about Tempest was that it took WAY too long for the protagonist Janelle to figure out what she was. After that, though, it was all action and suspense.

And I suppose there wouldn’t have been time for romance while you’re trying to save the world from the biggest hurricane ever, so there wasn’t much romance, even though there was an eligib
Robert Duperre
Rating: 4 out of 5

There seems to be a growing trend in young adult fiction where the love story is the main crux of the plot. The main characters do grow in these instances, but their growth is charted by their feelings for the “other” in their lives. The hero or heroine therefore becomes defined by this other and fails to be a viable personality any longer. They turn into puppets on the strings of love and lust, and any real change they experience is nullified because the journey isn’t a person
Janelle has just moved to Florida and within her first week she experiences the terror of a hurricane. She is scared and confused. Her normally over-cautious father, however, seems unfazed by the terrible storm, insisting that there’s no danger for them. This is the beginning of Janelle’s awakening to who and what she is. When she saves a little girl from the terrible storm, she meets Gary and notices he has the exact same birthmark that she does, a gray swirl. And, as she pursues Gary, because ...more
Bungle Midnight Reads
3.5 stars

Janelle Duvall has been in Palm Grove, Florida a week when a hurricane hits. Janelle is confused by her usual safety-conscious father who wants to just stay put in their home, but after her pleas and a little help from the police they finally make it to a safety shelter. While there Janelle is forced to leave the shelter as she rescues a child, and as she does Gary falls out of the hurricane. The first thing she notices is that he has a gray spiral birthmark which matches the one she ha
Kristi-The Book Faery
Oct 16, 2010 Kristi-The Book Faery rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: ages 12 and up
Recommended to Kristi-The Book Faery by: Author
Shelves: written-reviews
Tempest by Holly Hook is a suspensful tale of a young girls journey of self-exploration and identity brought on by a secret that has been withheld from her all her life. Everything she thought she knew was a lie and it has left her questioning who she really is and just what she is really capable of.
Janelle Duvall has lived a somewhat normal life in Flint, Michigan. When economic times go bad, her father moves her to Florida where they settle in just as Hurricane Gary makes its way through. Jan
Janelle has just moved to Florida and within her first week she experiences the terror of a hurricane. She is scared and confused. Her normally over-cautious father, however, seems unfazed by the terrible storm, insisting that there’s no danger for them. This is the beginning of Janelle’s awakening to who and what she is. When she saves a little girl from the terrible storm, she meets Gary and notices he has the exact same birthmark that she does, a gray swirl. And, as she pursues Gary, because ...more
Glenn Bullion
The first thing I noticed when I started reading Tempest was the unusual formatting. No paragraph was indented, with a double space in between each paragraph. I wondered if it would interfere with my enjoyment of the book. A few pages into it, I didn't even notice the formatting any longer. Always the sign of a good book.

Tempest is about a teenage girl who discovers she has unusual powers relating to hurricanes, and also an unusual family history and purpose. The characters are well defined. We
When the story opens up, we find Janelle in the midst of Hurricane Gary. Her father is surprisingly calm, even though police have advised citizens to relocate to a safe shelter. Their town is falling apart, but Janelle and her father, Lucas, are just hanging out in their home. At first I thought, Wow, Janelle's father is a PHYSCO what is he doing? But then, we are introduced to the world of Tempests. A Tempest is a human being that can turn into a hurricane when they touch the water. They all ha ...more
Tempest by Holly Hook. Even the name sounds intriguing and intense. Of course, those two words correctly describe this book. I went into this novel, thinking that it would be an interesting read though it probably would be just like any other young adult book out there. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, they live happily ever after. That idea creates a certain amount of comfort in the back of my mind as I start any book. It caught me off guard how much more than romance this story was.

Janelle i
Vampires? So five years ago. Werewolves? Way overdone. Hurricanes? Yes.

Tempest's are humans that turn into hurricanes when they touch sea water. How crazy is that? Hurricanes are dangerous, and often deadly, so you can see where that doesn't sit well with our main character Janelle. At first, she has no idea what's wrong with her. All she knows is that she's caught in the middle of Hurricane Gary, and that her dad is acting strangely, infuriatingly calm. Then, Janelle sees a boy her age appear f
To start off with yes yes the cover is pretty creepy and not like the typical young adult cover we see nowadays with the beautiful and kick-butt female character being held by the swoon-worthy male lead on it, but as the old saying goes don't judge a book by its cover... the story contained within this book pretty awesome and if you pass this one over solely based on the cover, well I think that you are really missing out (and hey, if you buy the E-book you really don't have to look at the cover ...more
So the idea was there. And it was good. But I just was way too frustrated with Janelle the whole way through. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I HATE weak characters. And Janelle was so annoying the whole way through! She was smart! But when it came down to defending herself she slunk away and allowed everyone to boss her around! How crazy is it that this whole time, everyone KNOWS you have the power to defeat her birth mother and save everyone, but it takes her grandmother dying...t ...more
review by Megsly

*Warning: possible spoilers ahead.*

So, after I finished Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs, I saw that this was right below it and was like, “What the hell, lets read some more tempesty goodness.” Sometimes, you shouldn’t judge a book on other’s with a similar name...

Tempest, by Holly Hook, still centers around the oceans and the turmoil within them, but it follows a totally different mythology. Actually, I’m kinda sad to say it follows any legitimate mythology, no matter how the auth
(Review originally posted on Verbosity Book Reviews)

Destroyers, Book One

Sixteen-year-old Janelle never thought the gray spiral birthmark on her arm meant anything special. That is, until she meets Gary, a boy her age with a birthmark exactly like hers. Gary’s attractive, brooding, and perfectly normal…except for the fact that he materialized out of a dangerous hurricane right in front of her. Janelle’s certain of only one thing. Gary’s mark—and hers, too—mean something, but he’s reluctant to te
Priya (Sweet Picks)
Loved it! This first book in the Destroyer series makes me see hurricanes everywhere. Just kidding. But I'll always look at them differently. Such as thinking that anyone with hurricane names is one. Janelle is also a very strong main character. She doesn't let anyone walkover her. Example: her crazy mother who wants to destroy the world. The Tempests are like their own civilization with their own god and way of life. Hurricanes are also needed for many people near the coast. They provide rain d ...more
Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)
Although this book is classed as paranormal, I'm thinking it should be classed more as a natural disaster as it's about hurricanes - and, no, I'm not referring to the storyline or the writing!

This is a great new series for adults, young or otherwise. It has a twist (pardon the pun) to it that is refreshing and a storyline that will carry you through to the last page.

Most of the characters I liked apart from Janelle herself! She appeared like calamity Jane and I just found myself becoming bored w
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Holly Hook is the author of the Destroyers Series, which consists of five young adult books about teens who are walking disasters...literally. She is also the author of the Rita Morse series, a young adult fantasy series still in progress, and After These Messages, a short ya comedy. Currently she is writing Twisted, a spin-off of the Destroyers Series due out in December. When not writing, she en ...more
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