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Gregor and the Code of Claw (Underland Chronicles Series #5)
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Gregor and the Code of Claw (Underland Chronicles #5)

4.23 of 5 stars 4.23  ·  rating details  ·  26,425 ratings  ·  1,220 reviews

Everyone has been trying to keep Gregor from seeing the final prophecy, The Prophecy of Time. It says something awful: It calls for the warrior’s death. The warrior being Gregor, of course. Now, an army of rats is quickly approaching and Gregor’s mom and little sister, Boots, are still in Regalia. The entire existence of the Underland is in Gregor’s hands and time is runni

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Published May 1st 2008 by Scholastic, Inc. (first published May 1st 2007)
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Instead of beginning back in New York, a few months after the previous novel, the fifth, and final, book in The Underland Chronicles takes place almost immediately after Marks of Secret. After declaring war against the rats and their hitler-esque leader, The Bane, the Underlanders are preparing for the mighty war that Sandwich predicted. Gregor, Boots and the gang (joined by a surprise member of Gregor's family) rush to decode the Code of Claw according to the final prophecy. FIlled with nonstop...more
In this last book in the Gregor the Overlander series, Suzanne Collins achieves the impossible. She made me cry over the reported death of a rat. It is a testament to her skill at writing these characters in such a way that they seem so real, so believable, so sympathetic. She does a fantastic job of painting each creature in shades of gray. There is no one that is all good or all bad. Perhaps that is what makes them seem so real. I fought tears for the entire last half of this book. I'm sure pa...more
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I liked this series a lot, and I liked this book for the most part. I think that I'd give it a 3.5 if I could. The ending didn't give me the closure that I'd like.


I felt like Gregor's connection with the Underland after the final battle wasn't clear. You're not sure if he's moving, if he'll ever go to the Underland again, if he'll ever see Luxa again, how he'll handle trying to be a normal 12 year old again after all that he has been through and all th...more
Did I love this more then Harry Potter and Percy Jackson? Not quite, but I have to admit, I've really enjoyed myself with this entire series. Not only was it action packed, suspenseful and has some really great humor, but it's also a fun creepy world that you can't help but get lost in, even though reading about giant rats and bugs still gave me the willies here and there.

Gregor and The Code of Claw was an excellent ending to a wonderful series. It's not quite the happy ending that I admit I was...more
Okay, I'm not sure what to rate this...maybe 4.5? It was just as wonderful and thoughtful as all of the books in the series, but the ending was SO unsettling and disturbing to me. I can't help but be plagued by the question: "What happened next?" There was also quite a lot of violence and sadness (neither of which was unexpected, given the way the series progressed). I would love to have had an epilogue or revisiting of the characters several years after the events of the book. I didn't feel qui...more
This was the last of the 5 Underland books, and I enjoyed them all immensely. They were recommended to me by a 3rd grader who knows his stuff.

I would definitely place these up there among my favorite children's/fantasy series. They walk a really interesting line between being meant for children (the protagonist is 12) and being pretty violent. I'll have to compare them some to my other faves: The writing isn't as quick or cerebral as in the Lemony Snicket books, but I think it is generally bett...more
I plan on owning this entire series. I want all my kids to read it. I loved the 5th book SO MUCH...I give it 5 stars!!! The combination of humor, tragedy, suspense, adventure, mystery, drama, and romance had me glued to each page, staying up WAY TOO LATE because I couldn't put it down. I'm so sad the series is done. I would LOVE to see some more books about Gregor and his Underland friends.

The ending was my favorite kind: Bittersweet. Lots of sadness and tragedy (I admit I cried several times th...more
I think people would have been prepared for Mockingjay if they had read the Underland Chronicles first, especially this book.

And I remember people complained about the epilogue in Mockingjay, and least it got an epilogue. :(

I had a couple of questions about the ending, and I planned on listing them in this review. But I think I probably just need some time to really think about it and figure it out. (Use my imagination. What Suzanne Collins would probably say to me if I asked her these...more
A great ending to the series! Ripred rocks!
I enjoyed the plot and characters just as much as the previous books, but I was a little disappointed in the ending.

It's an ok ending for a book in the middle of a series, but not complete enough for the end of a series - I'd be much happier if she'd write another book to answer the questions she left at the end. I mean, she makes such a big deal about Gregor and Luxa not being able to stand the idea of being separated earlier in the book, and then at the end it's like, oh we'll just go our sep...more
A very strong finish for this series. Honestly, I think that the first book was the weakest, and that's really a shame, because I fear it may turn some people away from finishing the series. One thing is for sure, this little series is not nearly as popular as it deserves to be. I hope to recommend it a lot in the future, because it has slowly made its way to one of my favorite fantasy series.

Of course, the fact that this is the last book in the series makes it difficult for it to be satisfying...more
I really loved this whole series. We listened to the audio books as a family and we all wanted to keep driving just so we could read more. We ended up taking a road trip From Ut to KS to visit family, but also so we could finish the books!

The last book was more violent than I would have liked. I also was not satisfied with the lack of details of what happens to the family once they leave the Underland. Overall though, I feel that the story ended well and that it was good read for us all to shar...more
YEA!! Done with the series. LOVE ME SUZANNE COLLINS! The thing I loved about these last 2 books is they deal alot with prophecy and predestiny versus choice and deciding what is right and who to beleive. She really fleshes out the inner conflict of these things and the battles and story did not disappoint!! The only thing I had a hard time with is the ending because I didn't want it to end that way. But if I tried to change it I couldn't see a way to make it work any other way. You know how you...more
I have got through this series so quickly it's unbelievable and I'm actually quite sad it's over, I got full immersed in the world and don't really want to leave it yet.
This book is the last one in the series and my word does it go out with a bang. Everything comes together for one last war and not everyone will survive.
Gregor finds out that the last prophecy left declares that 'the warrior' must die. He knows it is referring to him and there is no way he can get out of it. If he doesn't fight t...more
Easy to get through. I do enjoy books that have riddles, stuff to solve, reminds me of all those Brian Jacques books I used to read in junior high, especially because this series has giant talking creatures. which was fun.

I liked that there was no right sides and wrong sides, that everyone had, at some point, been complete bastards to someone else.

I really liked the characters in this series, although I felt that it was a little random that Gregor was secretly a total ninja deep down inside. An...more
The final prophecy calls for the death of the warrior and Gregor is the warrior, so in the end will he be dead? This question and the answer causes turmoil for Gregor, and his dealings with the Underland have so far been directed by the prophecies written by Sandwich, so in Gregor's mind he is to die to save the Underland.

Gregor's sister "the princess" has an important task, she must break the code that the rats are using; in breaking the code Regalia will be saved from being destroyed. Gregor's...more
I am so sad that this series is over. I cannot stop thinking about the series and I can totally see how Suzanne Collins could pick this up and write more books -- there is so much more than can be done in the Underland. I am sad to see my series end.

This last book is filled with nonstop action, and is thought-provoking to the very end. I like the series even more that there was not a "happily ever after". The book ends exactly as it should -- Gregor and Luxa are still preteens and have their who...more
Becky Ginther
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
It's hard to even think what to say about this entire series. Suzanne Collins is a phenomenal writer. I read these books after I read the Hunger Games trilogy and I have to say that they were really every bit as well-written, thought-provoking, and emotionally involved as that series, even though we are dealing with an 11 year old protagonist.

It's amazing that she can create a very believable world based underneath the streets and subways of New York City.

I read the first two books, paused for...more
To bookend my reading of this series, I figured I'd write a review for it. Suzanne Collins's Underland Chronicles will sit right alongside other children's fantasy classics. In many ways, I found myself drawing comparisons to Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Cycle, in only positive aspects.

The overall series is fairly strong. I think that's clear from the ratings I gave them. But there are some weaknesses to be found. The reliance on constant prophecies gets a little repetitive. I think she herself add...more
Lydia Presley
Unbelievable. I never expected the series to end like this and all I can say is.. WOW. WOW WOW WOW.

I shouldn't be surprised. Suzanne Collins captured my attention with The Hunger Games and kept it through Catching Fire. When I first began to read about Gregor and Boots I thought.. man, this is a cute story - and funny! and full of adventure.

Now, as I sit here wiping away my tears and trying to recover from the emotional upheaval the last 50 pages of the book caused in me.. I think I am finally g...more
Was I the only person totally annoyed by the romance between TWELVE YEAR OLDS???? I mean, Come ON! I dont care who you are- twelve year old's do not know what it really means to be in love- heck I dont know what it really means.

I thought it was gory and gross and not well played out. I read through all the books just because I had to see how it all ended up. Personally, i thought the humans should have left the underworld. They dont really belong there anyway. And nothing was resolved with the f...more
Like some of the other reviewers of this book/series, I was unsettled by the ending of the book. There were so many loose ends, unanswered questions, that when I shut the back cover, I leaned back and thought, "This can't be the end." I've convinced myself that it has ended this way because it's the only way that makes sense. Life goes on, after the plot of a book/series comes to an end, doesn't it? The "problem" is that we've come to love, adore, sympathize so much with the main characters (not...more
OH.MY.GOSH.This book is so good. It is totally tense the entire time. I was so sad when I heard the prophecy that said Gregor had to die, but I kept thinking "He won't die, Sandwich was an ass." But I love how Gregor is so strong and tough. I know he's only 11 and so it's not very realistic, but honestly, wouldn't you love to know Gregor? He's tough and strong and emotionally more mature than most adults. I felt so sad that he had to do so much killing, but so glad that he was so brave. I wish I...more
Suzanne Collins, you are an amazing author! Well paced writing, great character development, and an ability to create a book series that resonates with both young people and adults. This isn't the last one, is it? This was a great series, that in a few years I think Summer will love. (in other words, this is the post where I say FINE David Lawrence, you were right.)
★ ßurçακ ★
Offf bu kitapta seri çocuk kitaplığından çıkıyor.. resmen savaş kitabı oluyor.. Dramı bol bir kitaptı sevdiğimiz, sevmediğimiz çoğu karakter ölüyor :S Ama Gregor ve ailse tabi ki sağsalim :P

Ama o kadar maceralardan sonra böyle bir son olmamış.. Çok belirsiz bitti :S Açlık oyunlarının sonunda da böyle yapmıştı yazar.. Savaştan sonra direkt sona atlıyor ve 5 sayfada kitabın sonunu bağlıyor resmen.. Ve kafamızda bir sürü nasıl? neden? soruları kalıyor :S
Anjali Williams
I loved this series and would highly recommend it. Although it covers similar thematic ground, it is written for a younger audience than the Hunger Games series. (It depends on the kid, but I would suggest 5th-6th grade as ideal; you could also read it aloud to a mature 3rd-4th grader, and older ages - even 38 - clearly can enjoy it too! My 10-year-old son and I read them at the same time, but separately.)

On the surface, it has all the elements of a page-turner. As Trevor put it, "My favorite bo...more
Kim Van Sickler
Listened to this one on a road trip from Cleveland, Ohio, to Oxford, Ohio, and ended up having to finish the last CD at home. I was ready for the series to end but curious how Collins' would wrap it up. Would she leave the door open for more encounters between the Overlanders and the Underlanders? Would the Underland get its act together? One of the best parts of the series happens when Gregor returns home and is watching the news on TV. Death and destruction all over the world. The same sort of...more
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Since 1991, Suzanne Collins has been busy writing for children’s television. She has worked on the staffs of several Nickelodeon shows, including the Emmy-nominated hit Clarissa Explains it All and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo. For preschool viewers, she penned multiple stories for the Emmy-nominated Little B...more
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“The War Has Been Declared.
Your Ally Been Ensnared.
It Is Now Or It Is Never.
Break The Code Or Die Forever.

Time Is Running Out
Running Out
Running Out

To the Warrior Give My Blade
By His Hand Your Fate Is Made
But Do Not Forget the Ticking
Or the Clicking, Clicking, Clicking
While a Rat's Tongue May Be Flicking
With Its Feet It Does the Tricking
For the Paw and Not the Jaw
Makes the Code of Claw

Time Is Standing Still
Standing Still
Standing Still

Since the Princess Is the Key
To Unlock the Treachery
She Cannot Avoid the Matching or the Scratching, Scratching, Scratching
When a Secret Plot is Hatching
In the Naming Is the Catching
What She Saw, It Is the Flaw
Of the Code of Claw

Time is Turning Back
Turning Back
Turning Back

When the Monster's Blood Is Spilled
When the Warrior Has Been Killed
You Must Not Ingore the Rapping
Or the Tapping, Tapping, Tapping
If the Gnawers Find you Napping
You Will Rot While They Are Mapping
Out the Law of Those Who Gnaw
In the Code of Claw”
“Never," said Gregor. "I'll never get rid of you, no matter how hard I try." It was no longer an effort to say the words. "I love you."
"I love you, too," said Luxa.
After that there was nothing left to say.”
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