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Shadowland (Shadowland)

2.91 of 5 stars 2.91  ·  rating details  ·  223 ratings  ·  35 reviews
The battle for the soul of a hero! Pushed beyond his limits, Daredevil faces off for a final time against his deadliestfoe - Bullseye - in their most brutal battle ever with more than just Hell's Kitchen is at stake. Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher and more join forces to stop a war that is breaking out throughout New York, with Daredevil at the center. This eve ...more
Hardcover, 144 pages
Published February 23rd 2011 by Marvel Comics (first published 2011)
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2.5 stars

I'm not enough of a Daredevil fangirl to say whether or not this sucked, so I'll just say I was underwhelmed.
I'd heard that this was a BIG EVENT for Murdock, and I can see why, but I'm not sold on the concept.
Demon Possession?
I've never thought of Daredevil as a particularly supernatural character. Religious...maybe. But not necessarily part of the Marvel universe that dealt with the occult much.
Yeah, yeah...The Hand ninjas serve that Beast dude...but still.
Again, I'm not familiar enoug
First off I should point out that, like most crossover events, reading only the central mini-series is often not enough to fully enjoy said crossover event. From one chapter to the next, you might feel as if you've missed an important development in the story, one that's happened in a companion mini-series or tie-in. Such is the case with "Shadowland". Sure, the more tie-ins you read, the better, but the absolute minimum you should read along with this book is the Shadowland: Daredevil collectio ...more
[Note: This review is identical to my review of Shadowland: Daredevil , as the two are intertwined through a cross-over event.]

To be fair, I was warned. The truly wonderful Volume 2 of Daredevil, spanning from Issue #1 to Issue #512 (which is 132), began in 1998 with a reboot. It lasted for 12 years, and in the majority of those years the story of Matt Murdock was fantastic. Sure, Murdock had a downer life, constantly assaulted and beaten. It was horrible. Tough. But still Matt Murdock pressed
Did anyone actually enjoy this?

This is the text-book definition of why cross-overs are a bad idea. There only reason this existed was to generate more revenue - by forcing fans to purchase more comics than just the Daredevil monthly, and - hopefully - introduce them to other characters.

It was a major shame to see the previous, quality runs go to waste.
not entirely bad, not very satisfying. Seems a limited-run series forced things to culminate too fast a before we got a chance to see it sink in. While the action was good, the very limited insights into Murdock's descent were frustrating to say the least.

The appearances by high-profile superheroes - out of nowhere, no context or reason why they'd know of or be associated with this storyline - feel like the kind of stunt casting A-list Hollywood guest appearances on flagging TV shows during swee
Let me get straight to the point; ‘Shadowland’ is a mess in every conceivable way. As if the story wasn’t bad enough (and “bad” it is), the geniuses at Marvel’s trade paperback/collections department have made this almost unreadable by completely botching the collection. ‘Shadowland’, for those who don’t know, was one of those crossover “events” that the big two American comic use to rinse our wallets at least once a year. Although ‘Shadowland’ features numerous inconsequential spin-offs, one ti ...more
I love this story, even with its imperfections. For a while, Andy Diggle has been building a status quo in which Daredevil has taken leadership of the Hand with the intention of using an evil organization for a good purpose. In the context of the Marvel Universe, everything has had an internal logic and consistency. As things have gotten darker, with the group building a huge Japanese-style fortress in Hell's Kitchen, and ninjas enforcing martial law on the streets, some of Marvel's street-level ...more
Eric Mikols
I don't know what happened. Two volumes ago, Daredevil is a grade A book with great stories and a complicated character. Come Shadowland, it's a crossover with a bunch of street heroes who have little to do with Matt Murdock, and a character possessed by a demon.
I'm not against these kind of stories, but this one hurts Daredevil as a character. Some of the cameos, like Luke Cage and Iron Fist, make sense while others, like the Punisher and Ghost Rider, are wasted. The end, with Matt dealing with
Salman Titas
"Matt Murdock Dared Evil and lost"

For years Daredevil had been a stood strongly against the cult of ninjas called The Hand. So it was very surprising when they approached him, during the Dark Reign, to lead them. Initially refusing, he was forced to take the mantle when The Hand decided to go to Wilson Fisk instead, and when Bullseye blew up an entire block in Hell's Kitchen. Determined to use change their ways and use them for justice, Daredevil decided to become the new leader.

What he failed t
Mark Phillips
I haven't read the other issues that relate so I come in blind to the story which covers Shadowland #1-5.

We start the story where Daredevil has already taken over the leadership of The Hand and he is already defending a path from which there may be no return. This central story I found gripping up to and including the denouement.

What I found distracting was the other players who kept appearing and distracting my focus on the central tale. The Avengers turn up along with Spider man, The Ghost Rid
Christopher Mclean
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I picked this up because I had read the later half of ShadowLand and wanted to get the full picture.I dug it.I think I like it because this really shows Daredevil at his lowest.By that i don't mean loss either I mean giving into darkness.This is basically Murdocks version of Spidey's black suit days.I think I preferred the later half a bit more but I still really like this Daredevil story mostly because it's in this book that Murdock truly needs the help from the only people who can help save hi ...more
Brendan Howard
Feb 12, 2012 Brendan Howard rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Daredevil completists, Andy Diggle fans
Shelves: comic-books
Occasionally ugly and amateurish art matches up with a tedious, by-the-numbers take on superhero-goes-bad.

Couldn't finish it.

Ian Williamson
I've always found daredevil a difficult character to write for, stories are either poor or epic. Here Diggle has continued where Brubaker left off and built upon those foundations. It's an interesting premise and thoroughly enjoyable. However it does seem quite anticlimactic over 5 issues, it does feel as though it could have been expanded to really develop the idea of Daredevil been corrupted by an evil influence. The artwork works really well and captures a lot of action. Overall a good read, ...more
Drian Nash
Intresting and I think its good to see a hero who has in the past been such a source for good and incorrupterble, become corrupted. That was a pretty big move. However it seems they go back on it slighty by adding that element that it wasn't really him and that he was possesed, which is a such cliche in this situation. (I undertanad that if they hadn't have done this it probably would have destroyed Daredevil as a character) One particular thing that happens early on the series which is such a b ...more
This is not the best Daredevil story I've ever read, but it was okay. This book ends the dark reign of Daredevil while working with the Hand. You need to read a few volumes of Daredevil to understand what's doing on in this series. The best place to start is back with Bendis run and work through Burbank to Diggle.

If you wanted to see Daredevil as a bad guy this is the comic. One thing the story does have going for it, is the beautiful art work. Billy Tan can draw great characters. Another thing
Timothy Watson
Many may believe Daredevil to be one of Marvel's B level heroes as he is a more street hero. He was never an Avenger and never had interactions with the "big" heroes of the Marvel U. Daredevil was always seen with say the Punisher or Spidey or Wolverine. His best "super" friends were Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing and Jessica Jones. On rare occasions he would go to Dr Strange or Reed Richards for help. This insular approach to Daredevil is both a great idea and a bad idea. Bad ...more
Well, I became aware that this book existed after finding myself baffled by the sloppy Shadowland: Daredevil which turned out to be part of a crossover event along with this book, also by Andy Diggle.

First off, I want to say, whether it's single issue monthly comics or collected trade paperbacks, running a story between two titles is a bull$#!+ way to do things, and it's bull$#!+ to expect the reader to jump back and forth between issues of separate titles (or chapters of collected editions) in
Phillip Berrie
More 2.5 stars than 3.

Wasn't very impressed with this story even though I'm a Daredevil fan. As soon as the main character did something completely out of character I started thinking about how this could be and the rest of the story became very predictable. I also thought it unlikely that those responsible for the scenario weren't in at the end of it, or even brought to justice.

Your mileage may differ.
Jon Arnold
It’s not a particularly original idea to see how a hero can be corrupted in trying to achieve his aims; how compromised he can end up but it’s a powerful one in the hands of a skilled writer. Unfortunately the tedious literalism of Daredevil becoming a devil tells you that Diggle’s not the man to bring out that power. This reads like an interesting central storyline robbed of its power by being blown up as a crossover event story, so perhaps it’s the current comics business model at fault rather ...more
I'm going to have to agree with Mike Lonergan this time round - the underlying Daredevil storyline is fascinating (and well worth reading on its merits) but this little set-piece run manages to tie it up without anything approaching reader satisfaction; it seemed far more about selling tie-ins than telling a story, and requires the reader to hop around between collections (or single issues of multiple Marvel lines, as they prefer) in order to truly follow the story. Pointless guest appearances a ...more
Shadowland is an interesting story arc, it features epic battles within the New York borough of Hell's Kitchen. The story moves rather slowly however it picks up in the latter half. The New York superheroes that are brought in to deal with the mayhem make sense and are not out of place, it's nice to see these specific characters dealing with the problem as opposed to outside heroes. As stated previously, the battles are epic and are thoroughly entertaining. The conclusion is satisfying but the s ...more
Johnny Zombie-writer
Matt Murdoch has always been a lone wolf, beaten and pushed to the brink of insanity and this is no exception. it's dark, it's edgy it's brutal.
Shadowland is a temple/fortress built on top of a destroyed building where Bullseye had killed over 100 people, Daredevil's place to reside has he takes charge of the lethal assassin group, The Hand, previously his sworn enemy, however he believes he can take them down a different path, a path of good, unknown to Matt, he is just a puppet with his string
El Neo
Apr 06, 2015 El Neo rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: own
I enjoyed this. The action was great. A story with most of my favourite Marvel characters. I just can't help drawing comparisons to The Dark Phoenix Saga.
Kyle Mclaughlin
As leader of The Hand, Daredevil may need a little help from The Avengers when things go too far.
TJ Shelby
Okay, this was just okay until the ending. I actually really liked how Diggle ended this which is somewhat opposite of how I have enjoyed Marvel's summer events of years past. Maybe we could get Bendis to write the first four issues and then let Diggle finish the last two. SUPER TEAM!

Anyhow, Daredevil is a fantastic character to write dark storylines for and this was an enjoyable read overall. I'm interested in the Reborn storyline (I'll add that to my queue soon). FYI, When will the Joe Q publi
Luke Cage and Iron Fist realise that Daredevil has crossed the line when he murders someone.

So they team up with The Punisher to take him down.

Not 100% sure about the logic.
Take my review with a grain of salt as I am not a big Daredevil fan. This was a well-done story about being corrupted by power and how "evil" disguises itself as "good." The story held my interest throughout but just didn't send me over the moon. The artwork was dark, dark, dark, as suited the story, but was a strain on my eyes. All in all, the book is an impressive effort, but just a bit too dark for my tastes.
Jorge Figueroa
Daredevil es un gran, gran personaje, y en años recientes ha tenido grandes equipos creativos, pero esta serie no es su mejor momento, y no lo digo sólo por le hecho de que se vuelve un dictadorcillo (pero es inocente), esta miniserie sufre de muchos eventos que se desarrollan en otras páginas, y de que la premisa es .....mala
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Andy Diggle is a British comic book writer and former editor of 2000 AD. He is best known for his work on The Losers,Swamp Thing, Hellblazer, Adam Strange and Silent Dragon at DC Comics and for his run on Thunderbolts and Daredevil after his move to Marvel.

In 2013 Diggle left writing DC's Action Comics and began working with Dynamite Entertainment, writing a paranormal crime series Uncanny. He is
More about Andy Diggle...

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