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Against the Tide of Years (Island in the Sea of Time Series #2)
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Against the Tide of Years (Island in the Sea of Time #2)

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  3,028 ratings  ·  102 reviews
Against The Tide Of Years continues the adventures BR of the Nantucket residents who have been transported through BR time to the Bronze Age. In the years since their arrival, the BR fledging Republic of Nantucket has strived to better the BR primitive world in which they now exist. Their prime concerns BR are establishing a constitution and handling the waves of BR immigr ...more
ebook, 464 pages
Published May 1st 1999 by Penguin Group (USA) (first published January 1st 1999)
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I read the first in this series, Island in the Sea of Time, back in 2000 on the recommendation of my brother. I really loved the duck-out-of-water story of modern-day Nantucket, pulled from our time and transported to sometime in the B.C. 800s. I actually started this second book not too long after the first, and put it down because it just didn't capture my attention. This time--though I wanted to put it down-- I persevered. I just couldn't get into it. I just didn't care. I was so done with th ...more
I enjoyed Island in the Sea of Time more as I went along, so I'm willing to give this one a chance. But really, the writing style and over-all plot seem to coincide just a BIT too closely with the 'dark and mysterious stranger' bio pic the author included that CLEARLY indicates his position as ren-faire roleplayer extraodinaire. And the social commentary and revenge of the nerds mentality DOES get a little heavy at times.
The second book of the Nantucket series picks up a couple years after the first book, though there are bits and pieces set during the intervening years as well. The Nantucketers have spread further around the globe with numerous bases in North and Central America as well as the British Isles, South Africa and the western Indian Ocean.

After the events in book one Walker has established himself firmly in ancient Greece where he is building an empire. It is up to the Nantucketers to find and recru
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As much as I enjoyed other books by this author, this one was as disappointing as the first of this series.
Stirling continues the saga of the time-displaced Nantucket Island, swept back in time to 1250 BC by a still unexplained Event. As in the first title Island in the Sea of Time the Republic of Nantucket is making technical strides, reaching out to the Bronze Age cultures in North America, England, Africa, and the Middle East in the hopes of surrounding and catching the renegade William Walker, who is making similar strides in Greece, Sicily, Eastern Europe, and Anatolia.

Stirling does an excellent
Kat  Hooper
It’s been several years since “the event” which pulled the island of Nantucket back in time to 1300 B.C. (We read all about this in Island in the Sea of Time, the first book in S.M. Stirling’s NANTUCKET trilogy.) The islanders have been busy learning how to live without all the modern conveniences of the 20th century. They are successfully learning how to farm and fish, breed animals, acquire fuels, build ships and dirigibles, harvest morphine from poppies, make textiles, and develop vaccines an ...more
The second book in a really amazing time-travel/alternate history series!

I usually have a hard time with the middle book in a trilogy. I want the story to move and the characters to grow and for me to care about them more, a tall order for the author without a big wrap up. This book fits the bill nicely! There book takes place 8 years after the end of book 1 and so you get caught up on what has been going on. You also get to know new characters and more about characters you already know.

It is i
Good followup on the first book, although this definitely suffers from middle book syndrome. A lot of it is building up to the final blowout in the end, and I almost wish some of the only barely touched on storylines bore more fruit.

It also has a terrible chapter organization, instead of the dates at the beginning of the chapters, they should have been at the beginning of the sections of that date, made it hard to keep track of what exactly was happening when.
This is the second of the Nantucket Trilogy and it seemed more like the middle chapters of a bigger story than a separate book. The story didn't really progress well and I found it a difficulrt book to get through. There were no major plot changes and the book just stopped...didn't realy ahve any sort of ending. I have the third book in the ttrilogy already so I'll read it...but not for a while. This was a disappointing book.
Joe Santoro
I really feel like I should like this book more than I did.. it took me a while to get through it. It's not anytihng specific.. it just felt hollow to me. It didn't help that this, the middle book of the trilogy, mostly simply set up the conclusion.

The two opposing Nantucket forces (the 'good guys' on the Island and the 'Bad Guys' in Europe), make friends and the battle lines are drawn. I was greatly looking forward to seeing Greeks and Trojans in the mix (which the back of the book advertised)
Just when I thought this series could not be any more awesome, they started FARMING MOAS. \o/
The Nantucketers are in it now. Eight years after the Event, they have begun to build a peaceful, progressive society in alliance with the people of Alba, but the treasonous William Walker has run off to Mycenae to make his mischief with King Agamemnon and an Ithacan noble named Odikweos. Also, trouble is brewing in Iberia, where the new king of Tartessos is building a rival nation. There's lots of anachronistic fighting, with each side struggling to beat the other with their Uptime innovations. ...more
My Rating Scale:
1 Star - Horrible book, It was so bad I stopped reading it. I have not read the whole book and wont
2 Star - Bad book, I forced myself to finish it and do NOT recommend. I can't believe I read it once
3 Star - Average book, Was entertaining but nothing special. No plans to ever re-read
4 Star - Good Book, Was a really good book and I would recommend. I am Likely to re-read this book
5 Star - GREAT book, A great story and well written. I can't wait for the next book. I Will Re-Read th
Thomas Alvi
SOLID followup to the first book (which you obviously MUST read before this one)

When Stirling starts listing all the multiple timelines at the beginning of each chapter it's best to just ignore them and keep reading. I swear, he starts some chapters with FOUR time-stamps (with some in parenthesis) that you are suppossed to keep track of and correllate to the various constantly shifting perspectives!! Is he insane? If you want people to follow such things list them at the start of each perspectiv
I enjoyed the book overall. We have moved into the ancient world that is more familiar. We are connecting with Homer's heroes before they become heros. As history changes they won't get to be heroes. We see Troy, Babylon, Assyrian and even the Hittite empire. It was interesting having all those Empires interacting at once without one dominant force. If I remember right the Hittites should have had dominance along with Egypt. Babylon and Assyria have several centuries before their dominance or ev ...more
Nathan Miller
Stirling's writing in this series continues to be excellent. I was reading it mostly at work, so let me just say that I HATE having to go back to work right in the middle of a battle! It was really tempting to stretch out my breaks to keep reading.
I always appreciate how Stirling's attention to detail draws me into the story. If there are holes in his historical research, and I'm ill-equipped to say if that's so, he writes it with confidence and plausibility. Though he does repeatedly highlight
Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes

pages), ASIN: B001NNC0KG

The Island of Nantucket moved 3,000 years into the past 8 years ago. Against the Tide of Years shows how the Islander's are adapting, what impact they are having on the Bronze age society. Walker and his evil wife Alice Hong are still rampaging and causing strife wherever they go, it is now time to track them down and stop them but something always seems to interfere with this task.

This is the second of three books in the Nantucket series, and
Wayne Wilson
I enjoyed this book as Stirling develops this alternate world with the bad guys rising up to dominate 2000 BC. William Walker just keeps getting stronger while the champions of freedom and goodness win battles but seem to be losing the war.

As I listened to this book I keep sort of rooting for Walker. He represents a type of person I wish I could be more alike. He is a driven character. He knows what he wants and he lets nothing get in his way. He wants to be King of the World and he does all in
Jonathan Palfrey
This is the second book in the series and continues the story of the first without fundamental surprises. The Americans of Nantucket, stranded in the past, gear themselves up for war against the unpleasant renegade William Walker and his followers, who gradually establish control of an expanding empire based in Greece.

Stirling shows off to good effect his extensive research into ancient history, and there are some fairly congenial characters. This is the middle book of a trilogy, and nothing rea
Probably closer to a 3.5 star rating than just 3.

Anyway. There were parts of this that I enjoyed much more than I did the first book and there were other parts that didn't strike me as interesting as the first novel. The climax of this one was dramatic and all, but it didn't have the same kind of dramatic quality as Walker's defection and betrayal. I'm still going to read the last one, because a) some of these characters are just the most interesting characters I've encountered in speculative fi
Regarding the first novel in this series, 'Island in The Sea of Time', the premise was interesting and I like the characters but, something was missing. There is a more than enough detail on how things work or are built, etc. but the writing never felt electric or moving in the way that great authors do. I don't expect every writer to be great but, if it's going to be a novel of ideas and conjecture, the writing style and prose should have passages that really strike deep. If it's going to be a ...more
This would have been closer to four stars if it weren't for all the jumping around in the sequence of the story. I had to keep flipping back to the start of each chapter to confirm when things were taking place. Stirling used the dual timelines much more effectively in "The Protector's War", here it had me more annoyed than engaged.

That said, I enjoyed the continuing adventures of the Nantucket crowd and their long distance maneuvering against Walker and his crew. Being the second in the series
Buzz H.
This is a good sequel to Island in the Sea of Time. It was well-written and thoroughly enjoyable. The following is, thus, a critique of a book that is well worth reading in spite of any flaws.

Mr. Stirling clearly realizes that culture and language influence peoples' ability to adapt to change. Especially to change that threatens their fundamental understandings about the world they inhabit.

Very minor spoilers ahead.

However, his writing does not indicate a sufficiently deep understanding of that
Ok, so this is the 2nd book of a series, but this review will suffice for the first two books.

The series deals with the island of Nantucket getting sent back in time to about 1200B.C., and how the people of the island deal with the sudden changes in their lives.

The bad side of the series is that Stirling enjoys writing about the technical details of everything. He describes how the ships sail in detail in the first book, and goes into long descriptions of how the forges work and such. I recogni
CV Rick
I guess it's predictable that this book was going to end right at the cusp of the war. I suppose Stirling had outdone himself when he ended the first book at a point where the main plot had resolved, yet there was enough turmoil to keep the readers interested in another book.

This is still filled with characters of perfection, or as I like to refer to them - cardboard cutouts with good and bad written on them. Is complex characterization too much to ask? I suppose it is.

There also seems to be to
Emily Karn
Oct 23, 2014 Emily Karn rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: SciFi/Time Travel/Alternate History Fans
Recommended to Emily by: no one
Excellent sequel to Island In The Sea Of Time, the saga of 20th century Nantucket transported to the Bronze Age continues.

In the years f\since the Event, the Republic of Nantucket has done its best to recreate the better ideas of the modern age. But a renegade, former Coast Guard officer, William Walker has other plans. Like building himself an emppire based on conquest by technology. When Walker reaches Greece and recruits several of their greater kinglets to his cause, the people of Nantucket
I think that I have a soft spot for alternate history and I know I have a soft spot for all things about the Bronze Age . . . so maybe I am biased but I can't help but rate this as an all around amazing book! Although, I think that the Coast Guard is most likely not as hard core as they're portrayed . . . the Marine Corps of the Bronze Age kicks freaking a**!

I can't wait to get caught up on this series and see how how it ends! S.M. Stirling is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers and as l

The battle continues and so does the excitement. I'm enjoying the series and plan to jump right on into the last book this month. This may not be an original concept for a story, but it is the first such type that I have read and I'm finding myself getting sweep up in the ancient world meeting modern man.

I guess most of the main players from the first book were back, though we didn't get to see enough of them. I'm hoping that will change with the last book. We got to meet or get to know better s
Kurt Vosper
Fantastic read....this book, to me, was very reminiscent of his later book Dies the Fire which was the first book I read. Very good characters, plot and pacing. This book has a lot of action, military engagements to go along with the alternative history. Add into that the Americans who were cast back in time, redeveloping modern technologies and sharing with their new found allies (in the time before the Romans)while discovering the devastation of plagues in the ancient world. As well, one Ameri ...more
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Stephen Michael Stirling is a French-born Canadian-American science fiction and fantasy author. Stirling is probably best known for his Draka series of alternate history novels and the more recent time travel/alternate history Nantucket series and Emberverse series.

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