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Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels, #1)
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Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels #1)

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  5,235 ratings  ·  433 reviews
Risa Jones is as extraordinary as her heritage. Born from a lab-enhanced clone mother and an Aedh father, she can not only talk to the souls of the dying and the dead, but she can see the reapers and walk the gray fields that divide this world from the next.

They are skill she rarely uses, however, preferring to concentrate on the business she shares with her two best frien
Paperback, 364 pages
Published October 29th 2011 by Bantam Dell (Random House) (first published September 1st 2011)
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So I guess this is a spinoff from the Riley Jensen series (which I really enjoyed for several installments, then stopped reading because I got frustrated with the main character and her wolf problems). ANYHOO, I walked into this one with somewhat less backstory than a spin-off-savvy read would have, but I felt like I was along for the ride enough that I wasn't lost. The world is interesting and the bad guys were motivated and some twists at the end were pretty awesome. I liked her friends too.

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Darkness Unbound is the first book in Keri Arthur’s newest series, Dark Angels. I have not read this author before but I am aware that her Riley Jensen series appears on many favorite lists. Therefore, when I found out that Keri was writing a new series that takes place in the same world as her Riley books, I jumped on the chance to give it a try. And after reading this book and finally experiencing this author’s writing, I can see why she has su
♥ Ashleigh ♥  contrary to popular belief im not actually mad!
Keri Arthur is clearly a talented author and i enjoy reading her writing - she would be one of those wonderful/magical writers that can utterly suck you into there "world" if only it wasnt for her sucky-ass characters! they just ruin everything!

let me give you an example,

The apparent main male character rocks up wearing nothing but jeans and a sword that perfectly frames his chiseled good looks and wicked tattoo.... seriously?? thats how your going to introduce your male character?? WTF.
and to m
Amber I. (AwesomeSauce Book Club)
I loved Darkness Unbound! I think I am going to be just as addicted to this series as the Riley Jenson ones.

Risa is just as kick ass as Riley is. We haven't seen her since she was a little girl but Risa is all grown up now and I LOVE her! This book was seriously so addictive, I didn't want to stop reading it. Its packed with some awesome and unique supernatural characters, a few sexy men ( I am loving the reaper) lots of action and mystery and a few heart breaking moments. I am so excited to r
FBS (First Book Syndrome) strikes again!

I will start off by saying that I have not read Keri Arthur's original Riley Jenson series. I honestly went into this thinking it was the beginning of a new series, not a spin-off of 9 prior novels. Maybe that's why it was hard to really get into this book and into this world, but I did try. The leading lady of the Dark Angels series is Risa Jones, a psychic Aedh/werewolf hybrid whose day job involves running a restaurant with her buddies, but her most i
Pamela / SpazP
Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
4.5 Stars
New Keri Arthur fans and old ones alike are going to love this new series.
Risa Jones is half-werewolf and half-Aedh, enabling her to enter the realm between life and death. She can also see the reapers who collect the souls of the dead. Reapers are the beings who guide souls to heaven or hell, while the Aedh are the gatekeepers guard the gates between heaven and hell and mortality. Either the gatekeepers are no longer able to guard the gates, o
I am disappointed in this book. I went into it expecting to read a new story - not another story about Riley. Now - do not get me wrong, love, love Riley - but I thought her story had ended. Not only did she play too big of a role in the story, i.e. moms friend, my play aunt etc, but she also played too big of a role in the story. Really - Rissa is just mini-Riley. All of her values, mores and desires imitated every one that I read in Ms. Jensens story...not what I was looking to read.

Big fan o
Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead
Ms. Arthur,

Great book. Loved it. Great urban fantasy. Besides being a great UF writer, you also have a very vivid naughty mind. Love that about you and your books. Now one request please...

I'm not going to even request it outright...let's see if we can figure it out...

Liander, Ilianna, Liana

Riley, Rhoan, Ronan

Really, seriously, I love your books so I'm willing to forgive the crazy name thing you have.


a fan

Shera (Book Whispers)
After finishing Riley Jenson's series I immediately looked towards the Dark Angels series. After all it follows the grown up Risa from Riley's books! Definitely a character that would be worthy of having her own series! After chatting with a friend she told me that “Risa slut shames Riley!” Riley's sexuality and overall owning of it is what I loved about her books. And there was no way that I'd read about a character slut shaming my girl Riley. Years later chatting with another Goodreads friend ...more
Valerie ~ Val Hall ~
First book in the Dark Angels series takes place several years after the Riley Jensen Guardian series, based in Melbourne, Australia.

The child that was introduced in the Riley Jensen series has grown up. 20 years later Risa Jones is making a comfortable living as a partner in a very trendy restaurant, RYT’s, catering to the sup community. Risa has made some long time friends and roommate in the form of Iliana, a horseshifter and Tao, a werewolf fire-starter in a converted high tech warehouse.
Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
Posted on Under the Covers

I worried that Risa Jones would not live up to her Aunt Riley.

I should never have doubted Arthur. Loyal and new readers alike will love the Dark Angels series.

Risa is such an amazing heroine that I instantly loved. Now twenty-eight years old, Risa isn’t the little girl we know from the Riley Jensen series. Arthur has made a fun, kick-ass heroine who possesses wit, intelligence and determination that I admired.

Risa is half werewolf and half Aedh which allows her to s
Carmel (Rabid Reads)
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

I hadn't realized how much I'd missed Keri Arthur's writing until I read Darkness Unbound. I absolutely adored her Riley Jensen Guardian series. In fact, I was one of those crazed fans lining up at the bookstore every time a new installment was published. Yeah, they're that good. It came as no surprise to me when I gobbled up the first Dark Angels book in one day. What an unbelievable story, packed with enamoring characters and unparalleled story telling! Thank goodness t
Jennifer Bielman (Bad Bird Reads)
The Good
Maybe something is wrong with me because I just couldn't get into this book but many seem to have liked it. But this is the good part of my review, so let's start with that.

We meet Risa as a baby and then child in the Riley Jenson series. I was super excited for Risa to have her own series because her character always interested me. She was a little freaky and adorable at the same time. And anyone who has read the Riley Jenson series knows that Arthur can write an amazing book. So suffi
Heather Book Savvy Babe
I read Keri Arthur's Riley Jensen series last year, and I loved that series. I was sad when Riley's stories ended, so when I saw that Keri Arthur had started a spin-off series, I jumped on the chance to read Darkness Unbound. I have to say, I think I like this Dark Angels series even better than the Riley Jensen series.

Creating a world that is dark, sensual, and full of powerful supernatural beings, Keri Arthur strikes gold with Darkness Unbound, the first novel in her new Dark Angels series.

There isn't anyone quite like Risa. Her mother, a lab created clone, is an extremely strong clairvoyant and also a very special kind of werewolf, able to shift facial structure. Her father is an Adeh, capable of becoming only mist, as well as several other perks. This mixed heritage has made Risa incredibly unique and powerful. Yet all she wants is to live a normal life. Yet, when her mother asks her to help out with a little girl whose soul has been stolen, Risa finds herself in the middle of a ...more
I started to read this one with trepidation. I really liked the Riley Jensen series, learning that it was coming to an end was sad for me, but I perked up when I heard about this spin off series and hoped that it lived up to the first one. It is with great enthusiasm that I can say that this is how a spin off should be done. We get new characters that you instantly fall in love with and root for them to overcome the obstacles in their way and we got to see the old characters that we came to love ...more
Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads

Being a huge fan of Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson series, I was more than a little curious to see how Risa would hold up as the lead in her new spin off series, Dark Angels. My last mental image of Risa was of a little girl pulling Riley back from death’s door and while it maybe wasn’t explained in great detail during Riley’s story about how she did it, we find out exactly what Risa’s capable of now, how she managed to help Riley come back from being near de
Tishia (Paperback Opinion)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jenna Howard
I want to enjoy this book more than I did. First I'm not entirely sure how this is categorized. It's sold in the romance section but read more like an urban fantasy but it's in the future so wouldn't that make it...sci-fi?

My head...hurts.

More than that Risa confused me. For all her "I just want to run my restaurant" declarations, she wasn't doing a lot of that. At all. She was busy solving the mystery of why every paranormal creature on the planet (and not) were suddenly looking for her father.

Kathy Martin
Keri Arthur begins a new series in the world she created in the Riley Jensen series. This time the main character is Risa Jones, half-Aedh and half-werewolf. Risa and her friends Ilianna and Tao met in school and now have started a restaurant together. They are all independently wealthy. Ilianna is a mare and a witch; Tao is half-human and half-werewolf.

Risa has inherited some of her mother's gift of clairvoyance but she has also inherited some of the Aedh gifts from the father she has never me
Josephine McNabb
It was really nice to see how Riley, Rohan, Quinn and Liander had all moved on from the end of the Riley Jenson series, even if it was in small bits and pieces.

I loved Risa, even in the Riley Jenson series I loved her. Now, in her own series, it is clear that she is all grown up. I love that she's strong and clever, but definitely a lot more cautious than Riley was.

I am totally intrigued by Azriel. I like him and I hope that he comes back because I like him a whole lot better than Lucian. I ge
Stacey Kennedy
This book is a prime example of why Keri Arthur is one of my favorite authors! Her memorable characters, impressive world-building, intriguing plot lines, kick-ass action scenes, scorching love scenes that had me rereading them to savor them just a little bit longer, and even that very last chapter that had me blubbering all over the page...ALWAYS leaves me wanting more!

Outstanding new series!
It's really a 4.5 star

GOODREADS, LISTEN UP you NEED to let us READERS on your site have the 1/2 star option on here, the whole stars are good BUT we also want to have the 1/2 star too...
My thoughts: I'm a big fan of the author, Keri Arthur, and particularly her Riley Jensen series, which I was sad to see end. So when I heard she was writing a new series set in the same world, you know I was interested! 'Darkness Unbound' is the first book in the Dark Angel series, and focuses on Risa, someone we started to see at a very young age, now all grown up. Along with her best friends Iliana and Tao, she owns & runs a very successful restaurant, but with her ability to see reapers, ...more
Dark Faerie Tales
Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales

Quick & Dirty: Dark urban fantasy set in a deadly and mysterious world. An ongoing storyline leaves several plots unfinished at the end of this book.

Opening Sentence: I’ve always seen the reapers.

The Review:

Risa Jones has unique skills as a half werewolf and a half Aedh. Aedh’s are most commonly referred to as angels because that is what they look like but that is not exactly what they are. As an Aedh, Risa has always been able to see the Reapers, collecto
Mrs. Badass
What can I say about Keri Arthur? She’s been a favorite of mine for a long time. I enjoy her Riley Jenson Series, and I admired her as an author when she quit writing in Riley’s world. I like an Author who knows when it’s time to change avenues instead of milking the cash cow. At any rate, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this book, Darkness Unbound, being that it features Risa Jones. Who in the Riley Jenson series was all of maybe six years old. I’m happy to report that Risa grew up just f ...more
If you're a fan of Arthur's Riley Jensen series, rest assured, this is a worthy successor. It isn't a clone, Risa is her own woman and the story has its own twists. Riley, Roane, Liander and Quinn appear in small but appropriate doses as supporting characters only. The book will easily stand alone for new readers, they may well be curious to check out more about those people, but it was appropriately written so that it was a nice fondly reminiscing about escapades in their pasts, not an author t ...more
Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru
This was a pretty good start to a new series. I like all of the main characters. The story moved along nicely and the sex scenes weren't overly frequent. From the reviews that I read of the books from the original series, the main character there had sex a lot. That seems to be a side affect of being a werewolf in this world, it could easily distract from the actual story.

I like Risa. She does get manipulated a lot throughout the story. She's everyone's pawn. No one wants to give her any real de
1. Darkness unbound

Inedito in Italiano

Trama: Essendo metà licantropo e metà Aedh, Risa Jones può entrare il reame del crepuscolo tra la vita e la morte e vedere i raccoglitori, esseri soprannaturali che raccolgono le anime dei morti. Ma presto fa una terribile scoperta. Una forza misteriosa sta rubando anime, impedento ai morti di raggiungere l'aldilà.
I raccoglitori scortano le anime a destinazione, non le rubano, e uno di loro segue le mosse di Risa per poter trovare suo padre (che però lei non
Not a strong start to this series for me, I'm afraid. After finishing the Riley Jenson series, I dove right into this one, excited to learn more about Risa and the Aedh world. Risa was introduced in Riley's series as the daughter of Riley's best friend Dia. Risa was just an adorable little girl but now she's all grown up. Frankly I expected her to be a little more kickass, but it turns out she's kind of a spoiled little rich girl. And all her friends are rich. Yes, she owns and works at a succes ...more
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Keri Arthur, author of the New York Times bestselling Riley Jenson, Guardian series, has now written more than 25 books. She's received several nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Awards, and recently won RT's Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy. She lives in Melbourne with her daughter and two crazy dogs
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