Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown
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Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown

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Ryan Buell, star of the hit A&E series Paranormal State, takes us behind the scenes of his most intense supernatural encounters.

Follow Ryan Buell on his extraordinary journey as he seeks out the truth behind terrifying demonic disturbances, hauntings, and paranormal phenomena to solve unexplained mysteries that have been plaguing frightened families who have nowhere el...more
ebook, 400 pages
Published September 21st 2010 by HarperCollins e-books (first published September 10th 2010)
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I have had to really think about how I felt about this. I have watched the first two seasons of the show Paranormal State merely out of intrigue and curiosity. Like most, paranormal shows I try to dismiss the crap. I was reluctant to read this when it fell on my desk, but after reading the personal testimony of Ryan Buell he appears to be a well thought out individual with a natural ability to motivate people in a positive way.

This being said, this book really is a journey of his growth through...more
Ava Strange
A lot of people have a real hate-on for Ryan Buell, the host of A&E’s Paranormal State and the author of this book about his experiences making the show. Basically, they think he’s a real douche. I never had much of an opinion of him either way except that I really loved the show, but now that I’ve read the book I have to tell you all, you seriously need to give the guy a break.

The problem with any reality type TV show, as everyone should know, is with the editing. Two days of footage is a l...more
For the longest time I refused to watch Paranormal State. Like most people, I figured it was fake. Then, around December I stumbled upon one episode and thought, what the heck? Lets give this show a chance.

Needless to say, I became hooked. The show was indeed pretty cinematic for a documentary and the fact that episodes were edited out of order annoyed me very much. Yet, something about Paranormal State made me want to know more. Especially about Ryan Buell.

My sister bought me this book for Chri...more
Lord Beardsley
Don't make fun of me. I read this and enjoyed it. Don't be a Judge Judy.
Jennifer Lavoie
I'm a huge fan of ghost hunting shows and the like, and Paranormal State, while enjoyable, was not one of my favorites because I liked seeing the evidence found. However, after reading this book and reading Ryan's reason for why his group and show are so different from others, such as TAPS/Ghost Hunters, I have a new appreciation for it, and I must say, it's quickly grown on me.

This book takes the readers through episodes of the series, and I'm disappointed with how much the show leaves out. No...more
Paranormal State is honestly not my go-to ghost hunting show, because it's probably the one that I see as the least genuine. This is partially because of the fact that it's shoved into a half-hour timeslot and it's really hard to get anything credible in a 30 minute timeframe, and also because some people who aren't necessarily members of PRS are a little prone to dramatics. (Looking at you, Chip.) That's not to say I don't enjoy PS, just that it's not my favorite of the crowd.

So with that, I wa...more
Sean Kennedy
I have an awful mix of both Mulder and Scully in me. As much as I want to believe, there is still the skeptic nagging away within. I love ghost stories and do find myself addicted to ghost hunting series, although I have to admit I'm more interested in the stories of the hauntings themselves rather than the search for 'evidence'.

I wanted to read this book especially because of Buell and his coming out as bisexual. I wanted to know more of his life story and how he came to grips with both it and...more
Kathy Hiester
Ryan Buell is the lead investigator and founder of the Paranormal Research Society, a student organization of ghost hunters out of Penn State. Buell goes into detail on what went into creating the show as well as the challenge of not losing the paranormal integrity that the research society has worked hard to achieve

This book is written for supporters of the TV show Paranormal State. A reader with no familiarity with the show will get very little from the book but as a follower of the show, I di...more
I really liked this book. I watch the show from time to time, but the editing they do, in my opinion, makes Ryan Buell come across as kind of egotistical, and frankly kind of a douche. But hearing the behind the scenes information, as he tells it, you really get a better understanding of the guy. He's not egotistical, just passionate and maybe a little nerdy (in a good way). His stories are really interesting, and I liked finding out that there's really a lot more to the investigations than what...more
Angela Wade
Reading this book is like reading a letter from a friend. It's unsophisticated, but passionate, and the information presented helps you get to know the person better. Basically a case-by-case review from the time PRS started to the end of it's first season on television. Missing "I Am Six" (which probably deserves its own full-length book), but covers Ryan's personal experiences with demons.
The Geeky Scribe
I've been a huge fan of Paranormal State from the very beginning, mainly due to the personal experiences claimed by Ryan Buell at the beginning of each episode. Very little was revealed during the show, which left with a hunger to find out more about the Penn State University Student.

So, in 2010, when Ryan biography finally hit bookshelves I immediately rushed out to buy my copy, hoping to finally satisfy my curiosity surrounding the star.

The book details Ryan's paranormal experiences over the y...more
Host of A&E's Paranormal State and founder of the Paranormal Research Society Ryan Buell's book is pretty good, but it could have been better. The book basically follows Buell setting up the Paranormal Research Society at Penn State and then how Paranormal State developed in to a hit show during its first season on A&E.

For fans of Paranormal State this book has a lot of "behind the scenes" information about each episode during the first season. I learned a lot about things that happened...more
Stephen Osborne
I had only seen a few episodes of Paranormal State prior to reading the book, but I got the first season DVD set very cheap so I thought I'd give it a try. Then I saw Ryan had a book out. Why not read the book while watching the first season? As it turned out, the book was ABOUT making season one, so it was perfect. I could read and watch and see what they left out, etc. I appreciated Buell's honesty in the book, and found it fascinating the thought process that goes into making the show. Some r...more
Katie Brady
I can't get enough of paranormal/supernatural books. Unfortuntely, a large majority of the readily available ones are kind of terrible.

This one wasn't super awful, it was ok, but it wasn't particularly riveting or even well written. It's basically just an account of the author's experience with making the Paranormal State tv show. If you're a huge fan of the show, you'll definitely get a lot of the book. If you're just a general fan of the show, you might be somewhat bored. He discusses both de...more
Bryan Ball
I've only recently truly discovered the TV show "Paranormal State," which is Ryan Buell's reality program about his paranormal investigating society (the Paranormal Research Society), which began as a club at Penn State College.

I realize- and have seen- that so many of these types of ghost hunting shows are less than legitimate. But Buell's work is different. What interested me most about the show was his philosophy; his investigations present a person, tell their story, and test how likely a...more
Of the plethora of ghost hunting shows available on cable, "Paranormal State" was the only one that legitimately interested me. From the very beginning the PRS team seemed different: multicultural, and open to the possibilities of a much more diverse spiritual experience than the traditional standby of God/good, Satan/bad, all activity is diabolic. Reading Ryan's recap of season one, and pre-series events has only served to reinforce my appreciation for the group and their goals, even if I do re...more
If you are at all a fan of the A&E show Paranormal State, read this book. It's full of background and "deleted" information from the first season. A few episodes were mentioned but essentially skipped (Vegas, Man of the House, The Haunted Piano, and the Sensitive) but for the most part, we journey through filming the first season of Paranormal State, from conception to wrap, right alongside the leader of the Penn State Paranormal Research Society.

Also through the book, we learn a lot of pers...more
Paranormal State by Ryan Buell, is a well-written book that tells what happens off the screen of Paranormal State the show. The book is full of the most interesting cases Ryan Buell and the PRS have faced in their years of investigating, they started the show in 2007 and ended it in 2011. The Author also explains some of his personal phenomena, witch got him interested in investigating this supernatural stuff. In the introduction Buell tells you exactly what you will be reading in the book he h...more
I had seen the show several times before a friend of mine let me borrow this book. Always a fan of the paranormal, I did find the way that the group investigated and helped the clients to be a refreshing change with all the paranormal investigation shows on the various channels. Intrigued by the show, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book.

The thing that stuck with me was the level of honesty in which the book is written. When there were missteps and mistakes made by either PRS or the prod...more
Ryan Buell is the lead investigator and founder of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS),a student organization of ghost hunters out of Penn State. This book serves as a companion to the first season of the A&E show Paranormal State and provides some interesting insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Buell goes into great detail on what went into creating the show as well as the challenges of not compromising his paranormal integrity with moderate stardom on the horizon. It was of grea...more
I guess I must begin by saying that this book is really only for the person who has watched all of Paranormal State, specifically Season One (which, I have, thank you Netflix Streaming). I can't image this book would make much sense or be interesting at all if you haven't seen the show.

That being said, since I have watched the show, and I was interested enough in the back stories to pick up this book and read it, I'm giving it 3 stars for the fact that I enjoyed the content, if not the way it wa...more
I've not seen "Paranormal State" but I picked this up cos I like true ghost stories and ghost investigations.

What I enjoyed the most about this book is the level of detail. Ryan gives us the lowdown on how they became a tv show and the difficulties and process of doing an episode. That was interesting.

He also tells us in detail of his own experiences as a young boy/teen that lead to his interest in the paranormal and forming the group.

I have to admit, I very nearly came a cropper and threw th...more
This book was just OK. It seemed like it would be really interesting considering I'm really interrested in the paranormal and paranormal shows, but the book just did not measure up to my expectations. Out of the like 23 chapters, to me the only interesting ones were chapters 12-14 or 15.

The writing itself was not so much professional as personal, and it was that personal touch that made the reader feel connected to Ryan. It made me feel connected to Ryan, and his journey. From his writing it ma...more
Shauna Kelley
OK, I am letting my (not so) secret crush on Ryan Buell PARTIALLy fuel this ranking, but I had to give it five stars because this is non-fiction that held my interest!

I make no secret about it-- I am not a big fan of the non-fiction read! It takes A LOT to get me through something non-fiction. I just love the story too much; however, this is an interesting read.

Buell chronicles the experience of going from amatuer paranormal investigator to the star of his own A&E TV show. It is informative...more
One of the better-written paranormal books that I've read, probably because it was co-written by a legitimate author. It was fun to read about a case and then go back and watch the episode. It made me wish the episodes were 40 minutes long, because they really had to cut a lot of stuff out. Buell writes about some pretty interesting experiences, but for me, it goes back to the whole "seeing is believing" thing - I can't really believe any of this stuff until I've seen it for myself. Since finish...more
I don't read books that provide "the inside story" about celebrities. I could not care less. When I saw this book by Ryan Buell, however, I had to pick it up. Paranormal State has been one of my favorite television programs since it came out a few years ago, and I believe I have watched every episode. What surprised me was the fact that I found myself watching reruns; it's twice as much fun when you know what was going on off-camera. The cases are fascinating, and there is actually some good inf...more
If you haven't watched the show, don't start with the book: Set up your Netflix streaming and watch Season 1. OK, now you're ready for the book. That being said, the stars are more for Ryan's courage to put it all out there, especially when it comes to his faith. (Our viewpoints are similar, even if the place we're coming from isn't, and I too feel that struggle between what I believe is true vs. what I'm told to think; it's hard, brother.) I appreciate the behind-the-scenes look at the show and...more
I have watched all seasons of Paranormal State and thoroughly enjoyed them, so when I picked up this book I was excited to experience extra paranormal cases that Ryan Buell and his team investigated but hadn't aired on TV. Unfortunately this was not the case as most of the cases profiled in the book were from the show in season one. I still enjoyed the book as it provided additional information about each case and tidbits not previously aired on the program. Ryan also goes into some detail about...more
Now if you have become a fan of Ghost Hunters and ghost hunting in general you should read this book. While Ghost Hunters takes a strickly data gathering point of view Paranormal Sate goes around and helps individuals with their otherworldly problems. Interesting how much research goes into each case (and probably does with Ghost Hunters too) and how each aspect is explored including a client’s psychological state... very interesting. It feels like ghost hunters live in a different reality than...more
Court Watson
I have a soft spot for this guy. Love the show because it doesn't have the "every noise is a ghost" factor and love how candid he was about both the show and his personal life.
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