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Wish 1 (Wish #1)

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  1,852 ratings  ·  53 reviews
When Shuichiro rescues an angel he is granted a single wish. The problem? Shuichiro can’t think of any wishes that he couldn’t grant himself. Refusing to leave Shuichiro without granting a wish Kohaku, the angel, moves in with the young doctor to help out around the house and wait for a chance to return the favor. Of course, angels aren’t the only supernatural beings wande...more
Paperback, 192 pages
Published November 30th 2005 by TokyoPop (first published January 1st 1996)
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The Crimson Fucker
Mariel wrote: "Maybe you should make it gayer?"

No problem!:

this is gay*! This is really really really gay**! I mean seriously! I thought that movie Bruno was the gayest*** thing I’ve ever seen! But this is even gayer**** than that! is like the color pink and a rainbow had a baby! God damn! This is gay*****!!!! But the Clamp did it… I swear they are trying to turn me gay*****!!!!! It’s adorable too! And funny! I will be reading the rest of this!!!
*:no that there is anything wrong with gay of cour...more
Dec 16, 2007 Mya rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everybody
the angel will take your hear away, youll never be able to stop reading it
Man saves an Angel and as a reward, is granted one wish. The man realizes there's nothing he really wants, so the Angel is stuck on earth until the wish is made.

Cute idea and the two main characters are likable, but every time something happens it felt like I'd seen it before in other manga and done better.

It all feels a bit flat and by the numbers. The art is nice and the cast is decent, but it lacks energy and feels like they are just hitting every manga cliche as they meander to the end of th...more
Karaoke OK
May 27, 2008 Karaoke OK rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of light-hearted romance manga
Shelves: manga-okay
[Series Length: 4 volumes / Read: volumes 1-4]

As CLAMP's version of "Ah! My Goddess", "Wish" is a manga where a bumbling angel (instead of a flawless home-maker demi-goddess) comes to live with a considerate but mysteriously lonely human male doctor.

Perhaps not as whimsical and charming as "Ah! My Goddess", but "Wish" does a surprisingly good job holding up as its own story with solid characters (I particularly enjoyed the side arc involving the angel Hisui and the reason behind her disappearanc...more
Jenni Noordhoek
2.5 stars. It wasn't bad but it wasn't anything special either.

I like androgynous angels. I really do. This is a thing that not a lot of people do and very few people do it well.

Androgynous angels falling in love... mmm... idk it feels very shoujo-y and very YA paranormal romance-y and just far too fluffy for my tastes.

It also wrapped up a little too fast and a little too cleanly.

But as usual the characters were lovable and memorable. Nobody I wanted to actively strangle. CLAMP's strong poin...more
I first read this book 5 years or so ago (if not longer) and decided I wanted to re-read the series again, to see if I still liked it as much as I did years ago.

And did I like it? Yes I did. So lovely to see all the characters again, to see them interact. I really love Kohaku, though she (or is it a he, you can't really tell) is a real ditz and does many things wrong. She/he really needs protection from various things. Luckily Shuichiro doesn't mind saving her/him. I can't wait to see what will...more
Reread February 2014. Had to DNF this a second time. Why does CLAMP have to make things so complicated from page one?

This one did not keep my attention! I wanted to read it because it ties into Kobato, Volume 1.
Sabrina  Garcia
One of my favorite mangas!
The story itself would have gotten a 3, maybe, but it feels like Tokyopop butchered the translationm, thus the 2.

Except for the human characters, everyone is genderless and thus androgynous. My guess is that in the original, they never said whether anyone was male or female, but because of how the English language is structured, Tokyopop felt it needed to use pronouns, which means assigning genders. While it's difficult, it is possible to make it impossible to tell the genders of characters. The...more
Wish is a manga from Clamp that surprise me. Because the artwork was not drawn by Mokona. Instead by Satsuki Igarashi. It is create a whole new level of Clamp's style. In my opinion, Igarashi's draw was soft and sweet. As sweet as the story itself. The story was about a man who safe an innocent angel. It may seem simple, but as we know about Clamp, there are no simple. So there maybe something hidden later.
Ayu Puspita Sari
This rating and review are for all completed volumes.

Now, when I'm biased, I can't give those authors stars less than three, and CLAMP is one of my biases so.

And I put my Yaoi-Shoai shelf, thank you, why no one notice that the Angel (who his name? I forgot) who lives with Shuichirou is actually genderless, and more so that Hisui and Kokuyou refer him as a 'he'?

Ah well, it's a romance after all. Light and funny, like CLAMP's other works when they decided to do some light story. And the ending! So...more
Keika Sullivan
The Story around Kohaku seems very sweet and enchanting at the beginning but it also has some very serious and sad contant. I loved to read it but it also makes me very emotional.
I really like the style of art, and the whole idea of the story really sparked my childish imagination. In general, this mangaka is good at creating suspense and surprise, and making you really curious. I do want to find out what happens, but it's pretty predictable and generic. A lot of the time I ask, "Why is this happening?" in regards to the social situations.. like, why are so many people and strange beings gathering in this guy's house, and he is just okay about it? There's no developement...more
Ein kleiner Engel namens Kohaku fällt vom Himmel und dem Arzt Shuichiro fast in die Arme. Dieser ist ein aufgeklärter Mann, und glaubt natürlich zunächst nicht an die Existenz himmlischer Wesen. Bald jedoch muß er feststellen, daß es Dinge gibt, die seine Vorstellungskraft übersteigen. Unbeabsichtigt rettet Shuichiro den Engel vor dämonischen Kräften. Zum Dank möchte Kohaku ihm einen Wunsch erfüllen, was Shuichiro allerdings ablehnt. Von nun an weicht Kohaku dem Mediziner nicht mehr von der Seit...more
Wish is just plain adorable. There are loose ends here and there, but for me it is alright. Not everyone's cup of coffee though.
Needless to say, the angel Kohaku is really adorable >_< especially when she's in chibi form. And Shuichiro is really a cool guy. I like him, despite his smoking habit (he's a doctor, for God's sake! Why would he want to ruin his own body?). I find the relationship between Kohaku and Shuichiro so cute.

In addition, though this kind of pairing (angel and demon) isn't unusual nowadays, Hisui and Kokuyo remains to be one of my favorite couples of all times.
I finished this whole series this evening, I just couldn't stop reading, it became an instant favorite. I have never really read anything by Clamp that I didn't like, but I was in LOVE with this story. The character's were to die for, and I found myself wishing that this was the way heaven and hell worked were it real. Beyond charming a lovely, would recommend it to any Clamp fan or anyone who loves a charming romantic story of timeless love.
This is my first CLAMP book and I didn't really know what to think. I've heard CLAMP can get pretty weird, like, in a bad way. But I actually enjoyed this one, although mostly for the artwork. I'm a religious person and was a bit offended at first; I still am actually, but not enough to go out and burn the thing.
In a nutshell...eh, CLAMP is okay.
super cute. i'm glad that clamp stuck with the genderless idea for angels and demons. but uh yeah, they decided to call all angels girls anyway. if they were going to go that route, maybe kohaku should have been named something else. still, freakishly cute, and loved the sand reference! it added lots of levels of humor.
This is my first Manga book. I read it backwards the first time, being blonde as I am. It didn't make sense. I finished it and realized I had read it all the wrong way. I read it the correct way the second time and I found it even more adorable then the first time. It is a cute story. It has me hooked that is for sure.
Saw it at the library, and decided to pick it up. (CLAMP's artwork is irresistible anyways.) I find many of CLAMP's works have interesting storylines, however this one seemed quite average and somewhat predictable. Not that it wasn't enjoyable, but I can't say I loved it either. I'll continue the series though.
A cute story about an angel saved by a young man and bound to him until he can decide how to spend his wish, and the difficulties with a relationship between an anti-social human and an angel with duties in heaven. Kohaku is charming, but I wish they'd have said why Shuichiro and Kokuyo looked so much alike.
*Queen Diva*
I think this will turn out to be quite the cute series. Kohaku is a cute character...even if her hair style drives me up a wall! LOL! I like the idea of angels and devil's agents and them falling in love and all that riff raff! So far so good!
This. Is by far. The cutest, sweetest thing I have ever read.

One thing that bothered me is that Kohaku is androgynous, but Kohaku is referred to as "she" throughout. Crap on Americans' interpretation and their failure to translate.
Jan 13, 2009 Heather rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of CLAMP
Shelves: manga
Not my favorite. The art isn't up to the standard that I hold CLAMP to and the plot is rather weak. Interesting but well just not my cup of tea. I'll finish the series since there are only 4 books.
Jane Bane
This is one of the cutest manga I've read in middle school. I want to own it so bad. Really enjoyed reading this.
I do hate how it is only 4 volumes long. It was hard to let go. HaHA
Nov 02, 2008 Vivian rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: manga lovers
A man saved an angel and so the angel wants to grant him a wish,but the man doesn't know what to wish for.The man thinks his life is good even without a wish.
Aug 31, 2008 Toni rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: manga fans, angel enthusiasts
Shelves: manga
This is only my second manga series, so I have no knowledge of this genre. I loved the artwork, and it was adorable. Anticipating the second in the series.
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Ookawa Nanase 大川七瀬
[born: 2 May 1967; bloodtype: A]

Mokona Apapa もこなあぱぱ
[born: 16 Jun 1968, Oosaka-metropolis, Kyouto; bloodtype: A]

Nekoi Mick 猫井みっく
[born: 21 Jan 1969, Oosaka-metropolis, Kyouto; bloodtype: O]

Igarashi Satsuki 五十嵐さつき
[born: 8 Feb 1969, Oosaka-metropolis, Kyouto; bloodtype: A]

CLAMP originally began in 1989 as a twelve-member dōjinshi circle, but by 1990, the circle had diminished from...more
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