Pandora Gets Jealous (Pandora Series, #1)
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Pandora Gets Jealous (Mythic Misadventures #1)

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Pandora Atheneus Andromaeche Helena (or Pandy, for short) has something really good for her school project on the gods: a mysterious box given to her father by Zeus himself. Pandy knows the bow is full of something so terrifying that it must never be opened...but it's so much cooler than showing her dads liver in a jar (again).

Of course, before she realizes it seven kinds...more
Kindle Edition, 276 pages
Published July 15th 2009 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens (first published December 26th 2007)
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A caveat up front: I was predisposed to like this book. I'm a fan of the author, who plays Diane on General Hospital and Barb on Cougar Town, among other things. She's a smart, funny, strong and cool lady, so I went into this expecting good things.

This is a book for tweens. If you are not between 8 and 12, you must read the book keeping in mind the target audience to appreciate it. It's light and funny with lots of adventure and lessons in history, mythology, social skills and morality thrown i...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by JodiG. for

In the times of ancient Greece, humans worshipped the Gods of Olympus. But there came a time when Zeus grew angry that humans weren't as reverent of the gods as they should be. And so, he took fire from the earth as punishment, plunging the earth into darkness. The Titan, Prometheus, took pity on man. He stole the fire from Mt. Olympus and returned it to earth. For his actions, Prometheus suffered many punishments. One of them was a box that Prometheus was...more
I probably would've enjoyed this a lot more had it been a bit more serious, or geared towards an older crowd. Instead, it seems like a tween chick-lit answer to Percy Jackson, cashing in on its fame.

The dialogue of this book was probably the most aggravating part for me, but it was (like, totally) a short enough read, so I didn't suffer through it for long. I picked it up simply because it sounded like an interesting take on Pandora's Box.

Also, if you're looking for historical accuracies and wh...more
So it's about Pandora who's dad is Promethieuous and he stole fire from the Gods for mankind. Then as a punishment Zeus locks him to a rock, and a giant weird creature would beat him up everyday. Finally he was let go, and he had a daughter, Pandora. She was a gift from Zeus, but he gave Promethieous a box full of all of the bad things in life, like death, hate,Jealousness, Vanity, and stuff like that. Pandora later opens the box, and everything goes wrong. She has to fight to find the things sh...more
This was a great book, it is about Pandora who accidentally opened a box with seven different kinds of evil inside. Pandora is haled before Zeus and ordered to find and capture all seven evils and put them back in the box. Or she will pay dearly.
I can not wait to get and read the next book "Pandora Gets Vain."
This book ain't subtle. Obviously published to capitalize both on the tweeny-chicklet-lit boom and the success of The Lightning Thief, it's a pretty frothy mix of middle school angst and LOTS OF ANCIENT GREEK STUFF. It's the story of Pandora, if she were a school child.

I mean, every paragraph has something slipped in, usually in a cutesy or almost-feels-like-learning way. For example (adn these are all in the first few pages),

"I know what the school sundial says..."

"I wouldn't even qualify for...more
Martha Guarisco
This book has a wonderful premise, and I had moderate hopes for it since I wanted to include it in a unit on the Hero's Journey. One of the book's problems becomes clear right away, though. There are way too many characters, none of whom are developed, so it's hard to keep track of all of them. This problem only worsens as the book continues. The other thing that I found irritating was that the author's way of making Pandy sound like a modern girl was limited to putting "so" in front of the verb...more
Another fun addition to the many new Greek mythology fiction titles for kids. (Still doesn't beat Percy Jackson). 13-year-old Pandora (known as Pandy) gets in trouble when she accidentally releases the seven kinds of misery and evil into the world. She had only taken the box to school for a project! Zeus gives her six months to collect all the evils. Some laugh-out-loud parts, but there were places when the story dragged and there were just too many 'tears' to make the story believable.
I really liked this book! It was action packed, fast paced, and I loved the Mythology and I totally felt that I was grasped into this world. I would definitely recommend, It was really really good! I'm totally reading the rest of this series!! Can't wait to see what'll happen next! Pick this up and read it RIGHT NOW... It's just amazing. I could go on for HOURS on how great this book was, so just buy it. Like now. (Please?)
It is a really great book. A great starting. I like it a lot. The other books are better, for certainly a reason. Once she becomes familiar to capturing these evils, the intensity builds up.
I loved every part of it! It was one of the best books i've ever read and that's really saying something!
<3 it!
if u like greek mythology this is about kinda modern greekmythology kinda! its cool
read it!
Henry Bellamy
13-year-old Pandora, or Pandy, needs to find something to bring to her school's annual show-and-tell. She can't bring her dad's, Prometheus's liver in a jar again, so when she finds a box said to contain all the evils in the world, Pandy decides to bring it in. She'll get an alpha for sure! But when the school's prettiest, most popular girls, Helen and Hippia, demand to see the box for themselves, they release all the evils inside. Pandora must now find and recapture all seven sins, or she'll go...more
Jan 28, 2010 Diana rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Middle Schoolers
My school book report:
Do you enjoy reading adventurous, myth-based, fantasy books? If so, Pandora Gets Jealous is the perfect book for you. Written by Carolyn Hennesy, the book book was published by Bloomsbury and is the first book in an amazing series. I chose Pandora Gets Jealous because the cover looked catchy and the book jacket made the book sound interesting.

Pandora Atheneus Andromaeche Helena (or just Pandy) is sick of bringing her dad's liver to the biggest school project every year. In...more
Mar 10, 2011 Melodee rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone wanting an easy introduction to mythology
Recommended to Melodee by: library shelf
I picked this book up to "screen" it for my 8 yr old daughter. It's a really cute idea, and a great intoduction to Greek Mythology. The character is very much a teenager, and the author has obviously tried to make it something todays generation can relate to, like making a conch shell gifted by Hermes very similar to a cell phone. My daughter is showing no interest at all in mythology, so I'll probably try giving it to her in a year or two. It was an interesting enough read to me, and I'll proba...more
Definitely some good aspects to this book! I am very interested in mythology, and this is definitely very heavy on the reference to Greek mythology. I enjoyed the character of Pandy (Pandora), and I liked Iole (although the fact that on multiple occassions she has to tell people "I'm very smart" got annoying. You shouldn't have to tell people that. But, I'm hoping that particular insecurity and character trait will be addressed in future stories. I'm not sure how I feel about Alcie, but I'm assu...more
Okay, this book was a lot better than I expected. The author takes quite a few liberties with Greek mythology, but you have to to write a story like this, and the important parts are there. Whether or not you like the story may depend on how much tolerance you have for the modern touches Hennesy sprinkles throughout the story ("Finally Pandy stood up, took off her school toga, and put on her sleeping garments. Now that she was a maiden, she was beginning to detest her combed cotton night-robes w...more
(also published at

In Pandora Gets Jealous, the first book in the Pandora Gets… series, Pandora Atheneus Adromaeche Helena, or Pandy, the daughter of Prometheus (the guy who gave fire to humans) accidentally opens a box and lets loose a whole lot of evil and misfortune into the world. Zeus gives Pandy the task of finding the evils wherever they may be in the world and putting them back into the box, otherwise she (and her family) will face some pretty ser...more
Krista Roberts
Pandora Gets Jealous
By Carolyn Hennesy
Published in 2008
The genre is mythology and fiction.

Thirteen year old Pandora, the daughter of the house of Prometheus opened a box releasing all the evils into the world. She is called before Zeus, who gives her only six months to gather all the evils up. Hera is out to harm Pandy because she beat her great-granddaughter in a competition. She is making Pandy’s journey really hard. She gave her a map but it is really hard to decipher and only works when you...more
Sequoia Emerson
Pandora Gets Jealous is a great book. It’s fiction, inspired by the Greek myths of Pandora and the seven evils.

Pandora and her friends, Alcie and Iole, are thirteen year-olds going to school in Greece. They have a school talent show coming up, and Pandora has no idea what she’s going to bring. Years in the past, she had brought the same thing, and she was getting bored of it.
She decides to borrow something from her father, Prometheus, that she’s not allowed to touch. It’s the box that her fa...more
This book seemed to jump out at me from the stacks of the library. I am a Classicist and love all things ancient Greek and Roman, so when I saw that this was an upbeat, modern fiction about Pandora opening the box, I thought I would give it a try.

The story takes place in Ancient Greece, with Pandora as a moody, awkward teenager who has recently turned 13. Her father, Prometheus, is a titan who was entrusted with a box full of sorrows, plagues, and hope. As part of his punishment for stealing fir...more
Title: Pandora Gets Jealous

Author: Carolyn Hennesy

Series: Pandora Series #1

Rating: ★★★

Summary: 13-year-old Pandora Atheneus Andromaeche Helena (or Pandy, for short) has no idea what she’ll bring for her school project. By accident she discovers a simple box, said to contain something so terrifying and horrible that no one must ever, ever touch it for fear of inflicting all of mankind with the wrath of the Gods and Goddesses. This, of course, makes the box the perfect thing for Pandora to bring f...more
Me the Awesome
Jun 16, 2012 Me the Awesome rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of mythology, Tweens
Recommended to Me the Awesome by: Library
Shelves: favourite, mythology
I only picked this book up because I was bored, out of books on hand that I could read, and it looked like it had to do with Greek mythology. See, I never really liked the Greek tale of Pandora too much - way too overused, Pandora is a dumb name, and there was just NOT ENOUGH HERMES.
Well, this book solved all of those anguishes.
1) It puts a totally new and modern spin on the classic myth - sure, it's still set in ancient Greece, but the people talk how we talk now; there are mean popular girls i...more
Yet another series starter riding the wave of Greek mythology popularity. This is Percy Jackson-lite for girls, though set in ancient times rather than modern America with a few anacronistic details. Pandora or "Pandy" is the awkward daughter of Prometheus (the Titan who first gave man fire). Prometheus' punishment was to take care of the box of sorrows lest they be unleashed on the world. Pandy is trying to find the perfect item to represent the gods presence on earth for her big school project...more
Roxanne Hsu Feldman
There are many things going for this title: the author's breezy, humorous, and imaginative ways of creating a tongue-in-cheek Ancient Greece where demigods, mortals, and the Olympians co-exist and influence each other's daily life. It has a reluctant and likeable heroine with growing power. She has two best friends, a very handy dog, an extremely handy diary in wolf-skin, and a bunch of magical objects bestowed upon her by various gods. Some of them resemble modern devices: two shells allowing h...more
In this retelling of the classic Greek myth, Pandora is just a normal thirteen-year-old growing up in Athens, when she brings her a box of her father's for a class project to school. After being taunted by classmates she opens the box and releases many plagues upon the earth, but not hope, which is left in the box. Due to her carelessness, the gods sentence her to hunting down all the plagues and capturing them in the box. Even though the gods are not allowed, they find small ways to help her al...more
Pandora, daughter of Prometheus, is at that uncomfortable stage where she is officially a young maiden, but really she's flighty, moody, and irresponsible - generally an annoying 12-yr-old. She's got a big project due, and in last-minute desperation she takes her father's box of evils to show the school. The class "ins" tease her into letting them touch it, opening it on accident. As punishment, Zeus commands Pandora to gather all of the evils back into the box or her whole family will be cast i...more
Lauren (Likes Literature)
This series seems like the "girly", silly counterpart to the Percy Jackson series. Many Greek mythological figures are misrepresented, but the main parts are there, at least. It's cute, fun and geared to a very young audience. It's probably a good pick for PJ fans. I liked it. It was a decent, comical and quick read, nothing to be taken too seriously. I probably would have liked it more if I wasn't such a huge PJ fan, and this seemed to be piggybacking off of it's fame.
I love this series. I am currently re-reading it. It's a wonderful retelling of the classic Greek myth of Pandora and the Box. It's more kid friendly, very easy to relate to as a teenager. It's exciting, adventurous, and humorous. It's a good introduction to Greek gods and heros and the basics about them if you're into mythology. I would highly recommend.
Hola! What do you think about Pandora Gets Jealous? (It's by Carolyn Hennesy,) Okay, I have to admit that yes, this is a girl book, so boys of the world, you can skip this one. And yes, is is also about the Greeks. This is a modern story of Pandora's Box. (Well, it was a jar, but whatever!) But it's not in like L.A. or something, no, its in ancient Athens, and the story is really a fresh look at it. Thirteen-year-old Pandora opens the box, but it was accident! Well, unfortunately, the gods aren'...more
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Carolyn Hennesy, a Los Angeles native, has been in over 100 theatrical productions spanning the LA., regional and international theatre scenes. Having trained at American Conservatory Theatre and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London as well as earning a dramatic scholarship to the California State University at Northridge, she has played such distinguished houses as the Mark Taper Forum, Ariz...more
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