The Fairy Tale Bride (Once Upon a Wedding, #1)
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The Fairy Tale Bride (Once Upon a Wedding #1)

3.35 of 5 stars 3.35  ·  rating details  ·  919 ratings  ·  95 reviews
The Fensters were like many other proper Victorian families—in every way but one. Ignorning the grim convention that one married for wealth and title, these spirited siblings followed their hearts...and vowed to wed only for love.

Happily-ever-after is all she ever wanted...

Even though society thinks her all but unmarriageable, Miranda Fenster still believes in true love. S...more
Kindle Edition, 320 pages
Published (first published October 1st 2000)
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Sophie Barnes
I thought this was OK. The author definitely shows promise in terms of imagination and writing skill, but I felt at times that there were too many sub plots involved, plus too many repeat incidents of Simon, the Duke of Kerstone (our hero)wanting to teach our heroine (Miss Miranda Fenston)a valuable lesson about the danger of always thinking the best of people. That said, the writing did improve as the story progressed, although I believe it could have benefited from a bit more plot editing - to...more
Kathy Davie
First in the Once Upon a Wedding historical romance series. This installment is set in England in 1832. The couple focus is on Miranda Fenster and Simon Watterly.

My Take
Cute idea, but never make me read this melodramatic claptrap again. Talk about taking liberties with the time period. The heir would never have been in the military. That was always the second son's career path with religion set aside for the third son. Oh, please. The almost-scandal "forces" Miranda's mother to remove her from S...more
Heather Wiese

Miranda is a young lady out for her first London season, made fun of because of her propensity to relate everything to one fairytale or another.

The Duke of Kerstone is smitten with her and plans on offering for her hand in marriage when he finds out some disturbing news and decides to go off to war instead.

Five years later the Duke returns, Miranda is still unmarried and he still wants her, but refuses to marry because he plans on giving up the dukedom. It turns out he's illegitimate (ser...more
Kay Bolton
Although the plot was quite well thought through, unfortunately the writing didn't quite live up to it.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible writing, just mediocre.

I found that I become a bit annoyed with both the Hero and Heroine. He for his self-pity and her for her (it seemed) endless quoting of fairy tales.

As far as the jeopardy portion of the plot was concerned, the villain did come across as a little implausible.

All things considered a 3 star read. I wouldn't let me so-so review put you o...more
Kaffi MacNabb

Way too many extraneous conversations. I got pretty bored and skimmed a lot. Some of the situations just made no sense, especially toward the end (I don't want to have any spoilers). I really felt the ending was just dumb, like the author was desperate to come to a conclusion.
I thought it was an interesting idea, but the reality fell short. If taken at face value it was a sweet story, but then you look beyond the surface, there were parts that were bordering on the ridiculous (the part about Simon's conception, for example). The behaviour of some of the characters were inconstant with the time period and their social status. They behaved in ways people simply wouldn't. No Duke's heir would be allowed in the army. It just wouldn't happen. I can accept some inconsisten...more
Layssa Hart
I gave up half way through this book. By then I was way way over this grown woman's fixation with fairy tales and constantly referring to them when talking to the hero. Painfully immature. The constant belaboring the imminent end of hero's status as duke, and numerous veiled references to him being the previous duke's bastard, with no real clarification about that situation was also supremely tedious and tried my patience to the limit.

Ghastly experience, and one I won't be in a hurry to repeart...more
Just okay for me. Simon was too annoying with his unbending attitude, and plan to divest himself of his title.

I thought Miranda was too understanding for too long. She did everything for her family and then took too much abuse off her cranky husband--even though during those times that was what women did. Still I like my heroines to have some spunk!
You know what they say about a car wreck, where it's so awful you can't look away? This book is like a car wreck that you want to look away from it, but you have to stare at it because your boss is making you.

Difficult to read as the story didn't flow from event to event. The traditional fairytale references did not add anything to the story, but read as random information. A good premise for a story that just did not deliver.
Not a clean read! I am getting more and more hesitant at starting "free" books even after reading all the reviews. I better stick to the books those I trust have already read.

I liked this at 1st, but it just drags on. I was excited to know what would happen, but somewhere along the way I realized I didn't care anymore.
How does a woman take care of her family (one twin brother and 5 younger sisters) after being orphaned and the brother left to the British Army? She does what she can to invest their money and finally tries to help her brother marry well (read: rich dowry). This is Miranda Fenster 's life and she didn't know that the Duke of Kerstone, Simon wanted to marry her when she was in her first season. Simon is back 5 years later and a different man because he has found out that he is really a bastard so...more
I went back and forth between 3 and 4 stars on this one. I really liked the story, but I found myself having to reread certain sections due to poor punctuation, misspelled words and run on sentences. I honestly don't know if this was due to the editor or if it was a glitch when this was converted to the Kindle edition I read. There were also a couple of continuity issues (such as the hero's age and his mothers age not adding up), but nothing so major as to ruin the story.

The narrative of this st...more
Ruth Hill
Anyone girls who ever dreamed of marrying a duke? Maybe you have have romantic dreams that you are certain will come true one day. Well, this book is definitely for you! You will fall in love with Miranda and her story. It is unlike most fairy tales you will ever read. And it is historical romance that will keep you guessing.

I was quite intrigued by this story from the beginning. I'm a sucker for a poor girl who falls in love with a rich duke. But this duke, Simon, has a secret that keeps him fr...more
Miranda Fenster has always believed in fairy tales, even when her life has seemed far removed from them. Unable to secure a husband during the London season, Miranda returned home and ended up staying there. When her parents passed away, she and her twin brother Valentine had to take care of the numerous younger sisters and the entire estate. Valentine sinks into despair when his elopement goes awry, so Miranda takes it upon herself to make things right. Miranda's plans go awry though, and she f...more
Kay Glass
I'm not normally a fan of historical romance, which is how I'd classify this particular story, but in this case I was hooked. In a time of arranged marriages, docile women, overbearing men, and love being something of storybooks... meet Miranda. A woman unafraid to speak her mind, her sole concern is her family. Her parents are gone, her brother is heartbroken, and she has a large family to support. She risks going to the Duke, throwing herself on his mercy in a bid for him to help her brother.....more
Okay....I did not hate this book but I did not love it. It was just right.

I enjoyed the writing style, which could have been one of the reasons why I enjoyed the book at the end. The writing has the ability to work it's way into the readers mind. Kelly has created a book that shows her imagination and her passion for writing.

I read in other reviews were people had trouble with the several different point of views. I on the other hand enjoyed all points of view. For me it kept the book and stor...more
It's hard to decide what to give this book, so I'm giving it a 3 since that's the average. (I was fluctuating from 2-4 and couldn't decide).

Some parts were really interesting and very enjoyable, but others were just so hard to believe. In the end it was a cute story, but I'm glad that it was a book I purchased for free on Amazon for my Kindle. I don't think I'll be reading future books in this series, since some scenes were more graphic than I had thought they'd be.

If The Fairy Tale Bride sounds...more
I was a little confused at the beginning – there's a bit of a jump forward in time – but everything gets explained eventually. On the down side, all the explaining made the end clustered with information and almost every possible plot twist and trope; on the up side, it was highly entertaining. The hero's secret and the way he deals with it are interesting and different, although rather unbelievable. The relationship between the hero and heroine was plausible enough and got very good towards the...more
I enjoyed this fast-read novel. The storyline was very easy to follow and made for a nice, light read and takes place in Victorian era England. Miranda is the oldest daughter in her family and she find herself very quickly being married to the Duke of Kerstone after they are caught together by a young child. She was told that the Duke has a terminal illness and will die in six months so she tries everything to make him better, after which discovering he is in fact not ill. The story follows many...more
Jeannie Lee
I loved this story! I don't understand why so many females think it was predictable. I didn't think so, and I have been reading romance books for 20 years!

Miranda has such a good heart, so does Simon but he just can't get past his family secrets. I really enjoyed reading about the two of them and their miscommunications, secrets, and 'marriage'.

This book had so much raw emotion it, I found myself crying through most of it. I felt Miranda's heartbreak at not understanding why her husband would n...more
After the depressing last book I read, I needed a fix of a romance novel and this did the trick nicely.

For being free on Kindle, it was cute. A lot of people seemed to hate the constant fairy tale references, but I kind of liked them. Probably because I secretly do that in my head all the time.

Things were progressing along nicely until the very end, when WAY too many things happened at once. It would have been better to have had some more plot editing. Grimthorpe as the bad guy was obvious, bu...more
I can say that it's halfway boring, halfway interesting. Just a book that you can read without feeling like you're missing out and have to keep on reading. There wasn't too much to keep me drawn in. It was a good quick read for those times when you just want something easy.
I think this was an 'okay' read - nothing exciting. It did have its' good moments, but for the most part, it was too predictable and sometimes very irritating. I did like the family of sisters, and hope their futures are bright (yes, I know it's a book, but...)
I just love a book where the male lead is always trying to teach the plucky female lead "a lesson". Sigh. I was sooooo hoping Miranda would pull out a hat pin and stab him to teach him a lesson....
Pamela T Lindau
Fairy tales can sometimes be true

A lot of twisting and turning of plots in this book. Very engaging and interesting read. Proves that fairy tales can come true if you let them.
"2.5 out of 5 stars. Wouldn't life be wonderful if fairy tales were real or if everyone could always get their own happily-ever-after? Miranda always believed things are supposed to be that way, so when she ends up being married to Simon--a man who is stoic and is very cynical of people--she makes it her mission to find a way to learn his secrets while assisting him to make sure he will have a very full life. If it were only that easy..."

Read more of this review and two teasers here: http://from...more
Decent storyline and pretty well-developed characters... Lots of dramatic irony, which kind of ruins the suspense of things. Mostly a time-waster book but still very enjoyable!
Miranda Fenster goes to try to convince the Duke of Kerstone to give up his objections to her brother's marriage. Instead, she finds herself stuck with him overnight when a storm catches them both in a cottage. Now that Miranda's reputation is compromised,they marry to save her reputation. The Duke has a secret, though, and despite him being attracted to Miranda, he feels he must stay away.

I was so bothered by all the "you can't consummate the marriage talk," that the story lost it for me. The b...more
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Kelly McClymer has not escaped from college life since she moved into her freshman dorm at the tender age of 17. Studying, working, and living across the street from college students may have given her a warped view of growing up. Or maybe she was destined to be 17 forever.
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“discreetly cocked his head in the direction of the crush of dancing figures. "I wondered if you would care to engage in a small wager to add piquancy to this dull evening?" "What kind of wager?" "A matter of a successful seduction, Cousin." Simon grimaced at his cousin's expectant grin. No doubt the cad waited for a lecture. But today he would be surprised. An hour before, Simon had adjusted his cravat in the curved looking-glass in the foyer of his parents' town house and promised himself that he would do everything in his power to destroy the image of fairness and propriety that had given those who knew him cause to call him Saint Simon. And a good start to accomplish this aim would be to wager with his cousin. For Grimthorpe was a worse gossip than any of the bored dowagers seated about the room. He lifted his shoulders as if mildly intrigued with the idea. "My ring if you succeed." Grimthorpe's eyes narrowed in shock; then he eyed the large ruby and silver ring on Simon's left little” 0 likes
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