Dark Magick
Cate Tiernan
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Dark Magick (Wicca #4)

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Morgan inherited a talent for witchcraft from her parents, and now she is the holder of her mother's Wiccan tools: a green silk robe, an ivory-handled knife, silver bowls, a cauldron, and a long carved wand. The tools are awesome in their power, and Morgan's boyfriend Cal wants to see them, perhaps to seize power for himself. "We are muirn beatha dans, and we will always b...more
Library Binding, 186 pages
Published April 18th 2008 (first published June 25th 2001)
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Oct 27, 2007 Loren rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: teenagers
Cal, how could you? How could you! *spoilers*

I don't think Morgan was wrong about not forgiving Cal for his betrayals. I would have forgiven him though, were it me.
Okay, i'm a guy so i'm biased but to Cal's credit:

He really loved her, he was willing to do anything to protect Morgan from his mother; kill her (a litttle extreme), sacrifice himself (which does happen) etc.

We were completely on Cal's side, the reader feels safe when they're around Cal. Things are less complicated; Hunter/Sky-bad peo...more
I do have to give the reader a potential warning: if you thought that you were addicted to the series before, you most certainly will be after reading this book!!

The story once again picks up on the very tail end of the previous book. In order to save her boyfriend, Morgan had to attack someone. Understandably traumatized, Morgan starts to distance herself from her boyfriend Cal after the event. When she begins to grow suspect of Selene & Cal's intentions, Morgan finds that almost everythin...more
Kari Ramirez
This girl's idiocy knows no bounds it seems.

When she goes to Practical Magick and David asks her who she can trust and she replies that she can trust herself. Her own instincts told her to run when Cal mentioned people who wanted to meet her. Her own instincts told her to get out of his secret room because the vibrations were bad, yet she thinks Hunter is 'misguided'. Any information anyone gives her she takes as they just don't know even though they've been witches their whole lives and she's b...more
Annette M Guerriero Nishimoto
Today’s review is on Dark Magick by Cate Tiernan

Dark Magick is the 4th book in Tiernan’s Sweep series and I have to say that with each book I read in the series the more I enjoy them.

In Dark Magick Morgan finds out that Cal and his mother are also Woodbane witches and that they practice “traditional” magick. Traditional meaning that they practice dark magick. She also learns that Cal has been helping his mother find other Woodbane witches to join her coven. His job was to find the female witches...more
Level 1:
what coven does morgan belong to? morgans mother was from a long line of woodbanes so naturally that was morgans heritage. however, morgans mother was from belwicket, the clan that renounced evil.

What is the name of morgans car? Das boots

Who puts spells on morgans house? Sky and Hunter walk around Morgans house and puts spells and runes, but morgan doesnt' know why.

Level 2:
Why did Morgans parents not tell her she was adopted all these years?
Her parents adopted her when she was 8 months o...more

Liebe, Gefahr und Magie – die mitreißende Hexensaga geht weiter!
Morgan ist geschockt: Mit einer klaffenden Wunde in der Kehle ist Hunter die Klippe hinuntergefallen. Hat er den Sturz in den eiskalten Fluss überlebt? Der Gedanke, womöglich für den Tod eines Menschen verantwortlich zu sein, lastet sehr auf Morgan. Doch nicht nur das – Cal gesteht ihr, dass er genau wie sie von den Woodbanes abstammt und davon schon sein Leben lang gewusst hat. Warum hat er sie angelogen? Als sich Morgan...more
Chelsea Barva-kertesz
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!! Ohhhh, Cal, you're an evil evil little witch! I knew he was bad news from the beginning, and this story just nailed it for all of us. I have to say, as much as I had a bad feeling about him, I was still hoping & secretly rooting for him, that he was not a bad guy. But, with a mother like Selene, who could blame him?

Book #4 and I'm so engrossed with this series, that I've read three books just today alone. I didn't think I'd enjoy them, as much am I am.

Wickedshizuku (and the Jedi pup)
Apr 17, 2013 Wickedshizuku (and the Jedi pup) rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Paranormal fans, Urban Fantasy fans, Fantasy fans, Science Fiction fans
Recommended to Wickedshizuku by: Goodreads
Shelves: 2013, reviewed, paranormal
Ah so I see that Cal's true colors have been revealed. I swear that I saw this coming since the introduction of Selene in book 1. I knew something wasn't right with that woman. She was to fake and syrupy.
I feel really bad for Morgan, but at the same time I don't at all, for falling for Cal. For some reason I'm so reminded of Patch from Hush, Hush. There really isn't something right with the fiction for young adults. Do girls really find these situations romantic or attractive?
 photo mlfw4779_medium_zpse9af3923.jpg
i love this series! It is seriously all i can think about. I mean while going to sleep, in my dreams, even in the shower i think of Cal, Morgan, Hunter, Robbie, Bree, Sky, Raven & the rest of the crew. I am just upset i can't find these books in stock at any local bookstores. I've been borrowinf from the library but someone lost Spellbound so i'm upset i can't find it anywhere. I am about to order it off the internet NOW!! Seriouly if you are an avid reader like me (for instance other than m...more
HA! (view spoiler) This series only gets better and better.

The characters are really developing, especially Morgan. She needs to learn more, and I hope she gets some better teachers (David and Alyce for example)

Here we have twists and turns and a great deal of mystery. We have history too, and a deeper knowledge of what's going on.

It's still not enough though, this book ends with a cliffhanger...more
"Flammende Gefahr" ist der vierte Teil der Reihe.

Das Cover ist wieder sehr schlicht. Dieses Mal zeigt es den Athame von Morgan und ist in gelb gehalten.

Morgan ist auch in diese Teil wieder unsere Protagonistin. Sie ist eine etwas zwiegespaltene Persönlichkeit. Zum einen ist sie mutig und selbstbewusst und versucht immer ihren Dickkopf durchzusetzen. Zum anderen wirkt sie auf mich manchmal einfach nur dumm und naiv - als würde sie Cal nur nachplappern. Sie entwickelt sich in diesem Band aber sehr...more
Oh Cal... how could you???

It was gripping and thrilling. Very entertaining and interesting. The whole situation has changed now. And in the end, Bree came to save Morgan. At least something good!
I am still not sure what to think about Hunter, I know everyone who read the whole series loves Hunter, so I am VERY curious how it goes on now...
But now I gotta go, I have to read Book #5!
Die "Das Buch der Schatten"-Reihe geht für mich in die vierte Runde und ich war sehr gespannt, nachdem mich der dritte Band "Bluthexe" doch ein wenig enttäuscht zurückgelassen hat, aber zum Glück hat sich die Reihe wieder gefangen und "Flammende Gefahr" konnte wieder am Niveau der ersten beiden Bände anknüpfen.

Cate Tiernan begeistert mich immer wieder mit ihrem spannenden und flüssigen Schreibstil. Die Geschichte ist nicht mehr ganz so vorhersehbar un die neuen Figuren wurden gut in die Geschic...more
Ive decided to give this 3 stars rather then a 4 for the fact that the ending disappointed me . Actually it doesn't even have an ending . The only conclusion is that Morgan is saved from being burnt alive . I mean ,I understand its part of a series but it was obvious from almost the beginning that Cal and Selene would turn out to be baddies , so no surprises there and concluding the way it did just makes you wonder if it's done on purpose so you just have to buy the rest of the books .
I Love all...more
Toni Garcia
Morgan is amazing in this book. I must say this book was my favorite so far. I havent read the fifth yet but this was actioned pack. I finished this book in one day.
Hurrah! Sky actually is gay. :D Shut up, yes that made me excited - it's too damn rare!
Grandiose Fortsetzung !
Apr 16, 2009 Jess rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Jess by: Brodie-anne
I give this book 4 stars merely for its entertainment value.

It's definitely not an example of literary genius, but the storyline is interesting and compelling. The book is based on the idea of witchcraft and being really fascinated with the paranormal genre at the moment, I thought it would be a refreshing break from reading about vampires and werewolves.

In addition to being about 'witchcraft', Tiernan's Wicca books also incorporate a bit of mystery and romance which makes for an interesting r...more
Morgan Rowlands has discovered her magickal heritage and with it has found power, love and conflict. Deeply in love with her boyfriend Cal she was drawn into a shocking confrontation with Hunter, a member of the witches' council who claimed Cal and his mother were working dark magicks. Cal seems so devoted to her, but even so Morgan begins to question whether Hunter may have been telling the truth...and what that could mean for her.

This is the fourth book in the brilliant Wicca/Sweep series (aft...more
Charlotte Phillips
So we learn in this one that Hunter is the good guy and Cal is the bad guy, but at the same time I still hold my doubts about Cal being completely and utterly dark. I loved the power and the drama that went on in this one. It was different to the others, and yet at the same time it seemed to express just as much danger, depth and darkness. It was effective and emotional in all the right places and I really felt all of Morgans feelings as I was reading through it. The relationship that she has wi...more
The Literary Bystander (nxlee)
In a nutshell: Cal's weird behaviour is coming more to the forefront, and Morgan is starting to doubt whether or not he's being as genuinely truthful as he claims to be. But the threat of powerful 'evil forces' are coming upon Morgan, and she has to choose which boy should she trust at this time, Hunter or Cal?

For me, this was the book that proved that the series was finally starting to use the potential it's always has. This was probably the most exciting book, so far into this series - because...more
Meine Meinung:
"Flammende Gefahr" ist mittlerweile das vierte Buch der Schatten rund um die Bluthexe Morgan Rowland, die nach und nach ihre Hexenwurzeln kennen lernt und tiefe Wurzeln zum Volk der Wicca schlägt. Seitdem sie weiß, dass sie adoptiert ist, hat Morgan mit Hilfe ihrer Freunde herausgefunden, wer wirklich ihre Mutter ist und das sie eine große Hexe aus dem augerotteten Zirkel Belwicket ist.
Ihre Liebe zu Cal hat sie ihre beste Freundin Bree gekostet, doch nun stehen neue Herausforderung...more
There is one tiny mistake in this book. I've seen it the second time I've read it and now again at the third time. I checked it again to see if it was really a mistake but:

When Hunter comes to Call his house in Blood Witch, he left his car working (I don't know how you call it) with the keys in the ignition. Well if you have the conversation between Selene and Morgan. Selene tells Morgan she bewitched the car to move because there were no keys. But maybe the no-keys part was a bit fuzzy and she...more
'Flammende Gefahr' ist der vierte Band der Reihe 'Das Buch der Schatten' von Cate Tiernan und eine absolut überzeugende Fortsetzung. Cate Tiernan schreibt wie in ihren Vorgängerbänden weiterhin spannungsvoll, emotional und bringt ihren Lesern 'Wicca' näher.
Das Cover ist an die anderen Cover der Reihe angelegt. Nach wie vor ist dieses schwarz und im Vordergrund ist ein magischer Gegenstand abgebildet, dieses mal ein Atame (Messer).
Alleine durch das Cover wird eine magische Stimmung beim Leser er...more
In short i love the way Cate Tiernan writes the first person narrative. Megan, the protagonist describes everything in such vivid detail i feel as if i'm right there with her; i cant picture everything in mind. I can almost feel everything she's going through.

I reccomend this book (the three books that came before it) and probably the rest of the series in general (I'm about to start book 6 now)... that is if you don't mind listening to an interesting take on witchcraft/wicca through the mind of...more
Nancy (The Avid Reader)
Morgan is very upset by the fact that she thinks that she killed Hunter when she threw the athame that Cal gave her for birthday and hit Hunter with it resulting in Hunter going over the Cliff. Morgan takes Cal back to his house and bandages his wrist where the a braigh - a spelled chain meant to hurt witches that Hunter had tied him up with. She tries to send a witch message to Sky, Hunter’s cousin to tell her that Hunter is hurt and needs help. Morgan also calls 911 anonymously to report Hunte...more
WHOA, I didn't think it could be any better but this book was so thrilling, I read it in one sitting (regardless of its short length..)

In 'Dark Magick' there is definitely a MAJOR BREAKING POINT and I think it's not daring to say that now REAL TROUBLE is about to happen! I was wondering where the story would lead to, but after reading the fourth book,I have some vague ideas which makes everything even more exciting.

It is absolutely impossible to not continue reading this books!
Cal's an asshole; Bree gets better; Hunter is interesting; crap goes down. That, in a nutshell, is Dark Magick, folks. I've hated Cal from the start, and now I am justified. Dude is a douche.
Moving on to the story:This is probably my favorite of the series so far, and oddly, it took the longest to get into, but it was worth it. Featuring a strong build throughout and a lot of intense scenes, this book really shows Morgan coming into her own. More please!
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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"was born in New Orleans, LA, in 1961. New Orleans is one of the most interesting American cities, and it has an incredibly rich and exotic culture that had a profound influence on me. Kids in other cities have lemonade stands; we sold voodoo gris-gris and made wax dolls in the likenesses of our enemies. It's a very beautiful city, and the constant heat and humidity make gardens grow out of contro...more
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"Thank you, Dr. Laura," I said snippily.
"I'm not afraid of her," Hunter said, like a six-year-old, and I wanted to kick him under the table. Now that I knew he was actually alive, I remembered just how unpleasant he was.”
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