The Way of Kings, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive, #1.1)
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The Way of Kings, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive #1 part 1/2)

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Roshar is a world of stone and storms. Uncanny tempests of incredible power sweep across the rocky terrain so frequently that they have shaped ecology and civilization alike. Animals hide in she...more
Paperback, 592 pages
Published May 1st 2011 by Gollancz (first published January 1st 2011)
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This, though only part one of an entire book, was so epic that in itself it gains five stars. I don't believe I can name any other book - well apart from the magnificent Lord of the Rings - that while divided in parts retains its pulling power.

The world Sanderson creates is astonishing, populated by larger than life heroes, some anti-heroes and basically human beings who have varying motives for doing what they consider moral. Its an intriguing and satisfying world that drew me in and left me w...more
Blodeuedd Finland
The publisher published the paperback in 2 books since this is one HUGE book. And it was much nicer reading it like this, instead of holding a 1000 page brick.

This book, how to describe it? So much is going on and if I would say anything negative about it it would be that is just is too well imagined. There is a lot to keep track of and know. I have read anything fantasy to be used to it but sure sometimes I wished there would be some more explanations at the back of the book. I like to look thi...more
Marc Aplin
In the UK, 'The Way of Kings' has now been split into two halves. The first book focuses on the 'build up' of the novel... I think they got the cut off point pretty much perfect and although you could never read part 1 on it's own (it would seem very anti-climatic) - if you had to split the book into two parts... they got it right.

Way of Kings opens in a very mysterious manner... There has been some kind of huge war... bodies litter the ground... both human and monster. A powerful being heads to...more
Dane Richter
Toffee. That’s how I saw shardplate. Mystical armour that had a dirty translucence to it. I like the concept.

The world of Roshar is masterfully created from its culture to its religions to its people and how the high storms shape the land and literally effect how creatures and life evolves. Sanderson’s world building is top notch. So after this praise why the low score?

The Way of Kings is an epic volume (and volume is the right word) about … well here’s the thing, I thought it was about an assas...more
Where do I start with this review? Brandon Sanderson is an engaging writer. I first encountered his work when he began the mammoth task of finishing Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. His ability to write another person's work, in a way that still sounded like the other person, astounded me. I'm a writer myself - and even writing my own work is difficult some days, but to represent another person's multitude of characters AS the other writer had, for so many books, takes a very clever write...more

Okay I am a huge Brandon Sanderson fan. The Mistborn Trilogy is absolutely amazing, and I've found that anything Sanderson writes is incredible.

So basically, this book rocks (haha so puny regarding the terrain of Roshar). It's completely all encompassing, with each element of Roshan society being hugely developed. All of the characters are extremely likeable - from the gentry class scholar, the hand to the king, and even the lowest of slaves. In addition to those voices, we...more
Sumant Natkar
Well although I am reviewing only half part of the book but what can I say except the part that I am highly impressed by the world which has been created by Sanderson so far, although I was delaying starting the series due to my ASOIAF experience but I finally gave in seeing all the high reviews Words of radiance got.

The story basically starts from an assassination, and what i loved is we are given glimpses of this magical world early on by introducing us to the magic system of this world, where...more
I wasn't sure if I would like this book or not. I know a lot of people have raved about it but that's not always a good indicator. I read the first of Sanderson's Mistborn series and even though I really liked it there was nothing in it that made me want to continue.

This book does much better. The multiple characters with their own threads makes me want to know how it all connects. Where is it all leading. I was gripped from the beginning right through to the end and am kicking myself that I lef...more
Colin Carson
It's been a while since I came across a new epic fantasy I loved (like... a month). This was a pleasant surprise. Okay more than a pleasant surprise. This book is fucking awesome.
Shardplates and Shardblades?
Coolest. fucking. things. ever.
Michael Harkess
20 years to finish this book, well worth the wait I say.
Also won best fantasy of the year.
A must read !
Aug 01, 2014 Vilde is currently reading it
Reading for #augustofkings readalong.
One of the most buzzed about releases of 2010, The Way of Kings is the first in a projected ten book series called the Stormlight Archive. And to be honest, I wasn't planning on starting this series, not until there were at least several instalments of the book out and a reasonable chance of the series being finished. Because, let's face it, big name epic fantasy series running over a trilogy are challenged these days – *cough* George R.R. Martin *cough* Peter V. Brett *cough* Scott Lynch *cough...more
This is a really hard book to categorize. Coming to this from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series, I was expecting more of a fantasy-lite trilogy. I didn't realise until half way through this book that it was not two books of three, but actually part one of book one of a far longer series. Which is exciting, really, because I do love my epic fantasy.

This series does try to be high fantasy, but I read it so hungover I thought I was dying, and the straight forward characters and explanation of the...more
Alex George
Feb 19, 2012 Alex George rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fantasy Addicts, Everyone
I started off reading Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy, and I loved the way he created an epic fantasy with fairly original ideas especially about magic which isn't an easy thing to do nowadays.

To me the Way of Kings surpasses the Mistborn Trilogy (so far anyway) the characters are very well developed and there's just enough of them so you don't feel under or overwhelmed with the amount of different viewpoints.

The book however is obviously one in a long series, I heard there are meant to be 10 book...more

I knew from reading the acknowledgements that I would love this book and it did not disappoint. The thought, detail and precision that Sanderson put into this piece of work was truly something to marvel at. It was brilliant from start to end and the charming illustrations that accompanied each part made it an even more enjoyable read. The complexity of the world created was extraordinarily impressive with so much vigour to all aspects of civilisation; politically, religiously, cultur...more
Helen Lowe
Jan 13, 2012 Helen Lowe added it
Recommends it for: All lovers of epic fantasy and/or a good story, well told.
"The Way of Kings" won Brandon Sanderson the Gemmell Legend Award (for the best heroic fantasy novel)earlier this year, so I sat down to read it with considerable anticipation.

Also, to clarify "The Way of Kings" has been published in two parts so I'll be publishing the same comments under both books on my shelves here.

"The Way of Kings" is classically conceived epic fantasy—but I like classically conceived epic fantasy, so I had no problem with that as a starting premise. And I really liked "Th...more
This book was something I bought on a whim, because everyone was always telling me that Brandon Sanderson was a Fantasy god.
He is.
I read both volumes in a grand total of one day - from midnight to 3 in the afternoon, with only a brief stop for food, sleep and a lecture. It was engrossing, compelling and I could not put it down. It was in the top five books I've ever read, and when I finished reading it, I immediately went and bought several other Sanderson novels, because apparently I have...more
EDIT: Changing my rating for this to 5 stars. I was crazy to have rated this any less.

This is not your typical Sanderson book. As what I've told a friend a couple of times, the stark difference between this book and the ones I've read (Mistborn, Warbreaker) is that Sanderson certainly took his sweet time on the characterization. What can I say but that even when he's veered off his comfort zone (or the kind of writing I've come to associate with him at least), I love the guy to a fault.

I love ho...more
Solid foundation for a series with a lot of potential, although the initial pace was a bit slow. Creative world building, intriguing magic system, realistic characters, good story line. Also, some religious aspects were masterfully handled.
Man. Reviewing this is difficult as it's half a book.
"Hmm Oran, what did you think of this half of this book?"

Well. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Naturally, with a projected ten book series and the first two books over 1000 pages in their complete forms, it's a big, big world that we're introduced to. And you can see the planning, the attention to detail that Sanderson has made in order to make its scope realised. And that's great. His writing style is much more elegant and detailed from his si...more
Wow, this is good, real good. The world building is as good as anything I have read in a long time and Part 1 (of Book 1) is near fantasy perfection. The world is so well realised with little touches like the various forms of Spren & how the various flora react to what is going on around them. Of course that's only the little things but what about the larger imaginative flourishes: Shardplate & Swords, Highstorms & Soulcasting & a whole lot more. Obviously this would mean very li...more
Jim Gronvall
This book was a great read. I enjoy the creative use of other world beings called Sperns in this series. Sanderson does a great job developing his characters and making their struggles truly human. Answers are not easy for the characters to come to terms with as they struggle through their personal conflicts. The outcome of the overall struggle between good and evil is held in abeyance as the characters learn who they are. The power they have to resolve this struggle does not come easily, nor do...more
Andreas Lund
This is one of few book I've read in english. But it's first now I understand why I should keep reading books in their original language. It's hard to compare a book written in english with one translated into swedish.

The language Brandon use is just so spot on, obviously. I have read non-stop since I first opened the book. I really like the setting and the characters, the whole build-up and the thought of it.

This is the first "half" of the first book in this series. I must say that I really en...more
Angela Oliver
What can I say about Sanderson's imagination? It is amazing - his world building is so exquisite in detail and scope, yet he does not force its awesomeness down your throat - no, he teases it out through the storyline, little chocolate crumbs here and there. His characterisation is deep, with two of the main PoV characters having their own, distinctive voice. I particularly enjoyed the other threads - with Shallan's quick tongue and wit and Kaladin, with his honour and determination (and Syl). T...more
Goran Zidar
I’m not sure if this should really be called a review since I’m going to spend the next few paragraphs shamelessly gushing over this book. Put simply I loved it.

The world building was excellent. It was familiar enough to allow me to picture the flora and fauna yet different enough for me to know it was an alien world. The various spren were well used to convey the sense of oddness in places where it might otherwise have appeared mundane. Precisely because of the way they influenced evolution and...more
I hate not finishing novels. That said, I'm not going to waste precious reading time on a book(and very lengthy series) that is this slow to start and seems to be a story about nothing in particular. And while I'm very well aware of the general concensus that sees this as the 'set-up' novel of a great rambling epic, I simply can't justify giving time to books that are written as a kind of over extended scene setter for the next 10 doorstoppers. This edition was the Part One of a two part first i...more
I got off to a slow start with this book. I found it so hard to get past the first couple of pages, I don't know why, i just couldn't get interested, I pretty much skipped the first few chapters. After wading through the first part though I was suddenly completely absorbed in the story. I loved everything about it.

ALL of the characters were so brilliantly created. Every single one. People you really care about, with a wonderful balance of strengths and flaws. No character seemed either truly ev...more
OK i haven't finished the book yet , and i m still reading it .... but I've read a good half of it. ( so most of part one ) .... and i m sadly not impressed , and for the moment disappointed ...

I'm a huge fan of mistborn, especially the first book wich was just amazing ... but this new serie feels much more shallow.
the beginning even though i was amazing, at first i thought wow this is going to be epic.... packed with interesting stuff happening ...
but then things changes .... and everything...more
Firstly, I have to say I'm going to treat Part One and Part Two as the same book, because they are! Therefore my review for each will be the same.

I ate this book! About halfway through Part One I ordered Part Two, but I finished Part One so fast that I had to wait for Part Two to arrive and that was painful! So my advice is - if, after the first chapter of Part One, you are enjoying it order Part Two right then! I haven't finished such a large book so quickly for a long time. This is the kind of...more
Having read some of Sanderson's Wheel of Time additions as well as The Final Empire I came into this book expecting something... great. And despite a slow start that was exactly what I got. Indeed, by the end, I was rightly peeved at the way that he had split this book. How dare he stop such a great tale at such pivotal moments; I can't get my hands on the next book for quite some time. I am now in suspended agony. It was that good, and if not for that slightly slow start I would probably give t...more
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Brandon Sanderson was born in 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a child Brandon enjoyed reading, but he lost interest in the types of titles often suggested to him, and by junior high he never cracked a book if he could help it. This changed when an eighth grade teacher gave him Dragonsb...more
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