Meet Me in Malmo (Inspector Anita Sundstrom #1)
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Meet Me in Malmo (Inspector Anita Sundstrom #1)

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Ewan Strachan is a second-rate journalist working for a third-rate publication in Newcastle. His unfulfilled career is given a potential boost when he meets a one-time friend from university who is appearing at a film festival in Edinburgh. Mick Roslyn is now an acclaimed movie director based in Sweden, married to the glamorous leading lady of most of his films. Mick invit...more
Hardcover, 224 pages
Published December 1st 2010 by Robert Hale
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Rebecca Martin
I took a chance on this one and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I will read the second one. I liked it that much. Why then the two stars? Because of the completely ridiculous ending. The scene of the final struggle is (literally) over the top and too improbable to accept. That's the first thing. The other is that, while I like a twist at the end, this twist I just did not believe. There was no preparation for it in any way and I ended up just shrugging my shoulders and deciding I just did...more
I would have given this three stars...until the last three lines. I enjoyed the police procedural and cooperation with a journalist. However the final chapters changed my rating to a "Didn't like it"
Linda Root
This book started out as a strong five. I was elated with the early pages and captivated by the way the plot was evolving. Then, by the time I was 2/3 of the way to the end, it started to slide and settled down to a four, and by the end, it was so disappointing I am giving it a *** +. The quality of the writing makes it a better than average read, but the characters become less believable and far less likeable as the story progresses. There are a few too many twists and turns and the end is way...more
Julian King
I (almost) really enjoyed this cheeky leap to the bandwagon - and why shouldn't a Brit write ScandiCrime? The setting is convincing, the characters sympathetic and alive; the plot will serve.

So where's that fifth star and why the '(almost)'?

Let's just say that if you're borrowing this book from the library and you find that the final page has been ripped out - then someone, somewhere has done you a big favour: thank him in your prayers! The author seemingly could't resist one final twist, but be...more
Carlos Isoard
Few times have I been so conflicted. The book is very entertaining. The main character, Anita Sundstrom, shows great potential as a heroic protagonist. And yet, few times have I had a story I was enjoying be so spectacularly ruined by half a page of dialogue. The twist ending is surprising in its poor execution. It is pointless, flat, illogical, and strikes of sheer laziness from the author. A most idiotic way of ending an otherwise enjoyable read.
Jim Nolt
"Meet me In Malmo" by Torquil MacLeod is a story of long-time jealousy between two former college chums... one of whom (Ewan Strachan) is now a mediocre journalist in England and the other (Mick Roslyn) a successful movie director married to one of Sweden's most celebrated stars, Malin Lovgren. Despite their past difficulties, Strachan manages an invitation to interview Roslyn and with only mild trepidation catches a flight to Sweden where they've agreed to meet at Roslyn's Malmo apartment. Arri...more
Cathy Cole
Torquil MacLeod has written a fast-paced mystery with two engaging main characters. Yes, Ewan Strachan never has reached his full potential, but he's a bit of a charmer, and it's easy to forgive him a failure or two. In fact, the reader wants him to make a complete success of his interview with the famous film director and his beautiful movie star wife-- after all, Ewan's got the inside track, doesn't he? In her own way, Inspector Anita Sundström is just as appealing. She's a bit of a loner, hav...more
I have started keeping a table of Nordic mystery writers and series. I feel I have read so many now and they start to get all jumbled up. This one had a few nice twists which I appreciated but the characters felt a little bit stale. The obligatory monster of a boss, the lecherous work mate, the lonely detective. It does get old after a while.
Alison Pope
There are enough other reviews that wisely advise this is a better book if you don't read to the end. I would agree - stop at the end of chapter 35 and it is a better but not by much due to the rather one dimensional characters and the sense of creeping hint of sexism.

Is this really how men think of women as things to conquer, possess or ridicule? Are we supposed to cheer a female lead who is a competent detective yet is constantly judging herself based on what the men surrounding her think? Sca...more
If I have a problem with his books, it is the abrupt ending after the climax of the storyline. The only way to deal with that is to start the next book in the series as they represent chapters in a longer storyline with characters entering and leaving (permanently) while Anita's life in the police and at home struggles between doing the right thing while many around her act less than honourably. DO READ THEM CHRONOLOGICALLY, as the three books do represent a continuous storyline, even though $2...more
what the hell?!
The Crime Scene Scene
Meet Me In Malmo is the first novel in the Inspector Anita Sundstrom novels by author Torquil Macleod. Newcastle journalist Ewan Strachan travels to Malmo, Sweden to interview his now famous university friend and Swedish film director Mick Roselyn (who he hasn't seen in years). Instead what he finds when he turns up is the dead body of Mick's wife, famous Swedish actress Malin Lovgren. Inspector Anita Sundstrom is assigned the case and hunt down the killer. The police initially gain a suspect in...more
I read this book over a weekend because I wanted a good crime thriller. I'm a fan of the Nina Borg and Kurt Wallander series, and this was in the same vein, although I appreciated that the cop protagonist wasn't quite as damaged as Nina Borg.

On Amazon a lot of people were upset at the ending, but I thought it was fine. I was second guessing myself until the end, which made it a fun read. I'm reading the next two in the series next and looking forward to them!
When I started reading this book I felt quite ambivalent towards it, but about a third of the way in I started to really enjoy it. It is a good length for a crime story, doesn't drag and paints Malmo in an appealing light- I really fancy going to visit the city now. I enjoy the Scandi crime genre but sometimes it can be a bit too dark for me, and this was very much on the lighter side (obviously there was a murder involved, so it's not that light!). Towards the end of the book I was edging towar...more
This is the authors first book starring Anita Sundstrom, Inspector. Its a Scandinavian detective story. I was quite disappointed in it as the characters were two dimensional but I had the feeling that they were about to jump into full bloom. It didn't happen. The ending, while not a surprise was not expected as the author didn't tell the reader everything. I was pretty disappointed in the book.
Meet me in Malmo reminded me of the Point Crime novels I used to read when I was a kid, this may not sound much like a compliment but it is not really a criticism either. MacLeod sets the mystery at the heart of the novel up in a pretty generic manner, taking a fair amount from Scandanavian crime novels that are so popular at the minute (I dont think you can get through a Swedish novel without there being a few pages on Sapo and Olof Palme), however the writing is clear and concise and the book...more
Like a reviewer before me, I was completely on board with this pretty cheesy Swedish travel brochure trussed up as a murder mystery until the last 3 sentences. That said, I really want to read the sequel cos Anita Sundstrom is awesome.
Erin Matthiessen
Intriguing but gimmicky. I like Anita Sundstrom, the detective in the series (of which this book is the first). Well-written.
Honestly, if I hadn't just read 20 crime novels in a row, I might like this better. But it came at the end and so my lack of enthusiasm.
Hal Zenner
Average Swedish Mystery

While I enjoyed this book, I didn't find it overly compelling. Good enough that I will read more in the series-it has potential....
Jacek Slay
I don't really like crime stories. I don't really read crime stories. I came across this book by a pure accident and... damn, I totally fell for it. I'm in total awe over the book. I'm in total awe over the story. It had what a crime story had to have - suspense, action, plot twists...
Well, I cannot say I didn't expect the outcome at some point (basically because I've been suspecting virtually anybody) but it was just one of very many guesses I've made reading that book. And I suppose that's wha...more
I enjoyed this book and am reading the second book in the series, but I agree with others that the ending was ill conceived.
Quite an entertaining read with the link between the NE and Sweden. Beautiful blonde detective and second rate journalist.
Ron Chicaferro
I hated to rate this as just 'OK' - - it has its moments but it also drags. The author gets into long descriptions when a simple sentence would do - - this is the first book in the Inspector Anita Sundstrom series of mysteries and its an interesting crime. The books shows moments of intensity and daring but then it gets bogged down in long-winded descriptions of the Swedish weather or landscape. I think we all know that it gets cold in Sweden! The ending was unexpected - which was nice - but, it...more
Karen Lowe
Rather a convoluted plot which ultimately didn't convince me, and I didn't really feel any empathy with the characters unfortunately.
Enjoyable read, but stupid ending! The rest has been said by other reviewers!
Agnes Muscoreil
Second rate journalist Ewan gets an interview with old friend Mick, now a famous, rich director. Upon arrival at the house to do the interview, he discovers the dead body of Micks glamorous wife on the floor. Inspector Anita Sundstrom has to fight to figure out whether Ewan is actually the killer or has been set up, while also constantly battling with several of her male colleagues. Twist in the end -
Graham Botha
A mystery that begins with a slow start, has a litany of incongruously confusing names, is filled with red herring clues, but ends with an unpredictable conclusion. The story heats up halfway towards the end.
I was hoping to find the next Jo Nesbo, Henning Mankell or Lars Kepler but this author is not in this league. The biggest downside for me was that I couldn't believe the actions of the main character- specifically the ending. A cop out and I didn't buy it which basically ruined the whole story for me..
I have so many books to read that I no longer feel I have to finish a book if I'm not enjoying it. I skimmed this book as I was expecting a surprise twist at the end based on other reviews. The ending was not surprising as who done it was telegraphed pretty early on. I read a lot of mysteries and wanted to like the lead detective, but the writing was not very good so I stopped caring. I think a good editor would have helped this story; the book actually ended on the word "yup".
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