Spirit Dances (Walker Papers, #6)
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Spirit Dances (Walker Papers #6)

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For Seattle detective Joanne Walker, spring is about new beginnings. She's mastered her shamanic abilities (mostly), survived a cannibalistic serial killer (barely) and now she's facing the biggest challenge of her career--attending a dance concert with her sexy boss, Captain Michael Morrison. But when the performance--billed as transformative--actually changes her into a...more
Paperback, 368 pages
Published March 22nd 2011 by Luna (first published January 1st 2011)
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When I reviewed Demon Hunts (Walker Papers, Book 5) by C E Murphy, I said that it was the best in the Walker Papers series to date. Well, as befits a series, Spirit Dances (Luna Books) trumps its predecessor as the best book in the Walker Papers. And, the ending leads one to believe that there are better books to come.

The book opens with promise. Joanne actually ends up, albeit accidentally, on a date with Morrison. They are attending a performance of a Native American spirit dance, which I exp...more
The Flooze
That was exciting.

Spirit Dances is probably the most cohesive, well-plotted story since the first of the series. It takes all of Murphy’s promises and hints and brings them to the fore in the great mash-up of change and progress I hoped was on its way. Although I’ve been frustrated at times by Joanne’s brute force way of dealing with magic, this installment strongly reinforces the idea of a build-up to transition. It’s now very clear that Joanne had to undergo all her flailing and wailing to pr...more
Finally some resolution... AND THEN NONE! I've loved this series because of the complex characterization that Murphy includes with Joanne Walker and Morrison. They have been like oil and water from day one but now they seem to be oil and vinaigrette on a tasty salad. The growth both exhibit has made the relationship believable and based on mutual respect, attraction, caring, and perhaps love. Like any good author Murphy gives us a mere HINT of the possibilities before flinging Jo back into the m...more
FINALLY! It only took them six books. That sounds so crass to say, like it's all that I got out of this book. This author is consistently one of my favorites. I seem to have developed some weakness for Native American female leads who are mechanics and have some kind of supernatural lifestyle and responsibility thrust upon them. I don't know what to do with that but I will take it since it makes me happy.
I'm unsure how much I like Jo's transformation. I rather liked the bumbling Jo who really ha...more
I have enjoyed the other 5 books in this series, but this one was my favorite BY FAR. What I liked:

1. More Morrison. Woohoo!
2. The plot and mystery were great and kept me trying to figure out what was going to happen next
3. Our little Joanie has grown up and actually thinks (a little) before she acts. She has also become more accepting of herself, her abilities, and the magic community.
4. Joanne asks for help when it's needed from both friends and her spirit guides showing that she has matured.
Published on my blog: Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life

*Contains SPOILERS for the previous books in the series.

Joanne is back and I am so happy about it! This is the first series ever that I started a few books in and did NOT read the previous books and even though doing that is a pet peeve of mine, I really enjoyed Demon Hunts last year and Spirit Dances is even better!

Spirit Dances starts not so long after the events of Demon Hunts. Coyote has gone back to Arizona and Joanne is trying to just...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I really enjoyed this latest installment of the Walker Papers series because I think Joanne has finally grown-up. She has come to terms with her shamanic powers and is really learning to take responsibility. I liked how she had more confidence. Now, she’s not perfect because lets be honest that would not be Joanne-style. She makes mistakes with the best intentions and spends twice as much time trying to fix them. Her big mistake involves Morrison this time. Yes, it’s unexpected but good.

OMFG. Seriously. I wouldn't have classified the Walker Papers series in my top paranormal romance picks before #6 here. I mean, I'd read them all, but hadn't paid much attention to when #6 was being released (like I do w/ my Kate Daniels & Mercedes Thompson books). In fact, I believe this actually came out in April. That's right - five whole months before I even noticed.

BUT BUT BUT - I read it in one sitting, have subsequently read it again , and have read the last half of the last chapter 1...more
There are so many things that I love about this series, seeing Joanne grow through out it, her friendship with Billy and Melinda, and her tumultuous relationship with Morrison. This book was great as they were all at the center of it, all it was missing was Gary, who is the best sidekick for Joanne.

Joanne has been through a lot and grown to accept being a Shaman. While she doesn't always know what she is doing, she does so with her heart in the right place. This time around it is no different. S...more
Beth Cato
Ah, Joanne. The lovely thing about these books is that Jo manages to find entirely new ways to screw up, and it creates a delightful ride for the reader. There are many reasons why I consider this to be my favorite urban fantasy series, but a lot of it comes down to Jo. She's nice and approachable. Sure, she has a hard edge and can kick hiney in a fight if needed, but she's also a healer at heart. I can't help but love a Seattle cop-turned-shaman with a fondness for maple-covered donuts.[return]...more
Coming Into Her Own
It's been fifteen months since cop mechanic and cynic Joanne Walker became warrior shaman and Seattle detective. In those fifteen months, she's been stabbed, hung, strung out, strung up, wiped out and beat down. She's done battle with creatures that aren't supposed to exist outside of grim horror stories or fantasy books. She's had crises of faith, been riddled with self doubt and guilt, and gotten several close friends almost killed just by associating with her. But she ain't...more
Feb 22, 2011 Dee rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: fantasy
Good First-person narratives are hard to find.
Grade: A
The Story:
Detective and Shaman Joanne Walker is accepting her dual nature as a healer and warrior. She has a long-running "Not a Thing" thing with her boss, the handsome Captain Morrison. Her mentor, Coyote, is her spiritual and shaman guide into multiple planes of existence and she is learning and sometimes going beyond his teachings.
Jo is at a dance performance on a date with her boss when the lead dancer is murdered using psychic energy...more
Oh my goodness!! The ending to Spirit Dances totally knocked me over. Don't get me wrong, it was a good knock-me-over, but I'm still digesting it... On the one hand, I'm soooooooo happy for Joanne. On the other I'm like, "wait, what???" Way for C.E. Murphy to leave me hanging! When is Raven Calls coming out? Aargh!!!

Ok, ok, let's start at the beginning. After Demon Hunts, which I cannot believe I didn't review (I will have to rectify that oversight!!), Joanne's made some discoveries about her ma...more
4,5 stars

So far, my favourite book in the series!
From reticent shaman to someone who finally feels confortable in her skin, Joanne's character has really undergo some monumental changes.

She continues to be her same "funny" self. She has one of the craziest senses of humour i've met in a book, and then she's surrounded by a vast number of interesting and complex characters, like her colleague Billy, who up until a few books ago, used to appear in the police precint in high heels and dresses. I wo...more
Lynsey   • The Demon Librarian

This was a great book, and easily my favourite so far. As you can see from the back-cover blurb Joanne actually goes on a date with Morrison! Did you hear what I said? A Date! With Morrison! I know!

Of course partially shifting into a Coyote during a "special" dance performance will put a dampener on most romantic evenings, still, progress is progress and I'm taking it where I can get it!

I don't want to spoil the rest of the plot from here but lets just say that, whereas other books have inv...more
♆ BookAddict ~ La Crimson Femme
Joanne is once again in a sticky situation. Amusingly enough, she even compares herself to Angela Lansbury. This story references more American pop culture then many of the books I've recently read. I like this since my mind works in similar patterns of making connections by concepts. I digress. Joanne is starting to remind me of Anita Blake. Each story she increases in power exponentially. She also is starting to settle in and accept that she's becoming more powerful. At least Joanne doesn't hu...more
Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Janet Whalen-Jones
C.E. Murphy continues the story of Joanne Walker, reluctant shaman. As her power grows, she is learning to control it, but is still prone to major magical mishaps. Joanne, a Seattle police detective and her boss, Captain Morrison, have been trying to be professional and not give in to their mutual attraction. When Joanne accidentally asks him to join her at a dance performance, things get magically mucked up. The troupe does modern interpretations of Native American dances, and are quite aware t...more
Jess the Romanceaholic
This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.

I come to this series as a virgin reader (heh). I’ve never read anything by C.E. Murphy, and as such, I am reviewing this story based on how well it works as a standalone work.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I definitely want to go back and read the rest of the series despite knowing how a lot of the situations will end up through references made in this story. I enjoyed the first person POV, and even when thi...more
Kathy Davie
Sixth in the Walker Papers urban fantasy series revolving around Joanne Walker, a detective with the Seattle PD — and an urban shaman rescuing the world.

My Take
Oooh, Joanne has a date with Morrison — K – I – S – S – I – N – G…lol… The way Jo is carrying on, you’d think it was the end of times! As much as I want the romance to get going with Joanne and Morrison, Murphy is clumsy about it when she finally starts.

I loved how Murphy explained the auras of inanimate objects — and it is something I’...more
Sharon Michael
Really liked this one, Jo has definitely gotten past the whiny stage of things here, much like she did in the 4th book I picked up from the library. Apparently she had to get through that in the 2nd and 3rd books. Will have to put this series back on my auto-buy list again and pick up the previous book, which I have not read yet.
This is my favorite in this series so far. Joanne is coming into her own, growing in confidence but at the same time learning just how much she has to learn about her Shamanic talents and the world of magic in general. She still has moments of "I can't believe this is happening" but she has many more of "how can I use this gift to make this better". She's also starting to realize that she's kind of a big deal. Not your "average shaman". And so she seems to be a magnet for the magical crazy. Bill...more
Spirit Dances is book six in Murphy's Walker Papers series and I have to say this series continues to be rock solid entertainment. Watching Joanne's journey from reluctant shaman to a force to be reckoned with has been great. In this instalment we see Jo as we have hardly seen her before - actually confident in her abilities. That's not to say that things don't go sideways for her more times than one, but she steps up with less of the usual self doubt than in the past. She has really grown into...more
This is the sixth book in the Walker Papers series. I need to go back and start at the beginning, although the author did explain what was happening, if you have not read the other books. Joanne Walker is a Irish/Cherokee shaman. Something happened to her and she got a lot of power. She is also a homicide cop. She and her partner Billy, who sees ghosts, got called out on a domestic and Walker had to shoot the wife before she hit Billy in the head with a baseball bat with a nail in it. Then Walke...more
Very good story, fantastic descriptions, exposition, again, a primer on doing magic work and/or spirit work in the real world. Joanne is one of the more real UPF female charactars I've encountered in all my reading. She is truly fullly fleshed.

But the nerve! i guess it's Luna and the author's personal preference, and mine, but I like a lot more sex in my books, and this was all teasing. Actual physical activity occurs every other book. Sigh. So, at least there will be some in the next one! The...more
Murphy has a talent for capturing the imagination, and she definitely achieved and surpassed that in the sixth installment of the Walker Papers series. As with the rest of the series, I thoroughly enjoyed Spirit Dances and am anticipating the release of Raven Calls.

It is easy for an author to get caught up in the mundane details, which leave the book feeling as though there is not much going on while a lot is going on. Unlike some other books that I have read, this one actually moves along smoo...more
Elizabeth Caran
Joanne Walker is a cop. She also is a healer... a shaman. Her magical gifts should be an asset to her job, but now that she has come to accept them and begin to understand them, she still needs to master them to make them truly effective. And she has to remember to use them when a split-second decision can save her partner's life. Or, she can just rely on her gun.

After she saves her partner's life, she runs into a woman whose life she inadvertently saved while working on a much larger problem. I...more
It's been fifteen months since Joanne Walker saved her life by agreeing to be a shaman, and boy has she come a long way. With more confidence, more willingness to ask for help and listen to advice, she's got better control over her abilities. And now she's got to find a balance between her warrior and healer paths. When Joanne is presented tickets to a spirit dance show as a thank you from a woman she'd helped, she goes to Capt Morrison to see if it's okay to use them. He thinks she asked him ou...more
Fangs for the Fantasy
Spirit Dances (The Walker Papers #6) By C.E. Murphy Joanne is getting used to her Shaman powers and taking the lead more and more – though she still has plenty to learn and some surprising ambushes, especially on when her “warrior path” will or will not permit violence. Usually not.

Her plate is full this book – a domestic violence case that puts her in a very conflicted position, a Native American dance troop being preyed on metaphysically, her boss becoming a wolf and a series of dead and missi...more
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C.E. Murphy is a writer of fantasy novels and short stories. She also writes "action-adventure romance" novels under the pseudonym Cate Dermody, which was her grandmother's maiden name.
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“Rita folded her arms around herself and peered up at me. “If you’d asked me
three months ago I’d have said you were hitting the bottle too hard. But then I
got stabbed and should have died, but instead a bunch of cops and ambulance
people showed up because somebody who wasn’t even there sent them on ahead to save my life. If something like that happens to someone like me, you start to
have a little faith in something bigger. I don’t know if I believe in magic or miracles all the time. But I believe in you, Detective Walker. I believe in you.”
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