The Deadly Dance (Agatha Raisin, #15)
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The Deadly Dance (Agatha Raisin #15)

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  1,638 ratings  ·  103 reviews
Celebrating 20 Years of Agatha Raisin—Brand-New Bonus Story Included!

Bossy, impulsive, and unlucky in love, the all-too-human Agatha Raisin has proved to be a surprisingly effective---and endearing---amateur sleuth. But can Agatha make it as a private investigator? After getting mugged on vacation, in what she will always think of as the Paris Incident, she decides to find...more
ebook, 240 pages
Published April 1st 2007 by Minotaur Books (first published 2004)
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I was just rambling through the doings of Agatha and Carsely around about page 75, and enjoying them as always, when I suddenly realised that no murder had up to that point been committed - an attempted shooting okay, but no actual murder. Then page 78, 'And on that bed lay a man, face-down.' Of course it was the first murder!

Thereafter Agatha trots off to Paris, gets involved with the French gendarmerie, is flown back to England and then her investigations, as is often the case, rub the local c...more
In this Agatha Raisin mystery, Agatha finds herself busy running her detective agency and ends up hiring her new neighbor, (living in her former ex's cottage next door) as her secretary. She gets her first significant case when a Mrs. Laggat-Brown asks them to find out who threatened her daughter. When Agatha and Emma foil a shooting at the engagement party she feels that her agency is more than able to handle cases like this. While working the case, Emma develops a massive crush on Sir Charles...more
I was beginning to see a chink in the old Agatha armor and I do think that this book continues with this belief. She might still have tiny bearlike eyes, but they just might be softening a bit, thanks to the patience of the much-adored Mrs. Bloxby.

While on vacation in Paris, Agatha is mugged and when Paris authorities have no interest in pursuing her assault she concludes that she could do a better job herself and returns home to open her own detective agency.

James Lacey is still away and his co...more
An Odd1
When plots are remembered, the clues fall together fast. A forgotten title needs an important event to hang on and make a memory trigger. Agatha Raisin 50s, pushy fast city life PR whiz, has retired to Carsley village in picturesque England Cotswolds, vividly recreated by author who dwells there too. After solving some murders with her new friends, her black coffee-cigarette fueled breakfast energy and buzzing brain here compel her to start her own detective agency in nearby larger Mircester.

Four stars, to me, is almost like five stars....only the absolute best books on the planet get five stars out of me. with that quantifier out of the way, THE DEADLY DANCE was lots of fun. I realized in this installment of the Agatha Raisin series that I like Agatha. If I knew this character in "real life," she would most likely drive me crazy, but I bet I would see the good in her before too long and begin to count her among my friends. With this book, Agatha finaly opens her own detective agenc...more
Helene Harrison
ISBN? - 9781849011488

Genre? - Crime / Mystery / Murder

Characters? - Agatha Raisin / Charles Fraith / Roy Silver / Patrick Mulligan / Emma Comfrey / Felicity Felliet / Jeremy Laggat-Brown / Catherine Laggat-Brown / Mrs Bloxby / Bill Wong

Setting? - Carsely (England)

Series? - Agatha Raisin #15

Title? - I'm not entirely sure where this title comes from. It doesn't refer to an actual dance but rather feints which allow a killer to get away.

Character Analysis? - I hated Emma from the start. I thought s...more

Which number in the series was this? - I've lost count. It was totally hilarious and at times rather OTT and a bit bonkers - but I really enjoyed it and it may well be my favourite so far. Hilariously, although a few years must have elapsed since the quiche incident - Agatha is still in her early fifties - a bit of artistic license perhaps - well Agatha Christie did the same with Poirot. Agatha Raisin opens a detective agency - which of course starts to be quite successful early on, she has to h...more
Our Agatha is growing up. In this book, she has started her own detective agency and ends up co-investigating an attempted murder with the police. I say "co-investigating" because she is officially hired by the mother of the shooting target and Agatha works with the police in a responsible way, sharing critical information and trying to keep out of danger while also protecting her livelihood by trying to find the culprit first. The old Agatha was fun, but I appreciate the author's choice to have...more
Infuriated that her holiday was ruined by a mugging, Agatha Raisin decides to open up her own detective agency. The romance-minded sleuth is thrilled by visions of handsome fellow gumshoes and headline-making crimes--but soon finds the only cases she can get are a non-glamorous lot of lost cats and an errant teenager. But when a wealthy divorcée hires the agency to investigate a death threat against her daughter Cassandra, Agatha thwarts a vicious attack on the heiress bride. Now Agatha is in ho...more
There are 20 books in the Agatha Raisin mystery series by M. C. Beaton (Marion Chesney). With The Deadly Dance, I now have read five--not in order.

What can we say about Agatha? You may like her, you may dislike her--either way, she's a bit addictive as a character. You want to know more about her and her men. You want to zero in on those characteristics that make her so very unlikeable--the same characteristics that keep her loyal friends close to her despite constant rebuffs and slights. In Th...more

I just love Agatha's new detective agency setup! She certainly knows how to go all out on something! And all the new characters will be lovely! It was also good to see some old regulars, like Charles and Roy, back too.

I initially quite liked Emma and her subsequent behavior was certainly a surprise.

The Christmas dinner was typical Agatha and absolutely just perfect!! Charles and his assistance were just wonderful too. He really does seem to be there just w...more
I don't know what number in the series this one is, but Deadly Dance by M.C. Beaton, an Agatha Raisin novel, is right on with her other books. In this installment, Agatha is beginning to feel her age. She stopped once or twice to think about how someone else might be feeling, so perhaps a mild mellowing is happening as well.
Agatha decides to open her own detective agency. It's much harder than she thought it would be. She has to hire staff and work more than one case at a time. Her first really...more
This was a fun one with lots of action, lots of characters, and lots of changing plot twists. There were even two older women desperately looking at every man with stars in their eyes, rather than just Agatha Raisin to carry that standard. Very interesting!
Agatha opens a detective agency after years of giving the police more help than they wanted. Several twists, plenty of evildoers and some new characters as employees of her agency. Familiar characters reappear and this time we get a glimpse of Charles' home life. Agatha is a refreshing change from the almost syrupy sweet protagonists often found in cozies. She's blunt even tactless at times but her insecurities make her endearing. There are funny scenes. And friends with pieces of a puzzle that...more
This installment of the Agatha Raisin mystery series seemed as if it was written by another author. It wasn't as humorous as the previous books until the Epilogue. It was more serious with more violence as well. It was still enjoyable, just not so much so.
Kate Millin
Can the feisty Agatha cut it as a private investigator? She soon learns that running her own detective agency in the Cotswolds is not quite like starring in a Raymond Chandler movie. But then in walks a wealthy divorcée Catherine Laggat-Brown, and Agatha is given her first real case. Death threats, blackmail, and physical attack soon follow, and once again Agatha is off scouring the countryside for clues, and showing friends and enemies alike what Raisin Investigations can do.

The body count in A...more
Agatha Raisin falls into the cozy mystery category. She is a retired PR person from London who retired to the Cotswolds. She had no time for friends in her previous life but is slowly collecting them now. She solves mysteries by bumbling into the solution, usually risking her life doing it. She has great instincts. After bumbling around for a while she opened her own detective agency, which has a variety of interesting characters as employees, usually working on divorces or runaway animals. She'...more
Further Agatha Raisin escapade, She has established a detective agency and is hiring people to help. The curse of the house next door continues as the woman who is her new neighbor is crazy and ends up with murderous intentions for both Charles and for Agatha. Funny circumstances and droll humor.
Rachel Gilbey
Nice to see Agatha Raisin now running a detective agency, and a bigger selection of friendly characters that aren't direct suspects in a case. Makes it feel like a more well rounded book.
This is the 15th and best crafted of the Raisin mysteries. Agatha is still irritating, though, and it is beginning to wear thin. This is a real mystery with lots of clues for the readers. The men in her life are less amusing and more amused by Agatha, which is irritating, also. There are only 22 Agatha books, so I'm getting towards the end.

A word about Kindle books: the ones I have read so far (all older titles) are filled with typos. There are so many typos that I am compelled to count them. Wh...more
Laura Hess
Not sure I like the super detached tone and 3rd person POV. Don't think I would continue this series, but enjoyed the book well enough.
I like the Agatha Raisin series mainly as light reading because the middle aged and anxious Agatha is so much fun. But I was a little disappointed in this one because the plot was more contrived and forced than usual. The author just didn't seem to be putting the effort into building a believable mystery that she usually does and the last 20-30 pages seemed like slapstick filler to stretch a thin plot into a marketable book. Still, the writing style is clean and crisp as always from Beaton and s...more
I thought I reviewed this book before, but my review seems to have disappeared. That being said, Deadly Dance is a really good mystery that to my surprise has nothing to do with dancing. There are several things going on at one time, so it is very entertaining. No spoiler alerts from me . . . read it and be entertained. Big fan of M.C. Beaton.
I have to say that I almost gave up on this series about a year ago. I used to love Agatha's adventures but with every new instalment she seemed to lose more of her wackiness. The plots were getting weaker and I was finding it hard to enjoy the books.

Thankfully, the last two instalments I read proved really enjoyable. Granted, there isn't as much wackiness and/or eccentricity as there used to be but at least the plots are entertaining and the characters colourful.

I might not give up on the ser...more
Jenny L
Read them! All of them. All 23. They are simply fabulous! I love them and love Agatha Raisin. The stories are set in the English Cotswolds - which is where I'm from, so that makes them extra special, but I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you want to read about an opinionated, outspoken, headstrong single woman in her middle years with no money worries, but men worries and murder at every turn, then you too will love Agatha Raisin. Just make sure you buy more than one at a time, because y...more
I recently finished re-reading this and I thought it was an exciting read. I liked how the book didn't just follow Agatha around. I don't usually like to see things from the "bad guy's" point of view, but I loved how the author let us follow Emma around and her craziness. I really love how the author decided to have Agatha open up her own private detective agency. I feel like the stories really improved when new characters were introduced that also recur in subsequent books. The series needed ne...more
Finally Agatha has gone legit and opened her own detective agency! I was relieved to hear less pining over her ex James Lacey this time (who I always thought was an ass). Will Agatha ever stop depending on men to prove to herself her self worth? Probably not, but it does make for some juicy mayhem! (Considering she almost always falls for the bad guy!) Oh Aggie, next time just assume the handsome gentleman taking you out to dinner is the villain and call it a day!
The book was well written, and it was fun to read a modern British novel. Unfortunately, I found some parts of the plot feeling unnatural and contrived. I'm also not in love with the heroine - I'm not sure she has enough redeeming or endearing qualities to make up for her irritating traits to make me want to follow her stories again. Finally, although the mystery plodded along at a fine rate, I found there were few moments of page-burning drama.
Hamilton chose a fascinating way to tell"the old story" of infidelity--thru the eyes of a 17-year old boy, whose own sexuality was evolving. His obsession of spying on his mother and yet always protecting her (he thought) from having her infidelity revealed , created an interesting tension. The past was almsot a character in the play, as so much of it entered into the sstory, both throught he Civil War episodes, and through Shiran's "revelations."
Marília Bonelli
This book was a little different than the others I've read from the Agatha Raisin series. There's an evolution to Agatha, and her decisions didn't infuriate me as much, haha. Overall, the mystery was interesting and the detective agency and its additions were welcome, but I think this one really is my favorite so far because of the character growth. I'm hoping I'll see more of this Agatha along the rest of the series.
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Marion Chesney Gibbons
aka: Ann Fairfax, Jennie Tremaine, Helen Crampton, Marion Chesney, Charlotte Ward, Sarah Chester.

Marion Chesney was born on 1936 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, and started her first job as a bookseller in charge of the fiction department in John Smith & Sons Ltd. While bookselling, by chance, she got an offer from the Scottis...more
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