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Ghostland (Ghostland World #1)

3.59 of 5 stars 3.59  ·  rating details  ·  770 ratings  ·  92 reviews
A dazzling urban fantasy romance from a fresh new voice whose bestselling e-books have put readers "in a constant state of arousal."("Fallen Angel Reviews")
"Welcome to a postapocalyptic world, where the afterlife holds beings that only the bravest can summon-or dare to desire."
Taken from her home and family, shamaness Aisling McConaughey must enter the "ghostlands" to...more
ebook, 352 pages
Published April 1st 2009 by Berkley Books (first published March 7th 2009)
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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Interesting world-building and what looked like it might have turned out to be a decent plot. However, after the first 50 pages of every-other-page descriptions of "rigid cock" I just couldn't take any more descriptions of stiffening or tented trousers. It is obviously from the first that the male protagonist is going to screw the heroine rather than kill her as he keeps insisting he intends to. The descriptions of the post-apocalyptic Bay Area and shamanistic magical systems are better-written...more
Julie (jjmachshev)
Jory Strong makes her move to mainstream print with "Ghostland" published by Berkley Sensation. I'm a fan and reader of three of her erotica series published by Ellora's Cave so was pleased and interested to see how her voice would translate to more conventional print. "Ghostland" is set in a futuristic paranormal world where money and religion rule in an uneasy and unholy partnership and those with special abilities are marginalized and used by both.

Aisling made the only choice she could. She c...more
Shannon (Giraffe Days)
In a post-apocalyptic Earth torn asunder by religious wars and now divvied up between the Church and Vampires, Aisling lives a precarious life in more ways than one: not only is she an orphan living on a farm under human "protection" and destruction, but she's also a shamaness, able to walk the Ghostlands where the spirits reside.

It has long been a secret well kept by the woman who took her in and her surrogate family, but nothing can protect her when the Church shows up looking for her. The may...more
1.5 stars, and abandoned. It wasn't that the plot was bad, or the writing that horrible. I just got really tired of reading about Zurael's "rigid cock" busting through his pants page after page.

Maybe I'll write a more detailed review...later...
First thing, this is the best cover art I've seen on a genre book in quite a while.

That said I didn't know QUITE what I was getting into with this book. There is a LOT of graphic sex in here, more than I care to read quite frankly, lol. The world was pretty interesting, typical of the genre with a few interesting twists, but there was just too much weird-ass graphic description of "Le Getting-it-on". I started skipping over it when loins would start burning (but that's mild compared to what real...more
This was such a pleasant surprise for someone like myself whose been away from urban fanstay romance now for many years.

I really enjoyed the vast and sometimes very complex world of Ghostland from it’s supernaturals to it’s everyday humans. From the eyes of Aisling you could get a feeling of the differences between human classes, even those “gifted”

Aisling was at times very cold that it hard to understand her, but as you read you start to see her and what’s she’s had to live through in this...more
In all honesty I feel quite cheated with regards to this book. I picked it up from the new fantasy section of the store and took it home only to discover that the fantasy plot line is a distant second to the constant sex lack of plot line.

We don't even manage to get through the first chapter before we get our first 'engorged cock'. From there on out the book is full of stiffening, hardening and slickening and it's a miracle if one of the two characters manages to make it through one of the few...more
If you can manage to wade past all the boring and repetitive sex, it's not a bad story. I was really into the story right up until the sad little protagonist summoned our friend the djinn, who sported a total hard-on for our sweet little friend while at the same time threatening to kill her.


In all honesty, I feel like a lot of the more interesting plot points and story development got lost behind all the rampant fucking, what with burning loins and clenching channels and swollen cunt li...more
Ghostland has a very eye catching cover that gives the reader a good sense about the story inside. Jory Strong has written a post-Apocalyptic tale that deals with fears. These fears are everything from loss, death and isolation. There is a great deal of isolation in Ghostland seen through the eyes of the heroine Aisling McConaughey. Aisling is very special. She is an orphan shamaness who lives on a farm in the outskirts of the city of Oakland, California. Aisling has the ability to walk in the s...more
K. Bird
I really enjoyed reading this book.

Post-apocalyptic California where after a cataclysmic war/disaster, supernaturals have come out and rule the night. In the day time, the rich congregate in cities and the poor work like serfs in the outlying country. The church plays political games while condemning supernaturals.

One of those serfs, Aisling, a shamaness (one who can talk to ghosts and enter the ghostland; a kind of metaphysical place of death) is taken from her farm by the church and caught up...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ghostland is book you will most certainly enjoy if you're a fantasy lover. I myself don't read fantasy as much I would want to and this one makes me pick 'em up more.

First, let me say that right now, when I think about it, I have NO idea why I picked this book up. Yes, there are many different things I was attracted to, but I'm always careful and very picky with what I read. And let me tell you, at different point through reading this I wanted to give it a 1 star and then a 5 star, and then 3 st...more
If you want erotica with a badass storyline and well written plot, you could do better than E.L. James's Fifty Shades Trilogy. James has nothing on Jory Strong.
I've found my Tumblr entry when I was in the process of reading it back in 2010.

I discovered this book through an officemate who sat beside my station looking for a new e-book to read during office hours. She was finishing this book and I was quite intrigued. I’ve started reading it today and got so absorbed that I direly wished I sent a...more
I'd actually probably give this 3.75 instead of 4 but it's more than a 3 so there you go.

I really like the story. It was complex and told well. There was a lot if mystery and intrigue and I liked the concept of the ghostlands - very unusual.

What I didn't like was the constant sexual escapades. I don't mind if it blends with the story, but this was constantly to where I just wanted to yell at them "Focus people, focus"! I found myself annoyed because it kept taking me away from the main story. H...more
Actually, this book wasn't bad at all. The sex was a little overpowering at first, and the word cock was used way too much, but the story was interesting enough to keep me going. It is probably the beginning of a series, from the tone of the ending of the book, and I may look up the next one just to see what happens. A fun read, with lots of steamy parts.
♥ Unaeve ♥ Olga
Good story i just sometimes had the feeling like two ppl was writing this that i liked and the other that i didn't.
The idea dough is nice and fresh,it kept me interesting and although i skipped a lot of parts the overall feeling is positive and i am looking forward to read more from this author.
Barbara ★
Aisling is taken from her home by a priest with ulterior motives who demands that she enter into the ghostlands (spirit realm) to find out if someone is dead or alive. In the ghostlands, you must give something for everything you get. On this encounter, her familiar (a ferret) gives her the name of a djinn to help. The djinn, Zurael is in turn given a task on Earth which coincides with Aisling's duty to the priest. She is then basically ordered to stay local and be at their beck and call. Everyo...more
I picked this book up from the romance section expecting it to be one of the prevalent paranormal romances that are out there these days...and it was, but I also got a whole lot more sexing that I bargained for. I would call this book, Paranormal Erotica because the two main characters got it on often, and the writer provided lots of details. Not that I was complaining.But despite that portion of the book....everything else was great. This book was set in a world where fantastical creatures: de...more
Mιss •kαthєяίиє•  Τhε Emεrαℓd Pяίиcεss®
I always like a book to have paranormal beings and lots of action. This book had plenty but I can't say I liked it. It reminded me of the Hunger Ganes in the beginning, where everyone had to find food for himself, people were too poor and there was an authority that had everyone fearing for their lives.

As an action book, it was very nice. There were plenty of riddles to lead the heroine to the prime suspect.
The story takes place in a post-Apocalypse America where vampires, witches and other par...more
Different. Very Different. The post-apocalypse world is haunted [sometimes literally:] by supernatural forces and laced with corruption. In some areas the supernaturals hold the power and humans manage poorly, in others the humans hold the power and anything supernatural is repressed if not destroyed. Bigotry is rife. It has that dark, brooding 'storm's coming' feel. The geographic setting is interesting [because I'm familiar with it:] starting in Stockton and moving to Oakland with trips to San...more
Romance Novel TV
Reviewed by Marisa O’Neill
Publisher: Penguin
3.5 Stars

After reading Ghostland I had to take a breath. A compelling and well written paranormal romance, Ghostland is a unique and fascinating tale of a post-apocalyptic world filled with other worldly creatures and danger in the here and now.

Jory Strong delivers a strong and powerful book about a world in the aftermath of death and destruction; a world where only the rich, powerful and connected have a chance at a life worth living. It is a bleak wo...more
Shamaness Aisling McConaughey is taken from the safety of the only home she has known, to help find the mistress of a wealthy man. She knows her life will never be the same after she leaves the safety of the farm for Ghostland.
She is able to use her power and spirits to find the woman, Elena. When she finds her, she is about to be sacrificed by dark priests. Her pet ferret/Spirit guardian, Aziel is able to communicate with her while in the spirit world and he gives her a name to call. The help c...more
Laura Young
Ghostland is a paranormal romance book and the first book in the Ghostland World series.
Ghostland is about Aisling McConaughey a shamaness and Zurael who is a Djinn. After Aisling summons Zurael as a last minute things she sets her future when he makes a very promising threat, "Savor these few moments when you hold me enslaved, child of mud. They will cost you your life," he said before disappearing as suddenly as he arrived." She gets stuck in the middle of the Djinns business, and not even get...more
Wicked Walker
Thanks to another review on Ghostland, I knew to expect this to be a book with adult situations and not YA like I originally thought. With that thought in mind, I dove into the world of shamaness, demons and angels. Jory Strong wove a complex world of demons, magic and other worlds, but not so much that you got lost, but enough to keep you interested wondering what would happen next.

In the world that Aisling lived in, for every time she went into the Ghostland, she was required to pay that favor...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This book quickly sucked me in with the world that the story is set in. The time changing event is the Last War, where the world started out as we know, but turned into the world of the book. When humans started to kill each other in mass the supernatural creatures came out of hiding to emerge a strong species in their own right, creating a whole different set of rules for this new world.

Aisling is a shamaness who travels to the ghostworld to talk to the spirits. She is brought to the big city t...more
After reading Ghostland I had to take a breath. A compelling and well written paranormal romance, Ghostland is a unique and fascinating tale of a post-apocalyptic world filled with other worldly creatures and danger in the here and now.

Jory Strong delivers a strong and powerful book about a world in the aftermath of death and destruction; a world where only the rich, powerful and connected have a chance at a life worth living. It is a bleak world, stark and filled with treachery and deceit. The...more
Elizabeth Botkin

Yet another find in the Sci Fi/Fantasy section of my local library, I randomly pulled this off the shelf intrigued by the title, the synopsis on the back cover, and the lovely artwork on the front. I'm just as swayed by pretty pictures as the next person.

Ms. Strong brilliantly creates a post-apocalyptic world where demons, vampires, the gifted, humans, and remnants of modern luxuries (such as running water) co-exist somewhat unwillingly. The main plot is dextrously woven with plenty of intrigue...more
Peejay Who Once Was Minsma
Jory Strong has put a great deal of time and thought into the worldbuilding of Ghostland. It shows on each and every page: a post-apocalyptic Oakland ruled by corrupt Churchmen, guardsmen, and the privileged rich. Magic workers are tolerated, but they're ghettoized into the "red zone" part of the city and often used on the sly by the power elite. She does a good job of showing us this familiar but unfamiliar world.

Aisling, a young shamaness orphan who grew up on a farm in San Joaquin, has been u...more
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Jory has been writing since childhood and has never outgrown being a daydreamer. When she's not hunched over her computer, lost in the muse and conjuring up new heroes and heroines, she can usually be found reading, riding her horses, or hiking with her dogs.
More about Jory Strong...
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