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The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower, #2)
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The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower #2)

4.2 of 5 stars 4.20  ·  rating details  ·  104,765 ratings  ·  2,948 reviews
After his confrontation with the man in black at the end of The Gunslinger, Roland awakes to find three doors on the beach of Mid-World's Western Sea-each leading to New York City but at three different moments in time. Through these doors, Roland must draw three figures crucial to his quest for the Dark Tower. In 1987, he finds Eddie Dean, The Prisoner, a heroin addict. I ...more
ebook, 480 pages
Published August 5th 2003 by Signet Book (first published 1987)
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Kat Stark

Buddyread with the vivacious Karly (Click to read her review)

First Book: Gunslinger ★★

Third Book: The Waste Lands ★★★

We're off on a grand adventure, an adventure to the tower
We hear it's the shit from a shit, if ever a shit there was
If ever, oh ever a shit there was, The Dark Tower is one because
Because, because, because, because, because
Because we do what Roland does
We're off on a grand adventure, an adventure to the tower

I figure that I've been pretty creative with King's novels that I read th
Dan Schwent
Roland Deschain, fresh from the events of the Gunslinger, lies exhausted and poisoned on the shores of the ocean. In his delirium, he finds three doorways leading to our world and his new ka-tet. Will Roland survive long enough to bring his new ka-tet?

This is when the Dark Tower really started coming together. The first thing that happens really shocked the crap out of me. Damn lobstrosities! I had no idea what Roland was going to go through when I first opened this one.

The new characters are in
Mid-World General Emergency Room - 9:19 PM

“Step in here, please. What’s your name?”

“Roland Deschain.”

“And do you have any allergies, Mr. Deschain?”


“And when…..wait a second. Roland Deschain? The last gunslinger? The guy who is on a quest to find the Dark Tower?”

“That’s me.”

“Wow. This is an honor. I mean, I see a lot of scum and mutants come through here. Especially since the world has moved on and all that, but to get Roland the gunslinger in here as a patient? That’s just crazy! I can’t wa
Will M.
Roland continues with his quest for The Dark Tower. While he was alone at first, he decides to have some company. He decides to have a drawing of the three. Three more people to be involved in his obsessive quest for the tower. Will he compromise the lives of the chosen ones, or will he make them better? The amazing quest continues in this second installment of the series.

Once again King introduced amazing characters. Right from the start I knew I was going to like Eddie Dean. He was this drug d
"...There's going to be shooting."
"There is?"
"Yes." The gunslinger looked serenely at Eddie. "Quite a lot of it, I think."

And so begins the coolest, most intense gun fight I've ever read.

Ever since I put down The Stand 300 pages in, I thought I'd never read another Stephen King novel. You could say I was even proud of the fact. Everyone seems to love King and I'm the only one who doesn't. I'm unique... I also don't like Katy Perry.

Well, then he had to go and write The Dark Tower series. The pre
May 28, 2013 Amanda rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Amanda by: Everyone at Shelf Inflicted!
Shelves: blog
"What the hell was that?!!?" basically sums up my response to The Drawing of the Three. And I mean that in the best possible way.

As I opined in my review of The Gunslinger, I have avoided The Dark Tower for so long because it's a series and usually series books serve up a formulaic reheating of what happened in previous books. I usually enjoy the first book, like the second book, and begin to get that deja vu feeling that I've read all of this before somewhere around book three. Not so with thi
David Sven
Roland Deschain – Of the line of Eld – all the way back to Arthur Eld
“Merlin and Arthur and the knights of the Round Table,” Jake said dreamily.
The gunslinger felt a nasty jolt go through him. “Yes,” he said. “Arthur Eld, you say true, I say thank ya.

Roland continues his quest for The Dark Tower where he intends to do
...whatever it is I’m supposed to do there, accomplished whatever fundamental act of restoration or redemption for which I was meant,...

We learned from the
The epic journey, the pilgrim continues his journey In searcheth of The Dark Tower. The Gunslinger Roland enters new dimensions, new doors three to be exact in search of The Three individuals which he his fated to be with.
The story is mix of many settings starting in The western seafront with The Gunslinger and dangerous Lobstrosities and then to 1980's a heroin addict and mobsters in P.O.V mode for The first of The Three 'The Prisoner'.
Roland The Gunslinger also pays a visit to the other 2 cand
Gunslinger was a strange little book, a surreal tale of some kind of dystopia with a protagonist straight out of a classic noir. It was interesting and entertaining and didn't really inspire me to finish a series that might just keep getting longer whilst I work my way through it. Turns out Stephen King got the Dark Tower bug back and after finishing the series he wrote another instalment. Ordinarily I'd be against such behaviour but after ploughing through this second episode in record time who ...more
Beregond 3019
Moving on in the Dark Tower series, we come to the quintessential suspense fantasy of Stephen King's legacy. You've made it- trudged through three hundred drawn-out, dense pages of Roland's quest and its beginnings. You may not be expecting what you're about to get from this read. Take my advice: wait until you don't have work in the morning, find a quiet small room with no distractions, dive in, and prepare to be amazed. My only problem with The Drawing of the Three was its length; it might hav ...more
The Drawing of the Three is the second book of Stephen King’s magnum opus The Dark Tower. So far it hasn’t been bad, but I have to admit that I’m not fully a believer yet. It’s a good story, taking up where we left off in The Gunslinger with Roland on the beach after having confronted the Man in Black and pondering his next move. After being attacked and wounded by a lobstrosity (wtf?! couldn’t King come up with something better? I mean it kind of makes Roland look like a dweeb that he was overc ...more
Karly *The Vampire Ninja*
Buddyread with the wondrous Kat coming mid-September :)

Hunker down, me maties, an give us a listen
'cause I have a swashbuckling tale to spin
It's starts out with a gunslinger named Roland
Mutant lobsters and fingers goin' missin'

A Prisoner, a Lady and a Pusher there be
That is the story of The Drawing of the Three
Can it be, is it a tale you have not read?
Sit, sit, maties, listen to what is said...

Fore there be adventure, with a touch of mutiny
Sea creatures, Opiate Dealers and Mind Maladies.
Jonathan Cullen
Jan 31, 2011 Jonathan Cullen rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: those with shellfish allergies
The Drawing of the Three deserves my five stars not simply for being a kick-ass book but for a more important reason: it rescued and defined the entire Dark Tower series.

If you read, or read between the lines of most reviews of The Gunslinger, you'll find that many people enjoyed it but were not blown away. The style is inaccessible, there are no answers to questions and you don't really understand what's going on. Then read what people say when they hit Drawing. They are catapulted into the ser
I am going to give The Drawing of the Three 4.5 stars.

Whew! What a wild ride! The beginning for me, when Roland meets Eddie, was a little boring. But, wow, does it surely pick up! The whole idea Roland could inhabit someone else by opening a door is a really interesting concept. There were some questions I had as I read TDOTT: What determined who Roland would open a door to? Does the person have to be good, bad, a saint, or evil? In the end, those questions were kind of answered, but not withou
Time for the real review!

This book blew me away! There was no slow parts and tons of unexpected things going on! The part where Roland was in the third door and Detta and Eddie were together was amazing! the shoot out in Eddies door was awesome and the whole thing was just awesome! I can't wait to read The Waste Lands!

1.the Drawing of the Three
2. The Gunslinger

Currently my favorite book in the Dark Tower series!

A really good second novel in the series where things seem to hit their stride and the promise of the first book becomes even more evident here. For me to only rate it 4 stars was really hard as it’s as high as a 4 star book will ever be from me. There were just a couple of things that prevented me from giving it that highest of high ratings.

The story is split into three after a crazy opening where straight off the bat things go downhill for Roland and his quest is put in jeopardy. The lo
I really liked The Gunslinger, but this, the second Dark Tower book, turns it all up a notch or twenty. Sometimes surreal, vividly imagined, tightly plotted, with memorable characters and some really great lines and more great lines than I could possibly quote. Considering that I've already started listening to The Waste Lands, you could safely say that this is the point where I got hooked on The Dark Tower. But I will say that I'd had enough of Detta Walker fairly quickly, though I wouldn't dou ...more
What a strange trip! I already don't eat seafood but after reading this book, I'm not sure I can ever look at lobsters the same again! The first few pages of this book were very weird and I was not sure how I would take it but, as soon as Roland saw the first "door" and (view spoiler) I was HOOKED!! I was incredibly fascinated by such a unique idea and found I couldn't wait to find out what happened next!! Eddie was such an intriguing cha ...more
This is a re-read for me a couple times over. This time I listened to the audio version read by Frank Muller, which I enjoyed immensely. I didn't care for Muller's reading much in The Gunslinger, but this time around, he has really grown on me. Perhaps it was due to the fact that there are so many more characters that actually stick around for a while, it took a lot of the focus off of the Gunslinger-voice that I felt was a bit much in The Gunslinger, and let a more natural feel come through.

Greg Strandberg
The first time I read this book was around 2012, sometime in there. I liked it and continued on with the series, but I always felt this was one of the weaker volumes. Why?

I think the main reason is the Detta/Odetta dichotomy. These two characters are kind of weird, and the language is horrendous, almost comical at times, which is noted. What I failed to realize, and what made me think less of this book, was that this doesn't take up that much.

There's a lot of great stuff with Eddy Dean here, an
The Drawing of the Three is the novel where the Dark Tower story goes from being a cool gunslinger action adventure of the weird west to being a true epic. We still have elements of that otherworldly western flavor, but we get a huge mixture of reality when Roland, the gunslinger anti-hero of the first book, opens a door into “our” world.

The three doors Roland must open each connect to our world, but at different “whens”, different eras. From each of these entry points, there are things that Rol
Executive Summary: In the second of the Dark Tower epic, Mr. King ratchets up the action, the conflict and most certainly the weird.

If anyone reads The Gunslinger and wonders “why do people like this series?” I advise them to continue on to this one, and find out. If after this book they still don’t get it, then this series is not for them.

Audiobook: I listened to the revised edition of The Gunslinger, which is read by George Guidall, who took over starting with Wolves of the Calla. With this b
Well, I liked the first one clearly better. He has some nice ideas and especially daring one right at the start. But there also some ideas that just don't add up for me. The new characters aren't bad, but act strangely sometimes and sometimes get annoying. I have to say that I am not a fan of the concept to pull charcters from the real world into his fantasy realm. But we will see how it pans out.
Another main complain is the length. Yes, you can read quickly through it, but I ahve to say that I
The Drawing of the Three starts a few hours after the ending of The Gunslinger. Roland is still on his quest for the dark Tower.

In the course of this story, Roland gets two companions. He visits their world on three different occasions and times using three doors he finds standing on their own miles from each other. That would be the sum of it, but this being a Stephen King's work, you know you can expect a lot more.
While I hated Detta with a passion and found Eddie's naiveté annoying at times,
James 'Eagle'
Incredibly involving, very-well written, still confusing as hell but a much more rounded and, overall, better story than 'The Gunslinger'. I adore the atmosphere of these novels and the setting and characters are all so weird it seems to give the story an almost Samuel Beckett Absurdist feel. This is certainly one of the most unique and imaginative stories I've come across. I will be writing a full review for Fantasy Faction that will be published here afterwards.
Edward (The Book Pusher) Lorn
THE DRAWING OF THE THREE Review The second book in Roland's quest for the Dark Tower is my second favorite in the series. That being said, it's far from perfect. I'm going to start this review of my third read-through of this novel with the things that either broke my suspension of disbelief or made me cringe.

First and foremost: Like many readers, I cannot stand Insta-Love. Eddie and Odetta's immediate coupling always throws me, no matter how many times I read this book. This relationship strike
Fantasy and science fiction authors of course have a limited canvass on which to paint on. If the author establishes that this is a far away world, or some distant future time, then only the imagination will limit the wonder of the places and worlds visited. There are no problems of geography or historical inaccuracy or deviation from real life. This is a new ‘real’ world and the author can do anything he or she likes with it. That’s why I’m always slightly disappointed when fantasy and science ...more
Mike (the Paladin)
The second book in the Dark Tower series we continue to follow Roland in his "quest". Picking up where The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, #1) by Stephen King left off we find Roland Deschain moving down a beach on "some world". Along this beach he will come to 3 Doors which will open into New York City at different Times and places and from there Roland will...Draw his 3.

If you've read my review of the first book you know that I'm a bit torn as I can't say I "enjoy" these books. The worlds are too full of a kind of "crudity" (a word I've settled o
Jason P
"We're not going to have any trouble, are we?" the spook asked in his dead voice.
"No, sir," Fat Johnny said at once, "not a bit."
"Stand right there. If your ass loses contact with that wall, you are going to lose contact with life as you have always known it. You understand?"
"Yes sir," Fat Johnny said, "I sure do."
The above quote is the prime example of what I utterly LOVED about book two of The Dark Tower series! What attitude! What hardcore badassism! (I know that's not a word, but wh
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Stephen Edwin King was born the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. After his father left them when Stephen was two, he and his older brother, David, were raised by his mother. Parts of his childhood were spent in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where his father's family was at the time, and in Stratford, Connecticut. When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, M ...more
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