Muhammad: A Story of the Last Prophet
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Muhammad: A Story of the Last Prophet

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In this riveting novel, beloved international bestselling author Deepak Chopra captures the spellbinding life story of the great and often misunderstood Prophet.

Islam was born in a cradle of tribal turmoil, and the arrival of one God who vanquished hundreds of ancient Arabian gods changed the world forever. God reached down into the life of Muhammad, a settled husband and...more
ebook, 288 pages
Published September 8th 2010 by HarperCollins e-books (first published September 1st 2010)
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PJ Swanwick
Novel about Islam's founder proves surprisingly accessible and entertaining

4.5 stars: I had braced myself to slog through Deepak Chopra's biographical novel "Muhammad: A Story of the Last Prophet." Instead, I was delightfully surprised by the compelling story of Muhammad's journey from affluent trader to reluctant prophet, and the engagingly lyrical music of the suras (verses) he channeled from Allah.

Story: Although ostensibly a novel, Chopra bookends his story about the Muslim prophet with an a...more
As a Muslim, I have read a number of books on the life of Muhammad, but this book stands out as a category of its own.

Firstly the book does not claim to be a work of history, rather it is a work of fiction. The narrative is in the first person, with each of the characters telling their personal story.

The author would have had to have done thorough research before attempting a work of such creativity, while at the same time not contradicting known historical data.
Muhammad - A Story of the Last Prophet was released in the US during a time of re-heightened tensions against Islam. Americans were protesting the building of an Islamic Centre in New York several blocks away from ground zero as it rekindled memories of the horrific attacks in 2011. The decision to launch the book at such a time could have been an opportune one by the publisher, harnessing the mass curiosity that people had with the most influential man ever in the history of mankind.

The novel t...more
I gave this book one star not because the way it was written but about the content. As a muslim I felt that the writer was very disrespectful & had many hidden negative messages in the words spoken by his characters in the book, whether they were muslims or non-muslim.

I believe that you cannot judge past events and generations on today's standards. & yet they do. Picturing all Arabs as barbaric! Even nowadays condemning other cultures & traditions based on our own!

There are many fact...more
Well, it was interesting. The first third was interesting, about Muhammad growing up an orphan and snippets of his life and personality viewed through third parties. The second third was also interesting, with Muhammad being exposed to the intrigues of his time and eventually seeing the angel of prophecy. The third part was rather daunting, having to read about Muhammad's struggles with hostility and persecution and fighting his way. The last story about putting a group of Jews to death and redu...more
This is a quick read, and it was interesting to imagine how people would have reacted to Muhammad in the early days of his revelation, as well as how challenging the situation was for him. Each chapter is written from the perspective of a different character, which gives a nice sense of how different factions reacted as well as people closer to him. The afterword bothered me, as Chopra presents a very orthodox picture of islam as Islam itself. He goes on to talk about Sufism in very positive ter...more
I find this one a bit difficult to rate. It was well written, and despite the few little inaccuracies here and there, it stayed fairly faithful to the facts we know about the life of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH. On the other hand, as a Muslim myself, this kind of a book that sort of fictionalizes ( i.e. puts words and gives feelings to the people, whom we respect greatly, that they might have NOT felt or said, hence possibly altering our views on them) the stories I believe in as facts makes me a...more
Solady Batterjee
As Muslims we take somethings for granted.. For a human to receive the responsibility of spreading a new religion !! This is for sure out of the ordenrly .. Reading the story with a different eye gave me the ability to imagine how fearious it must have been.. Bering touched by an angle!!
Muslims,, listen to me, it's about time we don't take our Islam for granted, it's time to think more deeply about it and sense it's power and bueaty in our life..
Akram Jamal-AlLail
exceptional book. Made me know Muhammed, Fatimah, Ali, Waraqah, ABdullah and Amina Muhammad's parents in different way, yet a great one.
The first half of the book was better than the latter half. I found Mohammad's background, his early life interesting. I also understand the author's motivation in writing the book - exploring how an apparently common man had the revelation of God. I liked the format of the book - the way the story was narrated through the eyes of the different people in Mohammad's life - his wetnurse, hs wife, his daughter, a beggar, a cousin and so on. I liked the book upto the point when God reveals himself t...more
Alan Jacobs
OK as historical fiction, not so good as fiction. I use historical fiction to fill myself in on areas where I'm weak without having to delve though dense, fact-filled tomes. This book did the trick for me on the life of Muhammad. It presented views of Muhammad and his forebears through the voices of various persons in Mecca and Medina who had personal contact with them. I assume that the major events depicted were actual events that are believed to have happened in the life of Muhammad. Novelist...more
Deepak Chopra tells the life story of the prophet Mohammed and how Islam came to be created. Each chapter is the memory of someone who had close contact to the man--a wife or daughter or friend, even his lifelong enemy. One of them, Ali, the first convert, says, "Let me tell you how the Prophet opened the door of my soul, so that he may open yours." Mohammed was just an ordinary man who received a command from the Angel Gabriel to 'recite' even though that was the last thing he was used to doing...more
Khaleel Datay
I've read a number of biographies on the Arabian Prophet and found this book an interesting departure from the usual presentation. Deepak Chopra's novel is uniquely told through the eyes of friends, family members, and even enemies. This style brought an immediacy and vibrancy to the life of the Prophet, not to be found elsewhere. The author keeps the language simple and easy to understand, and it is this style that contributes to bringing the life of seventh century Arabia alive on the pages. W...more
This is one of those books that jumped off the library shelf, right into my path. I am glad I read it because I learned so much - about the incredible rise of Islam and its appeal, and about the life of Muhammad. I know about the life of Christ and Buddha, but next to nothing about Muhammad. This is a novel, but the author did his research as far as dates, genealogy, and the chronology of events. It was very readable; each chapter using a different voice from Muhammad's life. It was kind of like...more
I'm less than versed in the history of Islam (although not so bad as the guy at Barnes and Noble who asked when it was founded and I said around 600. He thought I meant BC. And when I corrected him he said, "No, it was before Christ." No. No it wasn't.) so it's an interesting experience to read an account of its founder becoming its founder. I like the approach he took of creating the story out of different accounts from different people around Muhammad. I don't know that it would be a worthy i...more
This is my second novel on Muhammad and I frankly find his story fascinating. What made this book special was the spirituality that was woven into the story complete with verse from the Koran and references to Christianity and Judaism. I remain perplexed by the images of such a gentle yet violent prophet; so unlike images we have of Jesus or Buddha. It is no wonder that we have such a diversity among Muslims. I read Chopra's novel on Jesus and plan on reading the one on Buddha. I also plan on fu...more
I’m very interested in learning about the story behind each religion, and how it developed. Obviously, I didn't get the chance to study every religion; however, many of my readings and academic studies revolved around Abrahamic religions. This being said, this book lacks historical accuracy. After reading “Quran” (Muslims holy book) and many historical books about Islam, I noticed that a great deal of information provided is wrong or twisted.

Now I’m interested to read his book about Jesus and c...more
It was a great read. I am on a personal journey to learn as much as I can about religions across the world, and this I found was very enlightening. Chopra does an amazing job of weaving a tale of the up and downs of the life of Muhammad, and expressing the positives and negatives of this influential historical character. A must read for any one who has questions on Islam and their Prophet.
I read this with my book club. I don't think I would have ever read it on my own, but I'm glad that I did. I know so little about Muhammad and Islam in general so it was good to learn the story of their prophet. However, the author is not Muslim and I think I would like to hear a Muslim's perspective on Muhammad.
A nice narrative of the Muhammad... an pleasant primer on the life of someone I would like to know much more about.
Interesting, wish I knew historically how much was close to the truth.
What do I think ? Its better not to say it :)
Sanjida Kamal
This is an important book to read for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Religion in general is a touchy subject and no matter how an author discusses it, criticism is bound to appear. I didn't know much about Muhammad and the beginnings of Islam before but I think this book provided a good introduction to how Islam came about, not so much what Islam teaches. Having the story told from different perspectives in a fictionalized manner made the story easier to comprehend. The feelings of the individua...more
Omar Ali
Listening to the audio book (probably more fun than the printed version). I expected Deepak to be sympathetic, new-agish, stereotypical about Jahilya and its horridness, and mostly Allama Iqbalish in his view of the prophet; and until now (just reached the revelation part) he is following the script, but he has also read a lot of the traditions and done more research than I expected...worth a look.
My biggest beef to date: why does Amina offer "tea and cakes" to Halima? Even coffee was probably...more
John Wright
An interesting tale. Told from the perspective of what might be considered disciples. I picked this up as I realized I had no knowledge of the prophet and wanted to have at least a framework for contemplation and discussion. Chopra has earned my trust over the years as a writer who approaches any subject with equanimity. At about the half-way point I am not disappointed.

If you have read any of the gnostic gospels (which in part present the human side of Jesus) one might notice a distinct similar...more
Virginia Boylan
I was hoping for some insight into Muhammad's life. Instead I got a blending of myths and legends about the Prophet. The book opens telling us Islam is synonymous with peace, drags through his childhood and early adulthood, and ends by showing war and hatred waged by Muhammad and his followers. I feel less impressed by Islam's Prophet after this book than I was before.
I started listening to the audiobook “Mohamad” to get a sense of who this leader of the Islamic faith was and how Islam came to be. Eventually, this story did shed light on these issues. Unfortunately, the deep monotone voice of Depak Chopra, the audiobook narrator, was at times difficult to hear and disconcerting when the exact same voice was used for Mohamad, a lowly beggar, a prostitute and a child. This was one of the more painful audiobooks that I have listened to because of these technical...more
Wow this book was a great inspiration. After reading it, I don't think I will ever go back to

thinking, feeling and living the same way I had before I read it. I highly recommend this to all

Muslims, and to everyone else. It gives you a great view into the many lives of the people that were

part of the big Islamic Movement in the time of The Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He is one of the 100

people that have changed the world, and this book so beautifully written by Deepak Chopra has changed

my world...more
A really lovely concept, writing a biographical novel on Muhammad through the eyes of his companions...but, in my opinion, the project would have been more fruitful in the hands of someone with the scholarly background of Hamza Yusuf and the literary flair of Gai Eaton. Nevertheless, I appreciate the effort. Dalia Mogahed has a thorough review on Huff Post, which is what inspired me to pick this one up.
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Deepak Chopra, MD serves as the Founder and Chairman of The Chopra Foundation, and Co-Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

As a global leader and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, Chopra transforms the way the world views physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness. Known as a prolific author of eighty books books with twenty-two New York Times best sellers in both...more
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