Vortex (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, #6)
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Vortex (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #6)

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In a stunning turn of events, Luke Skywalker and his son, Ben, joined forces with members of the Sith armada sent to kill them—and turned their combined might against the monstrous being Abeloth. But with Abeloth gone, the Sith reverted to form, making a treacherous attempt on Luke’s life.

Luke and Ben have no time for retaliation. A new and even more insidious threat is ri...more
Kindle Edition, 401 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2010)
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Chad Bearden
It seems that throughout the "Fate of the Jedi" series, Troy Denning will have the enviable task of following Christie Golden's mediocre entries. In comparison to her off-base characterizations, wheel-spinningly irrelevant plots, and adolescent writing style, Denning can't help come off looking pretty decent. But even on his own merits, he manages to bring a few things to the table that have helped his two "Fate" novels stand out as the best of the bunch.

His action scenes in "Vortex", for instan...more
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Scott Johnson
Perhaps the best so far in the FotJ series, Denning proves once again why he is the true master of the SW:EU. Far from the black and white, good vs evil structure of many story lines of the past, I continue to be impressed by the maturity this series is displaying. The political complexity and primary focus on something other than action and fighting make me once again outspokenly proud to be a fan of the EU.

With enough of that action kept intact because, of course, this IS Star Wars, but suffi...more
Mike Smith
In my review for the preceding book in the nine-book Fate of the Jedi series (see my review for Allies), I wrote that the climax was underwhelming. Now we know why. In Allies, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and his Sith companions rather easily dispatched Abeloth, an ancient, evil Force-using entity. It turns out they were tricked and Abeloth survived, albeit in a wounded state. In this, the sixth book of the series, Luke, his son Ben, the young Sith Vestara, and the other Sith track the wounded Abe...more
This is one of the better books in the Fate of the Jedi series. The need for cooperation between the Jedi & Sith, the choice Saba had to make and the fall of Daala towards the dark side all make it rather more thought-provoking then prior books.
Excellent book! After the past two that were kind of so-so, this one really got things going and did an excellent job in building tension for the final few installments!
I was really torn between giving this book a solid 3 stars or a low 4 stars rating. Troy Denning writes books for the Star Wars Expanded Universe that are a ton of fun, even if it isn't anything I haven't seen before. Compared to his brilliant work in the previous series, Legacy of the Force, this is only an average read, but I can't really single out any flaws in «Vortex».

As of the story itself, the many threads finally converge into a big, sweeping arc, the narratives in different parts of the...more
Darren Vincent
Good, not great.

I love the concept of this series, with Luke and Ben are in exile and Daala out against the Jedi. That being said, there is still room for improvement in my opinion.

First off, I realize that Luke is an extremely powerful individual at this point and if you have someone that powerful, it is hard to come up with worthwhile opponents. But can we do something else other than targeting Luke's knees in book after book as a means of leveling the playing field? Maybe temporary paralysis...more
Adam Bourke
I had no idea where this book was going to start. The last book, Allies, pretty much finished off every storyline except for the Trial of Tahiri Veila. With four more books to go, I began this one a little apprehensively. But that problem is quickly resolved. We found out pretty much straight away that Abeloth has a little trick up her sleeve that means that she could indeed be the main antagonist for the rest of the series, and we also see that the conflict between the Jedi and Admiral Daala is...more
If only Troy Denning weren't so good at writing. I'm still mad at him for killing off Anakin Solo way back when.
Anyway, sometimes I forget Star Wars books can be hilarious. Sometimes I forget Star Wars books can be full of suspense and mystery as well as with action. Then I read a SW book like Vortex and remember. It had a fair amount of character development, too, in the midst of everything else it accomplished. New worlds and setting, new enemies, more deluded people who think they're doing ri...more
"""The Jedi have heard the cries of the oppressed... And they have answered.""

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex, long overdo, having to wait about 6 months since the last installment. All the action packed suspense and conflict prior to Vortex seems to have peaked and resolved off book.

Way too much is going on in Vortex. A slave revolt, the Jedi/Galactic conflict, the assassination attempt of Bwautu, the Trial of Tahiri Veila, the Sith/Skywalker alliance, the romance between Vestara and Ben, a...more
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Shane Amazon
After the deviation of Backlash, Allies put the series back on track and reintroduced the reader to the larger picture that is to be the Fate of the Jedi series. Now Vortex takes the reins from Christie Golden and sets out to bring the reader even deeper into the series' story arc. However, for me at least, the book fails to really offer anything that we haven't seen before. This is especially disappointing for me since I liked Abyss and was looking forward to seeing Denning offer another great...more
Instead of re-hashing everything that's led up to Vortex, Book #6 of the Fate of the Jedi series, I'll assume you know everything between Books #1 and #5. And assuming that you know what happens in these books, then you'll likely be able to guess what happens in Vortex. Yep.

Barvy Jedi. Ultimate evils loosed in the galaxy. A planet full of Sith. Exiled Luke Skywalker still on some kind of walkabout. Vestara & Ben still flirting?

Vortex is a standard, run-of-the-mill Star Wars EU book, and it...more
If it's one thing that Denning has down, it's the narration of battle scenes. It certainly makes for page-turning reading, even if it's a rather superficial thing. The confrontations in this book are all top-notch with some rather interesting twists on Force abilities that draw on the best traditions of the EU and add some new clever variations on top. But that alone doesn't really deserve three stars. I think what impressed me most was Denning's ability to make sense of an smooth over a lot of...more
Vortex, part of the continuing saga in the Fate of the Jedi series, does not disappoint. Author Troy Denning gives readers a fast-paced story that successfully mixes action, drama and even humor. Vortex if filled with familiar Star Wars extended universe characters and follows the ongoing saga of Luke and Ben Skywalker versus the powerful and mysterious creature known as Abeloth. Their shaky alliance with the Sith Lost Tribe explodes in Vortex, the relationship between Ben and the Sith apprentic...more
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Read this review at JRT: http://jawasreadtoo.wordpress.com/201...

or Club Jade: http://clubjade.net/?p=25696

After teaming up in Allies, relations between the Lost Tribe and the Skywalkers have turned a bit sour. Abeloth has been defeated, but the two sides are determined to keep secrets and double cross one another (both are good stalling tactics, after all). Luke and Ben tread dangerous ground, but it isn’t long before the pair is forced to flee the planet when they discover Abeloth did not die...more
This book picks up in the turmoil that the last book left us. The Mandolorians are seiging the Jedi temple, Luke and Ben are aligned and betrayed by the Sith while they try to defeat Abeloth, and everything is on the verge of chaos.

It is through this chaos though, that the Jedi are finally able to make some steps forward to regaining control of the deadly situations they find themselves in. However, this has unexpected side effects, and may bring them to all out war with the Galactic Alliance,...more
Robert Carlberg
Great 6th book of the series. This time Luke and Ben chase Aboleth to the Fallanassi. Luke encountered them before, but I do not remember the book (Sorry, been so many, LOL). They still have the Sith apprentice Vestara with them, but with the way things go on Pydyr she wants to be with them now. On Coruscant the Jedi Masters have had enough with the acting Grand Master and decide to start challenging Chief of State Daala. Rescuing the Horn children from imprisonment, to launching their ships to...more
I'm a bit behind on my review for this one, I finished it up awhile ago and am trying to remember my thoughts. I do know that the love story between Ben and the Sith girl is a bit predictable and bland, not to mention cheesy. Of course she will betray people, she's Sith, why is everyone so surprised? Maybe love has blinded him...see what I did there?

In general not much happens, Daala is crazy, there are slave rebellions, a trial is occurring, and Skywalkers are off chasing mysterious entities a...more
Vortex is a novel that reads like a novella. It's very quick in its pace, perhaps to quick. I found myself both excited and confused throughout the battle scenes... It seemed as if the author wedged to much action into to small a space for it to really work. The characters did not progress along in this installment as much as they had in previous novels and the plot was stagnant at times. Most of the book was like a hanging curve-ball, it was painfully obvious what was coming about 30 pages in a...more
Troy Denning is an amazing author and putting him in the Star Wars universe with permission to get gritty is a license for a great novel. I've enjoyed each of his Star Wars novels and this one is great, as well. The series is gearing up for an ending, and this novel really put things into motion that speak toward an exciting ending. I'll be honest, while it doesn't change my feelings about how good Denning's novel was, reading the short excerpt from the next novel in the series made me roll my e...more
Vortex is a good entry in the Fate of the Jedi series. Troy denning has a good handle on all of the characters, and is especially adept at writing action scenes. Those are usually the weak point of a Star Wars novel for me, but Denning had me rapt during a crucial lightsaber battle 2/3 of the way through as well as another larger fight later on.

The main problem with this book is all the simultaneous subplots. There are so many of them that Denning is forced to cut from one to another every coupl...more
always a fun romp through this universe, though I'm constantly reading back and forth, so that i know some plot points before we get to them.
Considering that the last few contributions Troy Denning has made to the Star Wars Expanded Universe have been underwhelming, this latest addition to the Fate of the Jedi series was...not so disappointing. Unfortunately, he's still using cliched phrases such as referencing a tingly sense of danger along this or that character's spine. Really? Of course, I just want everything to be over with to find out how it ends, and because I think the overall story is starting to drag. I am, however, lookin...more
Sergio Poo
The sixth book in the Fate of the Jedi saga. The book overall was good and I liked it, the pacing is quick and full of big moments. I specially enjoyed the conflicts within the Jedi Council. The story has its weak points, Ben's behavior toward Vestara is a little over the top and feels out of place at times. The hunt for the big bad is getting a little tiresome and some of the tricks used by the authors to keep it dodging the Jedi feels too convenient and cliche at times. If you are able to look...more
Weirdest thing about reading this on a Kindle that only gives a percent complete instead of pages...the book proper ended at 73%. Imagine my surprise when a screen popped up asking me to rate it now that I had finished. There's the usual acknowledgements and goodies at the end, but that's only a few more pages and then there's one or two chapters from the next book, but all of that takes up 27%? Talk about cliffhanger - did NOT feel like it was wrapping up at all, but then again, I suppose that'...more
Well, when it comes to guilty pleasures - Star Wars books are at the top of the list for me. Good or bad, I have quite literally read them all.

This one was... OK. It wasn't the best in the current series, and it wasn't the worst. I enjoyed the temple storyline (because Kenth Hamner was seriously getting on my nerves) and now that the series actually has a real bad "guy" its a bit clearer. The writing just seemed a bit uneven to me at times.

In the end not a horrible book, but if you're not into S...more
I loathe Abeloth and the Lost Tribe of the Sith, but at the end of the day, I have to admit that I kind of enjoyed this one. (I'm guessing that had more to do with Troy Denning than anything else.)

Yeah, the story didn't, ya know, actually go anywhere again. At least not real far. Jedi are still at odds with the government. Luke is still chasing Abeloth. And the Lost Tribe is still chasing Luke. (And, for some reason, there's this Freedom Flight/slavery subplot that doesn't seem to have any purpo...more
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