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The Thanos Imperative
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The Thanos Imperative (Marvel Universe Events #43)

4.06  ·  Rating Details  ·  985 Ratings  ·  89 Reviews
Thanos is back! A war has ignited which will combine the galaxy's most dedicated warriors with a collection of heroes that you never saw coming! It's a battle that will span the cosmos, deliver major shocks, and will prove to you why Aint It Cool News raves that Abnett and Lanning consistently deliver "terrific action, interesting character development, and some pretty goo ...more
Hardcover, 248 pages
Published March 16th 2011 by Marvel (first published February 16th 2011)
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Jul 02, 2014 Kemper rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics, superhero, space, 2014
A rift called the Fault caused by all the recent space shenanigans is a doorway to another universe in which Death was killed. You’d think a universe with no death would be a good thing, but this was brought about by letting a bunch of Cthulhu like ancient creatures take charge.

Now this Cancerverse wants to spread out and take over new territory so a cast of cosmic heavy weights including the likes of Galactus and Silver Surfer fight to push back the forces pouring through the Fault including d
Pretty fun story, even though I'm not fluent in Marvel's Cosmic Teams. I sort of knew most of the major characters, though.
Star-Lord, Silver Surfer, Nova, Medusa, etc...
But I barely recognized majority of the individuals in the story.
I only mention that because I don't think you need a lot of background to understand/like the story.
Now, if you generally hate the space operaish stuff, then The Thanos Imperative probably isn't going to be your cuppa. I kind of straddle the line when it comes to th
Nov 04, 2015 Terence rated it liked it
Beyond the fault there is a universe where death has died, it's avatar of death sacrificed to ensure death's destruction. The people who live beyond the fault are running out of room in their universe and wish to claim another universe by sacrificing it's avatar of death. The universe's avatar is Thanos.

So despite Drax killing Thanos, he's returned and is crucial to their universe's survival. Thanos isn't happy to be alive.
So the great space traveling planets, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and ot
Nicolo Yu
Jun 12, 2012 Nicolo Yu rated it really liked it
The Thanos Imperative miniseries, featuring Marvel’s cosmic superheroes comes to full circle the story of the ultimate nihilist. It began with Annihilation which took him off the board by having his arch nemesis Drax fulfill his destiny by killing him. That story made cosmic characters such as Nova, the Guardians of Galaxy and Adam Warlock relevant again as it spawned more stories like its sequel, Annihilation: Conquest, War of Kings, and now this. This story brought back Thanos who gets to face ...more
Aug 19, 2015 Logan rated it really liked it
Good read! So The Thanos Imperative, I have not read any books with Thanos before, and with him being prepped for a big baddie in the marvel movies i read this to learn more about him! So this story is basically a mini-event in the Marvel Universe involving all the cosmic marvel heroes such as Guardians Of The Galaxy, Nova, Silver Surfer etc... The story is Thanos has been brought back to life and now hes the key to stopping a crisis in a parallel earth. (Pulling A DC, aren't we?) The bad guys a ...more
Aaron Dembski-Bowden
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Mar 06, 2015 Aaron rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Wow, what a difference being caught up on Cosmic Marvel stuff makes. When I first read this back in 2011, I didn't understand a lick of what was going on. I remember liking the action but not having the slightest idea who a single character was, nor what their motivations or personalities were supposed to be. Having now read all of Guardians of the Galaxy leading up to this event, and being generally familiar with the Annihilation Wars, War of Kings and Realm of Kings (mostly because they are th ...more
Aug 08, 2012 Ithlilian rated it it was ok
I picked this up because it read that it was good prep reading for the new Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy. It seems like the Guardians of the Galaxy are like the Avengers, but more concerned with universe protection than Earth protection. That's somewhat interesting, though I'm not usually interested in straight si-fi. It does possibly give more potential for storylines, but instead of new menances on Earth it's just new menace on planet Sichiueh or whatever.

My biggest problem with this is
Richard Barnes
Mar 24, 2013 Richard Barnes rated it really liked it
Frankly, this is absurd...but terrific at the same time.

No navel gazing superheroic angst, just colossal great space battles, a ridiculous horde of tentacle horrors, a bunch of superheroes with no terribly defined powers apart from, well, power and it all adds up to top notch, wide-screen pulp action.

I haven't read any of the Thanos predecessor stories, but I don't think it made any difference - there's enough character carried along here to get by with - thus proving (if it needed proving) that
Mar 15, 2015 Jason rated it it was amazing
Grandiose, epic cosmic adventure, with cool script and excellent artwork. I can see why Dan Abnett's run on the cosmic storylines was such a fan favourite, going to have to read them all now.
Dmitry Yakovenko
Jun 30, 2016 Dmitry Yakovenko rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2016
"Долг Таноса" продолжает космическую эпопею, начатую Дэном Абнеттом в "Войне Королей", которая, в свою очередь, продолжала историю "Тихой Войны", которая была продолжением "Сына М", что следовал за событиями "Династии М", которая логично вытекала из "Распада Мстителей". Ох уж эти комиксы. Вот такую вот Санта-Барбару они создают.

Также это продолжение "Аннигиляции" и второго тома о приключениях Стражей Галактики, да, вот так всё сложно. Абнетт рассказывает историю о том, как после всех событий отк
Phillip Berrie
To tell the truth I'm over these Marvel universe-threatening stories, they are all glamour, presentation and hyperbole rather than story and it's hard to tell who to pay attention to in the huge ensemble cast.

For a long-time Marvel fan they smack too much of DC hyperbole for my liking. Apologies to the DC fans out there, but when every character seems to be on an equal footing with beings who appear to have Superman levels of power, I just lose any sense of belief in the story. And once you've
Douglass Gaking
Aug 23, 2015 Douglass Gaking rated it it was amazing
The entire universe is trying to defend itself from the invasion of an alternate universe, the Cancerverse, where the death of death has their universe spilling over into ours. How better to fight their universe without death than with our universe's avatar of death, Thanos. The Guardians of the Galaxy resurrect and enlist Thanos to accompany them in bringing death back to the Cancerverse. But will Thanos annihilate another universe to save this one, or will he betray the Guardians, who robbed h ...more
Mar 14, 2015 Richard rated it it was amazing
Shelves: graphic-novels
A brilliant culmination of the story arc around The Fault. The use of the Inhumans was significantly reduced however they were the weaker aspect of the story anyway so not missed. As now expected of a DnA novel the story was strong and characters used perfectly portrayed. It was interesting to see the Cancerverse's take on characters such as Major Victory and Namorita (the latter I would've liked to have seen slightly more strongly portrayed) given how they came to be part of the story. I also f ...more
Jan 26, 2015 Bardamu99 rated it it was amazing
This book works best if you're the cosmic space-operas Abnett & Lanning had been collaborating on for a few years prior to this book--particularly their work on the Annihilation saga, War Of Kings, Nova, and of course Guardians Of The Galaxy. Those books are clever and dramatically tumultuous, crowded with obscure Marvel characters (each given moments to shine), Lovecraftian monsters, post-9/11 political analogues, time-traveling alternate-dimension-type weirdness, and lots of trippy sci-fi ...more
Ian Williamson
Sep 09, 2015 Ian Williamson rated it it was amazing
The first thing to say about this storyline, is how epic and amazing the artwork is, it enhances the story to new levels. The detail capturing this space adventure is a marvel in itself and some of the best I've seen from the house of ideas. Now the story, I've been aware of this from factfiles and the new guardians of the galaxy run, but I was not expecting something on this epic scale. Abnett and Lanning really push the boundaries with this story incorporating a plethora of the cosmic universe ...more
Drew Perron
Mar 28, 2015 Drew Perron rated it liked it
Man. After Abnett and Lanning's work on the Annihilation events, this is disappointing.

The Cancerverse should be a fascinating idea (life is the enemy!), but for all the talk about being "overflowing", it's basically just like the regular universe, only with a bunch of dark character designs and tentacles - Marvel Zombies plus Cthulhu. There are hardly any surprises plotwise (a lot of shock moments that aren't actually shocking), the art is oversexualized and can't get nonhumans nonmelty, and i
Feb 24, 2015 Tom rated it it was amazing
Nearly everyone who has read more than a few Marvel comics over the years has heard of Thanos, the Mad Titan. He's caused the heroes of the Marvel Universe more than his share of trouble over the years, so when I saw a storyline with his name emblazoned across the title, my interest was piqued.

Boy am I glad I checked it out.

Half the fun of comic books is the surreality, the 'super-ness', the out of this world feeling. Well, this story line redefines that whole idea. Thanos is brought back into
Oct 15, 2014 VampAmber rated it really liked it
First off, I have to say that even though I really liked this book, it was SO NOT a good place for to start reading any of these series. I was confused a lot in the beginning, but my fiancée explained some stuff that happened in other comics before it, or stuff they changed in the Guardians movie. I definitely want to read a lot more GotG comics after this one, though. If they're even remotely as good as this series, I'm gonna love them. I only gave it a four instead of a five because it was so ...more
Jonathon Smith
Feb 17, 2016 Jonathon Smith rated it really liked it
This book surprised me. I only bought it originally to tie up the plots between different runs of guardians of the galaxy, (Dan Abnetts run on guardians comes before this that's also good). This is great value for money. A lot of the big events in marvel tend to suck in too many characters and has no idea what to do them, this storyline benefits from only having access to the cosmic characters (you might have to look a few up on the wiki). This storyline manages to focus on interesting character ...more
Mar 06, 2015 Aaron rated it liked it
Fast paced with big, cosmic ideas, but fails to really focus on any of them. Jumps around too much and doesn't bother to develop even one character, but still tells a decently fun story.
Jan 31, 2016 Josh rated it really liked it
Jan 07, 2015 Brad rated it it was amazing
Holy crap that was good. Then again, I've always been an absolute sucker for the really big and really powerful and bugshit crazy ideas. This story sequence was amazing.
Jul 31, 2014 Yurana rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics
This is really, really good. Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for all things Cuthulu (so the Lovecraftian cancerverse was really cool to me) but this had everything I want from a great space adventure comic: Insurmountable odds, space battles, big damn heroes, talking Russian dogs and raccoons with guns.
Unfortunately I can only really recommend this to people who are already familiar with the Marvel Cosmic U as envisioned by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, if not you should probably start with Annih
Feb 20, 2014 Darkwalker rated it liked it
A pretty good read (no pun intended). The major issue I have is that no one writes Thanos as well as Jim Starlin. Other writers try, but there are subtle nuances to the character that Starlin drew from psychology, and Greek literature. That being said, the Guardians are very entertaining in this book, and the Cancerverse was definitely a weird, 70's Fantastic Four kind of evil (like the old Negative Zone stories). I especially loved the Evil Defenders and how they couldn't die. The end made the ...more
Ian Roditi
Nov 14, 2013 Ian Roditi rated it really liked it
Cagadero espacial épico, descripción gráfica.

Also, cosmo es el mero chingón.
Y Mantis es amor.
3.5 stars.

The artwork was stunning. Really. Some of the finest Marvel art I've seen in a while. It reminded me of some of those old Marvel Masterpiece cards I used to collect.

The story was pretty good, too, though a little messy/disjointed throughout. I read this as it is the conclusion to the Nova series I'd been reading. In this, an invading force of aliens who cannot die (literally) is threatening the existence of the universe. They want to eradicate death from our universe, and the only ones
Apr 27, 2015 Silas rated it really liked it
The story here was excellent, tying together several different cosmic-themed stories at the time. They were nicely tied together, and I was finally able to see the end of the Rift, and the weird Cthulhu mythos story, which oddly, seemed to work well with the explanation that was used here. It was, overall, an enjoyable read that wrapped up a lot of things, though there were many times where the art quality was just not up to the story that was being told. In particular, the animal characters wer ...more
Johnny Zombie-writer
This was awesome. It's hectic yet tight and when you think things couldn't get worse for the whole group of heroes here, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Queen Medusa etc it does.
Thanos believed dead is back to life and pretty well upset for being dumped by his 'muse' death. Adam Warlock's evil counterpart Magus is causing no ends of trouble.
There is an alternate reality called the cancerverse and that is where it all hits the fan and then even more trouble comes along that could destroy everythin
Oct 07, 2015 Tommy rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics
I love Thanos story arcs. He's just such a great character and when he's involved it's always a pivotal story of galactic proportions. And much in that vein, the Guardians of the Galaxy need Thanos, the avatar of death, to reintroduce death to an alternate reality where it no longer exists. That might not sound like such a bad thing but with no death this alternate universe is bursting at the seams and need to invade our universe to survive. The ins and outs, twists and turns are always great wh ...more
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