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Ant and Grasshopper
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Ant and Grasshopper

3.67 of 5 stars 3.67  ·  rating details  ·  213 ratings  ·  65 reviews
When Ant spies a carefree Grasshopper playing a fiddle outside on the lawn, Ant immediately harrumphs at the insect's foolishness and continues to go about his very serious business of gathering and counting his food for the winter. But Ant finds Grasshopper's music and whimsy more catchy than he'd like, and soon he's distracted by his own rhyming and doodling! When the ha ...more
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published March 8th 2011 by Margaret K. McElderry Books
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Starred review, SLJ

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Plus written by my good buddy Luli.

Oooooh. I saw this (all too briefly) yesterday at book group and it's wonderful.

Can you say Caldecott?
Chinasa Izeogu
We value the individual and their unique contributions to our lives, our communities. Yet the words "everybody counts" is not expressed verbally and publicly as it should. When teaching children that they need to respect their fellow classmates, neighbors and friends this book is what all parents and teachers should pick up and read aloud.

Luli Gray's Ant and Grasshopper is a refreshing retelling of an old lesson. Ant is an industrious and methodical accountant of his winter supply of food. He k
Anna Olswanger
I happen to love Luli Gray's writing (and astringent sense of humor). Her Ant and Grasshopper is a retelling of the classic Aesop's fable, minus the self-righteous ethos. In Luli's version, Grasshopper's music turns out to be as valuable as Ant's bean-counting. It's a fable for young readers just learning to question our "get more stuff" culture. And, it will make them laugh.

Luli is also the author of a quartet of fantasy novels published by Houghton Mifflin, two of which have been republished
Terrible book. Single-handedly flip-flopped the lesson of the original fable. In summary, the grasshopper learns nothing from failing to prepare and singing and dancing all summer, while the ant is the bad guy for miserly saving for the winter. In the end the ant learns to sing and dance. The message will not be lost on the adults who read this to their children: if you have, you should be ashamed and you should give; no matter if you are being taken advantage. And if you are the grasshopper, ju ...more
Lara Vickers
This book is nominated for the Monarch this year. I can see children K through 2nd really enjoying the illustrations and connecting with the message, especially because of the way in which it is explained. This is a perfect example of text and illustrations enhancing the reader's experience.

Ant is a hard working, food counting, type A dude who spends most of his time counting his winter stores. Grasshopper is a creative, laid back, violin playing soul. They have very different gifts and how the
Patricia Powell
I've always felt sort of bad for Grasshopper who was having a grand time, playing music, while stodgy Ant work work worked. But Aesop was a moralist. In this version, Ant appreciates Grasshopper's music and dance, envies him a bit and takes him in for the cold winter. Each has something the other appreciates. Maybe it appeals to my performing self. Part of the satisfaction lies in the fact that we're all partly Ant and partly Grasshopper. Wonderful illustrations by Giuliano Ferri enhance Luli Gr ...more
Ant is serious, studious, and carefully planning for the upcoming winter season. Grasshopper is full of life, loves music and dancing, and lives for the moment.

When winter and all its iciness come, grasshopper is woefully unprepared... much to the i-told-you-so-ness of ant. But, curiously, ant misses his full loving friend, so full of joyous sounds.

Together, they find out the too much seriousness is not so good, as too much fun-loving isn't great either. It is good that everyone counts.
Pat Salvatini
Ant has worked hard gathering his food for the winter and enjoys spending time counting and recounting his beans, raisins, corn, and peanuts. Grasshopper on the other hand spends his time playing his fiddle and singing. Don't expect an Aesop's ending in this updated folk tale that is sure to please reader's of all ages.
Anjali Derhgawen
Ant and Grasshopper is a known story in America. This story is about an ant who spends the year stocking up on food for the winter, while the homeless grasshopper spends his time playing his fiddle. I liked this book because it had a good moral of helping others.
Great version of the story. 5 stars for the ant saying "Well I never!" and the grasshopper replying "Well I always!" the ending with a rousing rendition of "Here We Come a Waffling", and the touching message of everyone counts.
Aimee Owen
The hardworking ant scoffs at the fiddling grasshopper, but when winter approaches, he reconsiders the importance of entertainment. This tale shows readers that it takes all kinds of "work" to make the world go round.
Love this book---the colorful illustrations, the sweet moral of the story and the fun language. My favorite lines:
"Well, I never!" said Ant.
"Well, I always," said Grasshopper.
Amanda Mccusker
This folklore book was just to cute. I think it has a great story and can be used for any grade, even the older grades. I was interested in the book because it was from a local author here in Chapel Hill. I think this would be great to use to highlight local authors. I also like the moral of the story that surprises you at the end that every one counts. I think the book has wonderful illustrations and the story keeps you reading to see what its all about at the end. I think this book would be gr ...more
A charming book that left me a little teary at the end. Good read aloud.
"Oh Grasshopper," said Ant. Everybody counts."

Ant is hard working all through the summer, storing up food for winter. Grasshopper sings all summer long without much concern for the winter. And when the cold arrives, Ant is cozy and warm inside. But he feels something is missing. When he finds Grasshopper on his porch and pulls him into his house, Ant realizes that "sometimes I wish I could sing."

Message: we need balance in our lives between work and play. And, we can use our strengths to help o
Natalia Ortega-Brown
We are all familiar with the classic Aesop's fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper. The grasshopper spends all his time relaxing, singing and playing around while the ant works tirelessly. Winter comes, the grasshopper has nothing to eat while the ant is well prepared. Lesson: always plan ahead. So...I never really liked that fable. I thought the ant was too cruel! I mean, true, the grasshopper should have worked harder but, to let him starve to death? Come on! That's why I was very glad to come ...more
This book was a less harsh version of the classic Aesop's fable. In the original edition, the Ant works hard and saves food for the winter, while the lazy Grasshopper goofs off and starves to death when winter comes. In this version, Ant loves to count his food that he is saving for the winter. He meets Grasshopper, who does not prepare, but instead sings and plays outside so much that it distracts Ant. When winter comes, he no longer hears the music and goes out to investigate. Grasshopper is f ...more
A fun, whimsical, and updated version of Aesop's The Ant and the Grasshopper. This book will be far more accessible for elementary school students than the more traditional version. We can see Ant for the hard-working, careful guy he is. And we can also see that he learns to value and appreciate entertainment in his life as well. Grasshopper seems less silly and frivolous. I'm glad that we can see the two of them as friends, sharing their talents and enjoying their friendship.

I feel that this bo
Meg McGregor
A different version of the Ant and the Grasshopper Aesop fable.

In this book, Ant and Grasshopper seem to be from two different worlds. Ant is hardworking and industrious and loves to count all the fruits of his labors. Grasshopper loves to play his fiddle and sing whiling away the summer days.

But in the winter, Ant saves Grasshopper's life and learns that "Everybody counts!"
Marsha Earl
Ant and the Grasshopper by: Luli Gray

This book definitely gets 5 stars. This book would be a good fit for kindergarten through second grade and could be used for a read aloud. It is similar to Aesop’s Fable but is more modernized and has a different twist. They have added more dialogue and the illustrations really come to life. The different They do an excellent job depicting the seasons of the year. Ant is depicted as a rich, hard working, bean counter still responsible while grasshopper spends
This retelling of the classic tale adds a gentle twist with a few extra months in the story as Ant takes Grasshopper in and shares his store while Grasshopper shares his music. By changing the story a bit it changes the message. No longer a fable about the virtues of working hard in which you die if you don't, it is now a story about the fact that everyone can contribute something whether they work or make art. The final page is a play on words with the statement, "everyone counts." I loved this ...more
Peggy Gay
Audience: Primary
Genre: Fantasy picture book
Pre-reading strategy: Picture walk
I would use this strategy because the pictures are so well done, I would not go past page 17 so as not to give away the ending.
Cover - What do you think Ant is thinking in this picture? Can you tell by his face how he feels?
Pages 1 & 2 - Where is Ant and what do you think he is doing?
Pages 5 & 6 - What do you think Grasshopper is doing wrong according to Ant?
Pages 7 & 8 - Why do you think Ant does not like
Holly Wagner
Bean-counting ant and violin-playing free-spirit grasshopper are a cross purposes throughout the summer as each stubbornly sticks to his agenda. When winter storms hit, both are challenged to stick to their respective idealogies. The moral of the story ends differently than expected.

Gray, L., & Ferri, G. (2011). Ant and grasshopper. New York, NY: Margaret K. McElderry Books.
Awards/Reviews: School Library Journal starred 02/01/11; Library Media Connection (August/September 2011) Recommended
E GRAY, L. Ant collects food, grasshopper makes music. Winter comes, ant doesn't let grasshopper in until he finds him lying in the snow.
We've been reading this with fervor since B was 1 1/2 but I still love the message: "everybody counts" and friendship is a wonderful thing.
Workaholic Ant feverishly prepares his food supples for the coming winter while Grasshopper simply makes music. Naturally, when cold weather comes, Grasshopper has no stores of food to eat or even a place to stay. Ant, of course, reminds Grasshopper of his costly decision. But in a neat twist of the original story, he misses Grasshopper's music and brings him inside. It turns out each one admires the other one's personality characteristics and talents. This one is a bit long-winded for young rea ...more
This is a cute retelling of the traditional tale. Ant loves counting his beans, raisins and smelly cheese, eating bites as he counts and crying out "Dee-lishus!" Of course, the grasshopper doesn't store up any food over the summer, instead, he fiddles and sings the hours away. No amount of coaxing by Grasshopper will get Ant to leave off his work and play. Winter comes, the Grasshopper is cold, hungry, and homeless, and kindhearted Ant takes him in and nurses him back to health. They sing, dance ...more
Age: Preschool - Kindergarten
Award: Monarch nominee 2013

A didactic tale about the importance of all life's characters, the counters and the musicians. This one is from the perspective of an overly-prepared, rich ant that spends his time preparing for winter. Much to Ant's displeasure, grasshopper plays his violin outside Ant's house, distracting him from his counting. When winter comes and Ant is left without music, he becomes distraught and depressed, and comes to realize the value in Grasshopp
Rachel Cocker
I love you it
A new version of the Aesop story. Here the Ant and the Grasshopper respect the other's talents and choices.

Reads a bit like wish fulfillment for fine arts majors. Or, communism. Or, a version where you value people for what they bring to the table, even if what they bring to the table isn't food.

Want to go with the third one?

A little long, especially towards the end. The closing song is funny. Remember what Betsy Hearne told me: sing it. Kids don't judge your voice.
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