50 Reasons to Say Goodbye (50 Reasons, #1)
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50 Reasons to Say Goodbye (50 Reasons #1)

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Mark is looking for love in all the wrong places.

He always ignores the warning signs preferring to dream, time and again, that he has finally met the perfect lover until, one day, he really does.

Through fifty different adventures, Nick Alexander takes us on a tour of modern gay society: bars, night-clubs, blind dates, Internet dating It s all here.

Funny and moving by tur...more
Paperback, 156 pages
Published May 16th 2004 by Lulu Press
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Depressing. If you are looking for romance with a happy ending, do not read this! The protagonist, Mark, spends 50 short chapters looking for love, and usually doesn't find it. When he does, it is either one-sided or ends badly. Plus he is not always the most attractive character himself. You have to applaud one of his dates who walks out because Mark has been poking fun at somebody who had benign but unusual sexual habits - which had actually given Mark a lot of pleasure at the time. But if you...more
Roger Kean
Sorry to see some GR friends whose opinion I rate highly didn't like this, a book which I come to rather late in the day… well, just a decade. I happen to enjoy first-person perspective, present tense, although I understand it can be pretty uncompromising. And perhaps a series of anecdotal chapters rather than an actual story puts some readers off, but for me this worked very well. Alexander has a knack for finding the right way of describing situations and feelings without ever over-writing. In...more
"Yay cheesy romance" might have been what I was thinking when I stumbled across this book and decided to buy it. It wasn't really what I thought when I read it, though. Mark goes on 50 dates, most of which end in varying amounts of distasterousness. It's hilarious. It's kinda sad. I so want Mark.

I don't know if there's anything particularly ground breaking about this book. There's a lot of wit, the ending it expected (at least I expected it) and it makes me think I'm not going to bother ever try...more
I got so frustrated with this book and its main character that I had to skip to the end to find out what happened - and even then couldn't care!

I think that Nick has a lovely way of writing and the overall idea of the book was a charming one. It's incredibly hard to find good gay fiction and that fact that Nick doesn't linger too long on the sex side of things prevents this from becoming a tiresome 50 shades knock-off.

However, the main character was just horrible. Self-centred, whining, depress...more
Josh Hogan
Quite possibly the most depressing book I have ever read. It gets one star for being fairly well written, and another for being a vaguely realistic portrayal of gay life in the early 21st century. I don't just want a book to be well written and realistic - I want the protagonist to learn something. To go on a journey. Sadly, the protagonist in this short book does neither. Stumbling from one romantic disaster to another, he spends twenty years labouring under the preposterous belief that only a...more
Christopher Winterburn
Feb 27, 2013 Christopher Winterburn rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: John Berry
I wasn't too sure what to expect though of course I knew it was a book with the subject of gay romance/relationships. I loved the format, listening to the main character, Mark, tell me about his various encounters with various men. It has it's highs and lows, sadness and laughter, as I suppose all relationships go through.

His life reflected mine, the life I had in the 90's. Though not as well travelled as Mark, I met an lot of people. At the time I didn't analyse anything I was doing, me/him/it....more
Another Kindle freebie and a book I wasn't sure what I'd make of but actually it was very enjoyable. The story revolves around Mark, a young gay guy who drifts from relationship to relationship trying to find love.

Written as a series of short stories which sometimes entwine with each other, Mark travels from England to France to New York and back again, meeting men wherever he goes. In some ways it's quite shocking how quickly sex follows a chance encounter, but the stories are actually sweetly...more
Dean Ismail
I think this book is not about endings, happy or otherwise. Rather, it is about the search, the journey of one's life. And the last few pages, to me, is not an ending per se. Yes, the book ends. But his life goes on - and his hope too. This, despite the experiences, I find positively inspiring. And uplifting. There are moments of hilarity, poignancy, reflective and sad. Easy read but nevertheless very telling.
l'll be honest here and i didn't really enjoy this book.
I've read 3 other Nick Alexander books and enjoyed them so much i couldn't put them down but this was read so fast just so i could finish and move onto something different.
I had read in reviews how graphic the story was so i was prepared for that but i didn't enjoy it and thats what has put me off reading the others in the series.
I didn't connect to Mark until almost at the end of the book and found him very annoying and needy. I would have...more
Kevin Marsh
I enjoyed reading this book. The characters are interesting and I soon got drawn into their lives and experiences. I found the observations and emotions that Mark went through very real and true to life. I will definitely like to find out more about Mark, and am looking forward to reading the next instalment.
Tayanna Daliese
I usually hate stories where it jumps and there's not just a total linear timeline for me to follow. However, I loved this. I loved how it was sexy without being explicit (but don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a good explicitly sexy story every once in a while, this just wasn't the place), and how it dealt with feelings and so many things that just needed to be dealt with. Homosexual relationships aren't that different from hetero. There's the same worries, there's the rejections, t...more
I've seen this described as chicklit for gay men; being neither a gay man nor a reader of chicklit I'm not best qualified to judge! It's certainly no Tales of the City but it's well-written and shows some emotional depth as the story progresses.

This is the first in the series and is a free download for the Kindle. I found it an easy read and the protagonist Mark is likeable enough that I will probably look for the others in the series.
This book was okay. It was very, very sad and hard watching Mark go out on these dates and be sure that they were going to end in disaster. However, it was an endevour worth taking.
There isn't anything really spectacular about this book that just felt be thinking about it forever but it sure did keep me reading. It even got me to buy the whole series.
I, personally, didn't care for the writing very much and the not-so-linear storyline; I loved Mark. Mark is a very strong character and his journ...more
I found and read this book on my Kindle. A series of cameos of potential and actual relationships, a roller-coaster ride through the humour and emotions of the search for love. Whilst one of the reviews warns against it being explicit, I certainly didn't find it to be so - much more intuitive in search of 'something missing' than graphic. Well written, feels quite autobiographical.

The story happens to be from the perspective of a gay man; it could equally be written about anyone in search of lov...more
I wasn't sure what to think at first. The writing style is different, but that's actually what kept me reading. I like different! This book actually reminded me of my dating days. Some funny, some awkward. I love that this included things like simple exchanges on a bus. Seeing another person somewhere, and briefly hoping, wondering, if this person could mean something to you, and then they disappear, and you never see them again.
I'm reading the sequel right now, and am enjoying it as much as the...more
I really enjoyed the journey with Mark as he looks for someone to love. Parts of the story are laugh-out-loud funny and parts are heartbreakingly sad as Mark meets men who range from slightly odd to just plain weird. Through his international quest for love, I wanted him to meet someone who he could spend his life with and be happy. I don't want to spoil the ending but I will definitely be reading the next book to see where Mark's life goes from here.
The first book in a series that I devoured with a passion... An unconventional search for love through many gay bars and doomed relationships with an equal measure of laughs and tears along the way.

This first book is more of a series of encounters as Mark searches for "the one" whereas the rest of the books settle down into a more conventional story telling as Mark's relationships begin to progress to more than just one night stands
Anwen Ross
I wasn't wowed by this but it was interesting. There's a feeling of despondency as we watch the main character Mark search unsuccessfully for a loving relationship instead of a series of one-night stands. His negativity doesn't help. But it is just the first of a series and it looks like both Mark and the writing style will develop in the later books. Don't read this expecting a happy ending - at least, not in this instalment.
John Cross
Could you fit more stereotypes into one book or make the plot more predictable? Only if you invented a stereotype stuffing machine and gave the reader a map. Gay storyline books have rarely grabbed my banana but this was atrocious. A Mills and Boon but with more c*ck. at the end I felt someone had robbed me of many hours of my life. What's more disconcerting is that this is the first in a popular series.
Robert Butler
I was drawn into the story quickly, the old familiar story of someone seeking love (sometimes too hard). The story jumps a lot and can seem a little disjointed, so it feels like you are reading the abridged version of a longer story. The characters are very believable as is most of the story (it feels more like a meander than a story though). I still enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.
Really gay fiction not m/m as there is no romance. Unexpectedly effective and good story in the smutty kind of way that British writers are so much better at than Americans are. More a set of connected vignettes that form a surprisingly coherent narrative. Lightly amusing without much depth. The ending was a total cheat in my opinion and soured me a bit in my reaction to the story.
I liked this book. It came along at a time when I had burned out on m/m romances and wanted to read something a little different. What I liked was that the narrator's stories seemed very real. The struggles he went through in his quest for love were often sad, but frequently interesting. I've already downloaded the second book in this series and I look forward to reading it.
Wow, this was significantly more depressing than I had expected it to be. I had assumed it was going to be something like Gay Chicklit, but I don't think it was at all, instead being a lot darker and lonelier than anticipated. Good though, and I'll definitely pick up the next one in the series as Amazon has it supercheap for the Kindle at the moment.
a brutally honest story of a mans failing love life, beautifully written and expertly told.

bits of this had me laughing out loud (view spoiler)

i really enjoyed this and it was free on my kindle, double bonus!
A honest and interesting book. With the format that it was written in, it did seem to jump around a bit at times. In the end though, this was a universal story looking at the search for love, and at times it was quite sorrowful.
I am happy that I happened across this book. Alexander's characters seem real and are easily relatable. The main character Mark is complex, yet I was able to connect and identify with him. I recommend this book!
This book was a joy to read -tales of disastrous dating: honest, humorous, warm, exasperating - and at times downright hilarious (the 'egg' episode).

Apparently five books in this series - on to book two then!
Terry Bowen
I really enjoyed this. It was a quick read, but each chapter a mini story in it's own right so I didn't feel as there was too much to it, yet I found myself at the end really hoping Mark found someone.
A bit awkwardly written, so it takes a while for the reader to get used to the concept (which is a bit contrived anyway, and occasionaly too sentimental). Got better towards a moving end.
I, I, I, I, I

I couldn't take all the "I"s in this book. First person present tense is so full of "I"s, i.e., I get up. I walk to the door. I turn the knob. I open the door. I ...
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