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The Ark: Konspirasi Merekonstruksi Bahtera Nuh untuk Menghancurkan Peradaban Manusia
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The Ark: Konspirasi Merekonstruksi Bahtera Nuh untuk Menghancurkan Peradaban Manusia (Tyler Locke #1)

3.77 of 5 stars 3.77  ·  rating details  ·  2,651 ratings  ·  329 reviews
Konspirasi Merekonstruksi Bahtera Nuh
untuk Menghancurkan Peradaban Manusia

Penulis: Boyd Morisson

Dilara Kenner, seorang arkeolog muda harus mati-matian menyelamatkan diri setelah temannya dibunuh. Dalam keadaan sekarat, temannya sempat membisikkan kata kunci konspirasi besar untuk menyembunyikan artefak sejarah yang menakjubkan.

Dua hari kemudian, Tyler Locke, seorang
Paperback, 1, 631 pages
Published July 2010 by Imania (first published 2009)
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Here's a quiz. What book has the following opening scene?

In the first chapter, a professorial gentleman is shot and left for dead. Breathing his last few breaths, he frantically leaves a cryptic message that will unlock a biblical mystery which he hopes will get back to his loving daughter.

If you are thinking of a book that rhymes with "you pinched me nose"...wrong. I just described the prologue for The Ark, a technological thriller that involves the secrets of Noah's Ark. The prologue also illu
J.F. Penn
Full video review:

The book opens with archaeologist Dilara Kenner meeting a friend of her father’s at the airport. He begins to tell her about her father’s discovery of Noah’s Ark and then dies suddenly, murdered by poison before he can tell her everything. So the chase is on, Dilara must find Noah’s ark and her father’s legacy before she is killed by the bad guys who are clearly after it too, and have an evil plan to destroy the world with a super-plague
Jun 01, 2010 Molly rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: general fiction lovers
Recommended to Molly by: FIRST
When I receive a book for review, I am always reminded to to give an HONEST review which is what I always do. More often than not you will find that I have really enjoyed a book and recommend it. However, my review of The Ark is both a negative and a positive one. I know that may sound crazy but it's honest. I both enjoyed this book but was put out with it at the same time for a few reasons. So, thus begins my honest review.

When we think of a story having a plot line of finding Noah's Ark (or j
I have to warn people straight off the bat- this book is more action adventure than Indiana Jones. While the character of Dilara is interested in the ark, most of the book doesn't focus around that interest- it is mostly chases, intrigue & action. It is entertaining, but a part of me was disappointed that there wasn't more buildup for it.

After watching her mentor die in front of her eyes, Dilara only really knows two things. One is that he was poisoned by a mysterious woman. The other is th
The blurbs on The Ark describe the book as a “thriller.” Author Morrison certainly throws enough adventures into the first 100 pages to make readers believe that this is, indeed, a thriller. By doing so, however, Morrison asks the reader to suspend not just some of his/her belief, but all of it.

The book opens with the death of Hasad Arvadi and moves immediately to the murder of Sam Watson, an old friend of Arvadi’s, as he tells the dead man’s daughter that Arvadi has found Noah’s Ark. Almost imm
Steve Walker
Morrison's book "The Ark" was a fun, quick, and entertaining action-adventure read. OK, it is chock full of stereotypical characters starting with Dilara Kenner, a beautiful archeologist with several degrees, versed in dozens of ancient lost languages, working on dig sites the world over. Dilara's father is a world renowned archeologist who has been missing for three years. Tyler Locke is a good looking muscular former Army special ops, engineer extraordinaire, and a very rich partner with Gordi ...more
The Ark, with it's premise of the search for Noah's Ark to save the contemporary world is reminiscent of other quest thrillers, such as those by Dan Brown and James Rollins, with their non-stop action, danger and more action cycles. For it's genre, it is one of the better ones I've read. That said, I still didn't love it. I read it because it was a free Kindle download and for that, I greatly thank Boyd Morrison. Though this book was well-written and exciting, I tend to enjoy more character driv ...more
I have a (very) minor fascination with Biblical mysteries, so when I saw this book on the new releases shelf in my local library, I snatched it up.

I suppose it's a typical adventure novel, filled with impossible coincidences, implausible survivals, and non-stop action that bordered on the ridiculous. Since adventure novels are often grounded in reality, you'd think the authors would try to make them more, I don't know, realistic. I had a hard time suspsending disbelief throughout the book.

Mike (the Paladin)
Well....not a bad book. I enjoyed it pretty well, but it never got much above the mediocre, mid-range.

There's not a lot new here. Now as I've said before that isn't in itself a bad thing. I doubt there is actually any totally new plot line out there anywhere. With thousands of years of stories from oral tradition, to written to video everything will be somewhat a plot that's been used before. It depends on how it's done.

We have (another) crackerjack retired military special operator here (a few
Elizabeth Olmedo
The Ark by Boyd Morrison offers an interesting mixture of the past, present, and maybe not so distant future. Dilara is a representation of those who believe there can be some truth to the Biblical stories, even if not literal. Tyler on the other hand, only believes what he sees.

The line between reality and fiction is so blurred in this book; often the reader won’t know one from the other. This gives the novel a realistic feel despite the large amount of unrealistic content such as the disease t
Tyler Locke. Gordian Engineering. Minta bantuannya. Dia tahu…Coleman
Riset ayahmu… mulai segalanya. Kau harus menemukan …Bahtera

Dilara Kenner berusaha menangkap penggalan kata-kata Sam Watson yang sedang sekarat. Baginya Sam sudah menjadi bagian dari keluarga. Saat Sam menghubungi dan memintanya bertemu segera, ia mengira ini hanya pertemuan biasa. Alih-alin temu kangen, Dilara malah melihat Sam meregang nyawa di hadapannya. Sejak saat itu kehidupannya sebagai arkeolog tidak sama lagi.

Ayah Dilara
Richard Reviles Censorship Always in All Ways
Rating: 3.75* of five

Thrillers are, by definition, thrilling, or there's flat no point to 'em. This thriller is certainly thrilling! It's not overly believeable, but neither are most of the others I've read and enjoyed. Somehow thrilling things only seem to happen to people with oodles of money and contacts at VERY high levels and access to private jets and peculiarly uninterested customs and immigration protocols.

Ahhh, so what...the ride's the thing. This ride was a ball. The Ark, as in "Noah's
I picked this one up looking for a readlike to The Da Vinci Code. In some ways it was, and in others, not so much. There is definitely a bit of a religious/Biblical mystery, and you can probably guess that it is tied to the tale of Noah and his ark. There is also a great deal of international intrigue and hopping around various geographical locations. It turned out to be a pretty good premiere novel for a first-time author.

The story kicks off with the introduction of Dilara Kenner, a talented ar
Ashley Thomas
Dilara Kenner, and and Tyler Locke first meet in a life and death situation, one of many that they share as they adventure around the world. Trying to uncover the truth behind Sebastian Ulric's plot to kill billions of people, the truth of where Dilara's father is and why he went missing, and the truth behind and the location of "Noah's Ark", Dilara and Tyler find themselves in numerous situations where death is merely a breath away. As time runs out and the situations become even more dangerou ...more
Nora St Laurent
I signed up for a review copy of this book for two reasons. One, because I thought it was Christian Fiction book, and two, because it sounded like an exciting adventure story about Norah’s Ark—I hadn’t read anything like that before so I was intrigued. This story was most definitely filled with action, adventure and a few more things I never expected.

Dilara Kenner meets Sam Watson, an old family friend, for an urgent meeting in a very public place were he tells Dilara her father had found Noah’s
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Frantically looking for a novel to read, I was lucky to get my hands on an advance reading copy of The Ark (May 2010: Simon & Schuster) by Boyd Morrison.

Boyd Morrison draws on his experience as a NASA and Microsoft engineer to deliver a thoroughly convincing and intriguing story. There was more than one night when I stayed up past my bedtime because I couldn’t bring myself to put the book down “just yet”.

Morrison added an afterword that helps the reader determine which things o
The Ark is a good thriller with plenty of action and a good story line to carry it along. I would go more on the order of three and a half stars on this one. Losing half a star would be due to the predictability of certain aspects of the story. I was also looking forward to hearing more about Noah's Ark. The main portion of the book focuses on an object that has been removed from the Ark. As you get towards the end you will find out more about the actual Ark. Overall I did like this book and wou ...more
The first in a series, Boyd Morrison introduces us to his new hero Tyler Locke. Locke doesn't possess any spectacular abilities - except his brain, which he uses over and over again to get out of tight spots.
Archaeologist Dilara Kenner is called home from a dig early by family friend Sam Watson for some cryptic emergency. Not wanting to waste any time, Watson meets Dilara at LAX airport. He tells her that Hasad Arvadi, Dilara's father and Noah 's ark expert, has finally realized his dream of fin
3,5 sterren eigenlijk. Maar omdat ik zo een positieve gozert ben maar voor 4 gegaan.

Vlot geschreven zonder een saai moment. Personages zijn leuk en je geeft dus ook om ze. Mijn probleem is alleen dat de vraagstukken en mysteries iets té snel worden opgelost. Het gaat allemaal net iets te soepeltjes...
I liken this to a Dan Brown novel in it's content (semi-biblical with a twist) but it has even more twists, turns and action/adventure. Stick in a love interest and whamo you have a hit! I found this book captured my attention straight through and I never knew what would happen next.
Action-packed adventure. I know their are The Da Vinci Code haters out there but if you enjoyed those books, you'll love this one.
There's a nugget of something intriguing here and the book is fast-paced, but ultimately the cliched characters, excessive telling (instead of showing) and an an unbelievable Marty Stu hero make this a painful read.
Paul Close
A rough start by this author. The characters are cliches -- Tyler is smart, young, and handsome; Dilara is smart, young, and beautiful (a point that is mentioned over and over in case you missed it). The plot is cliched -- what do these handsome/beautiful people do? Get killed, well, almost, over and over. When they get tired of the attempts, they go on the offensive, but first, family issues! Okay, character development over, let's go have some more cliched action. The Ark was a bit player, thr ...more
This is a reasonably good concept. Like a lot of these types of books it seems the author formulates the premise and then devises reasons as to why bad guys should chase the good guys around the world trying to kill them.
This inevitably leads to a James Bond-esque scene where the villain explains the logic of his villainy to an incredulous hero as he sets about putting him to death only for the hero to escape and later use the information gleaned to foil his adversary.
The characters are fairly
Fun, entertaining, interesting, and fast moving thriller with just the right amount of romance! Well written characters. Very enjoyable.
Zohaib Ahmed
This book was awesome and different. It was predictable and yet so unpredictable at same time. I was so happy to read this book and i gifted this book to my uncle, who was a heart patient and was on bed those days. He read the book within a day and told me he liked it very much. Me n my uncle has that special bond since childhood and we always share our books. He said he didn't buy this book because he thought it was a religious novel. The purpose of discussing my uncle in the review is that thi ...more
Christopher Farnsworth
Highly recommended for people who like James Rollins, Indiana Jones, and things that are exciting and good.
Yet another beach house find.

Conspiracies! The Bible! Noah's Ark! Crazed evil scientists unleashing deadly viruses! Doomsday cults! Heroic, yet deeply tragic, main guy (with name to match)! The trusty special forces type guy sidekick! Lots of manly bantering! A smart but also, coincidentally, gorgeous-but-doesn't-know-it female archaeologist with the hots for tragic main guy! Gruesome deaths! Exploding helicopters!

All in all a totally formulaic yet entertaining beach read.
Remy Blas
Gary Stu and Mary Sue go on an adventure of biblical proportions.

It may not be the best book I've read but it was certainly fun all the way. That's the short version of what I have to say.

For the extended version...

Tyler Locke is a total Gary Stu. He's an engineer, an ex-militar, he knows about weapons, explosives, vehicles, and all kind of machines and modern almost futuristic devices. He's good looking, rich, smart, strong, fast, knows how to fight, is really brave and always knows what to do
I started this on Sunday afternoon and read it for about 3 hours straight. I then picked it back up on Monday and except for a small nap I read it until the end. I think The Ark could be described as a non-stop thrill ride. The plot feels believable, like something that could really happen but still a fiction story to enjoy. I really liked the characters of Tyler, Dilara and Grant. They were well-developed and I felt I got to know them (though I would love to read another book involving them). T ...more
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Boyd Morrison is an author, actor, engineer, and Jeopardy! champion. He started his career working on NASA's space station project at Johnson Space Center, where he got the opportunity to fly on the Vomit Comet, the same plane used to train astronauts for zero gravity. After earning a PhD in engineering from Virginia Tech, he used his training to develop eleven US patents at Thomson/RCA. Boyd then ...more
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