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3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  8,384 ratings  ·  320 reviews
Writing with all the passion of Love Story and power of The Class, Erich Segal sweeps us into the lives of the Harvard Medical School's class of 1962.His stunning novel reveals the making of doctors--what makes them tick, scheme, hurt . . . and love.From the crucible of med school's merciless training through the demanding hours of internship and residency to the triumphs- ...more
Paperback, 688 pages
Published July 1st 1989 by Bantam (first published 1988)
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I read the hardcover version of this book, which was 679 pages. I started it on a Tuesday evening around 7 p.m. and finished it at 1:00 p.m. the next day. If that doesn't say a lot about the quality of the book, I don't know what does!

Erich Segal continues to amaze me with his storytelling abilities. Not only are his plots interesting, but he makes you really identify with the characters. There are no outlandish plot twists or soap opera dramas - just multi-dimensional characters trying to get t
We can never imagine what kind of life lies ahead of us and this book made me realize that we can never say "never", "I will" or "I can" not until we are right at that very moment wherein we need to make a decision(rational or not). Yes, we can determine what we want to be in the future but we can never foresee the things and changes that we are to encounter. We can do nothing but to choose, and even by just making 1 wrong choice will change something sometime everything and the future will be f ...more
 Δx Δp ≥ ½ ħ
pernah baca yg terjemahannya, untung kemaren dapet edisi inggrisnya di obralan buku impor :D

gak kecewa dg tebelnya :P
buat yang minta reviewnya:
Saya baru membaca buku Segal 2 biji, Love Story dan Doctors ini. Tapi, karena buku ini yang paling tebel, jadi buku ini yg terbaik. hehe

Doctors bercerita ttg seluk beluk kehidupan para dokter. Inti cerita berpusat pada tokoh si Barney Livingston dan Laura Castellano, du
A very well written book, i think one of the rare books that i read in one go. It gives a good description about the daily lives of doctors and their profession. Based on the life of Barney Livingston and Laura Castellano (best of friends). The book is mainly based on their journey through school, medical college and their respective fields. The ups and downs, the rise and fall, the realisations they have. It takes many years for them to realise that what they have is more than friendship. They ...more
When I first read this book I was quite touched with the passion with which Doctors treat their patients..The story revolves around a group of Harvard med school students who have to go through the rigrous training of becoming a doctor.. Some faint during the anatomy classes while a dead body is being disected to study the various human parts.. This reminds me of the incidence when one of my classmates fainted during my 12th science grade biology lab session ..The teacher was disecting a rat and ...more
I picked this book up at a second hand sale. Despite having read it about five years ago and not having been too impressed, I decided to give it another go.

The reasons for my reluctance remained: namely the cliche nature of Erich Segal's characters. I have also read "The Class" and there are similarities as to how he develops his characters in both these books: the gorgeous lead female with brains, the class nerd, the handsome jock, the overachievers, the boy next door, the eventual romance tha
Love every sentence in it. An extremely well-written story which, as a medical student, I could completely relate - with the characters, the trials and tribulations one face through med school life and the weird and nice ones we get as classmates. It also talks about the dog-eat-dog world out there waiting as soon as one shall begin practicing.
For a non medical reader, you'll relish the story and find newfound respect for doctors. For the ones already in the healing profession, its an eye-opene
Harus darimana aku menceritakan tentang buku ini?

Perjuangan hidup seseorang menjadi dokter di tengah berbagai macam himpitan masalah yang mendera mereka di luar pendidikan itu sendiri. Pembaca dibawa untuk memahami bahwa menjadi seorang dokter tidak menjadikan mereka 'dewa'. Mereka juga manusia, sama seperti manusia lain yang berprofesi berbeda. Hanya saja tahun-tahun keemasan dalam hidup mereka harus mereka relakan untuk tersia-sia di ruang pendidikan, masa-masa belajar dan juga saat magang. H
Lynxie Dove
In alot of ways this is my favorite books by Segal. My only complaint about it is that the multiple charecters aren't balanced, (where as in Prizes they were more balanced out.) It concerns 4 people directly, Barney,(who is the lead/catalyst for the story.)Laura,Bennet and Seth.
Seth's charecter is the one left out in the cold, so to speak, but also one who has the most to lose: his integrety.

Other then that though. this book is classic Segal, laughter,sorrow, and at times so heartrending that yo
this is Almost Eriich Segal 's nonfiction based on his Harverd Medical School resident experiance and get marry with his girlfriend who went go through elementary sweet hart.
it was so interesting about how mysterical about medical treeatments since no human is nothing compare to LORD cure for ileness , sickness and desease, even in distress. according to Erich Herverd Medical school graduate famous Love Story author many unknown things to medical fields in Human being. He is very hummble and ver
Merav Gat
read it many years ago and i still remember the story
Do you know how it feels reading an Erich Segal's?
Well for is better than any tv show and second it's a comforting arm when you are somber. When the novel finishes you just think why did it ended..there should be more.

Well DOCTORS is one of the best books I have ever read. The compassion these five people have for their patients and at every low point they never loose hope and have their friends for support and help. There is no doubt it's humorous where it is required. The best thing
This book gave me a lot of insight into the lives of Doctors, and what they have to deal with in their profession. As an engineer, I found this very intriguing. The story follows the lives of a bunch of doctors through their med school, and several years into their careers. The characters (about 5 or 6 of them) are strong and well developed, and are all specializing in different areas. Although it's mainly about the lives of two people (Barney and Laura) who become best of friends and look out f ...more
'Doctors' takes us on a ride to explore the mind of the wanna-be doctors, their experiences in the Med School and how they are transformed after their education. It is quite startling, and more than once it actually takes a while to grasp the true implications of what had happened.
It shows us how med school changes them, each has a different experience with grief and how their beliefs prompt their actions. Be it Barney's decision to write about the mental state of doctors, or Seth's intentions
Minty McBunny
This is one of my favorite books of all time. So much of what I know about the medical profession came from this book, or research this book spurred me to do.

I read it for the first time at age 13 and have probably read it at least 20 times since.

It is always on my list of "desert island' books. To me it's the best book Segal ever wrote and one that I will be reading again and again for the rest of my life.
Story about a bunch of doctors who meet in medical school and where their lives take them. Two of them are best friends from a very young age and their relationship over three decades.

With dramatic twists and life choices, it all comes to a point where the best friends have to make choices involving their family. Old friends come to picture and ending is how the tone of the story is - happy verging on bittersweet.
Dibaca waktu awal2 kuliah, pas lagi belajar anatomi di bab neuroanatomi.

Akan selamanya berterima kasih sama ini buku, karena langsung bisa hapal 12 nervus cranialis berkat "Oh oh oh to touch and feels girls vagina, ah heaven". Dan belum lupa ampe sekarang X)

Tapi dari segi cerita ini, ini dua orang kenapa lamaaaaa bener nyadar sukanya?
Nyindir gw? Hah??? Hah???? *apa coba*
Subhojit Sanyal

'Doctors' was simply awesome in parts and in others- plain outright boring. Sections of it were outstanding, brilliantly portraying the making of doctors,their internal struggles, growing up and the incidents that influenced their outlook as doctors. Euthanasia also came up in a most riveting fashion. I particularly loved the part about the doublecrossings in the research field.

However, it was too splayed out, with unnecessary plot points. Also, as a medical stud
Gladys Dianne
"There are thousands of diseases in the world, but Medical Science only has an empirical cure for twenty-six of them. The rest is... guesswork."


Doctors focuses on the lives of Barney Livingston and Laura Castellano, from when they were kindergartners to them being medstudents and their journey as full pledged doctors. This book gives such a great insight on those aspiring to don the white coat someday.

"All of a sudden, I'm not a person, I'm a robot studying a human."

I am in my third year of meds
Sasitharani Jagadeshprabu
This is i guess the lengthiest book i have read and i never wanted the book to finish...But i had to say good bye.. This is not thriller but still you want to keep turning the pages why is this?? Is Eric a writer or a magician or did he put some spell on the book.. I was totally mesmerized The book has all Friendship Love Parent Love Siblings Love Sympathy Adultery Racism Hatred Office Politics Hospital Politics College Politics How success can come to any body How there are some things beyond d ...more
I first read this book when I was in high school. I absolutely loved it. This, I think, is Erich Segal's best novel. Followed by Love Story.
hmm.. kalo dibilang ko kayanya muter2 ya critanya... tebel banget, bacanya ga habis2 :D
tapi bener2 menggambarkan kehidupan seorang dokter
Inggrika Remalia
This book did make me want to go back, once, to the time where I decided for my major and, instead of choosing that aquaculture engineering field, I would choose to be a doctor. Beautiful in the opening and flow still to the very end of the story. Segal had made a piece of story that is easy-enjoying even with all the drama each character has to contain in the story. It’s just flowing like that, forming a unity, reaching and playing reader’s emotion, and felt so real. I really like the story, th ...more
This book follows the lives of Harvard's med school class of 1962, and I loved every bit of it. Erich Segal's style and kept me on my toes. He chronicled the story with intermittent bits of relevant history that collaborate to the storyline. Lots of jargon - medical and military- that made this a whole lot more interesting. You want medicine, you got it. You want action? Law drama? All melting into one beautiful package. The setting itself being in the nineties adds mystique to its beauty guaran ...more
Tadaa... akhirnya selesai juga baca buku ini -atau akhirnya tercapai juga baca buku ini.
Perfecto... semua aspek kedokteran nyaris dibahas oleh Erich Segal. Lika-liku dari masa kecil-remaja-med school sampai akhirnya menyandang gelar M.D

Karakternya memang memberatkan pada 2 tokoh Barney Livingston dan Laura Castellano, tapi Erich juga membahas nasib para temang seangkatan mereka, contohnya seperti Bennett Landsmann, Hank, Seth, Grete, Peter, Lance, Maury dan masih banyak lagi. Karakternya serta
Asra Ghouse
Before I begin let me clarify about the rating. Goodreads does not allow a 0.5 rating. I actually wanted to rate this 3.5.

When I first read this a few months ago, I liked it a lot. Since I know people in the medical field who have been and who are going through all this, there is a reality quotient in the book that holds me to it. Apart from that, I really like the characterization of this book. So neatly have the profiles been chalked out; it is as if they exist: Laura, Barney and Landsmann!
Arni Purnamawati
Buku yang amat menarik ini berisi perjuangan dua anak Brooklyn, New York untuk menjadi dokter di Harvard Medical School.
Banyak tragedi yang terjadi pada persahabatan platonis mereka. Bagian dalam buku ini yang paling saya sukai adalah usaha mereka dalam belajar untuk menjadi dokter.
Mereka berusaha menjadi yang terbaik di High School, di College bahkan di HarvardMed.
Di highschool mereka berusaha mendapatkan nilai SAT yang tinggi, di college mereka belajar fisika di musim panas agar mengurangi sai
Membaca buku ini membuatku teringat akan novel-novel karya Marga T dan Mira w tentang lika-liku kehidupan dokter, dari sudut pandang mereka yang memang dokter. Erich Segal, meskipun bukan seorang dokter, dapat menggambarkan tantangan dan permasalahan yang dialami dokter sejak kuliah hingga kerja.

Tokoh utama dalam novel ini, Laura Castellano dan Barney Livingston adalah sepasang sahabat sejak kecil, dengan rumah bersebelahan, hobi yang sama (basket), bahkan cita-cita mereka pun sama, yaitu menja
I have heard that every student who joins a medical school reads this book. I do not know how true is that but I liked this book very much even without going to medical school. It is one of those books that I have enjoyed reading multiple times and have felt happy every time I have read it. As the name suggests “Doctors” is a story of group of Medical students from Harvard Medical School. The story starts from their childhood till they become doctors and thereafter
Ikhsan Rahardian
One of my personal favorites.
Magnificent, Tempting, and friendly, I must say.
Why friendly? This book brings you into your most peculiar image of a doctor's life.
Whilst maybe most people thinks that story about doctor are rather boring and full of alienated words and perspective, this book offers rather an eerie pieces of romance of a journey towards living life to the fullest.

The main story emphasized on the life of a boy and a girl, Barney and Laura, in a platonic bond, grew up next to each oth
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Erich Wolf Segal was an American author, screenwriter, and educator. He was best-known for writing the novel Love Story, a bestseller, and writing the motion picture of the same name, which was a major hit.
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