The Silver Boat
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The Silver Boat

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Bestseller Luanne Rice returns with a novel as timeless as the sea on which it's set.

From the beloved New York Times bestselling Luanne Rice comes a heartwarming yet heart-wrenching portrait of three far-flung sisters who come home to Martha's Vineyard one last time. Their mother's beach house is the only place any of them ever found true happiness and they need to begin...more
Hardcover, 304 pages
Published April 5th 2011 by Pamela Dorman Books (first published April 2nd 2005)
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Dale Harcombe
After reading The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson, I needed something that was light and not too taxing. Having read and enjoyed a number of Luanne Rice novels, The Silver Boat fitted the bill. It didn’t require me to think too much but was a light bit of escapism, what I needed at the time.
It tells the story of three sisters Dar, Delia (why choose two main characters starting with the same initial unless there was an obvious reason for it? There wasn’t. ) and Rory who come back to pack up th...more
On the day I received this book, I must say it felt like Christmas. I just loved this novel. I cried at least three times, while reading it, and really related to this story of the three sisters. I felt a kinship with the main character Dar, and her personal struggle to make peace with unanswered stories from her past, her quest to keep her family beach house and her ability to separate her 'self' through her writings (Dar is a fantasy writer in the novel). What's always wonderful about a "Luann...more
I was really looking forward to this book. I have read several others by Luanne Rice and enjoyed them very much. And the cover is so pretty! But I have to say, this book was a disappointment. The good news is that is is a quick, easy read. I finished in 2 days. The bad news is that it is a very forgettable story.

In many ways, it is a slow moving story with not a whole lot going on. And in other ways, there is far too much happening, with too many characters and too much going on. The result is...more
Apr 18, 2011 Monique rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fans of the author and people who like heartwrenching stories...
I honestly can not even review this one...That's how much I truly did not enjoy it at all...It was depressing, slow, and just didn't draw me in at all...I've seen so many books by this author and this one was my first time trying to read one...I don't know if it's just this one that was a complete miss for me or if these types of books just aren't my reading preference...Once again I was suck in by such a gorgeous cover, which it is, it looks even more stunning in, what was in...more
2 1/2 stars, but I'll be generous since it won it as a "First Read," so I'll give it 3 instead of 2.

First, some thoughts....Sometimes I wonder if an established, popular author were to submit a book for publication under a different name, posing as a first time author, would they get published? If they did, how much would their editor or publisher press them for rewrites and edits? But established authors don't do this. Why would they? They would be setting themselves up for rejection and scrut...more
This is the first book by Luanne Rice that I’ve read, though I see her name all the time, and have three of her other books in my To Be Read pile. So I was looking forward to finally experiencing her writing. Unfortunately, I was not overly impressed. I had trouble getting into the story, and found it sort of dragged and at times my attention tried to wander. With some authors, the writing just flows across the page, but that’s not the sense I got here, and I had to make myself concentrate on th...more
When I selected this at the library, I was wondering how this audiobook could be only 7 hours in its entirety (and yes, that is unabridged). Turns out the reason is that the story is ridiculously underdeveloped. I'm not sure a single plot line was wrapped up by the end, or maybe there just wasn't a whole lot to the plot to begin with. Either way, it felt like a book at the beginning of its writing life cycle rather than one that was already published. There were aspects of the story that held my...more
i liked this book. :)
when i first started it, it seemed to have a lot in common with my last read "the lake of dreams". the books both include family drama & angst, mysterious family secrets & history to be solved, east coast "sea side" settings, and a little romance sprinkled in for good measure.

by the time i finished the book, i felt it was a book with a "moral to the story". a book about how time moves on & things change & how we have no choice really but to change with the ti...more
I have read several of Luanne Rice's books and this was not one of the best. I liked the setting of the story and the characters. The relationships between the characters weren't particularly well developed. Dar McCarthy, a recovering alcoholic, artist and graphic novelest is the central character, surrounded by her two sisters, lover and childhood friend. Dar's father abandoned the family nearly 30 years earlier to go to Ireland to look for a land grant that gave him property on Martha's Vinyar...more
Haven't received yet, just received notice I had won! 3/23/11
Just received my copy, hope to start soon. 3/31/11

I finished last night. What a story. Three sisters, meet at their family home on Marthas Vineyard to pack the house because it has been sold. The sisters are so different, and yes, I wanted to slap some sense into one of them. They each struggle with their memories of the house, their mother, their father. The father had left when they were young children in search of proof to his inher...more
Lynn Pribus
This might be a bit better than a two-star, but two stars are "It was OK."

And this was. Suffered, I'm sure, by being read right after STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG which was written with such verve and was filled with literary and contemporary puns and references.

Story of three sisters, mother recently dead, overseeing the selling -- or keeping -- of the family farmhouse on Martha's Vineyard. Includes a search for a vanished father in Ireland. These women must have been pretty wealthy to be flying...more
Luanne Rice's characters are again believable and interesting. Family ties and their "unraveling" and "strengthening" keep the reader engaged. The three sisters, Dar, Delia, and Rory, were fortunate to have memorable summers at Daggett's Way (the big house) and the Hideaway (Dar's small beach cottage located on the west end of the 15 acre property) by the Atlantic Ocean in Chilmark, Massachusetts. It's definitely a great "summer read". If you like books with Irish heritage/"connections" and wish...more
This book is so amazing. I love the way it was written. It was mystical and deep. I truly didn't think I was going to enjoy this book as much as I did.

It is the journey of three very different sisters as they try to deal with their father's evident abandonment and the seemingly unrelated selling of their family home in Martha's Vineyard. The story centers mainly around Dar, an artist who uses her talent to escape her talents and express her feelings. The story leads to a trip to Ireland and eve...more
May 22, 2011 Barb rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2011
I love Luanne Rice's books. The story is so beautifully written that you can feel yourself there but it is not so bogged down with too many words that it is superfluous. This is the story of three sisters that have to sell the family home and try to find out why their father left when they were little. He sailed to Ireland to find a deed to the property and didn't return. This is the story of their journey. I really enjoyed the journey to Ireland as we were just to Cork and Cobh about two weeks...more
Anita Johnson
Dar McCarthy and her two sisters, Rory and Delia, are packing up their family home in Martha's Vinyard that has to be sold now that their mother has died. This was the center of all their happy memories of summers spent by the ocean. Their Irish father, a boat builder, crafted a gleaming white sailboat that he sailed solo to Ireland on to claim something that was owed him. They never saw him after that. This is a beautiful story of family ties that sometimes strangle but in the end hold everythi...more
I thought this book got better as it went along. Three sisters, Delia, Dar and Rory have to sort out their family home before it is sold to pay estate taxes. None of the three sisters has gotten over their father's leaving when they were young but it affected Dar the most. She has created a series of very successful graphic novels about a water spirit named Dulse to deal with her feelings. The sisters decide to travel to Ireland to uncover whatever they can about their father's last journey in h...more
This is my first book to read by this author, but I read it all in one day and enjoyed it. Three sisters meet at their childhood vacation home on Martha's Vineyard to pack up the house before it is sold. They are really saying good-bye to a major part of their lives. I loved their relationship with each other. As with anything, one sister cared more about the house and life, but the other sisters were sensitive to her special sadness at leaving. The story involved a trip the sisters made to Irel...more
Thank you for the priviledge of allowing me the opportunity to read The Silver Boat before it was released for sale. This is an amazing book, all of your senses are in play. Three sisters on a journey to resolve issues from their past & plan for their future.
I felt most drawn to Dar and her relationship to her father. This book takes place in Martha's
Vineyard and in Ireland.This book is a 5 star and a must read for anyone who likes books/stories about
family and especially sisters.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Luanne Rice é daquelas escritoras que têm um ou outro livro engraçado (e engraçado não implica que seja necessariamente bom), mas, no cômputo geral, as suas obras são maçadoras. Algo de masoquista em mim fez com que quisesse ler este livro, mesmo sabendo que outras obras dela não me fascinaram.

Aqui, a estória é tão estranha quanto mal conseguida. Uma imensidão de personagens que, a meu ver, são muito mal construídas. O único elo entre elas é que, de uma forma ou de outra, têm um qualquer "transt...more
Kim N - Lost-In-A-Book
I had a hard time getting into this book for the first approx. 20 pages, but then the story really started to move and I was really enjoying it. I would have rated it much higher but I was very disappointed in how she ended the story. I wasn't happy with the sister's choices and there were too many things that left the reader hanging.

Side note: this error completely floored me: "...As they rose, he gave Pete air. Not with a regulator, and not mouth-to-mouth, but somehow magically he transferred...more
Three sisters with saddened hearts return to the beach cottage on Martha's last time. Due to financial issues, they must sell their beloved family home, even though it has been in the family for generations.

Dar McCarthy lives on the island year-round; she is a graphic books artist/author, and the loss of her beloved father, a talented boat builder, has inspired this fantasy series. Back in her twelfth year, her father Michael McCarthy sailed the Atlantic to Ireland, bent on findin...more
I love this author but I am not sure this book is one of her best efforts. The story is interesting and she revisits her theme of sisters and single parent families headed by loving mothers but a few things bothered me. The emotional damage caused by the father's abrupt disappearance seems a bit unfinished. If they were so deeply hurt that all of them are unable to really become happy adults, why were they so passive? Why didn't anyone travel to Ireland and try to trace the father for 35 years?...more
When Dar McCarthy's mother dies, she leaves her three daughters fifteen acres of Martha's Vineyard that have been in the family for over 400 years, and too many debts to keep either the house or the land. Rory and Delia, who live off-island and have their own families and troubles, come to help Dar pack up. Reminiscing, they think again about their Irish boatbuilder father, who claimed that his family was granted property on the Vineyard 400 years ago by the King. He spent his whole marriage sea...more
Jan 14, 2013 Mj rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: fiction
I wrote this review shortly after reading the Silver Boat in 2011 but just realized it never got posted. Thought I would share my review now.

The Silver Boat is a good read about sibling relationships – each very different people, presented with different life problems, who have gone their different ways but are still connected with a strong bond of love. Their memories of their absentee father who was a dreamer and adventurer are mixed – almost as if they had different fathers, but really more b...more
Regina Spiker
Dar McCarthy, the only sister still living on Martha's Vineyard, has gathered her two younger sisters home, Delia and Rory, to close up Daggett's Way, the old beloved family beach house. Desperately trying to hang onto the 15 acre property, all three sisters fly off to Cork, Ireland, remembering their father's insistent story of a land grant given to the McCarthys. Their father had sailed for the emerald isles, many years before on a lovely ship he had built himself, the Irish Darling, promising...more
It’s the time of the year to begin stockpiling beach reads, and “The Silver Boat” by Luanne Rice, set amid sand and sea, fits right in.
After the death of their mother, sisters Dar, Delia and Rory reunite at the family home on Martha’s Vineyard before selling the beachfront property.
When they were children, their father, an Irishman who had claimed that some of that property had been given by the English king to one of his ancestors, sailed away to find proof, never to return.
When the sisters fin...more
I really enjoy this new style I’m finding in books that deals with relationships and The Silver Boat is right up there on the top of the list. This is the story of three sisters who are each, in their own way, dealing with the death of their mother. They have come together to clear out their mother’s house, a place they tended to gather at certain times each year as a family. After all, they grew up in the house and lived there when their father left to sail solo across the Atlantic to find his...more
Tempo de Ler
Quando ainda eram crianças, o pai de Dar, Delia e Rory, cansado de viver em dependência monetária, partiu para a Irlanda em busca de um documento que provasse o seu direito de nascença, que o creditasse perante a família da esposa e que levasse as filhas a admirarem-no mais… mas Mike nunca mais voltou para a família. Sem saber se a demanda de Mike teria sequer fundamento, a mãe destas três irmãs manteve a família unida com amor, atenção e carinho, tentando compensar a falta do marido. Agora, Dar...more
(Lonestarlibrarian) Keddy Ann Outlaw
A lovely offering from Luanne Rice, with interesting and entirely plausible historic twists related to an Irish family's Martha's Vineyard beach home and land. Three McCarthy sisters watched their boat builder Dad set sail for Ireland decades ago. He phoned once from Ireland but was never heard from again. Oldest sister Dar is an introverted graphic novel author and illustrator, which makes for in-depth character development. We actually go into Dar's mind and soul as she creates. She perhaps fe...more
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Luanne Rice is the New York Times bestselling author of thirty-one novels including THE LEMON ORCHARD (Viking/Pamela Dorman Books.) Five of her books have been made into movies and mini-series, many have been New York Times bestsellers and two of her pieces have been featured in off-Broadway theatre productions. She divides her time between New York City and the Connecticut shoreline.
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