El Evangelio Segun Jesus / The Gospel According To Jesus Christ
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El Evangelio Segun Jesus / The Gospel According To Jesus Christ

4.25 of 5 stars 4.25  ·  rating details  ·  9,918 ratings  ·  563 reviews
Spanish Description: Jose, en lugar de ser carpintero sin ningun tipo de inquietud, es recreado por el autor como un personaje complejo y fascinante, atormentado por la culpa y el arrepentimiento por haber preferido salvar a su hijo antes que alertar a la poblacion sobre las intenciones de Herodes. El evangelio segun Jesucristo, que tanto sorprendio al mundo catolico, pres...more
Paperback, 496 pages
Published September 20th 2010 by Punto de Lectura (first published 1991)
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Feb 23, 2008 Aduren rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: EVERYONE
Jose Saramago is atheist. This should be enough warning for everyone that desires to read the book. It is very explicit and so religion it’s exposed at its weakest and God as a character is revealed. I come from a Roman-Catholic background but I still wanted to read it, ever since the Gnostic gospel where Jesus childhood is revealed and he changes from a mischief bad behave kid to the Jesus from the new testament I wanted to see Saramago’s take on it. Saramago is such a master of words that he m...more
K.D. Absolutely
Apr 22, 2011 K.D. Absolutely rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Joselito
Shelves: religion
This is a bold fearless work and definitely not for the faint-hearted readers. I am not surprised that when this was originally published in 1991, it created lots of controversies with the Catholic Church condemning Jose Saramago for harboring anti-religious vision and his own Portuguese government asking the European Literary Prize to remove this from its shortlist because of the book’s offensive content to religion. Despite this book’s existence, Saramago won the 1998 Nobel Prize for Literatur...more
Imagino Saramago, um ateu confesso, lendo e relendo a Bíblia para reescrever a história do homem mais conhecido que já pisou na face da Terra. Penso também no culhões que o autor teve para levar a publicação adiante. Mexer com religião é coisa séria. Vide a ilíada do escritor Salman Rushdie com seus “Versos Satânicos”. “O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo” é uma obra corajosa e, diferente de textos que só têm como mérito a polemização, também é genial. A concepção de Jesus Cristo e o seu encontro c...more
Feb 17, 2009 Natalie rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: atheists, Christians, and Jews
Shelves: god-is-dead
Or: Adolescent Jesus as Imagined by a Brilliant Authorial Atheist.

That's unfair and reductive, however. Jose Saramago is an atheist, and the book does explore the parts of Jesus' life that most people pretend didn't exist (early adolescence to just before the time when he knew he had Messianic Son-of-God Superpowers), while at the same time gently but firmly questioning the nature of God, divinity, religious fervor manifesting itself as the oppression of others, bizarre religious ritual, and rel...more

ملاحظة في غاية الأهمية
هذه النجوم الخمس لا تعبر عن تضامني الفكري مع ما ذُكر في الرواية من أفكار وأحداث.

قبل ان تشرع في قراءة هذه الرواية .. عليك أن تحضر صندوقا .. ضع جميع آراءك ومعتقداتك عن سيدنا عيسى _عليه السلام_ فيه.. أغلقه بإحكام .. ابدأ بقراءة الرواية ولا تنسى أن تصطحب معك
☂☂☂ مظلة ☂☂☂
لتقيك المصائب التي ستنزل على رأسك لحظة البدء بالقراءة

الانجيل يرويه خوسيه ساراماغو
الرواية تحكي قصة المسيح عليه السلام منذ ولادته حتى ... من وجهة نظر خوسيه ساراماغو والذي
Sonia Gomes
The Vicar was not happy that I was reading, ‘Gospel according to Christ’ for he felt I would lose my faith, as though Faith is not a part of your inner being, but a handkerchief, one misplaces oh so casually.

I am glad I disobeyed him, for this book only made me surer of my faith.

This book shows Christ in all his Humanity, Humanity so naked, simple and beautiful that it humbles you to the core of your being.

If I could say, to this so very Human Christ,

‘Let me but touch the hem of your robe, and...more
Also posted on my blog:i'mbookedindefinitely

Appreciation of this book dictates that you have to contend with two premises:

First: That Saramago's signature writing is characterized by sentences that are paragraphs long occasionally digressing from the thought of the sentence.

Second: That this book is about the humanization of Jesus Christ necessarily entailing innumerable repercussions to the orthodox belief of his 'socially' constructed divinity.

Of the two, I met with some negligible difficulty...more
Hemdan Ahmed
في روايته قصة حصار لشبونة لجا ساراماجو الى تغيير في واقعه تاريخية و افتعل سيناريو مغايرا لما هو معروف لدى المؤرخين وفي النهاية ذلك التغيير لم يغير من الامر شئ الا ان ما اراد ساراماجو ان يقو له هو انه ربما فكرنا في ان الامور لم تجر بمثل هذا الشكل فلابد لنا ان نفكر هكذا

-مرة ثانية و في هذه الرواية يعيد ساراماجو الكره مرة اخرى و لكن هنا يستعرض ساراماجو قدراته المعلوماتية و اسلوبه الفلسفي الفذ في كتابة انجيل للمسيح و لكن بصورة مختلفة تماما غير المتعارف عليها لدى المؤمنين به

ما كان مقبولا في تغيير ال...more
Amy Reed
Jul 28, 2009 Amy Reed rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: smart people
OK, I have officially given up on this book. I have 75 pages left, but I just can't do it. For the last few days, I have picked it up only to put it down again as soon as I read the first sentence five times. I feel stupid. This guy is a Nobel Prize winner, so that must mean I'm an idiot if I don't like him, right?

This book is smart, don't get me wrong. It's obvious a genius wrote it. But I don't read for intellectual stimulation unless I'm in a literature class. Perhaps that makes me a lazy re...more
John Casey
I believe that this novel will ultimately be recognized as the Nobel Prize-winning Saramago's magnum opus (followed ever-so-closely by Blindness). Drawing upon his innate qualities as cynicist, pragmatist and humanist, Saramago deals with a subject that has intrigued so many over the years - the missing developmental/adolescent years of Jesus and the all too human characteristics of self-doubt and questioning that must have incessantly plagued him.

Not surprisingly, Saramago's atheism/agnosticism...more
Let me say at the outset that this book will probably be quite a challenge to anyone who holds (and doesn’t want to let go) a very traditional, orthodox reading of the traditional gospels in the Christian Testament. What Saramago has done here is to IMAGINE a gospel that places at least equal weight on Jesus as divine AND human. He also IMAGINES God (the Father, that is) who might also be both divine and human (as the ancient Greek gods were, with all their jealousies, rivalries, self-interests,...more
Thom Foolery
In this novel Saramago has created a masterpiece, both in terms of style and content.

The prose is musical, poetically evocative of the streams of consciousness and conversation that fill our lives. While Saramago's paragraphs often run several pages in length, and his idiosyncratic use of punctuation (e.g., his refusal to use quotation marks to delimit speech and his insistence on ending all sentences--including questions--with a period) can seem daunting, the fluid, melodic language makes readi...more
Early on, “Mary’s legs were now open, perhaps they had opened by themselves as she dreamed and she did not close them out of this sudden lassitude, or else from the premonition of a married woman who knows her duty […] the holy seed of Joseph poured into the holy womb of Mary” (13), sufficiently heretical without the immediate afterthought: “there are things God Himself does not understand” (id.). Don’t worry--this is merely prelude to Jesus & Magdalena: “Discover your body, and there it was...more
Luglio. Mi serve un libro da leggere sotto l'ombrellone. In un attimo di follia la scelta cade su Saramago. Se conoscete lo stile di Saramago, sapete anche che sole e distrazioni continue non stanno bene con periodi e paragrafi senza fine. Addio Saramago.
Settembre, prima dell'Esame Tosto. Devo preparare l'Esame Tosto, non posso farmi appassionare da un libro! Leggerò Saramago. Che in sostanza vuol dire che l'ho tenuto a portata di mano senza leggerlo mai.
Settembre, dopo l'Esame Tosto. E be', dop...more
Mario Gámez
Muchos dicen que los ateos hablan más de dios (de cualquiera) que los mismos creyentes en ese dios. Eso resulta verdad, por el mero hecho de que somos los ateos quienes, para poder criticar de una manera fundamentada, debemos leer y conocer todo lo referente a dios, sus circunstancias, y sus consecuencias. Entre los autores más recientes que he leído, se encuentran Saramago y Rius (aunque éste último en un tono más directo y persuasivo, siendo el primero más sutil y sarcástico).

La concepción que...more
"Ti mancano gli uomini, Infatti, mi mancano, ed è proprio perché essi vengano a me che tu sarai crocifisso."

Devo confessarlo subito: è stata una lettura lenta, faticosa, cercata e poi allontanata, e per gran parte del romanzo ero certo non sarei andato oltre le quattro stellette. Quella di Saramago è una scrittura densa, vischiosa, le parole e le immagini e i dialoghi sono tutti ammassati, ed è facile perdere la concentrazione, distrarsi un attimo, saltare accidentalmente un rigo, e poi si è cos...more
Saramago, Jose. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JESUS CHRIST. (1991). ****. Although this is an apparently very accessible novel, it is multilayered in its construction. The story, obviously, is the telling of the Jesus saga from his conception to his crucifixion, but with many of the missing parts filled in with extracts from other historical facts and myths – all juggled together to provide a coherent plot. In the first chapter of the book, Saramago starts out with his impression of a painting of the...more
Shaimaa Ali
One of the rarest times ever that i'm not able to rate a book!
Saramago at his best & worst at the same time!!

I've read lots of Saramago novels (Blindness , Seeing, The year of the Death of Ricardo Reis, the Cave, Manual of Painting and Calligraphy, the voyage of the elephant) and still have others by him to read.. My luck lead me today to start reading "The Gospel" as it has a very seductive title..
Knowing that Saramago was an atheist before start reading this novel will make it a bit of a...more
Alberto Schiariti
Saramago, oh, Saramago! Più lo leggo e più la sua scomparsa diventa grande. Sono ateo, non credo in Dio e sono quasi sicuro che la figura di Gesù, come ci è stata inculcata da piccoli, sia una gigantesca bufala.

Magari è un personaggio esistito realmente, ma quello raccontato dalla Bibbia non mi piace. Saramago rivisita con il suo stile impeccabile la vita del presunto figlio di Dio, donandogli uno spessore umano non indifferente. In realtà il racconto parte già da prima della sua nascita, mostra...more
Magistrale e poetica irriverenza.

Non avevo ancora letto nulla di Saramago e, adesso sì, posso dire mea culpa mea grandissima culpa.
E non c’è dubbio che mi riscatterò leggendo ancora e ancora altro di questo grande umanista. Non si ottiene il nobel per caso e solo uno scrittore dotato di eccezionale maestria può permettersi una prosa fatta di lunghi, lunghissimi periodi e una punteggiatura limitata ai pochi punti e alle tante virgole che limitano dialoghi, incisi e continue digressioni. All’iniz...more
Arun Divakar
Nov 22, 2012 Arun Divakar marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: yet-to-finish
I could not finish this work. It is a most magnificient look at the life of the world's most formidable revolutionary and the creation of the most powerful organized religion. This book demands a certain mental make up to ponder deeper into the aspects of being alive at a time when religion and the gods where harsher than a concentration camp or a gulag. I was not in such a state of mind and this was no fault of the book.

Deserves a re-read some other time.
Lewis Weinstein
May 27 ... I've read the first few chapters. What an extraordinary perspective: treating Joseph and Mary as real people, imagining what their lives might have been. Many people object to such imagining, call it heresy, but aren't the Gospels similar imagining, stories written 50-75 years after Jesus' death. Why should Saramago's "divinely inspired" imagination be any less valid?


Saramago has a style of writing dialogue that many may think is brilliant (see all the 5**** rati...more
Mar 24, 2014 DC rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to DC by: Angus
Note: If you believe in Jesus as the Christ, this book will revolt you. It will also challenge your beliefs in the Christian church, in the Bible, and in Jesus Christ himself. Take this book with a grain truckload of salt.

Among the best (non)religious books I have ever read. I love how Saramago portrayed Jesus as a man living in his time, not just a demi-god living amongst morals. I love the notes about women not allowed to have an opinion, about the bloody battle at the temple, about the tempta...more
A che pro?

Gli atei “ferventi” non li capiro’ mai. Sono un po’ come i vegetariani/vegani: hanno scoperto che gli si gonfia meno la pancia ed il senso di colpa a non mangiare carne o solo a cibarsi di erba e ti devono ammorbare sul fatto che lo devi fare anche tu. Cosí, questa particolare categoria, ti deve randellare in testa per convincerti che sei uno sciocco a credere a certe fregnacce.

Saramago si diverte a riscrivere il Vangelo della Chiesa Cattolica, istituzione da lui avversata per tutta la...more
Markus Molina
This is a very thought provoking read, and it's because it kind of picks at a subject not a lot of people like to speak openly about--that is, religion, and especially the parts that are kind of hypocritical in regards to christianity. I was really loving this book, especially the Joseph parts. And I think there is a ton of wisdom in The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, but I did find it to be oddly paced. One of my biggest problems with the book is just a preference thing--You see, when Sarama...more
Napokon pročitala "Jevanđelje po Isusu Kristu" od nobelovca Žozea Saramaga! Još sam puna impresija! Ovo je prva njegova knjiga koju sam pročitala, tako da neću moći praviti neke usporedbe. I šta napisati? Oduševila sam se stilom pisanja (nije džabe čovek nobelovac!), ali i idejom pisca. Stvarno interesantan pogled Isusovog začeća, detinjstva i pre svega onih njegovih adolescentnih godina koje nedostaju u postojećim jevanđeljima. Neću sad prepričavati dejstvo knjige, reći ću samo da uistinu vredi...more
O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo nasce, segundo o próprio Saramago, de uma visão tida em Sevilha, onde o autor julga ver escrito numa capa de revista o título "Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo", posteriormente tem o "tal" click em Bolonha, cidade onde ele escreve os primeiros apontamentos.

Saramago assume-se como ateu!

Assim e de uma forma racionalista que desde logo vai de encontro à filosofia catalólica, porque essa filosofia não se pode dizer que seja racionalista, ele tem a coragem de escrever s...more
Saramago comprende la bellezza e la forza simbolica del racconto evangelico e insegna agli atei come me ad amarlo. Indubbiamente, per chi crede e basa la sua fede sui quattro vangeli canonici, il racconto di Saramago può essere considerato blasfemo: eppure, mai una volta nel suo racconto biasima i fedeli, né si preoccupa di eliminare eventi soprannaturali e miracolosi, che anzi animano la vicenda fin dalle prime pagine. Semplicemente, ed è meraviglioso e al tempo stesso inquietante notare che pe...more
as hesitant as i am to name a "favorite" author, when pressed, it's saramago i choose. this novel contains, as do all of saramago's works, innumerable bold and touching general statements about humanity which are all the more irresistible for their sudden appearances out of long sentences concerned with characters' musings or narrative commentary on the action of the story. this said, the gospel is not an outstanding book within saramago's oeuvre. perhaps i should qualify this by saying that i d...more
As a former Catholic high school student, I started this book fascinated by the idea of the adolescent Jesus, as the gospel covers only a small fraction of Jesus's life (I understand it's not meant to be a play-by-play).

This book veers off from the Gospel from the get-go, and delves into an exploration of the human side of Jesus and his family. It is a long book, and slow, and I reckon it takes some New Testament knowledge to fully appreciate what's going on (although, to be clear, I am not Chr...more
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José de Sousa Saramago (pronounced [ʒuˈzɛ sɐɾɐˈmagu]) is a Nobel-laureate Portuguese novelist, playwright and journalist. He was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party.
His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human factor rather than the officially sanctioned story. Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for...more
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