Afternoon On The Amazon (Magic Tree House #6)
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Afternoon On The Amazon (Magic Tree House #6)

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Jack and Annie are ready for their next fantasy adventure in the bestselling middle-grade series—the Magic Tree House!

Vampire bats and killer ants?

That's what Jack and Annie are about to run into when the Magic Tree House whisks them away to the Amazon River. It's not long before they get hopelessly lost. Will they be able to find their way back to the tree house? Or are...more
Kindle Edition, 80 pages
Published June 9th 2010 by Random House Books for Young (first published August 1st 1995)
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Jack & Annie are still on their quest to find 4 things in order to break the spell that the enchantress Morgan le Fey is under. This time, the object needs to be found in the depths of the Amazon Jungle. Danger lurks around every corner! Jack & Annie encounter Snakes, Marching Army Ants, Jaguars and many other creatures along the way. Will they find the second object? Will anyone help them this time? This book is full of adventure and danger. A msut read for all Magic Tree House readers....more
I said in my review of "Sunset of the Sabertooth" that I loathe these books, so I'm not going to say it again here. Logan actually didn't like this one so much as it fed his already growing fear of dangerous wildlife. And I find that a lackluster story interspersed with a wooden main character reading aloud from a reference book isn't really the way I want Logan to get his facts. In a 67-page story, here is what we got:
--The Amazon rainforest is hot & steamy, has a lot of plants, and is made...more
Amanda Carpenter
As I always say, my 8 year old niece brought me the first 2 of these books to read. She loves them and she wanted me to read them too so we can talk about them. I find them fun and informative for kids about different time periods and different things around the world.

With book 5, I started reading them out loud to my dogs. (I know, you may think I am crazy - but they like them. Well one gets rather scared sometimes, but the other loves to listen). This one was way too scary for the one dog I h...more
The book, “Afternoon in the Amazon” is about a girl and a boy named Annie and Jack. They found a magic house to any where and they decide to go to the Amazon. They travel to the Amazon because they like the animals. When they get there they find a library with a woman inside. Her name is Morgan LaFay. She sends them on a journey to find four items. Throughout their journey they find some of the items. They find a boat and Annie sees a monkey. The monkey throws mangoes at them and follows them. T...more
I think this book lends itself well to a unit study of the Amazon. You can use this as a jumping off point to study animals, geography, weather, etc.

My generic review for the Magic Tree House books -

We've loved them all so far. They are fun, easy to read and contain quite a bit of historical information. We use them as read-alouds, but most elementary/middle school kids could read them on their own.

It does have a touch of 'girl power' at the expense of making the brother seem a little dumb. Th...more
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Rosa Cline
This is sixth in the series of books the Magic Tree House. Although it is a chapter book my son and I sat and read it for about 30 minutes or so. Very interesting, keeping our attention. Just enough 'Science' to keep it educational but yet enough imagination in it to keep it fun too. Looking forward to reading some more.

This was wasn't disappointing after enjoying the first one as much as we did. Each book apparently will have a 'guide' to the two children in the book but to the reader-listener...more
At last i feel loved
I liked it because they went to the amazon and saw diffrent animals

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
A friend got us into these books about 4 months ago and we've probably read 15-20 or so in the series since then. I just chose this one to review because it was one of Eric's favorites.

Eric is 4 1/2 and it feels like we have read every picture book under the sun to him. He likes these because they have some pictures, follow a similiar pattern for each book, are exciting but not too scary, and he learns about new places. We do them as a read-aloud before bed. I would guess he'll be able to read t...more
Miltona 3rd
The Magic Tree House Afternoon in the Amazon is very exciting. They have to go to the Amazon
to get something for Morgan the M person. The amazon is A dangerous place to be. Jack and Anne are the main characters in the book. Jack and Anne have to go to the Amazon to get something for Morgan to free her from a spell. I think every one above second grade should read this book.
The Amazon River runs for 4,000 miles from the mountains of Peru through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon river basin contains more that half the world's rainforests.

Just a couple of the facts to be learned from Jack and Annie's adventure in Afternoon on the Amazon.

The children are continuing their quest to find 4 special objects to help free Morgan from the evil spell that has her trapped. They have a moonstone from their Ninja adventure.

In this book, they find a book open in the tree h...more
Sean's favorite part of this book was the monkey throwing mangoes. When I reminded him that we'd read about vampire bats, snakes and a mother jaguar protecting her baby, he wasn't interested. The crocodile on the cover was cool for him, too. These books aren't great, but they keep Sean interested in reading every night!
Moeko Matsuo
-Random House, level 2
-Time: September 21
-7-word summary: tree-go-Amazon-animals-amazing-leave alone
-Discussion question:
1. Do you want to go to Amazon?
Yes, I do. I want to see many animals that I haven't seen.
2. The main characters were attacked by a jaguar. If you have a same situation, what are you going to do?
Probably, I will run away because I don't think I can beat jaguars.

I liked to read this book because I like the message of this story.
I thought the key phrase was "Just leave them alone...more
Keisuke Nishimura
Magic Tree House, Afternoon on the Amazon
Time: 9/20 60minutes 9/22 20minutes
7-word summary: Boy - Girl - Adventure - Amazon - Animals - Rain forest - Amazing
Discussion questions
1 Have you ever explored in the jungle? If you haven't been there, do you want to go?
A: No I haven't, and I don't want to go to the jungle, because there are a lot of dangerous animals!
2 Have you ever seen animals in Amazon somewhere(zoo or somewhere)directly?
A: No. Recently, I don't go to the zoo. I don't have opportunit...more
Cassie McCown
I really love reading these books with my son, and he loves them too. I like that they are longer than your average picture book, yet they are short enough to read in one sitting. We often read these for bedtime, and by the time I hit that last page, my son is usually drifting off to dreamland. They are interesting and have some great topics to start conversations about the places/times they are written about.

My only complaint, still, is that the wording is sometimes "dumbed down" and the senten...more
I loved the part when Jake Annie went to help a friend named Morgan.You should read this book because its about a brother and sister who go on a adventure together.My favorit part of this book was when Jake Annie are getting attackted by mongos from a monky.I thought this book was awesome Annie is afraid of bugs and there Mom is afraid of mice and Jack Annie really want to have a pet named Peanut could i have a pet mouse.first Jake Annie are trying to help a friend named Morgan get freed from a...more
From back cover..."Vampire bats and killer ants? That's what Jack and Annie are about to run into when the magic Tree House whisks them away to the Amazon River. It's not long before they get hopelessly lost. Will they be able to find their way back to the tree house? Or are Jack and Annie stuck forever in the rain forest?"

We simply love this book series. It is one of the only "chapter" books series that Carson truly loves and asks to read over and over. This one is full of adventure and of cour...more
On the 2nd day of their quest to help Morgan, they are directed to go to the Amazon and in the Amazon they learn that there are 3 layers to the rainforest. That when the animals run for a munching or crunching sound, they are running from army ants. They get into a river and learn about pirhana, snakes and crocodiles. They learn that the Amazon river is 4,000 miles long. They also have fruit thrown at them from a monkey, finally the monkey gets a branch and helps them get to shore and them leads...more
1. Random House, Level?(RL:2.1)
2. 81 minutes
3. rainforest, canoe, snake, monkey, fruit, jaguar, mango
4. Do you want to travel the Amazon river by canoe?
-No, piranhas live in the Amazon river, do it it very dangerous.
5. This book is the 6th story of magic tree house. In this series, the same words sometimes appear, so I can understand them more and more. Characters met with misfortune in this rainforest. A monkey helped them from jagar, so if this monkey did not appear, characters was not able to...more
Tomoya Sugiyama
1.Do you like a Mango?-Why?/Why not?
A.No,I don't like Mango. I don't know why I don't like it. I can eat it,but I don't want to eat.
2.Do you want to go to the Amazon Rain Forest?-Why?/Why not?
A.I don't want to go,because there are many dangerous cleachers in Amazon, so I'm sucarely.

Before reading this book, I'm afraid of Amazon, because there are many danerou...more
Maya Orama
This book was about this boy named jack and this girl named Annie. They have an adventure to go to the Amazon forest.

Jack and Annie saw birds and butterflies when the magic tree house brought them to the amazon. Outside by the while they road on a canoe, the monkey was throwing a fruit and Annie Said stop it and he stop. During there boat ride they lost an oar. Jack was looking for vine to pull the canoe towards land since there were corcidias and priahinas in the the river. The monkey saved th...more
Title: Afternoon on the Amazon

Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Series: Magic Tree House #6

Rating: ★★★

Summary: Vampire bats and killer ants? That's what Jack and Annie are about to run into when the Magic Tree House whisks them away to the Amazon River. It's not long before they get hopelessly lost. Will they be able to find their way back to the tree house? Or are Jack and Annie stuck forever in the rain forest?

Review: Swimming with alligators and canoeing down waterfalls... Fun-filled adventure!

In this book, Jack and Annie went to a jungle in South America. They crossed a river on a boat and then found a monkey that gave them an orange fruit and another fruit. It was a good book because I liked the adventure.Reese also read this book and this is what she has too say about it:Jack and Annie have an extroardinary mission given by Merlin le fey to travel to the amaizing Amazon rainforest,they half to go through many,many diffrent animals such as snakes,crocodiles,monkeys,army ants,vampire...more
This story was an adventure because I really got to get involved in the action. I enjoyed the canoe ride don the Amazon River and how all the colors and sounds burst to life, I swear I have an "Inkheart" imagination.

The special item form the rain-forest was a stumper for me despite the answer being thrown at me repeatedly, and I mean that literally. The book was more adventure than anything else in my view. While it wasn't my favorite, I remember reading it before Book 5 because the cover seemed...more
Magic tree house #6 Scholastic Inc
Mary Pope Osborne ISBN0-590-96542-5

The magic tree house is about an eight-year old Jack and a seven-year old sister who climbed into the tree house. The tree house was magic. They were finding peanut, their pet mouse. In the tree house there were many books and Jack and his sister read a book and wanted to go to there so, they touch that place of that picture and said “I wanted to go there and then they magically went to the amazon. I like it because it is myst...more
In Afternoon on the Amazon, Jack and Annie are hopelessly lost in the rain forest where they encounter big bugs, plants, and animals they've never before seen. Peanut, the mouse Annie found when Morgan le Fay disappeared, helps them find their way back to the magic tree house. However, they can't get back home to Frog Creek, Pennsylvania until they find one of the special things they need to save Morgan le Fay. A monkey, who tries to help them all along, brings them the special thing they need.....more
Sarah Sammis
A couple years ago, possibly three, my son was given a starter set of Magic Tree House books. One of those books was Afternoon on the Amazon by Mary Pope Osborne.

Jack and Annie are sent via the tree house to the Amazon to track down clues to find and understand Morgan Le Fey. They have to run from killer ants, crocodiles and other dangerous creatures. The book lacks the plotting of later volumes. Jack and Annie mostly just run for their lives throughout the book so it doesn't have much in the wa...more
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Mary Pope Osborne has channeled a lifelong love of exploration and travel into one of the most popular children’s book series of the past two decades. With her fantastic Magic Tree House series, Mary Pope Osborne keeps the good times rolling for kids all over the world.
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