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From Bad to Cursed (Bad Girls Don't Die, #2)
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From Bad to Cursed (Bad Girls Don't Die #2)

4.22 of 5 stars 4.22  ·  rating details  ·  4,617 ratings  ·  433 reviews
Alexis is the last girl you'd expect to sell her soul. She already has everything she needs--an adorable boyfriend, the perfect best friend, and a little sister who's finally recovering after being possessed by an evil spirit, then institutionalized.
Alexis is thrilled when her sister joins a club; new friends are just what Kasey needs. It's strange, though, to see how fas...more
Hardcover, 442 pages
Published June 14th 2011 by Hyperion
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Jul 25, 2012 Bern rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Bern by: Everyone. You, there. You got hands? Pick this up.
Not meaning to start the review with a deeply intrusive and definitely impolite question, but doing so anyway:

Have you ever looked at yourself on the mirror and disliked what you saw? You probably didn't even look that bad, but because you felt like scrutinizing every single detail of your features and comparing it to everybody you know, suddenly you deem your eyes too far apart or too close together; your nose too small or too crooked; you cheekbones way too high and what the hell did you do to...more
Kat (Le Pauvre Cœur)


Dear My Library;


I finally made a personal request to the library and they ordered it for me.
Nevermind! :D

Eileen Lepetit
Evil teenagers. Isn’t that redundant? Oh, just kidding.

Anyway, Bad Girls Don’t Die: From Bad to Cursed is full of evil teenagers. A sequel to Bad Girls Don’t Die, a book I absolutely loved, the story brings back pink-haired Alexis Warren, and her formerly possessed sister Kasey who has just been sprung from a mental institution.

Kasey’s reappearance has Alexis on edge (she did try to kill the entire family) and threatens to derail what had been shaping up to be an excellent school year. Her siste...more
Comments: how can I say this? Awesome ? No it was better than awesome it was a page turner you see I never get bored with this book. These are one of the books which I will spend my money buying it. The action scenes are great and it is never predictable which I love about it.
Plot = After witnessing how scary a ghost can get, Alexis continue with her life but when she met the Sunshine Club everything changes. At first she is just in it because of her sister Kasey but as she goes on she knows it'...more
little machines
This review is also available over at my blog.


Holy crap.

This series is seriously close to being my favorite YA ghost series ever. Like, really.

The story continues a few months after the events of the previous book. Kasey has went home from the mental institution she was sent to, and no evil spirits or ghosts have harmed Alexis. Then, all of a sudden, a new girl appears in their school, Adrienne, who Kasey eventually starts to get close to. Alexis soon finds out that Kasey's...more
May 03, 2012 Dorian added it
A couple months ago, I read Bad Girls Don't Die, and loved it. I was so excited when I got the sequel, From Bad to Cursed. This book did not disappoint my expectations. Do not get it confused with the first book though; it is a very different sort of a book. It is still very well done though, and this series is definitely one of my new favourites! And the third one is coming out this May!

Reasons to Read:

1.Creepiness Factor:
I actually found this book to be a lot creepier than the first. There wa...more
Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews)
I found this sequel to be better than the first book. Even though I still felt that the main character holds her sister emotionally at arm's length all the time, by the end of the book I felt they were getting emotionally closer. I had a hard time with how she treated her younger sister in the first book, especially before she became possessed. In the second book here I understood why she was always suspicious of her behavior, but I am so happy they were able to overcome that weirdness by the en...more
Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and disliked what you saw? You probably didn't even look that bad, but you could easily point out every single flaw you had. You noticed everything that nobody else saw. Why was your face so greasy? Why were your eyes so close together? Why was your nose too big? And why in the world did your hair look like a rats nest?
What about your friends? What did you do to deserve to have only one? Why were your grades so low, why wren't you good at anythin...more
Allison (The Allure of Books)
From Bad to Cursed by Katie Alender is the second book in the Bad Girls Don’t Die trilogy. I found a lot more depth and meaning in this novel than I expected to find! Beyond just containing a really creepy ghostly mystery, I think the characters’ experiences added extra layers to the story.

Teenagers have a long history of searching for a way to feel beautiful and popular. The lengths some will go to (especially girls) can get really out-of-hand. That is definitely true in this novel! Kasey, who...more
Zabet The Dark Empress of Dark Chocolate
This and other reviews can be found on Reading Between Classes

Cover Impressions: This cover fits really well with the first in the series. The girl has a seriously intense and chilling stare and begs the reader to ask whether she is emerging from the door or protecting what is within. While her expression is dark and menacing, her outfit is sweet and child-like, presenting a wonderful contrast. The scroll work on these covers always adds a delicate detail that adds interest.

The Gist: Alexis has...more
(This review can also be found on my blog: The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl).

After reading the first book in this series, Bad Girls Don't Die, I knew I had to read From Bad to Cursed. I must admit that I was a bit wary of reading the next book as usually sequels aren't as good as the first book. However, all my worrying was in vain. This book turned out to be amazing just like the first.

Alexis and her little sister are back in this second book in the Bad Girls Don't Die se...more
Blending horror and humor, From Bad To Cursed is sure to be unforgettable. Taking all the amazing elements of the first installment and amping up the stakes for this newest addition, it is the perfect novel to read just after dark, with every single light in the house on. From it's characters to it's break-neck plot, From Bad To Cursed is original and yet, somehow, completely familiar.

I mentioned before in my review of the first novel, Bad Girls Don't Die, that horror novels are tricky to pull o...more
Jan 26, 2011 Sarah marked it as to-read
Oh my gosh! I loved Bad Girls Don't Die!! I loved every second of it, and I seriously couldn't put it down! I love all of the characters! Especially cute Carter. :) Anyways there's more?? I'm so excited!!! Thank you so much Katie Alender!!
I was so excited to start this! Alexis was back and after loving the first book I could only imagine what her next adventure would be! And now that I've read it, I can't say it was as good as the first. But I reallyyyy liked the first so it was pretty hard to raise the bar even more.

The one thing that bother me, was the fact that Alexis seemed somewhat changed. In the first book Alexis didn't care about what other people thought, she'd be doing her thing and the hell with the people who thought...more
Kate ★
Katie Alender has been consistent in making this book as good as the first one. I have high expectations for horror books because I am a fan of the genre, and so far this series hasn't been disappointing.

Kasey was finally back home after the dangerous involvement with the vengeful spirit, Sarah. Things had been hard considering that people became suspicious of her disappearance. That's when the Sunshine Club got involved. There was a promise of betterment in all aspects if you let go and give in...more
How do you give half a star? Haha, just to be clear, I give this book 4.5 stars. Not .5

When I got my hands on this, I was super happy! As usual, I devoured it like a maniac. This book didn't send chills as much as Bad Girls Don't Die did, but it's just as well written. I liked the unusual twist that she actually KNEW what was going on and didn't try to stop whatever was happening to here because she had seemed oblivious to the fact that they're worshipping something supernatural and reaping so...more
Erin M.
4.5 Stars

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! This book was book was amazing! It was unlike anything I've ever read befor (besides the first book in the series of course). Seriously though, it was a nice break from the usual paranormal books I read. Or any books I read.

After nearly a year at a mental institution, Alexis's sister Kasey is back home. Things should be perfect. Alexis has a best friend, a boyfriend, a loving family, and might get a $5000 scholarship for photagraphy. However, Alexis's sister is in trouble...more
I think that the book From Bad to Cursed is a great book. It was so exillerating and you just never wanted to put it down.It is about this girl named Alexis Warren who had a perfect life until last year when her sister got possessed by a a evil doll who died in there house a really long time ago,and there house burned down because her sister burned it down. But she thinks this year will be different and nothing crazy will happen to her. But little did Alexis know that her life is going to change...more
Brooklyn Teen-central
Reviewed by BF, age 12

From Bad to Cursed is the sequel to the first book in the Bad Girls Don't Die series, Bad Girls Don't Die. Alexis' younger sister, Kasey. has returned home from a mental hospital after being possessed by a pugnacious and grudge-holding ghost who wreaked havoc on Alexis' town. Now, she tries to give Kasey a second chance and is ecstatic when she joins the Sunshine Club, where she is able to socialize with other girls who do not hold her unfortunate past against her. It is la...more
My enjoyment of this book is on par with the 1st book. The author did a great job, I felt scared, really scared, and at one point I was like going "oh shit!"
I don't use that expression very often haha.

The only issue I had with this book was towards the end, I find the pacing a bit too fast. And wished that I hadn't read the summary on the back cover, a little spoiler there.

Other than that, it was perfect.
Ryan Davis
This book was fantastic! I did not know it until I was looking for the next book, but this is actually book #2 out of a series of 3. I never knew that I was missing anything from the prior book so it all turned out well. Anyways.....this book had so many twists and turns that at times I was pulling against Aralt (the evil spirit), then the next moment pulling with him (for reasons you have to read about), and back/forth/back/forth etc. This isn't a horrific scary book, but it put you on the edge...more
Tayla Anderson Robichaud
Wow. I read the first book in high school for summer reading. I am so glad I finally picked up the second. The first book is a little foggy to me but as I was reading it slowly came back to me. This book was scary and awesome and great! I love kasey so much, she's a great sister. (view spoiler)...more
This book is scary, even scarier than the first book, Bad Girls Don't Die. How do I begin to explain it? Okay, first of all, I loved the fact that this time, it was Alexis who was possessed. Wanna know why? Because it is scary reading the point of view of the possessed. And (view spoiler) was unexpected and really really creepy, and the last part, oh my gosh. Sweet caramel cause. It ended with a cliffhanger!How am I supposed to survive now?
Allayyah Bush
Oh my goodness this book was absolutely amazing! I thought it was just as awesome as the first! It is really different from what the first one was about, but it still has the the same characters, including a few new ones, the same super creepy factor, and the same amazing and addicting writing and story! Katie Alender is one of my new all time favorite authors! I love her and her books! This book was amazing! 5/5 stars!
Really good! such an experience reading it. I was thrilled every time. Right after I read it, it made me wonder, what if the most powerful, successful and eligible women of the world are somewhat connected to each other and all just beneficiaries of some kind of powerful spirit that's why they are who they are today? hmmmm.
I could not put down this book. It is about a girl named Alexis she has everything you need in life, but that does not stop her from giving her soul to a spirit. Her little sister just returned from an asylum(she went there because a spirit took control of her). Alexis convinces Kacey to join the Sunshine club with her, her sister needs to try and fit in with a new group of people. Alexis notices that all girls in that club transform from weird to popular. Alexis and Kasey discover that the club...more
Roxana Abdoly
I finished this book in about 5 hrs excluding my sleeping time. Whereas the first book was an introduction to the series and although good wasn't something I could connect to on a personal level; this one I could.

In 'From Bad to Cursed' I find myself relating to the need to be pretty and how steep the price might be to get that. This book takes a paranormal turn on a common problem and honestly it sends the world's biggest message across; the price can out way the outcome.

This book was amazing...more
I really enjoyed this book! It's dark and chilling but still relatively linked to normal life (minus the ghosty bits!) I enjoyed it so much that I read it in just under two days! Even though the start was a bit slow, there's a lot of fast paced action toward the end, the final chapter of the book has made me really scared which is a bit pathetic I know, but I always find a scary book scarier than a scary film. This is because a book lets your imagination run wild! You can imagine the appearance...more
When I started this book, I had no idea that it was the second to a series. However, that did not affect this book at all. I really loved it. It kept me on the edge of my seat. It had a great weird twist to it that didn't let me put the book down!
.....stupid people annoy me....and not learning from the past when it was such a HUGE lesson is stupid....therefore yes, they annoyed the bejezzus out of me!

I see all these 4 & 5 star ratings....and I just don't understand why...
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Katie Alender (rhymes with “calendar”!) grew up in South Florida, which probably explains the recurring alligator dreams (one of which is documented in Bad Girls Don’t Die). She is the third of four children (three girls and a boy) and the child of three very loving and encouraging parents.

She attended high school at the Palm Beach County School of the Arts, studying Communication Arts. From there...more
More about Katie Alender...
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“Stay sunny, we said to each other.
Because if you don't the whole world will know you're a monster.”
“As I went to stand up, I felt a tiny point of pressure on my back.
"Don't move," Kasey whispered.
I stayed bent over.
"Drop the knife," she said.
"Excuse me, I'm using it," I said.
She swallowed hard. "For what?"
"Mom and Dad. You."
The pressure on my back increased. "Drop it, Alexis."
Drop it? Like I was a bad dog running around with a sock in my mouth.
"How long will this take?" I asked, setting the knife on the floor. "I'm in the middle of something."
Get in the bathroom," she said.
The faster I indulged her, the faster it would be over with. So I walked into the bathroom. She followed, kicking the knife toward the end of the hallway and flipping on the bathroom light.
"What's this all about, Kasey?" I asked, turning around. At the sight of my face, she gasped, and the point of the fireplace poker she was holding wavered in her hands. I realized a second too late that I'd missed my chance to grab it and smash it into the side of her head.
"What's happening to you?" she whispered.
I glanced in the mirror. The darkness had begun to spread from my mouth and eyes. It leached out in inky puddles with thin tendrils of black snaking out in delicate feathery patterns.
What's happening to me? What was she talking about?
"So you have a pointy stick," I said. "Big deal. get out of my way."

"What are you going to do?" I sneered.

"Poke me?"
'I'll hit you, Lexi." Her face was stony. "As hard as I have to."
Whatever. I'm really not in the mood.
"Can we talk about this in the morning?" I asked. After I kill you?
"No," her eyes hardened. "Get your toothbrush."
"Pick up your toothbrush, and stick it down your throat."
"Do it," she said.
"Ugh, fine. You're sick, you know that?"
"Get in the tub."


I stuck the toothbrush into my throat. Instantly, I gagged and doubled over.
"Do it again," she said.
"God Kasey," I cried. Stabbing people was one thing. But making them barf- that was just disturbing.”
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