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Under Wraps (Underworld Detection Agency, #1)
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Under Wraps (Underworld Detection Agency #1)

3.43 of 5 stars 3.43  ·  rating details  ·  2,074 ratings  ·  260 reviews
Sophie Lawson 32, human narrator, sees through magic veils, works for the Underworld Detective Agency below San Francisco Police HQ. Her boss Pete is a handsome werewolf - missing. Her roommate Nina is a fashionista vampire with teen nephew Vlad. Her new partner gorgeous detective Parker Hayes is not what he seems. A killer takes eyes, blood, hearts - is Sophie next?
Paperback, 330 pages
Published March 1st 2011 by Kensington (first published January 1st 2011)
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I have to review this on my shelves because THIS COVER IS SO MISLEADING I CANT EVEN STAND IT IM SO MAD!!!!!

So, I do NOT like the really frothy romantic comedy-type chick-lit books, and that's why I feel like my rating does not represent this book well, but I feel like the publisher is being PAID TO SELL A BOOK to the CORRECT AUDIENCE and this cover implies:

-Badass chick
-Edgy world
-There might be fire or crap blowing up in the background



I don't even know how to rate...more
This book was dreadful. The author and the editor should be ashamed to their core for putting this out there.

1. In case you've ignored all the other reviews, the cover is completely and totally wrong.

2. The 'hero' is a complete and utter asshole. Not bad boy asshole, but very racist and crude, drunk, Republican brother in law at Thanksgiving asshole. And the author seems to think that the readers should overlook this and root for him to get laid by the heroine because he is so hot. Seriously.

Ann aka Iftcan
Ok, the cover on this book is more than a bit misleading. Fortunately, I KNEW that, having read the reviews over on Its more UF-lite than anything else. The heroine is a "plain Jane, vanilla norm" who works at the Underworld Detection Agency as the administrative assistant to the head of the SF branch. And, despite the Detection part of the name--think more Social Services than Mickey Spillane.

Sophie Lawson joins the legions of other red-haired heroines of UF chronicles, except that...more
I had high hopes for this book, the synopsis sounded good, but for me at least, the execution wasn't there. Sophie seemed to me to be a boy crazy bubble head. I couldn't stand the way random thoughts would pop into her head, about men, being on a case and thinking it was going to be like CSI. After 60 pages of this I had to give it up. This one just wasn't for me.
Grace Fonseca
Don't let the cover fool you. This book was awesome. I loved the characters and the world building. Really like the twists and turns that this book took. I really didn't expect a lot of the turns that this book took.

What I liked about this book was that this book had a mystery in it. I'm a sucker for a good mystery. The mystery starts off like any other mystery would. Detective Parker Hayes comes to the UDA which is short for the Underworld Detective Agency, where our heroine Sophie Lawson work...more
If you are judging Under Wraps by its cover, resplendent in leather and holding a sword, magic immune leading lady Sophie - who works for the Underword Detection Agency - looks like shes ready to kick backside and take names. This is not the case, instead, the Underworld Detection Agency is really much more like Social Services for the supernatural (Fill that out in triplicate. Next.) And Sophie who is far more likely to be found in twin sets, pencil skirts and sensible shoes is executive assist...more
Fiendishly Bookish
3.5 Stars.

Hannah Jayne’s light-hearted debut Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles Under Wraps centers on breather Sophie Lawson a seer (who has yet to come into her powers) and who works in the rather unusual UDA, 37 floors below the San Francisco Police Department. Beneath the hilly streets of above, the UDA handles the immigration, immersion, law and enforcement, inter-species disputes, and general hub of the Underworld population. Think MIB but for the Underworld or the civil servant offic

Ghadeer A
2,5 stars
Well covers can be deceiving ,there was a redheaded chick and there was a sword but that is all she is no Kate Daniels I can tell you.
The story wasn't that bad but the heroine cries ALOT I mean she is 32 going on 12 it is like she's in a constant case of PMS really .it was annoying .And since the story was told from her POV it was rather confusing to get what she really feels about some people and she did somethings that did not make sense at all.( like the scene in the club with the 2...more
All Things Urban Fantasy
Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy

The cover art for UNDER WRAPS is completely gorgeous. It’s also completely wrong for this story. Just by looking at it, you would expect a dark, gritty urban fantasy featuring a tough and sexy protagonist, right? Wrong. UNDER WRAPS has a decidedly more playful, chick lit tone with a hapless heroine who is almost the polar opposite of the fierce looking model on the cover. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does give the wrong impression.

Now that...more
I have really been looking for something different to read, but stay in the world of Vampires, Werewolves, Fae etc. Under Wraps is just what I was looking for and much much more! Sophie works for the UDA the underworld Detective Agency. She is the only mortal living there; well she’s kind of mortal her ability to not be affected by magic helps out in a world where everyone uses magic in the Underworld. Her boss Sampson is a hot werewolf, her best friend is a vampire, and her grandmother was a se...more
This review was first posted on

Under Wraps is that rare gem of a novel--something you find quite by accident and without knowing much about it. I found it during one of my incredibly long searches on Amazon, and after I featured it one WoW, Hannah contacted me to offer a copy for review. I jumped at the chance, and I'm so glad I did. Hannah Jayne's debut is fun, funny, sexy and deliciously creative. The book world is full of Urban Fantasies. It takes talent to stand o...more
Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews
Under Wraps is the first book in the Underworld Detection Agency. I would have to agree that the cover of the book is definitely misleading and doesn’t portray out heroine correctly. Sophie has no clue how to use any weapons to protect herself or anyone else for that matter. The only thing they get close is her hair color. Maybe Jayne is looking into Sophie’s head when she daydreams that she can be like her vampire roommate Nina, and dress in leather, or believing that she can be another Charlie...more
Joshua Burns
As seen on

I am tempted to take Under Wraps to town for its bland title, throwaway drama, annoyingly plain narrator, and revolving door of side characters which come off more as caricatures. But that would be to waste gas. Under Wraps excels at shining light on the little guy, specifically a troll by the name of Steve, who refers to himself in the third person, dresses like a porno agent, smells funky as rotten potatoes, cheese, and rotisserie chicken, moves furniture in Sophie's o...more
That was AWFUL! I can't remember the last time I read such a terrible book. I made it through 150 pages and then I had to drop it because it was so bad! I can't believe this got published in the first place and some people actually like it. The jumpy plot aside, the heroine was such a manhungry wimp that I wanted to slap her. She made me embarrassed of being a woman, that has never happened before!

She is all about fluffy baths and fluffy bathrobes and fluffy bread while watching reruns of Gossip...more
This cover has caused a bit of a stir among readers.

So, without giving too much of the story away. I'll tell you how I feel about this book now that I have finished it.

It was a slow start for me, because as it has been stated by others . . the cover and story don't match 100%. So, that in itself threw me for a loop. However, once I got past the first few chapters . . I was hooked. At one point I was laughing so hard, my 3 yr old told me to quiet down. I myself, never felt like I had the book fig...more
Kenya Wright
GRANTED I barely got to 4% on my kindle.

-The author thinks she's funny but she is not.

-The main character was annoying.... Great advice to someone writing a book is that the first chapter should tell you what the entire book will be about. for example: murder mystery... the protagonist finds a dead body in first chapter. the first chap in this book said: This is about an annoying awkwardly hormone driven adult woman. You will be listening more to her dumb thoughts then learning about the world...more
With every new book you read, especially in the paranormal detective genre, you take it with a grain of salt. Some work out fabulously and some, not so much. This one fell in the not some much category. I'm not saying I HATED it, but I can't say I really liked it either. What most of the reviewers says is true. The front cover really has absolutely nothing to do with the book. It's almost like they took small fragments of the storyline to make up a model for the cover. The fact that the main her...more
Dark Faerie Tales
Quick & Dirty: The suspense and danger of this story sizzle out and was never fully fleshed out. Unfortunately, this entry to the paranormal subgenre barely registers.

Opening Sentence: This was why I didn’t do magic.

The Review:

Sophie Lawson has been tasked with assisting detective Parker Hayes’ murder investigation. Matters are further complicated when her boss goes missing. Sophie and Parker work together to solve the murders and find out what happened to her boss.

Under Wraps is the first b...more
This was a great book, many have complained that the cover does not match the story itself. With that said this book was funny and witty. You fall in love with all the characters.

Sophie Lawson is an administrative assitant in the Underworld Detective Agency. Which is a DMV for the undead and magical beings. Most humans do not know the existance of the agency let alone work there. Sophie is a human in which magic has no effect on. When a series of murders take place in San Francisco leading to t...more
Review originally posted on my blog: A Book Obsession..

Sophie Lawson has an unusual job. She works for the Underworld Detection Agency, assisting the creatures that go bump in the night to make their transition into the regular world. Unlike the rest of the staff, she's human. Although, she isn't quite ordinary as magic cannot touch nor harm her, she has complete immunity. If they knew, other humans would think her insane for immersing herself in this world, but to Sophie, it's just everyday lif...more
Review brought to you by OBS staff member Verushka

On first glance from the cover, this seems to be a relatively run-of-the-mill underworld fantasy, but I have never known a book to have such a misleading cover before. Sophie, our heroine is exactly the opposite of the woman in the cover, in fact. Sophie is the only human who works as an executive assistant to the kindly werewolf head of the Underworld Detection Agency, Mr Sampson. Think of the agency as underworld bureaucracy in one place. Her b...more
Let's go through the 'Guaranteed to Get Lexie's Attention' Checklist:
+ Chick with Sword on Cover CHECK
+ More Snarkiness then you can toss a boot at CHECK
+ Sassy Paranormal Best Friend CHECK
+ Interesting City CHECK

So it has all these things. Theory states that if you give a Lexie her favorite tropes she is BOUND to enjoy the book.

Well I was never very good at science.

The problem is Jayne tried entirely too hard to make Sophie the sassiest, coolest non-magical person in the entirety of Urban Fanta...more
Marilou Goodwin
First sentence: This is why I didn't do magic.

Moves on to show the dragon in her office is breathing angry fire on a "Gestalt witch and UDA Accounts Payable shark" or possibly Nina the vampire, settled in an overly-dramatic sitcom-style fight. Then: "I looked over the counter and did a sweep of the UDA waiting room. It was crowded, shin to shoulder, with the usual eleven o'clock crowd of minotaurs, gargoyles, Kholog demons, and trolls...."

Where I stopped reading?

Next page, page 5. There's a qui...more
smexys_sidekick (Tori-Smexybooks)
Originally posted at

Favorite Quote: “Anyone under three feet tall gives me the creeps; including my kids.“

Sophie Lawson is an “executive assistant” for the head of the UAD-Underworld Detection Agency. Considered a “norm” or “breather” in this all supernatural word, Sophie’s claim to fame is that she is a null. Meaning nothing magical works on her or against her. So Sophie spends her days wrangling all that is supernatural into neat productive beings. Rath...more
reviewed by http://urbanfantasyinvestigations.blo...

As others have mentioned this book is not like the cover. The cover is fantastic and one of the big reasons why I picked up the book in the first place, it makes it seem like Sophie is going to be a kick butt fighting chick which isn't the case. The book is light, fun and filled with a fantastic cast of different paranormal creatures. Sophie is the only mortal with the UDA and gets involved in a case with a sexy detective from the mortal world...more
This novel has a completely misleading cover. The cover shows a kick-butt female that is dressed in leather and is glaring at the reader. The main character, Sophie, is not a kick-butt vampire slayer. Instead she is a rather weak character that is rather timid and unsure of herself. However, there are some really really funny scenes and descriptions of things. For example, this paragraph on pg. 3 made me squirt milk from my nose.

"So, not only do I not do magic, magic can't really be done to me....more
No no no no

1star- x100

I was not even through 1 / 3, it sucked!

I saw the front page and thought "Ohh nice" and read story and felt that it could probably have quite a lot potensial.


All characters are disturbed, the main character had weird mood swings and "hero" is just annoying and all feels so flat and fake ...
no one has any good moves, exaggerated, annoying and bad personalities.

and the story?
It the most sucked... SO MUCH
All paranormal facts are just wrong, sure, the most author have di...more
Jacee James
I had a wonderful time delving into the Underworld with Hannah Jayne's characters. The plot was fast and fun and the characters had me laughing. Under Wraps is on my keeper shelf. I am looking forward to book #2.

I do have to add, in reference to the cover, that I find it irritating that so many people are peeved about it. If you don't know, and most people probably don't, the author has ZERO control over what the cover looks like. The point is to make you pick it up and want to turn it over and...more
C.L. Bevill
Sophie is a nonmagic human working in the Underworld Detection Agency. Things happens. She knows bunches of funky nonhumans like her vampire roomie, Nina, who is a clothes horse. Werewolves, trolls, dragons abound. Who can go wrong with that?

I enjoyed the humor in this one. It's more like paranormal chicklit.

My cons: I hate that the cover is all super UF heroine and the actual heroine is anything but. I mean she's got a huge honking sword on the cover and I can't remember her having a sword in t...more
This is the first in the underworld detective agency books and it was a great first in series for me! I really enjoyed it.
Sophie Lawson works in the underworld detective agency which caters to all the creatures of the underworld (funnily enough)! Sophie herself stands out a bit in the fact she is human but she does have one thing different about her in the fact that she is immune to magic.
When a rash of murders means she has to help a normal detective investigate as it looks like it might be ca...more
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Hannah is the author of the UNDERWORLD DETECTION AGENCY CHRONICLES from Kensington books and the upcoming young adult thrillers TRULY, MADLY, DEADLY and SEE JANE RUN available from Sourcebooks, Inc. When she's not battling the demons of the Underworld or tackling a murderer at Hawthorne High, Jayne kicks her feet up in her San Francisco bay area home and attempts to share couch space with two enor...more
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“I wanted to be afraid, especially when I saw the long,thin sword he carried in his hand, but I couldn't.

The man was wearing a Snuggie.”
“Fanpires ?"
"Breathers who pretend to be vampires. Anytime a new vampire movie comes out, they're out in the droves. Thanks a lot, Twilight.”
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