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Meerkat Mail

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Sunny the meerkat lives with his enormous family in the Kalahari desert. They are all very close . . . "so" close, in fact, that one day Sunny decides he's had enough and packs his bags. He's off to visit his mongoose cousins. But from the watery world of the Marsh Mongoose to the nocturnal lifestyle of the Malagasy Mongoose, Sunny just doesn't fit in. And who's that shado...more
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published August 4th 2006 by MacMillan Children's Books (first published January 1st 2006)
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Jun 01, 2009 Kathryn rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Annie--ohmygosh!
I love meerkats and I love getting mail, so perhaps my expectations were a tad too high for this book as I didn't quite love it as much as I wanted to. Even so, I did thoroughly enjoy it. Here is the story of Sunny the Meerkat who lives in a desert in Africa where his family always does everything together--and sometimes he finds it just a bit too hot and too crowded so one day he decides to go on a trip to visit all his mongoose relatives around the world. He sends postcards home to his family...more
Jun 23, 2009 Ann rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Ann by: Katie
I loved the idea of this book. It's a story about a meerkat who gets tired of where he lives and travels to all his relatives homes and sends back postcards.

There are lots of really good aspects to this book: the fun illustrations, the great "realistic" postcards, the information garnered from reading the descriptions from the postcards, the cute "postmarks" and the sweet ending.

But, there were a few bummers: the writing wasn't always incredible (though it was good), and what bothered me the m...more
Aug 22, 2012 Dolly rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: parents reading with their children
This is an entertaining and humourous account of Sunny the Meerkat's journey to visit his relatives. Similar in content (if not in style) to the story Marsupial Sue Book and CD, the story explores the differences between the related animals. We liked learning about the various animals and their habitats and we loved reading the postcards. Overall, we really enjoyed reading this book together.

This story was selected as one of the books for the August 2012 - Traveling reads at the Picture-Book Cl...more
A charming new approach to early-years children’s literature.

I picked out this book because it is quite unorthodox because the majority of the story is told through a series of pop-up post-cards from the travelling meerkat, Sunny, to his family. Sunny thinks his home is too hot in the Calamari Desert and that his family are too close. He is bored by the day to day life of look-out duty and dreams of a different, ‘perfect’ life. So he packs his bags and leaves to visit his mongoose relatives all...more
I loved this book it was entertaining, heart-warming and engaging. Sunny the meerkat is not happy in his meerkat home so goes to visit his cousins and uncles, who live in various places,in search of the perfect home. Sunny sends his family lots of postcards from all the different places he visits but none of them seem to suit him. Will Sunny ever find his perfect home?

This book has good links for Geography for looking at different habitats and could get children thinking about features of their...more
Although Sunny loves his close-knit family of meerkats, sometimes it all just gets to be too much for him. There are too many relatives near by, and the desert is too hot. He decides to visit other relatives during the next week, and sends post cards telling how things are going. (The book contains actual postcards with messages written on them and facts about meerkats on the side.) As he endures too much rain, too much dark, and slimy food, he decides that there really is no place like home, an...more
I loved everything about this book. Gravett had a great concept and it was executed wonderfully. The postcards hold the interest of younger and older children/readers and the detailed illustrations are both accurate to the biome, intriguing, and add an element of humor to the story.

Sunny feels his home is too much of this and too much of that so he travels to different biomes with various family members looking for the perfect place to live. My favorite would have to be his stop with his cousins...more
Nov 04, 2011 Candice rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Sophie - when she is older
Shelves: picture-books
Sunny the Meerkat lives in the Kalahari Desert with his family. It is very dry and very hot. Sometimes Sunny thinks it's too hot! Sunny's family does everything together. Sometimes Sunny thinks they're too close. Sunny needs a break. Off he goes to visit his mongoose relatives and find the perfect place to live. The remainder of the book is told mostly by the post cards that Sunny sends to his family. Children who like lift-the-flap books will love lifting the post cards to see what is written o...more
Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
Sunny the meerkat is dissatisfied with the hot, dry climate of the Kalahari desert where he lives, so he decides to visit his relatives to see if their habitats are any better. At every relative's abode, he sends a postcard home, which is cleverly attached to a page of each 2-page spread. What a clever way to teach about the different species of meerkats, which are related to the mongoose, a fact I didn't know until I read this book. Where does Sunny finally end up? Read and find out! Highly rec...more
Sandy Brehl
Disclaimer: I was a meerkat fanatic long before they hit popular culture- when everyone thought they were some breed of cats! I'm also mildly furious that I didn't write this myself.
Just as well, since I couldn't have done it this well, including the remarkably science-filled comical illustrations. The use of postcard inserts remind me of the Jolly Postman books, and the subtle wording in them reflects equally sly humor. The degree of science incorporated in both the story and the illustrations...more
It's OK - lots of info on different types of the meerkat family. But - the postcards don't stay taped in. I don't think it lends itself well to libraries or small children who will simply tear the postcards out of the book. If there was a pocket in the back of the book to collect the postcards... then the kids could match the postcard with the page and location.
Joy Alberti
In Meerkat Mail our main character learns that there is no place like home. He decides to visit his mongoose relatives across the country and finds reasons to leave each place. In the end he ends up happily back home with his family. Great book for sense of family and belonging and also to teach writing skills.
Emily Gravett (Orange Pear Apple Bear, The Odd Egg, Monkey And Me)can do no wrong. A lovely little book about searching for a place to call home and realizing that the best place is the one you had all along. Sunny Meerkat visits all of his mongoose relatives, sending postcards back to his family along the way. The book includes *real* postcards with facts about different mongooses (i.e. Liberian Mongooses inhabit rainforests and feed mainly on earthworms and beetle larva) and Sunny's reports on...more
Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett follows Sunny the meerkat as he goes in search of the perfect home, staying in contact with his large family by sending postcards, while being shadowed by a sinister character.

Gravett's detailed illustrations are humorous and entertaining, showing the different environments Sunny visits. Seven postcards can be flipped to read the back with Sunny's comments about each location. The endpapers show a family scrapbook of snapshots, news articles and other items. My favo...more
I thought this was darling! A meerkat feels like life in the Kalahari Desert is too hot (and I complain about the heat here in UT!) and too crowded. So he sets off to visit his relatives around the world, writing postcards back to his family to report on his trip.

The postcards include facts about the many relatives of the meerkat. They also show that the meerkat never feels satisfied at any of the places he visits (There's no place like home! There's no place like home! :))

This could be used to...more
Robert Beveridge
Emily Gravett, Meerkat Mail (Simon and Schuster, 2006)

Emily Gravett can do no wrong in my book; Wolves and Orange Pear Apple Bear are destined to become classics of kidlit, not just because the kiddies enjoy them, but because adults are wowed as well. Meerkat Mail, Gravett's third book, doesn't quite come up to the standard she's set for herself, but this should be another one that will have your kids clamoring for you to read it to them over and over again.

Sunny is a meerkat who starts feeling...more
Meerkat Mail is a about a meerkat named Sunny. Sunny lives with his huge family on the Kalahari Desert. There are a lot of meerkats in his family and they do everything together which offers a view of real meerkats. Sunny does not like all the togetherness and feels like he needs to find a new place to live although he doesn't know where that place. So starts Sunny's journey to find the place he belongs.
I feel like my reviews are getting too long so I will try to keep them short. The author does...more
Daniel Cracknell
Sunny the meerkat lives with his enormous family in the Kalahari desert. They are all very close . . . "so" close, in fact, that one day Sunny decides he's had enough and packs his bags. He's off to visit his mongoose cousins. But from the watery world of the Marsh Mongoose to the nocturnal lifestyle of the Malagasy Mongoose, Sunny just doesn't fit in. And who's that shadowy figure who seems to be following him around?

This is the tale of Sunny, the meerkat. He lives in the Kalahari desert where...more
Using a series of postcards, Sunny the meerkat, tired of the crowded conditions in his family den, writes to his family as he searches for the perfect place to live. Humorous and clever with simple text. Postcards include fun word play and the illustrations and end papers offer up lots of details to pour, and laugh, over.

Could be used to make classroom connections to letter-writing, comparison of true characteristics of meerkats.
This book tells the story of Sunny the Meerkat who lives in the Kalahari Desert. He decides the desert is too crowded on goes on a journey to visit his various relatives. When he arrives at each place he sends a postcard back home to his mum and dad.

I think this is a lovely book, which is perfect for children ages three to seven. I love the way that separate postcards have been added into the story, similar to The Jolly Postman, however these are fastened in so will not get lost. I'm very impres...more
Eric Summers
This is more of a novelty book but also serves as good reading practice. The young Meerkat wants to see more of the world so he sets off on a journey to visit friends and family. Along the way, he sends back postcards that Gravett has placed into the text so that they can be folded out, allowing for both sides to be read.

The book is filled with delightful pictures and the postcards are fun. Not really a read-aloud book, but definitely a book that kids will love to page through again and again.
Aug 13, 2008 Jacqui rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: teachers in grades K - 2
Sunny is hot and tired; he wants to "get away" to find someplace better to live when feeling crowded. He travels to visit a variety of relatives only to feel he "doesn't fit in" there. Sunny sends a postcard home from each stop he makes. Suny describes each location he stops stating the "problem" with remaining there. Therefore, students are able to travel vicariously.

I like this book and feel it will be an asset to my library. My students, who are very involved with the TV show Meerkat Mansion...more
Ever since the meerkat show on TV meerkats have become a lovable little creature. Sunny, the meerkat, decides to see the world and sends postcards home. The postcards are actually a dimensional part on each page and so much fun to read. Of course he finds out, there is no place like home!
Denise Choate
Meerkat Mail 2006 informational
This book was so fun to read because most of it is written and to be read through postcards from Sunny Meerkat (a member of the mongoose family found in the Kalahari Desert). See he decided he wanted, no needed to get away from his rather large and very busy family whose motto is "Stay Safe, Stay Together." So decides to break all those motto rules and he goes off on a trip, visiting different members of his extended family, but along the way he is closely followed...more
This is such a beautiful book (both the story and the art), and can be appreacited by adults and children alike (actually, I bought it as a present to my mother). Sunny is a meerkat living in the Kalahari desert, who despite loving his family feels a bit overwhelmed by them and constantly being together, and so decides to travel and visit relatives all over the world (related animal species). The book is told through Sunny's postcards to his family explaining each stop during the travel. He is w...more

Beautifully illustrated with adorable characters. A really nice story and the postcards on each page made the book more interactive.
Erica J
I enjoyed the theme of this book-which is family. The Meerkat’s motto was “work together, play together, eat together, sleep together, and together do their best to stay away from jackals”………..they were all about family! Sunny feels the need to explore other lands away from his family. He ultimately realizes that with his family is where he belongs. I adored the postcards Sunny sent back home during his journey. A young child would find the illustrations and lift-the-flap postcards a true deligh...more
3.5 stars

This one is another neat one. The front and back pages are set up to look like the meerkat family album & Sunnys' travel album. On many pages are postcards from Sunny to his family, with facts about Sunnys' relatives (in very small print, usually along the edge of the card somewhere).

Sunny the Meerkat gets tired of the heat and constantly babysitting and being surrounded by his family so he decides to take a trip to visit his family around the world. The book has small Meerkat fact...more
Dissatisfied meerkat looks for a better place and ends up home again. Describes travels with postcards sent home.
Rebecca Ann
This book is about Sunny the Meerkat who is tired of his family and lifestyle so he goes to live with various cousins in different parts of the world. Eventually he discovers that the best place for him is back at home with his family, and he narrowly misses being eaten by a jackal. this book has pop out post cards and probably won't last as long in the library but is great fun for a one on one read. Awesome illustrations. They have a chalky/charcoal feel to them and mostly muted colors. I docke...more
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Emily has finished her final year of an illustration degree at Brighton University.
She lives in Brighton with her daughter.
More about Emily Gravett...
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