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Around the World in 80 Days
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Around the World in 80 Days

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  3,565 ratings  ·  108 reviews
Before there were airplanes and high speed travel, Phileas Fogg, an English gentleman, bets 20,000 pounds that he can travel around the world in only 80 days. En route he meets a beautiful Indian Princess, gets mistaken for a notorious criminal and is pursued by a detective with a warrant for his arrest. Follow his fantastic adventures through four continents in his daring ...more
Kindle Edition, Great Illustrated Classics, 154 pages
Published July 17th 2010 (first published 1977)
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it's a classic, about Phileas Fogg he has a bet with his friends. If he could travel around the world in 80 days he would win 20.000 pounds! He tries his best to get everything on time and of course the fastest transportation. During his travels he meets this beautiful Indian princess, that is mistaken for a huge crime and the detective is trying to stop them during this trip. Will Phileas Fogg make it in time and win the winnings? will he get stopped by the detective and get arrested?

I Chose
Jayme(the ghost reader)
This is the second time I read this book. I liked it as much as the first time. I really liked the characters of Phileas Fogg , Passpatout, and Aouda. I thought both Passpatout and Fogg both caring men with hearts of gold.
As for Detective Fix, I thought it was rash of him to assume Mr Fogg was a bank robber just because he had money. Passpatout unknowingly befriended him. Yet, he still turns Mr Fogg in.
I really wanted Mr. Fogg to succeed in winning his bet. I thought he was a most sincere pers
They never do fly in a hot air balloon. Just have to point that out. I did not realize how funny Jules Verne could be. There were times when I read this book I was absolutely tickled by the characters. This book was not exactly science fiction like I thought it would be. All of it was possible while Jules Verne was alive. The railroads, and the steamships. I think that was the point. Verne could not believe how far we could go. This is a fun romp. And gives an interesting view of history in the ...more
Derek Williams
Great ending! But you gotta read the whole book to get to it!
Dec 13, 2014 Salam is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
I really enjoyed reading this novel, I was always keen on finding out what will happen to Fogg next, his adventures, or rather his misadventures truly stimulate ones own imagination. Phileas Fogg is first introduced to us as a cold, brilliant English gentleman, he is always precise and follows a strict agenda, Never late and never early. This all changes once evening when he decides to take a bet, to travel the world in 80 days. He bets half his wealth on it, and uses the other half for finding ...more
Alisha Bouchard
I did this as an audio book but I still enjoyed it as if I had read it. It was just easier for me to listen to it. It was interesting to find out all the things Fogg had to go through and all the adventures it went on, it was a lot more than I expected. I am glad to have read it.
A quick fun read. MUCH better than the movie with David Niven
Keep in mind that this is not Jules Verne's original book & that it's rewritten to be simpler for younger readers. However the book escalates very quickly & the author could have put extra time to add details. It jumps from one thing to the next and you cannot really tell the atmosphere of the setting or the writer's tone. Everything just goes by very quickly.

It's so pathetic how Mr.Fogg & Aouda just get married when they get home when the book didn't really go into
艺达 王
Jules Verne Around the World in Eighty Days - 冒险是一种经历



80天下来,在路上的花费也基本上抵消了赌注的奖金。收获的是什么?是80天的冒险,是一个环球的游历,最终还抱得美人归。Fogg真是一个典型的英国绅士:彬彬有礼,做事情有详细的规划和安排,有责任感,勇于担当,冷静慎重。除了缺少一些黑色幽默。 如果再加上幽默属性,那Fogg就是一个完美地存在。



Megan Anderson
An action packed adventure… only you don’t realize it at first because the hero, Phileas Fogg, is a creature of habit that is focused on calculations and not the journey.

Though Verne is known for his science fiction, this work doesn’t dwell on the fantastic. It must have seemed almost like science fiction at the time, however, because a journey around the world in such a short time would have seemed impossible. The (then) modern technology of railroads and steamers made it possible for normal (a
Samantha Brady
I started reading this book when I was younger but was not able to finish it at that time. When I started it this time I knew that I would finish it. It was better this time and I really liked the servant better then Mr. Fogg just because he was a more believeable character then the other. If I wrote this book I would have the characters more interactive doing more things and still making it back in time. The story is a good one but it needed more action to be believeable. It also needed more di ...more
The book Around the World in 80 Days, by Jules Verne, takes place in the late 1800’s. The main character, Phileas Fogg, is a man much like a clock. He has the same routine, following the same time frame every day. He even takes the same number of steps to the reform club each day to play cards with his friends. The idea of traveling the world in eighty days has been floating around the countries. On paper, it can be done. That is counting on all of the trains and boats leaving exactly on time an ...more
TJ  Beaver
Around the world in 80 Days is a great historical fiction book. This book is about a middle age englishman named Mr. Fogg. Mr. Fogg makes a bet in london of 20,000 pounds that he can make it around the world in eighty days by steamer and train. So he set off on his big adventure with his three companions, a lot of money, and a motive. My favorite part of the book is when Mr. Fogg and his three companions get to Omaha by a ice boat. This is my favorite part because when I was younger I went to a ...more
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: I intend to prove that, despite being a little dated, Around the World in 80 Days, by Jules Verne in being a great adventures book that takes you around the world for young adults. This story is told by a omniscient (third person). Phileas Fogg (the main character) and his servant bet their life savings that they can go around the world in 80 days.
There are only a couple thes
Around the world in 80 days is an interesting book because it is about a man named Phileas Fogg who bets to his group of men that he can travel around the world and be back at london in just 80 days. No one believed him so he made a 20,000 pound bet that he can make it around the world, in 80 days. Now in the olden days you do not have airplanes so everything was by ship and trains. Which is why no one believed him, so once they agreed Fogg goes back home and with his new servant Passepartout th ...more
Around the world in 80 days is written by Jules Verne it takes place in the late 1800’s. The major character Phileas Fogg, a stern and disciplined man claims that it is possible to go around the world in eighty days. He is challenged to accomplish this feat himself. Thus the major theme of the novel is the possibility of going around the globe in eighty days. Fogg manages to prove that it is possible despite all odds. This novel is very captivating making the reader eager to read it more. The no ...more
Jonathan Asplund
This book is about a silent and mysterious (and rich) man named Phileas Fogg and his newly hired servant passepartout. Phileas Fogg places a bet claiming he can travel all the way around the world in 80 days. But there is another thing stopping him, he is being framed for bank robbery! As the book progresses we learn more about Phileas Fogg and by the end you actually want him to make it. I just wish they talked more about what their surroundings were, but I personally enjoyed this book.
Melissa Chung
This book was okay. Not super exciting. I however enjoyed it enough to keep reading. My son really liked it, up until the kissing part >:)

Phileas Fogg is a punctual sort of gentleman. He does the exact same thing ever day at the exact same hour. During a game of Whilst he declared to the gentleman at the Reform Club that he could go around the world in 80 days and bet 20,000 pounds on it. They agreed and he set off almost immediately. He took along with him a few items and his servent Passepo
I thoroughly enjoyed Around the World in 80 Days. The characters were likable and, more importantly, the journey that they undertook was interesting. The book embraces both history and travel, two things that I absolutely love, so I was taken from the very start.

However, I must mention that towards the end of the novel I hit a wall of boredom. Verne began to ramble about things that really did nothing to enhance the story, and didn’t at all contribute to the overarching plot-line. It also became
I remember reading this when I was in the sixth grade or probably when I was a freshman in high school. It was a time when I read Goosebumps, Fear Street, WITCH, and suspense/thriller books. It took me a long time to finish this but I remembered that I really like it. It was probably because of the twist at the end or because of how the hero rescued the damsel or because it's just a good book to read.
Aaron Wallace
In this book there is a man who made a wager that he can go all round the globe in only 80
days.You might think it easy with planes and stuff but this book takes place in 1872 there are no ELETRICAL STUFF LIKE cars and planes that we have now.Mr Fogg had to travel by planes and only concern is that I think in the book he should have been more aware of his money.This is why I this is good BOOK TO READ.
Brad McKenna
Phileas Fogg is the epitome of the Phlegmatic Englishman. He makes a wager that he can go around the world in, you guessed it, 80 days. He believes he has accounted for all possible delays so that when they inevitably appear, he is unperturbed. By his side is his servant Passepartout, who was hired the very day they leave. So he worries for the two of them. On their tail is the Detective Mr. Fix, who thinks it was Mr. Fogg that has robbed a bank. What follows is all I love about British literatu ...more
Allen Terteryan
Around The World In 80 Days
By Jules Verne

I chose this book because my mom recommended it to me and said that she would read Jules Vern book day and night when she was a kid. Gentleman Phileas Fogg places a 20,000 pound bet that he can travel around the world in 80 days with his faithful servant, Passepartout. There is trouble afoot when a detective thinks that Mr. Fogg robbed a bank and is doing everything he can to delay them. My favorite quote is "When Passepartout reached his own room, he tur
In this old classic book a man and his companion made a bet, a huge bet. In this bet he Apart of it involve travelling around the world in 80 days. he meets different people, and encounters different problems on the way throughout his adventure.

The main character does have some interesting development throughout the story. He's a very smart,wise, productive and calm man. his companion is a bit different. I enjoy how the characters solves each problem and I really enjoy how the book can build u
Casey Donnelly
Around the World in 80 Days starts off in 1873 in Liverpool,England. It is the story of Phileas Fogg, a very precise and efficient Englishman, who bets his friends at the Reform Club 20,000 pounds that he can travel around the world in 80 days. He and his french servant, Passapartout, travel by train and boat to many places including France, Italy, Egypt, India, Hong Kong, Japan, USA and Ireland. They run into many problems along the way and have to find different ways to stay on schedule. Detec ...more
Not the best adaptation of the classic Jules Verne story. A little too watered down, and with annoyingly brief chapters. Young readers who want to experience the old novel should either read the original or watch one of the faithful film adaptations.
Elise Dubois
I went with the illustrated because who doesn't like pictures. After seeing the movie, i found this version of the book lacking. It was an easy ready, the pictures didn't do much for the story, and the story was the equivalent of " they went here, then there, and finally returned home after visiting the other place." I expected more I guess. Might try a no. Illustrated adult version at some point in the future.
AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS is a wonderful classic novel by JULES VERNE and consists of incidents and adventures of 19th century . It is indeed a tour around the world of 2 main characters one is Phileas Fogg of an age gone by. I liked this novel because in this novel there are a lot of adventures and because a person like Phileas Fogg goes around the world in a very short period of time and under such circumstances of olden days , My most favourite part was when phileas Fogg saved Auoda a princ ...more
Well, this is the first time that reading a young adult book left me a little disappointed. However, I think that's the point of Great Illustrated Classics is to rope kids into the idea of the book so they feel like they might want to read the real thing? Or maybe it's just to give them cultural exposure to the classics. It was one I never had to read so I thought I'd give it a try. It did convince me that I need to get back to reading at least a classic every once in awhile so I have a better c ...more
It's good to know someone so strong and active and systematics like Mr. Pheels Fogg !
He is so intelligent and he won the bet between him and his friends , he is amazing .
Eventually , the story is amazing before I read it .
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