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Lucas (Black Cougar, #1)
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Lucas (Black Cougar #1)

3.47 of 5 stars 3.47  ·  rating details  ·  689 ratings  ·  79 reviews
Kira MacDonald is in trouble. Plagued by false visions and erotic dreams of a man she's never met, she fears losing both her psychic powers and her sanity. The cure? Finding and bonding with her mate. The stubborn red-haired warrior might not want one, but fate has other plans, plans that include her rescuing Lucas Gunn. As the Guardian of his shapeshifting clan, Lucas Gun...more
ebook, 230 pages
Published June 1st 2010 (first published January 15th 2009)
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I read this book as part of the Shifter Romance Boxed Set. The final book in this boxed set really surprised me when I was becoming fatigued by the Shifter Genre. It had a lot of action, some suspense, and some great dirty talk. Overall, Lucas was a decent "forbidden mates" style of Shifter Romance.

Lucas is a Black Cougar, and Kira is powerful psychic.
They're predestined Mates, but their union is forbidden (blah blah blah, you know how this plot line goes).

I really liked Kira at first, she was a...more

This is the first in Gayle's sexy Black Cougar series. It has a very good story line. I think in the future, this could be the basis for a full length print paranormal romance novel. At only 230 double-spaced pages, it is a very quick read. There is action, clan opposition, shifters, a witch, a budding romance, as well as a nefarious plot against our hero. The sex is very hot - on a scale of 1-4, it is a 3.5 including one anal scene, some spanking, one short m...more
Mandi Schreiner
Kira is having oh so naughty dreams about a man – a stranger. This man in locked away in a cell and Kira has an overwhelming desire to find him and save him. When she has been in tough situations in the past, she uses her Tallon to open her psychic gift. However, recently that gift has started to decline. She is afraid her step-father will find out her gift is not working well, opening her up to revealing secrets of her clan, which would impose an immediate death sentence. More surprisingly, she...more
This book was a win from author back in beginning of October when she was promoting her September release Slave To Pleasure . I had not read anything by the author Eliza Gayle prior to this book and found it to be a quick and fun story which is the start of her Black Cougar series and has a very likeable female character in Kira and a yummy male character in Lucas.. Steamy Eliza Gayle at her best and good news for those who love shifters this series has those Alpha Males we all love to "drool ov...more
What and why?

Well I have to say this book confused me I felt like a child at times since I spend all my time asking why.
It started off well enough Kira is having dreams of a man she's never met, he's caged and being kept hostage by a female, the male from the dream is Lucas and he's sharing the same dreams. Kira is driven to find Lucas but Lucas having been kidnapped and tortured is not sure who he can trust so an uneasy alliance forms between them.
I'm not a fan of giving 'spoiler' reviews altho...more

Absolutely... TACKY!!!!

Even though I got this as a freebie, I'm ticked off I took the time to read this. I'm so, so tired of getting burned by authors because they do NOT show CONSIDERATION by putting FULL DISCLOSURE of pertinent info in their blurbs that would help readers determine if they want to read their books OR NOT. I think the kind of pertinent info would be:

1. If a story ends on a cliffhanger or not.
2. If there is cheating or not.
3. If there are descriptive sex scenes of H/h with OW/OM...more
I haven't a clue what I just read. I know there was a whole heapin' lot of sex. I know that they were mates and they were dreaming about each other. I know there was some supernaturally type stuff going on. And I know that there was some guff about intermingling of the breeds.

Now here is what I don't know. How was Kira a marine and not stationed somewhere? Why was some random group of supernaturals using a military brig as a prison? What exactly was the point of kidnapping Lucas and tormenting h...more
I have such a thing for alpha males that when the review request for this book came up, I jumped at the chance.

Lucas and Kira's story is very interesting, intriguing and fun to nerve recking. They have similar origins but have so many secrets to hide from each other that it takes a long time for them to realize they are on the same side.

Lucas is a shifter and has been captured by people who want him to shift right in front of them. Kira is psychic and has been having visions of her mate, Lucas,...more
This book started out promisingly enough but somewhere along the way I lost the thread of what was happening and the end was a mishmash of events that I could hardly make heads or tails of. It's highly possibly that the lack can be laid at my feet but I honestly didn't know what I was reading over the last 40% of this book.

Kira confused me. I know part of the issue with her was that she was losing her grasp on reality as her mind fragmented but the things she did and the reasoning behind her act...more
This book was fairly good. Lots of sexual and regular tension between Lucas and Kira. They had lots of trust issues to work out. It made it frustrating at times. I recall having similar issues while reading Malcolm's book.

Since I read Malcolm first it was nice to go back to the beginning and see how Lucas and Kira became a couple. It also gave a starting point for why Malcolm was in the situation he was in at the beginning of his book.

I was really intrigued by the fact that Kira was in the mil...more
Adriana Bookologist
Lucas by Eliza Gayle

I purchased the Shifter bundle and only read Lucas's story completely so my review below is based solely on Lucas.

I’ve read other books by Ms Gayle and most were good but this series didn’t do it for me.

I finished Lucas and it was okay. Lot’s of jumping around in the story and the dialog was a bit choppy which made it difficult to read. Not much back story on the characters so I had a hard time understanding who hated who and why. Example is the Kira’s mother was mentioned a...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
28 September 2014: $0.00 FREE on Kindle
Amanda P
Eh. It was alright. Glad it was free.
I didn't understand the plot to the story... One minute the situation was dangerous and they had to solve and issue but then they would have sex and forget the issue and never bring it up again... Like his brother..... WTF?!?!? but I gave it 3 stars cuz when the plot stopped making sense there was a great sexy session... so maybe thats why the plot didnt make sense cuz of the mindless crazy sex they had... lol but I was still confused...
Heather andrews
Every time Eliza has a free book of course I snag it I love her books. I loved how Kira can shock Lucas, "I'll take the French toast platter with extra bacon and some hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, please." He looked at her in surprise. "What? I'm hungry," she said." She's also a wild one, "hey, Lucas," she called out to him, stopping him in his tracks. "I don't think so. You don't get to rage at me and make all kinds of accusations and then just walk away. Who the hell do you think you...more
New Author. Shapeshifters. Story was so-so. there were too many indiscrepancies in story that bothered me. I bought the ebook package of all three in series. I am trying to finish the series just for the sake of finishing. Hopefully next one might be a bit better.
Kira was trying to save Lucas when they met, but they had kind of met in their dreams. Kira was afraid of what was happening to her with the whole mating ritual. Lucas had no clue about what Kira was going through until they mind-linked. I liked the mind-link, it was pretty awesome to talk to each other that way, but they also read each other's thoughts unless they shut the other person out. Lucas and Kira seemed to annoy each other a lot, but when they needed each other they came through. I am...more
Kyra Dunst
This was a great start to a new series. In a world where it is forbidden to mix the different supernatural clans, a forbidden bond both saves a life as well as destroys others. If Kira doesn't find her mate, and soon, she will succumb to the insanity that curses her clan if the mating ritual doesn't happen soon. Unfortunately, her chosen mate is from another clan, and even worse, he thinks she is his enemy. I enjoys the romance between Lucas and Kira, and the familial bonds between the brothers....more
Smokinhotbooks K.C.
Kira (a psychic) has been having steamy day dreams about her kidnapped mate. Lucas doesn’t know what to make of Kira when he first sees her all he knows is his animal and hormones definitely like her. Confused, Lucas doesn’t know who to trust and thinks Kira might have had a hand in his kidnapping.

Meanwhile Kira is slowly losing her mind, once one her kind meets their mate it triggers insanity unless claimed. She doesn't have much time but she isn't about to force a mating on Lucas even if it en...more
Brande Waldron
Lucas is book 1 in the Black Cougar series from Eliza Gayle and I have to say I truly loved it. I am all about the shifter these days and never seem to be able to get enough, so it was wonderful to have such a story at my little finger tips to gobble up. Lucas is a shifter and has been locked up with his captors hoping that he will reveal himself and his people. But he is having lust filled dreams of a sassy red headed woman who won't stop torturing him with her body. But is it just a dream, neg...more
Review written by Morgan Wylie

Lucas is the first book in this paranormal shifter series by Eliza Gayle.

The rare black cougar shifters of the seclusive area of Dragon Trail have been burdened through heritage with the title of “Death Enforcers”. Lucas Gunn, the Guardian, is bound to his duty, until he unexpectedly meets his mate, but there are rules about mixing among the clans- rules that are not to be broken.

Lucas imprisoned in a cell- his only connection to anyone aside from his torturers is...more
Tishia (Paranormal Opinion)
Lucas is the first book in the Black Cougar series. I really enjoyed this book. Lucas is a guardian shifter who has been captured for information about his clan. Lucas is an alpha male, and you just can't help but like that! In his dreams, he keeps seeing a girl named Kira.

Kira is a member of another clan, but is not a shifter. She does, however, have special abilities. One of those abilities include dream-walking with the man she believes is her mate. Through these dreams, Kira figures out wher...more
2.5 stars I was leaning towards 3 stars, but then it ended abruptly with a lot of things left unresolved, so I rounded down. (view spoiler) Kira doesn't want to be mated because she sees the way her step-father abuses that power over her mother. But we never really get to see or understand that, and I have no idea why...more
ARe Cafe
Lucas Gunn is a cougar shapeshifter and a Guardian who maintains the secrets of the many clans. He protects them at all costs even if he has to kill to do so. Not to mention he is over 6 feet of pure sin.

Captain Akira MacDonald is a U.S. Marine intelligence officer. She isn’t a shapeshifter but she does have visions.

Kira is at the onset of her mating call and with the females of her kind, they go a little mental, literally. She is convinced that when a female goes into her heat that her mate wil...more
Tracie Runge
Absolutely Amazing Read

Kira MacDonald is in trouble, begining her mating faze Kira feels like she is losing her mind. She is having erotic dreams about a man she has never met yet her every instinct is telling her he is her mate. Kira is driven by a desperate urge to find him as she believes he is in trouble.

Lucas Gunn is the Guardian of his shapeshifting clan and is being held against his will. He is being kept in a cage in the hope he will reveal his secrets and the secrets of his clan. Lucas...more
Now this story kept my heart pumping for most of it, however, I was hoping for a bit more character and storyline explanation which I never got and based on the sequel reviews, sounds like the next few are about the same; a lot of sexual energy and tension, hints throughout the story that go nowhere, and some overall decent character development. not sure if I am going to continue the series. probably only if the price is right
Felicia (Ferishia)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Lucas is the first book in the Black Cougar trilogy about the Gunn brothers.

Lucas is a shape-shifting Guardian who’s main role is to protect the clan from discovery and that none of the ancient rules are broken. All goes smoothly until he starts having dreams about a red headed, sexy female who is all human and all those rules are made to be broken.

Kiera is a psychic and keeps having erotic dreams about a mysterious man. She knows that her dreams and reality start to get confused and the only wa...more
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After growing up in the South and dividing my time between Florida and North Carolina, I decided that 2012 would be my year for change. I rented out my house on the East Coast and convinced my family to join me for a wacky trip across the country. Now I write my romance books from a small island in the Pacific Northwest while contemplating our next home renovation project on the fixer upper we bou...more
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