Tenth Grade Bleeds #3: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
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Tenth Grade Bleeds #3: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #3)

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It's another awful year at Bathory High for Vladimir Tod. The evil vampire D?Ablo is hunting for the ritual that could steal Vlad's powers. His best friend doesn't want to be his drudge anymore. And it's getting harder for Vlad to resist feeding on the people around him. When months go by with no word from Uncle Otis, and D?Ablo shows up demanding Vlad's father's journal,...more
ebook, 208 pages
Published June 25th 2009 by Speak (first published February 11th 2009)
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Vladimir Tod has been learning a lot about his vampire abilities. Otis has spent the summer training him on extending his telepathic communication. He is also getting better at sensing when other vampires are near. Both Vlad and his Aunt Nelly have gotten used to Otis being around and hate to see him go, but since Otis is still a fugitive in the vampire community, he knows in order to keep them safe, he must leave.

Vlad’s life seems to be going great. He has the girl of his dreams by his side and...more
"Tenth Grade Bleeds" is the third book in the series "The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod". Vlad is now in tenth grade, and he is starting to experience the many struggles that come with high school. His temptation to drink blood from humans is increasing, his best friend Henry doesn't want to be his drudge anymre, his uncle Otis has moved away again, and on top of all of that there is a vampire mercenary going after him that was sent from Elysia, the vampire council. Vlad must deal with all of these...more
Sep 27, 2011 Laurel rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Vampire lovers
Recommended to Laurel by: My awesome sister
If you want to read a vampire book with memorable characters, good scenes filled with dread, action, and some hilarious shit, you are not allowed to overlook The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. You hear me? You are not allowed.

First off, I had put down this book a while back. Not that it got boring, I just had things to do. I felt bad, and picked it back up and got whisked off on a shit ton of stuff that all made sense and drove fun plot/subplot storylines. Let's face it, stuff making sense is becom...more
Lissa Smith
Your heart will go bleed for Vald and his family as this epic tale continues.
Tenth Grade Bleeds was a very good book. It had a very good description of the action going on,so I was well aware of what was going on. In this book, Vladamir Tod faces his enemy once again. Eddie Poe, an unpopular kid in school, finds out Vlad's secret and continues to annoy him.
I liked this book because we can once again, experience Vlad's actions/scenarios. While I was reading this book, I felt a connection to Vlad, so when he was in pain I felt the same. I liked how The author explained h...more
Karen Keyte
"It would be easier to be your drudge if you didn't order me around." - Henry McMillan to Vladimir Tod

Having survived a stake to the heart administered by a one-time friend, Vlad Tod finally has to admit the very real possibility that he is in fact the Pravus of vampire legend. It's not something he really wanted to face. It was bad enough when other vampires wanted to kill him when they only THOUGHT he might be the one fated to lead all vampires and enslave all humans. Now that it looks like th...more
Kim Baccellia
Minions unite! Vlad is back and now in the tenth grade. Fans of this series won't be disappointed.

Vlad should be happy. The girl of his dreams, Meredith, is his girlfriend. Henry is his best friend. And Snelgrove, his middle school principal, is no longer in his life.

Well, apparently some things do change when you get older. One thing is his uncle Otis has been gone for a long time. Vlad is having terrible nightmares and Henry is acting funny by not wanting to hang with him like he used to. Plus...more
Darien Munden

Tenth grade bites, but for Vladimir Tod, that's just a fact of life. Its not easy dealing with teenage angst, young love, and a failing friendship, especially when your half-vampire! Ever since Tod's "uncle" Otis showed up a year and a half ago Vlad, as he likes to be called, has had to deal with the potential reality that he may be the legendary Pravus, an immortal vampire descended to rule all vampires and enslave the human race. No pressure for Vlad, right? He's only got to...more
Again, I'm rounding up, because this book is a 3.5 at the very most. But since I'm scarfing this entire series up so quickly, it doesn't feel right to give it a lower rating.
I feel the need to mention something that has been bothering me since the first book, though. This kid cries. A. Lot. Like, every other page. No. I'm not talking about sniffling and holding back tears. I'm talking about sobbing. All. The. Time. Now, I'm not one of those gals that thinks boys (or men) shouldn't cry, but come...more
The book was going to get only three stars but since immensely enjoyed the first half of the ending, I gave it four. I don't know, but this one wasn't as epic as the first two. It was still really good, but not AMAZING. It is still definitely going on as one of my favs though. Vlad is still amazing and I have such a huge crush on him, it is absolutely ridiculous.
Mrs. Nicole
The 3rd book in the Vladimir Todd series does not disappoint. Vlad struggles with his best friend Henry who no longer wants to be Vlad's drudge and his difficulty in only feeding on bagged blood. Vlad's relationship with his girlfriend Meredith also becomes increasingly difficult because he cannot reveal his true nature which is that of a half-vampire/half-human. Friendship and relationship struggles are what make this 3rd installment the best yet.
A book about a teenage vampire who lives in a city for just humans. Thinking he is one of a kind, he discovers there is a whole world of "creatures" like him. Safe and sound with his guardian for years kept him away from troubles. Shocked and sad to think that his uncle the only one of his family had abandoned him. What happened to people?
Jacob Andrew Wright
In this book "Tenth Grade Bleeds" its yet another terrible for our main character Vladamir. Before his main concern was jut to fit in in Bathory high, now he's on the look out for his biggest enemy, D'Ablo, is on the verge of figuring out a way to steal Vlad's status as Pravus witch involves killing him.

But this isn't the only problem for Vlad, now his best friend Henry doesn't want to be his drudge anymore and now his hunger is almost uncontrollable, he hasn't heard from his uncle Otis in a mon...more
In all fairness i'm kinda at like a 3.5 and SPOILER ALERT (view spoiler)...more
Vladimir is one of the best protagonists I have read in YA in awhile he is complex and down right funny.....I hope that he at least gets a supporting role or a cameo in the slayer chronicles
After I readed the second book I'll get start to read this one I think this is gone to be a great book.
hmmm... I loved it buuuut its gettting boring with stupid D'Ablo and all... hmmm 4'5 stars...
I love this book!! It was so awesome! Just like the others. Can't wait to read the next one!!
Oct 18, 2008 Megan marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
o my god they are making another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY
I loved this book and i love this series.
Criss Cullen
Dec 02, 2008 Andrew marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
cant wait !!!!!
Saskia Largent

This instalment finds Vlad in tenth grade (I think they called him a Junior?). D’Ablo is still trying to get him and steal his Pravus powers, which he has (so far) not managed to do. Vlad is also having problems resisting feeding on people, which he has always had an issue with, but now even more so. Henry has also decided that he does not want to be Vlad’s drudge anymore. Vlad deals with all of these issues throughout the year.

Many of the characters were the same as before.
Vlad i...more
Vlad has entered tenth grade. He and Meredith – the girl of his dreams – are officially boyfriend/girlfriend, but his best friend and drudge Henry is pulling away and his uncle Otis has once again refused to stick around for good. Throw into this a visit from D’Ablo, horrific nightmares and a growing hunger for blood straight from the source, and Vlad’s school year is not looking good. Oh yeah, and it looks like he migt be the Pravus after all.

Vlad is definitely growing from the first book. He’s...more
The book, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Tenth Grade Bleeds (by Heather Brewer) could give you some chills if you think blood is gross but it’s hilarious. He’s not like The Twilight Saga’s Edward Cullen (by Stephenie Meyer) who sparkles in sunlight. Vladimir would burn if he stepped into sunlight. That’s why he wears sunscreen everyday. Vlad, 15-year-old vampire, doesn’t sparkle in sunlight, ravenous for blood.
Vlad thought that 10th grade would be easy with his awesome best friend (Henry), t...more
scout cook

Fifteen year old Vlad Tod has a weird life. He's half vampire, half human. He's being stalked by someone who really should be dead, scientifically speaking. He's in tenth grade, and has the most amazing girlfriend he could ever dream of. But he can't shake the feeling of dread, that feeling that more vampires are stalking him. That his best friend is veering away from him. That maybe he actually does need to feed off of humans to survive. Can he actually deal with this stuff? Or will someone dea

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this book is about a boy named Vlad and the challenges he faces as a half vampire and half human. he has a girl friend named meridith, and her father hates him with a passion. he will do anything to keep them apart, but no matter how hard he tries, they can not keep away. vlad has a uncle named otis who he has been living with. otis does something very bad with the vampire kings, so in order to keep vlad safe. he fled off, he offered vlad to come to paris with him because over there, there are p...more
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Heather Brewer was not your typical teen growing up. She wore black, danced under full moons and devoured every book in sight.
She hasn’t changed much.

Today, Heather can be found writing in her funky, black Happy Bunny jammie pants, dancing under the full moon, devouring every book in sight, and attending Renaissance Festivals in costume (and in character).

When Heather's not writing, dressing up,...more
More about Heather Brewer...
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