La Madone Des Enterrem...
Madeleine Wickham
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La Madone Des Enterrements

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Fleur Daxeny is beautiful, unscrupulous, and has a large wardrobe of black designer suits. With the help of The Times announcements page she gate-crashes the funerals of the wealthy, preying on rich vulnerable men. She charms her way into their lives and onto their platinum cards, takes what she can and then moves swiftly on.

When Richard Favour, a dull but wealthy business...more
379 pages
Published 2009 by Éd. France loisirs (first published 1998)
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Suad Shamma
Sophie Kinsella brings more charm, more wit, more depth and more laughs to her stories. Everything that Madeleine Wickham seems to lack.

This is my fourth Wickham book and what a stupid book! What a distasteful protagonist! I honestly don't think I could've disliked a character more than Fleur.

I started this book with the hopes that it would be an interesting read - albeit light. The premise of this book, the plot, seemed very interesting, original even. A lady who crashes funerals in search for...more
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True rating would be 1.5 stars--somewhere between "didn't like it" and "it was OK." When Madeleine Wickham morphed into Sophie Kinsella, apparently she acquired the ability to create characters with a few redeeming qualities to offset their character flaws (i.e., compulsive shopping).
I was very pleased to find out that Madeleine Wickham was Sophie Kinsella, as I loved her books. What pleased me even more was that Madeleine Wickham takes a darker, deeper look into her characters than her Sophie Kinsella books offer. There is hilarious comedy, but there is also deep sorrow within this book.
Fleur Daxeny picks up rich men at their wife's funeral. She finds Richard Favour, and the story takes off from there. What could be a light-hearted and shallow story is actually quite deep,...more
I picked this up so that I could have a "fluffy book" to read over the holidays, one that I could just pick up and read without doing much thinking. It fit the bill.
However I found it was very slow -- at one point, I picked it up and was surprised to find that I was half-way through, despite the plot not having picked up much at all. I think the author was trying to do too many things at once, lay down too much character development and subplots -- and not very succinctly, frankly! -- and didn't...more
Fleur has made a career out of crashing funerals and memorial services so that she can work her way into recently widower's lives. She earns the widower's trust then takes them for all she can and moves on. But, when she meets Richard Favour things start to change. She finds herself feeling comfortable and fitting in with his family. When her daughter comes to visit and fits in too Fleur realizes she is going to have some decisions to make. But is Fleur ready to give up the high life and to sett...more
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Madeleine Wickham, who is Sophie Kinsella's alter wonderfully wicked and delirious in her sophisticated writing. I loved the rather adult style of "The Gatecrasher" as the main character transforms her life over the course of a calm yet collected journey. At its heart, this story really weighs in on one woman's swinging back and forth between two ways of life. Ultimately, she certainly has a lot to lose if he follows her head and much to gain if she listens to the pure pitter-patter...more
Kari Anderson
If you’ve ever seen Wedding Crashers, the part where Will Ferrell has turned into a funeral crasher, well that’s the life of Fleur. Fleur’s ultimate goal is to get the big bucks. To do that, she scours funerals, trying to find a widower who can support her life. She weasels her way in, gains their trust and runs of with their trust, money that is.

But this time, her daughter Zara has gotten involved and this may be her final go round.

I picked up this book because I loved every Sophie Kinsella boo...more
This book has been on my to-be-read pile for quite a while now, and I'm extremely happy to get it off. I have no idea why I took so long to finish this, a week back, I had enough time to read, but I completely ignored that I had a book waiting.

On to the review. I have read multiple Sophie Kinsella books but only two of her books writing as Madeleine Wickham, and I enjoyed those two books as I enjoyed this one.

The Gatecrasher is about a woman who goes to funerals to hunt for rich men. So basicall...more
i picked this up because i like sophie kinsella's books--so sue me. this was as fluffy as i expected (i read it while i was sick--perfect for passing the time without expending too much brainpower), but kind of a head scratcher.

the titular gatecrasher is fleur, a charming 40-year-old redhead who crashes funerals to win the hearts of wealthy male attendees. she wins their trust & then connives to take them for every penny she thinks she can get away with, generally through a bizarre scheme i...more
Finitha Jose
Sophie Kinsella is the pseudonym of Madeleine Wickham. She has written seven novels under this original name. Her first novel under the name of Kinsella was submitted to her existing publishers anonymously and was enthusiastically received. She revealed her true identity for the first time when Can You Keep a Secret? was published in December 2005.
I have read most of the novels of Kinsella and it is hard to believe that both are same. Kinsella novels are pure comedy, while Wickham is serious to...more
I really, really wanted to give this book 4 stars. If it weren't for the abrupt ending with the sooooo many loose ends which remain untied, I would have given this a much higher rating. The ending ruined EVERYTHING.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the fun, fluffy read. In fact, I was at times so absorbed by the storyline that I just couldn't put it down. Wickham gave all of her supporting characters good, solid and interesting backgrounds. Unfortunately, she failed to explore the full potential of...more
Thinking it was going to be light and fluffy, I was mildly surprised to find how well thought-out the story was. The characters had surprising depth, the premise of the book was intriguing, and I found myself simultaneously rooting for and against the protagonist.

Fleur Daxeny is a beautiful woman with an interesting way of earning a living: she charms the pants off of bereaved widowers, weaseling her way into their lives in order to get access to their credit cards and steal all she possibly ca...more
I absolutely LOVE Sophie Kinsella, so when I found out that that was just a pseudonym and that Madeleine Wickham had written other books, I was thrilled! I was so excited when I read the description of this book, I thought it would top most romantic comedy books I've read. It started off good, but I wasn't too drawn to Fleur, the main character. Throughout the book I kept willing it to get better, but it never did. It wasn't very funny, and it didn't really reflect on the characters pasts' much;...more
Well, I didn't realize this book was from the late 90s. Oops. No biggie though. This is my first Wickham book, and I only just started reading Sophie Kinsella, so I saw it at Target and figured I'd give it a shot. The story seemed cute.

The only thing I really liked about it is was that it was in third person. And that's because I've been reading mostly first person lately, so it was nice to know what was going on in everyone's head. But that's about it.

The story was kind of disappointing.
I liked...more
This was alright, and in fact, the beginning hooked me in quite well. I think the most unfortunate thing in this book is that it built things up quite high, but then ran out of time and didn't offer any substantial resolutions to anything. I'm not entirely sure why Fleur was so embarrassed by Zara's father (other than being a mediocre American, which really shouldn't be the only reason) - the way things ended with Phillipa were particularly depressing considering that she was one of the characte...more
Ella Perkins
This book is about Fleur Daxeny. She is a “funeral crasher”. She goes to different funerals and picks up a guy who has to be rich. Then she will be with then till she gets a Gold Card (Credit Card), and will take out a few hundred pounds. After she gets all the money she will just leave and never speak to the man again. But after the Richard Favour’s wife’s funeral she decides to stick around. What is different?

In this book I noticed a text-to-text connection with the book, Cocktails For Three....more
Wickham can make a nice opening, make us wonder what kind of development will happen to the characters, but in the end she doesn't really answer all of my questions about the plot and characters. Also, I think she puts too many unnecessary information, like Zara's eating habit. That makes me wonder if she has eating disorder like anorexia. But nothing explain further about that. The ending is so disappointing. I think Richard and the rest of the family should know about Fleur's first motive to l...more
Ava Black
Libro orrendo. Avevo voglia di una lettura leggera, ma questo libro e' semplicemente brutto. E' scritto con i piedi, la protagonista - una quarantenne cinica che pensa solo ai soldi - non mi ha ispirato alcuna simpatia;per me vanno piu' che bene le protagoniste s....e purche' abbiamo un background che giustifichi quel caratteraccio oppure purche', oltre all'attaccamento al denaro e all'usare le persone, si mostrino altri lati di loro che le facciano apparire piu' umane e sensibili. Non e' il cas...more
Love Fool
Have to be honest, I prefer Sophie Kinsella to Madeleine Wickham (yes, I know they are the same person). This book kept me entertained when I was stuck at the dentist's office however, I was at the dentist and waiting for a while so I think anything would have kept my attention. I think this book was ok, nothing amazing. Read Sophie Kinsella's books before you read Madeleine Wickham's books because Sophie's books are 100% better.
I just love Sophie Kinsella's books, whether she writes them as Sophie Kinsella or Madeleine Wickham ;)
This is a kind of easy to read, interesting, grabbing, involving, fun books, which you read in public transport, while traveling, after hard work or just relaxing. Sophie has a great sense of humor too, I always laugh out loud. I read her books with a great pleasure between serious classics which can make me kind of depressed... and these books always make me smile and feel optimistic.
So, I don...more
Okay take on a familiar trope: the gold-digging grifter who worms her way into the unsuspecting affections of a vulnerable man, only to shake up his life for the better. Grieving widower Richard Favour is a pushover for glamorous Fleur, who chats him up at his wife's funeral, and quickly becomes ensconced in his golf club mansion. Everyone (except Richard) suspects she's up to no good, and yet her charm and good sense start to improve the lives of Richard's unhappy children and sister-in-law. Wh...more
It is apparent that Madeleine Wickham's books were published earlier in her career. While this story was pretty good, if she had polished it a bit more and then republished it, I think it would be more memorable.
This is my first Madeline Wickham book. I didn't like it as much as as her Sophie Kinselta (sp?) books, but it's still a cute story (think wedding crashers at a funeral) and a good beach read.
This story had a great potential. I was expecting light humour, romance and lots of personal development by the main character - Fleur. What I got was a very selfish, 40+ woman, with no heart and no respect for others. Her journey was very shallow and self centred. Her goal was to use as many man as possible for as long as possible to get us much money from them as possible. She was a gold digger without morals, who didn't know what love is, what friendship is and most of all what motherhood was...more
i did not like this book, the characters were annoying. The plot was annoying.
Kind of hard to get into but I am sticking to it!!!
Ingrid Fasquelle
Après Un week-end entre amis, Madeleine Wickham signe une nouvelle comédie grinçante des mœurs ridicules et hypocrites de la bourgeoisie britannique. Un tableau décapant et une comédie plutôt réussie d'une romancière plus connue aujourd'hui sous le nom de Sophie Kinsella.

Dans la vie, Fleur Daxeny croque du veuf. Richissime, de préférence. Le repérage n'a rien de sorcier puisque c'est dans la rubrique nécrologique du Times que cet ange sans foi ni loi repère ses cibles potentielles. Jolie voilett...more
I love Sophie Kinsella's books - so I decided to get something where she wrote under her real name. After I bought this book I read some of the Goodreads reviews, and didn't find anything positive in any of them. So I started reading the book expecting it to be awful and nothing like what I now expect from Sophie's books. It was, indeed, nothing like the Shopaholic series or Twenties Girl. But it wasn't awful either!

Fleur crashes funerals and memorial services trying to find vulnerable and rich...more
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Madeleine Wickham (born 12 December 1969) is a bestselling British author under her pseudonym, Sophie Kinsella. Educated at New College, Oxford, she worked as a financial journalist before turning to fiction. She is best known for writing a popular series of chick-lit novels. The Shopaholic novels series focuses on the misadventures of Becky Bloomwood, a financial journalist who cannot manage her...more
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