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The Thousand
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The Thousand

2.93 of 5 stars 2.93  ·  rating details  ·  552 ratings  ·  141 reviews
Kevin Guilfoile’s riveting follow-up to Cast of Shadows (“spellbinding”—Chicago Tribune; “a masterpiece of intelligent plotting”—Salon) centers on an extraordinary young woman’s race to find her father’s killer and to free herself from the cross fire of a centuries-old civil war in which she has unknowingly become ensnared.

In 530 B.C., a mysterious ship appeared off the ra
Kindle Edition, 353 pages
Published (first published August 24th 2010)
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This book was somewhat diverting at first, but so full of stereotypes and conventions that I had to struggle to finish it. The protagonist, Canada Gold, furnished another example of a male author creating a book around a fantasy girl who behaves almost nothing like a real woman would (even a woman with a robotic device implanted in her head and a name like a brand of cigarette). I think I've railed before about how the heroines in this sort of spawn-of-Da-Vinci-Code book are always gamine, elfin ...more
Andy Nelson
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The combination of shallow characterization and poor writing made this book painful to read. I never felt personally involved or invested in the characters, probably because they were pretty stock character-y. Because of this, I couldn't keep track of who was who or even which faction of "The Thousand" they were in. I was drawn to this book by the first fifty or so pages, which were interesting and new enough to be attractive to me. Sadly, there were still 300 pages to go.

I thought that this boo
Esme Pie
I fear I read this book too quickly to give a comprehensive review, too quickly because it was so awful I wanted to get through it as fast as possible. It was awful both on the writing level and the story level--I can often enjoy a book that is lacking in one of those departments. First, this author just isn't a very good writer, even on the level of word choices, like verb choices. In one instance, a character "pulls up" to the table. Is the character in a wheel chair? Is the character pulling ...more
The Thousand draws on events that happened back in 530 B.C. A mysterious ship appeared off the shores of Croton and people on the ship addressed the frightened crowd. What they said is unknown, but a thousand men and women formed a cult and followed them. Now, in the present day, descendants of The Thousand, who are advanced in math, science, music and philosophy will do whatever it takes to conceal their existence and power.

One young woman, Canada Gold, who has amazing mental abilities is haunt
Joe Bartello
Since Dan Goldman hit paydirt with The DaVinci Code, authors have increasingly been using secret societies as a plot device for mystery novels. Most fail miserably as does this abysmal time waster that brings into play an organization called The Thousand (A Pythagorian, Mathematical Secret Sect made up of two opposing factions) who supposedly stage world events like 911 and Hurricane Katrina to cover up their dastardly unexplained deeds. Sounds stupid, right? Add in pacemaker like devices instal ...more
Steven Fincher
I was always taught unless you have something nice to say don’t say anything, so maybe I should not write a review for ‘The Thousand’. I have some favorite books, some I love, and now a book I hate, well maybe hate is a strong word, but this is the worst novel i have read, it was an ordeal to get get through. I was so pleased when i had finished it, if you have a wonky table it would be handy to stick under a table leg.
I really only wanted to read about Canada Gold. I loved her character and when the story moved to another character, it was all I could do to finish that section to get back to Canada.

AWFUL name by the way. In the book, Canada decides never to smoke pot because someone tells her that her name would be a great type of weed. Her name is awful because it could be anything - a variety of rose, a stripper name, the name of a dog, a rock band, a clothing line, a model. Ugh.

So the book starts out very
Συνήθως πριν αγοράσω ένα βιβλίο που μόλις κυκλοφόρησε και δεν γνωρίζω τον συγγραφέα, αλλά μου αρέσει κάπως η υπόθεση, συμβουλεύομαι το goodreads για να πάρω μια εικόνα. Η εικόνα του βιβλίου στο goodreads είναι μάλλον μέτρια, ενώ στο amazon είναι κάπως καλύτερη αλλά στο amazon είναι λιγότερο αυστηροί μου φαίνεται. Αλλά παρ'όλα αυτά εγώ το βιβλίο το αγόρασα, λόγω κάποιων συγκεκριμένων κριτικών που έκαναν ανάλυση και δεν έθαβαν απλά - και τα λεφτά του τα άξιζε (όχι "και με το παραπάνω" όμως!).

2.5 stars to be more precise. Part "Da Vinci Code" and part "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," the writing isn't as polished as those and this plot doesn't move along as briskly as those did, partly owing to the myriad characters early on i simply could not keep straight. I'll confess, though, to finishing the novel quickly (and, to Guilfoile's credit, the plot does pick up speed later) since I wanted to know what happened with this Pythagorean conspiracy. Was it a satisfying conclusion. Mildly so.
Andrew Breslin
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, but not for the reasons I thought I would.

I expected a lot more math. There were some oblique references, but the math was entirely tangential to the plot, no pun intended. I thought that the Pythagorean cult would be described directly, with Pythagoras and his contemporaries as characters, at least in ancient, moldy flashbacks, but he and his mathemagical cronies were long since dead and gone as the story unfolded, and only the splintered factions of his ancient
While obvious pulp fiction (like so many that use the esoteric as a theme) this was fairly well written, better say than Dan Brown, Kevin's more famous counterpart. However the main theme of the book does not start to appear until about two thirds or more of the way through at which point it becomes quite a rollercoaster ride to the end.

When I did get to the end however, it made me think all the more that the central theme, which seemed so lacking throughout the majority of the book, was only t
Guilfoile, Kevin. THE THOUSAND. (2010). ****. This is another fast-paced thriller that combines a conspiracy group with a touch of sci-fi. The group involved this time – not the Vatican or the Freemasons – is one known as “The Thousand,” a dedicated group of people who have been tapped by their ancestors down through the ages to follow in the footsteps of Pythagoras and his secret teachings. Aside from the Pythagorean Theorem – which he probably didn’t have much to do with – Pythagoras dealt wit ...more
I am not a fan of thrillers or true crime, so one might wonder why I would read books by Kevin Guilfoile. The answer is location -- he is a Chicago author, and I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing him talk about his books. He is witty and intelligent, and while his novels so far have not showcased his humor, they have highlighted an astute and earth-bound writing style.

To say that The Thousand is a thinking-persons Da Vinci Code is still insulting to the thinking person (although it would
It seems like there is a never-ending supply of conspiracy theory novels out there. This one is unique at least in that its "secret" is related to the beliefs and teachings of Pythagoras, and revolves around the idea that math is central to the universe. Though the history and story are fairly interesting, the writing was descriptive and easy to follow, and I enjoyed reading this one for the most part, I feel like in the end there were quite a few things that were lacking.

There were too many cha
There's really no better way to describe The Thousand than by saying it's like any Dan Brown thriller with a brain. OK, that's harsh. I happened to have enjoyed every Dan Brown book, but critics often remark on his writing techniques. Guilfoile's novel employs some of the same techniques, but his writing is of superior quality. The Thousand opens with the murder trial of famous composer, Solomon Gold, who's charged with raping and killing one of his female students. After being found not guilty, ...more
Elizabeth A.
Trying to summarize The Thousand would be only slightly easier than attempting to herd a pack of cats across a rushing river. How can one adequately summarize a book that includes as major plot points Mozart’s infamously unfinished Requiem in D Minor, Greek mathematician / philosopher Pythagoras, experimental brain implants, a ten-year-old murder case, a manufactured blackout of Chicago, and an ancient conspiracy guarded by a secret society known as the Thousand?

Right, you can’t. So let’s just g
This was a very exciting, fast-paced thriller on the same vein as Da Vinci Code. The premise of the story is that there is an ancient secret society called "The Thousand" who follow an almost religious philosophy promulgated by Pythagoras and expounded upon by his present day followers who are divided in a kind of "civil war" between the conservatives called the acusmatici and the more liberal faction called the mathmatici. This group has tremendously influential members who are all connected by ...more
David Gee
Just after being cleared of murdering his mistress, an American conductor/composer is himself murdered. His daughter, a professional gambler, has a device implanted in her skull which gives her uncanny abilities. Her father was linked to a secret 'Brotherhood' dating back to the time of Pythagoras. A lost addendum to Mozart's Requiem is the 'Holy Grail' in this conspiracy.

The Thousand is a melting-pot of themes: John Grisham courtroom drama, Michael Crichton medical mystery, Dan Brown quest thri
I wavered back and forth between giving The Thousand two or three stars. It did entertain me, and some of the ideas were quite original in the realm of conspiracy thrillers, but the writing was nothing fantastic. Certainly not a book I would expect to win any awards, and it was a bit disorganized and perhaps a bit too derivative of Dan Brown and Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but ultimately it was a gripping, fairly suspenseful thriller. I eventually decided on two stars after th ...more
Cook Memorial Public Library
This fast-paced thriller is similar to The Da Vinci Code. The premise is an ancient secret society called "The Thousand" that follows a near religious philosophy promulgated by Pythagoras and expanded by his present day followers who are divided in a "civil war."

This group has tremendously influential members all connected by the belief that numbers and their understanding will eventually bring humanity to complete knowledge of the universe--and also its end. The acusmatici want to slow humanit
The Thousand isn’t typically a book I would have picked up to read. I don’t tend to read thrillers and try to avoid anything involving math. But I happened to win a copy of the book in a contest on twitter (which I didn’t know I entered). And because the book is set partially in Chicago and Guilfoile is a Chicago author I felt compelled to give it a shot.

I’m so glad I did because I found the story to be completely captivating. It’s one of those books that as soon as you think you have figured so
Jason Pettus
(Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography []. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.)

Although I've been an acquaintance of local author Kevin Guilfoile for nearly a decade now, I've never actually read any of his full-length work, mostly because of him working in the crime/mystery genre that I neither follow nor care for that much; so I was glad to randomly spot his latest, the DaVinci-Cod
Source: Received from publicist. Many thanks goes to Dana from Kaye Publicity for sending me this book for review. I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.
My Rating: 4/5

Canada Gold has spent the last several years working in the casinos and the courthouses of Las Vegas. She returns to the city where her father had been murdered and she is swept up in the violence and scheming of a secretive organization. She is nothing but a puppet for the organization and is in a r
Matt Evans
Guilfoile (I defy you to spell that name after seeing it only once) is another The Morning News staffer with a novel out, and The Thousand is his second. If you haven't seen the videotrailer for the book, go find it now. Guilfoile counts to one thousand, number by number, but the video lasts only two minutes. It's fun to watch.

The Thousand has been described as The DaVinci Code for people who care about the material that goes into their head. Having read both, I can tell you that the Thousand is
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kasa Cotugno
The Thousand is a flat out thriller, as one editor calls it, "... one of the year's most propulsive reads." Peopled with interesting characters, the plot advances page after page, crackling with action, with wit. The mystical connection between music and math was explored in greater depth in Jeanette Turner Hospital's 2007 novel, "Orpheus Lost," which left a haunted, surreal, romantic quality. This novel employs a more fantastical approach, set in contemporary times, but slightly left of center, ...more
Hmmmm, I know I began this a few weeks ago, and I think my primary complaint was that he couldn't decide if he were writing a murder mystery or sci-fi novel. The story didn't grab me, and I can not recall the plot set-up: not a good sign.
I was really disappointed by this one, having liked "Cast of Shadows" very much. It had some good moments, but mostly I found myself either a bit lost or entirely incredulous of the circumstances. It smacked of a Da Vinci Code ripoff, which I hate to say about this author's work but it's my impression of this novel (I didn't like The Da Vinci Code either). I think I would have liked it better of the Thousand had been fleshed out and explained more, rather than being just a shadowy, all-powerful ...more
Rich Hornbuckle
Are you really paranoid if they really are out to get you? And of course, you have a brain implant. Not a bad thriller. A nicely formed twisted family augmented by Las Vegas regulars for a cast of characters, partially set in the never boring confines of Chi-town.
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