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Snatched (Bloodwater Mysteries, #1)
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Snatched (Bloodwater Mysteries #1)

3.42  ·  Rating Details  ·  252 Ratings  ·  52 Reviews
Roni Delicata is the pushy crime reporter for the school newspaper The Bloodwater Pump. Brian Bain is a quiet science geek who has a tendency to blow things up. Ordinarily, they would have nothing to do with each other. But today isn’t an ordinary day: their snobby classmate Alicia Camden has been snatched.Soon enough, Roni and Brian are on the case. But as they dig deeper ...more
Hardcover, 208 pages
Published May 18th 2006 by G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers (first published January 1st 2006)
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Roni wants to be a hard core newspaper reporter and tries to go over the top which lands her into trouble often. She meets Brian at the principal's office one day when both of them were waiting to speak about their current crimes. Roni had only tried to speak Alicia about the facts of her attack but it leads to a confrontation and detention. Brian has created a mess in the chemistry lab... again so he is also on detention. Together they hook up to look for clues when they get word that Alicia ha ...more
Alecea Spears
Nov 25, 2014 Alecea Spears rated it it was amazing

book review for (october mrs gardner )
it was a normal day at school and roni delcitia was a school reporter for the schools paper the bloowater pump roni was driven that she would get a good story for it the next day as she walked into school she heard everyone buzzing about the popular girl alicia camden being beaten in the park by a mysterious guy roni was determined to get some scoop on alicia so roni waited for alicia at the end of the day to ask some questions roni followed aicia th
Amaya Foster
By: Pete Hautman, Mary Logue Amaya Foster

The book i read was called Snatched it started out like a regular school day and then to boys we arguing over something and then they got into a fight the principle caught them and said hey come here why are you fighting and they both got suspended. There names were Roni And Alicia. One day after they got suspended Alicia was out walking around and she gets snatched! Alicia called for help and she called her friend Brian. Alicia told Brian and B
Jan 21, 2014 Savannah rated it liked it
Savannah Sykora
Hr. 6

In my book, Snatched, there really isn’t any historical, scientific, or cultural value so there would be no point of bringing it on board. My book is fiction and is a good read for anyone who likes mysteries and thrillers but would not represent the greater portion of human knowledge. The book is about a teenage girl named Alicia getting abducted and 2 other teens, Roni and Brian, trying to find her and find out why she was abducted and what led up to it. Alic
Amaya Foster
Oct 06, 2014 Amaya Foster is currently reading it
The book I'm reading is called snatched its a good book the book is about these kids at blood waters school one is a reporter and one is a helper there names are Brian and Roni. The book is so far about this girl Alicia that got taken and no one can find her the reporter Roni and Brian are on the case they have suspects but they think its only one person Alicia's blood dad. They think Alicia's dad took her for some odd reason but everyone is worried and scared for her. Roni also does some resear ...more
Aug 11, 2015 Rachel rated it it was amazing
I can't wait to read the rest!!
its so good. It got my heart racing. I had to read on to find out what was going to happen. Definetly 5/5 stars
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for

Alicia has been kidnapped. Can Brian and Roni find her kidnapper and save the day? That's the plot in a nutshell, but the complete mystery would fill a large, very complicated nutshell.

Brian and Roni go to the same high school, but the only things they seem to have in common are frequent visits to the principal's office. Brian's a science nerd, and Roni is an ambitious reporter for the school paper. Alicia is a fellow high school
Kelly Thielen
Easy mystery for reluctant readers in grades 6-10. The chapters are short and the story moves quickly. Lots of possible suspects keep the reader guessing. I think this would be a good series for mystery lovers who like the quick, easy mystery book.

Book Talk
Brian Bain and Roni, otherwise known as investigative reporter for the Bloodwater Pump, P.Q Delicata, team up to solve a local mystery. Alicia Camden, a fellow classmate of there's at Bloodwater High, is missing and believe to have been abduct
Aug 18, 2009 Sara rated it liked it
I loved Hautman's Godless, but Snatched isn't one of my favorite things.
First, Godless hits its late-teenager audience right in the center, but Snatched is extremely juvenile. The main issue - how a child who is being abused deals with the consequences of her abuse - floats around in the ether, then is dealt with in one short scene. The plot afforded loads of room for all kinds of interesting complications, but none of them showed up. I can only surmise that Hautman's co-writer, Mary Logue, wri
Lindsey Daniels
Nov 11, 2010 Lindsey Daniels rated it it was amazing
Snatched is a story of two young kids who hear of a girl being beaten up one night but no one knows who did it and decide to check it out. While looking into that the same girl is picked up from the hosptital where she was waiting for her mother and taken to unknown whereabouts. The kids try their best to find clues and ask people who know the young girl if they had seen her that day or know where she could be. They look for her for several weeks until they come up with enough clue to lead them ...more
Feb 14, 2013 Tanner.m rated it it was amazing

Pages: 176
The book snatched is about a boy and a girl who just meet waiting by the principles office to be called in.The boys name was Brian and he was in for setting off a stink bomb and the girl was roni and she was in because she got in a fight with a girl who she was interviewing for a story on the blood water pump( there school newspaper). But soon the girl she got in a fight with or angelica went missing. Soon Brian and roni divided they were on the case . So they interviewe
Rocco Parillo
Oct 07, 2012 Rocco Parillo rated it really liked it
1. Snatched by Pete Hautman was a book about Roni a crime reporter for her school newspaper. She meets a boy named Brian who have nothing in common except there both on the same case about one of their missing classmates named Alicia.
2. I would give this book 4 stars because it was a pretty good mystery book and it had some funny parts every now and then.
3. "Totally weird you mean maybe he killed alicia and fed her to a pack of carnivorous butterflies." pg 100. I just thought this was funny beca
Al Cormier
Dec 04, 2015 Al Cormier rated it liked it
Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Roni Delicata and Brian Bain. Maybe the literary pallet of today's teen has matured a little more, thanks to the unrelenting bombardment of "street" realism in today's YA genre, but I still think this cookie-cutter mystery style still provides the light entertainment needed to continue floating above the darkness of "realism".

I enjoyed the story. It was folksy and entertaining, and it reminded me of the old Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney flicks that I still catch on TCM, occa
Sandra Stiles
Jul 22, 2010 Sandra Stiles rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: young-adult, mystery
When Brian Bain and Roni Delicata ended up in the principals office and then suspended for their offenses they had no idea of the role they would play in the mystery surrounding a fellow student. Alicia Camden claims she was beaten up by a stranger while walking through the park. After leaving the hospital where she has had her injuries checked, she seems to vanish into thin air. Roni, the curious investigative reporter for her school paper cons Brian, whose mother is a cop investigating the dis ...more
Colin Bienvenue
Jan 09, 2015 Colin Bienvenue rated it it was amazing
Not my favorite of the series but it did keep me suspicious. The ending is shocking who did it and youll never expect it. And no its not the butler. Two teens Roni Delecta and Bryan Bain solve the biggest mystery.
Brenda Thompson
An interesting mystery with the 2 main characters solving the mystery before the police. This book was just okay. I think the physical abuse component was treated lightly and without realistic resolution.
Aug 15, 2012 Caitlin rated it did not like it
Not one of my favorites. I felt that the mystery itself was less intricate then it could have been and actually easy to figure out. What frustrated me about the book is that the protagonists are teens but the book itself reads like a Middle Grade novel. The underlying plot line also deals with heavy issues that are essentially never addressed until the end pages, and I feel that the issue itself is one that needs to be addressed--at least in some sort of discussion.
However, 'm curious to read th
Karen Ball
Feb 04, 2012 Karen Ball rated it liked it
In the small town of Bloodwater, newcomer Alicia Camden has been attacked, and then mysteriously disappeared after her follow-up appointment at the local hospital. High school reporter Roni Delicata is quickly on the trail of what has happened, along with her best friend Brian Bain. Together, the two of them piece together the known fragments of Alicia’s somewhat disturbing life, in hopes of locating her. Alicia’s parents, the police, and others in town all seem bent on keeping Alicia gone and t ...more
Of course, the main characters are largely autonomous from parental oversight. The text combines a 11th grade girl and a freshman boy. The combination of a HS crime reporter and a brain is good for a few laughs. The story puts forth multiple crime suspects and the reader and the characters are trying to solve the case of the same time. There are glimpses of the abducted throughout the novel, but only enough is shown to build the drama of the story.

The story is regional, including multiple refer
Rachel Bailey
Sep 05, 2011 Rachel Bailey rated it liked it
The book Snatched is a mystery about a girl named Alicia who disappears from sight and no one knew where she was. The readers think that she was taken by a man catching butterflies. He thought she was a rare butterfly. Alicia's friends, Roni and Brian were worried and tried to find her. As the story continued, Alicia's classmates, friends and family discovered that she wasn't taken but was hiding. She faked her own kidnapping because she wanted to get away from her family. Her mom was abusing he ...more
Mar 15, 2009 B rated it really liked it
Shelves: y-girl, y-mystery
The first in the Bloodwater Mysteries, Roni, an 11th grade school reporter meets Brian, a 9th grader nerd outside the principal's office as they exchange why they were sent there. They discover they have something else in common: Roni is investigating the beating of another high schooler and Brian's mom is the policewoman in charge of the case. An unusual but effective partnership is born, especially when the high schooler is abducted. This is a fun, fast moving mystery with great dialogue betwe ...more
Alex R.
Oct 06, 2013 Alex R. rated it liked it
This book is about a boy named Brian and a girl named Roni. Roni is a crime reporter for the newspaper. The Bloodwater Pump. Roni meets brian and they soon discover that gthey are both investigating the kidnapping of Allisa Camden. From There the chase is on (sort of) to find the abducted girl. I enjoyed this book it is entertaining for the reader. This story is told from the perspective of a third person omnicient narrator. The pacing of this story is incredibly off but other than that I enjoye ...more
Aug 04, 2008 Sandy rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: tween
Light and airy. Roni and Brian meet outside the principal's office when they both get in trouble. They again run into each other outside a classmate's house after she has been kidnapped. Then Roni quickly enlists Brian's aid in helping her solve the story of Alicia's kidnapping. The story is told in alternating viewpoints - Roni, Brian, and Alicia's. This helps add to the suspense, especially when the ending is a bit anti-climactic.
Sep 22, 2009 Aarong rated it liked it
I thought this book diserved three stars because it really didnt have that much meaning to it. It also just had the things i already know about detectives and crime scenes. i also thought it was a regular old book that has the same thing about other books. it is a cool book in some chapters and some werent as great than other chapters. it may be
Austin F
Oct 19, 2010 Austin F rated it liked it
This book was an ok book. One of my complaints was that the book was too short. It was diffidently a very fast read. It was a pretty good mystery though, and kept you guessing. This was my very first Pete Hautman book. After seeing the characters and his style I think I will probably go read more of his books. Overall it was an average book.
Ashlee Howard
May 21, 2013 Ashlee Howard rated it really liked it
Read as a literature circle book with my 7th graders. I read this book along with the group and we all really enjoyed it. The mystery of a kidnapping starts early on and has you guessing all along who did it. None of us were right!

If you're into quick, young adult reads this is perfect!
May 13, 2011 MizziQ rated it liked it
This was not my favorite of the bloodwater mysteries however it was nice to know how things began. You must read this one to fully understand the others but it just wasn't my favorite. Besides that I loved the characters as always and despite myself I will probably read this again. *Sigh*
Jul 28, 2008 Krystal rated it it was ok
This was one of the YA lit books that didn't blow my mind or anything. I think the kids will like it, but I thought it was a bit lame. I like the main character and her little sidekick, but the ending was a bit of a let down. Adults can pass.
Mar 31, 2009 Livvybug rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Feb 25, 2011 Beth rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: young_adult
Where is Alicia? She was already attached that week and now she is missing?
A meeting in detention helps Roni and Brian get started on solving this situation.
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Pete Hautman is the author of Godless, which won the National Book Award, and many other critically acclaimed books for teens and adults, including Blank Confession, All-In, Rash, No Limit, and Invisible. Mr. Was was nominated for an Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America. Pete lives in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Visit him at
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