The Siege of Macindaw (Ranger's Apprentice, #6)
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The Siege of Macindaw (Ranger's Apprentice #6)

4.31 of 5 stars 4.31  ·  rating details  ·  22,318 ratings  ·  791 reviews
The international bestselling series with over 5 million copies sold in the U.S. "alone"!
The kingdom is in danger. Renegade knight Sir Keren has succeeded in overtaking Castle Macindaw and is now conspiring with the Scotti. The fate of Araluen rests in the hands of two young adventurers: the Ranger Will and his warrior friend, Horace. Yet for Will, the stakes are even high...more
ebook, 320 pages
Published August 1st 2009 by Puffin Books (first published May 1st 2006)
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The Siege of Macindaw is the sixth book in the Ranger’s Apprentice series. It releases in the US on August 11. I went into happy fangirl mode on Friday when I got home and discovered a galley on my doorstep. I won it off of Goodreads. Awesome. :)

I think I was even more excited for this one because book 5, The Sorcerer in the North, ended in a cliffhanger. ARGH. I hate that. Book’s 5 and 6 combine to create Will’s first adventure as a full-fledged ranger. In book 5, Will is asked to head north t...more
Mike (the Paladin)
I've found these books to be sort of, "uneven". I liked the early books, but the sequence concerning Will's captivity lost me some what as I found my interest waning. A lot of this will of course be somewhat personal and subjective and apply to me, some will I suppose find it to be true for them others less so. I found my interest in this YA series picking back up somewhat in the last couple of books (aside from my annoyance at the blatant cliffhanger with which the book before this ended).

Let m...more
I will make this 'review' for this and the previous book, as they cannot be separated in any way. Story wise, ofcourse. Page wise, they obviously have been.

There are a few major complaints I have about this 5 year time skip. I generally love time skips. It moves a story forward, characters can develop in more drastic ways, a lot of things can change, and the need to adapt to the new setting is generally very enjoyable. But, this one annoyed me.

Will, as such, didn't change. One tiny bit. His skil...more
Connor Mackay
There is supposedly a black magic user is the northern kingdom. But when Will gets there he realizes it was all a fraud so someone else could gain power.

Will has been in Macindaw for over one month. He was told the Orman is supposedly the sorcerer in the north. But he is not and neither is the man Malcom. Orman's traitorous cousin Keren has taken over the castle Macindaw and is giving it over to the scotti in return for wealth and power. Will has figured this out and has sent word to Halt and Cr...more
My favourite in the series. Probably the funniest.
They just keep getting better and better!!!!
Oh my gosh this book was SO HARD TO GET THROUGH. I was bored throughout most of the book, and I actually didn't touch it for a whole week before picking it back up again. I feel like instead of getting steadily better like I've heard, this series is getting steadily worse. I mean, in the first four, there was character development, interesting plot, there was more to the story than just fighting/strategizing, etc. In this book and the last, it's honestly just about strategizing for yet another f...more
Jason Yee
This book is a sequel to the Ranger's Apprentice. This book is about Will and Horace meeting up again after a long department. There seems to be an occuasion/misunderstanding of the lord of a castle called Macindaw. The lord, Orman, was the lord of the castle, until a commander, Keren who betray everyone's trust in order to gain control of the castle. So Orman and his servent, Xander escaped into the woods with the help of Will. They fled to Malcolm's place to seek shelter.
Will and Horace met...more
Karen Kaiser
I have a real soft spot for this series. I really do. I see people giving three stars and four stars and to be honest, they're probably giving more objective opinions. But I can't help it. I love this series to death.

I've been writing reviews for all of the books in this series as I re-read them. So I have nothing to say that I haven't already said in other reviews of these books. Good writing, great characters, interesting plots, amazingly creative, etc. etc.

There's only one thing that I don'...more
Rangers Apprentice: Siege On Macindaw
John Flanagan
The audience of this book is just about everyone, people who like action, suspense, drama, and a little romance would like this book.
The main problem this book addresses is thinking on your feet and being able to jump from one plan to another.
medieval ages, in a northern castle.
Protagonist: Will, Horace, Alyss, Malcom. Will: Will is a brave young man in his early 20's. He is smart, fast on his feet, and ready for anything. Horace: Strong, tough,...more
So when i recieved this book i was a little worried about reading it. It is completely not the type of book that i would ever pick up at a book store. One because it is a young adult book and two because its not historical reading, its more fake historical (set in the past, in a made up place with swords and castles.) And since this was book six in the series, I was worried that i wouldn't understand what was going on. Needless to say i wasn't looking forward to reading it. But i did anyway. And...more
This is the follow up book that continues the story of The Sorcerer of the North. I've liked the previous books in the series a little better than these two. Will, the main character is growing up, maturing. He's figuring out how to handle life and difficult situations without his mentor Halt to lead the way. In men's development literature, one of the themes is how we men may have a mentor that teaches us about life. But at some point we have to go our own way. We have to make our way in life o...more
Braxton Freeman
This was a very good book and it kept me interested throughout. I have read the entire series twice, and it is one of my very favorite books of the series. The series is also one of my favorite series.

This book was about 2 guys who were both known throughout the kingdom as heroes. One, Horace, as a warrior. The other, Will, as a ranger. They have to go to castle macindaw to investigate strange happenings. They soon find out that there is treachery about to happen, and must stop it to save aralue...more
Rebecca McKinnon
I've loved this series since I first picked up the first book. And I think this might be my favorite of them all--except for maybe the first book. Or the second. Or any of the others, I guess.

This is the first book where Will is a full Ranger, not just an apprentice, and I loved reading the way he handled the challenges he faces. I also liked how this book has so many friends from previous books in it, although I did miss getting to see more of Halt. Yes, I consider the great characters in books...more
Braden Bell
I loved the lesson here, that wits can triumph over brute force. It's good to see Will and his friends coming into their own and realizing they can confront serious problems.

I really think these books are great for young men especially. They are heroic and action packed. They demonstrate concepts of traditional masculinity that are disappearing: strength, honor, bravery. But the heroes are as likely to carry the day through their wits and intelligence as brawn and skill. They are also respectfu...more
I still love these books. They continue to be great fun. I read these when i want something predictable and fun. I will keep reading the series.

The one thing I would say kind of fell flat in this book is some of the humor. Will and Horace are best friends and bicker like an old married couple. Sometimes it is kind of funny, but by the end I wasn't sure why they were friends. They never said anything nice! Then I realized that the author would gloss over the niceties and open up the dialogue when...more
Brittany Stone
When we last saw Will Treaty, he had managed to find himself in a seemingly hopeless situation. The treacherous knight Keren and his sidekick Buttle had taken over Castle Macindaw, the heir apparent was about to follow his father to a slow death, and someone Will loves had been taken hostage. "The Siege of Macindaw" picks up immediately after that, and Flanagan steers the story in a more hopeful direction. While the middle part of this book is on the slow side, the gentle humor, elaborate strate...more
Jun 29, 2014 Jamie added it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: all adventure seekers
I've been reading this series for a long time and i always seem to enjoy them immensely. Maybe it is something about the main character, Will, and his ability to overcome and to create. He is an imaginative boy with the means to be an amazing fighter and a very capable friend to many. I can't remember a book series that made me want to shake the hand of the main character but this series just does. I can't say enough great things.

To be honest, though i did enjoy the book, there were...more
Perhaps books 5 and 6 should have been joined together since they formed a single, complete story. It almost seemed like the combination was a little over the author's target length, so he split them into two and added a little fluff.

The pace in book 6 didn't feel like the pace in the earlier books. It seemed like there were some distinct lulls where the story shifted, instead of the smooth flow I had come to expect.

I still found the hypnotism aspect of things to be a little much, but this story...more
Continuing this series, I always enjoy the story and the characters. Flanagan certainly has a way of drawing you into the story! But I have my usual gripes; they all have a very similar tone, feel, and the characters don't seem to be evolving much. I honestly have no idea how old Will is; though several years must have passed between this book and the first, he still seems a lot like the 15 year old boy were were first introduced to. I will say that this series has kept my nearly 10 year old up...more
I loved this story. It took me a while to finish it.

So I have listened to the whole series in audiobook form. The voice actor is phenomenal.

I adore these characters. The stories each focus mainly on Will, and this one takes place five years after the last book. Lots of amazing things happen.

I have to say, my favorite part is the very end. :)
Jared Bird
This book should draw obvious comparisons to The Battle of Skandia, given that it is the second part in a two-series. The characters have not gotten much more mature, but they are now assigned heavy duties, instead of having duty thrust upon them by their circumstances. The characters have not changed much, which is nice, except that Will and Horace seem to be meaner to each other- their horseplay seems to be much more direct and brutal, and less comical.

Anyways, these characters face the siege...more
Bobby Luke
This was another entertaining read, but there were parts of the book that didn't feel quite congruent to me. The "interrogation" scene was over the top and ridiculous. It just seemed excessively improbable, asking me to suspend my disbelief a little bit more than I was willing. Also Keren's sudden vulnerability and regret just felt out of character for him. I understand that Flanagan was trying to add some depth to the character, and flesh it out a little bit - I just didn't think this was the w...more
Pretty good. Simple continuation of the series. I do like that the series has within it several shorter groupings. This one finishes the story from Sorceror of the North pretty well. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but still fun to read.
Michelle Mcroberts
Why did I take so long to read this series? No idea. My husband has been recommending it to me for years and I know he has been enjoying listening to the audiobooks with me as I've cleaned the house and sat on the kitchen floor doing crossword puzzles when I should have been mopping...but I digress.

The wide variety of characters, each with his or her own distinct and different personality is a major strength of this book. Most pre-teens and teens should be able to find a kindred of sorts in one...more
I LOVED THIS BOOK. I just barely finished it and ooh... Will was Alyss's Knight in Shiny armor only better! IT WAS SOOOOO CUTE!!! But the bloodshed in it was kind of unnecessary. xD
This one was good! I loved the sorcery in it and the friendships progressing as the trio of friends are entering adulthood.
Another excellent addition to the series. Totally worth the fine I'll have for turning it in 10 days late.
These books just get better. This is definitely the one with the best ending so far!
I ve read up to book five and cant wait for the others to come out in the USA.
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John Flanagan grew up in Sydney, Australia, hoping to be a writer. It wasn't until he wrote a highly uncomplimentary poem about a senior executive at the agency where he worked, however, that his talent was revealed. It...more
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“Any sign of them yet? he asked. Will looked at him. 'Yes', he said. 'A party of fifty Scotti came though just twenty minutes ago'.
Really? Horace looked startled. He wasn't fully awake yet. Will rolled his eyes to heaven. 'Oh, my word, yes', he said. 'They were riding on oxen and playing bagpipes and drums. Of course not,' he went on. 'If they had come past, I would have woken you-if only to stop your snoring'.
I don't snore', Horace said, with dignity. Will raised his eyebrows. 'Is that so?' he said. 'Then in that case, you'd better chase out that colony of walruses who are in the tent with you...of course you snore.”
“Will looked up angrily, shaking his head in disbelief.
Will you shut up? he said tautly.
Horace shrugged in apology. 'I'm sorry' he said, I sneezed. A person can't help it when they sneeze.
Perhaps not. But you could try to make it sound a little less like an elephant trumpeting in agony; Will told him. ”
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