Blackwatch (Wintercraft, #2)
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Blackwatch (Wintercraft #2)

3.91 of 5 stars 3.91  ·  rating details  ·  367 ratings  ·  63 reviews
Will the sinister and soulless Silas Dane abandon Kate Winter, who has the ability to pierce the veil between life and death, when she is pursued by the Blackwatch squadron of spies and assassins?
Paperback, 288 pages
Published April 1st 2011 by Headline
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Mar 22, 2013 MLE rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: yad
I really like this series. The magic is interesting, and well developed. My favorite part has to be the fact that there is no love triangle. Sure much of the story focuses on Edgar, and Kate running for their lives together, but that is what they are actually doing running for their lives not stopping for make out time, or heartfelt confessions. It's refreshing to read a ya that isn't all about the love story.
And the fanart drawings commence! It is a solid sequel even though there are some aspects of the book that feel like filler .Silas is very awesome and i like him even more in this sequel. He just seems so cool even though hes a cold blooded soldier..hmm maybe im just a sucker for these types.This is totally how i picture him except with short hair complete with crow hehe...
image: description

Anyways, heres the break down on the characters:

Kate: her role is so much more passive in this sequel to me for some...more
c.o.lleen ± (... never stop fighting) ±
While this book suffers from the mid-trilogy slump, I do think that there are certain aspects of it which improves on the first book - namely the writing. There weren't nearly as many info-dumps and expository chunks as there were in the first book. Not that there weren't a few, and I'd still like to get info without quite so much telling, but it was an improvement.

On the other hand, it didn't seem like a lot actually happened. The whole book follow both Kate/Edgar and Silas as they are trying t...more
Serendipity Reviews
Jenna Burtenshaw has a very dark mind! And I for one, LOVE IT!

This is the second book in the Wintercraft trilogy and I found that it was a much darker fantasy than the first one. Jenna Burtenshaw is excellent at creating a Gothic style world that slowly envelops you until you cannot escape. From the first pages, you are handcuffed and instantly engulfed with a fear of foreboding.

The Skilled have captured Kate and imprisoned her. They fear the power she now has at her fingertips. She is stronger...more
Jesse Owen
A quick warning – I do attempt to keep spoilers from previous books from raising their ugly head in my reviews but from time to time things accidentally slip through the net or are needed to explain points.

After reading Wintercraft I had very high expectations for Blackwatch, the world that Jenna created in that first book was staggering with vivid characters that I loved. Blackwatch delivered more of the same.

We rejoin the story about a month after the night of souls with Silas on the run and K...more
Leanne Bell
First of all I would like to thank Jenna and headline publishing for sending me a proof copy to read, and as most of you know I will also be publishing my Interview with Jenna on the 12th of April.
Anyway, Blackwatch is an amazing book and a fantastic edition to the Wintercraft series. All the favourites are back including Kate, Silas, Edgar and of course our feathery friend, Silas’s crow (I want one, their awesome!).

Blackwatch picks up roughly where Wintercraft left off. After the events on the...more
The Novel Reader
In the second book of Jenna Burtenshaw's trilogy, Wintercraft, we start off from where Shadowcry, (or Wintercraft as it's named in the British version) left off. Silas is on the run now, fleeing Albion and headed for the Continent. These two countries have been at war,and Silas tries to escape from being hunted by the wardens and the High Council. Unfortunately for him, he falls afoul to the Blackwatch, a group of elites who work for the Continent and ends of up meeting a dangerous enemy, Dallia...more
SJH (A Dream of Books)
I am a huge fan of Jenna Burtenshaw's debut novel, 'Wintercraft' which was published last year. It absolutely blew me away with its brilliance so I was really eager and very excited to receive a proof copy of the sequel from the wonderful publisher Headline.

The story picks up immediately after the events of 'Wintercraft'. Kate has been imprisoned by the Skilled who believe that she is a huge danger to the world. She is a Walker, and her spirit is able to move between the worlds of the living and...more
Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
Tried the first couple chapters and I'm finding that I still don't care. Though I think her writing and world building are solid, Burtenshaw's characters don't come alive for me at all.
Natalia Ceitidh
Enjoyable, but it didn't impressed me as much as Shadowcry did. I guess after Shadowcry I was expecting too much.
What's next???
I hadn't read book one (Shadowcry) before picking this one up; however, I was able to fill in the blanks pretty quickly based off events. Kate has been found guilty for murder that she didn't commit by the people she trusted. After an attempt on her life, Kate escapes with her friend Edgar, uncertain about her future only knowing that she needs to stay alive. Elsewhere, Silas is on the run, wanted for betraying his fellow Councilmen. After hearing about someone like him, he decides to find the w...more
Alyssa (Books Take You Places)
Originally reviewed here.

Blackwatch begins with Kate on trial because she has been falsely accused of murdering one of the leaders of the Skilled. Kate learns who she truly can and cannot trust while on trial and she is disheartened to find that those she believed loyal to her, those she risked her life for, are really not as loyal to her as she believed. Kate and Edgar escape from the Skilled into the underground caverns only to be caught by the Blackwatch, the Continent’s most elite warriors....more
A dark, desperate and compelling read. Situations get increasingly more tight and hope becomes all but a memory. Yet the characters are divine and will keep you turning pages long into the night. A great addition to a riveting tale.

Edgar is a perfect light pivot for this book. Everything is full of despair yet he stands stalwart amidst the onslaught. He almost doesn't grasp the danger or perhaps he has very little fear. Since he can't stop it he just keeps moving forward instead of being overcom...more
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Kate has been taken up by the Skilled, and down in the City Below she is safe from the Wardens. But even the City Below cannot protect her from the Skilled, who are increasingly sure that she killed one of their kind. Silas has left Albion for the continent; he is bent on finding the legendary Dalliah Grey, but they will not stay apart for long. Destiny has a nasty habit of being right, and Dalliah has other plans for the pair of them.

Lyndsey Rushby
One thing I loved so much about the first book in this series, was the fact that it was much darker than other YA books and the setting certainly helped that. This time around, Jenna Burtenshaw steps up her game and goes even darker and even more sinister. It all starts with the cover really, which is black and red. Having a cover with such strong colours not only makes it stand out against other books but also makes you want to know more about the book.

Blackwatch is told from the POV of main c...more
Susan Mann
I'm a huge fan of this series and could not wait to read the second book as soon as I finished the first. Jenna's writing is refreshing, it is unlike any of the other authors I have read recently in YA. It is darker, more sinister and intriguing.

Blackwatch is told from Silas and Kate's point of view. It starts just after the last book ended Kate has been captured by The Skilled and in being held underground in the City Below. The Skilled fearing the power Kate has. She is stronger than her ance...more
Amanda Makepeace
In May I had the pleasure of reading Wintercraft before it was released in the US as Shadowcry, thanks to the wonderful Jenna Burtenshaw. It was everything I imagined and anticipated! Wintercraft is a return to solid Fantasy/Adventure fiction. The lack of over-the-top romance, so prevalent in YA literature today, was refreshing. Genuine characters, magic, adventure, dark forces — Wintercraft has it all.

I expected no less when I began reading Blackwatch. The story picks up right where Wintercraft...more
Charlotte Phillips
There is a book that goes before this one, and it is not one that I have read. But I found that you did not really need to read it in order to understand it fully. Of course if you had read the first one then the story would make full and complete sense, but not having read it, does not ruin the story which this novel holds. I loved the whole action adventure feel that this book has, the way it moved with rush, adrenaline and made my heart race. The piece seemed to have a lot of detail to it tha...more
I am continuing to very much enjoy this series. It's been a long time since I read the first book, but I found that after a couple pages of confusion it was easy enough to settle back into the storyline.

My favorite part about this series is its dark, creepy, gothic alternate-historical setting. Rarely do you come across such dark books for this age group. I also enjoy the frenetic, National-Treasure-like pace of the story.

The characterization in this story wasn't amazing - I guess it's assumed...more
Albion's Skilled community have long feared the dark practices detailed in the book of Wintercraft. Only one girl is powerful enough to manipulate its secrets and now the book is in her possession

Kate Winters is on trial, falsely accused of murdering the Skilled leader. Shunned by her own kind, Kate can see no escape and worse, a sinister threat is arraying outside the underground caverns where she's being kept: the Continent's elite assassins known only as Blackwatch.

Silas Dane is also hunted b...more
Casia Courtier

(Original post in blog:

Unlike the first book, BLACKWATCH is a little bit slower in pace. There are two stories going on: Silas running away and Kate and Edgar’s issues with the Skilled. Both are interesting, but for some reason I found this book harder to get into than the first. The first one was just conflict on top of conflict with an epic climax. This one, doesn’t truly get good until the climax.

I love the fact the way Burtenshaw had written about Kate....more
I loved Wintercraft so was looking forward to re-visiting the world Jenna Burtenshaw has created in Blackwatch. This really is a fabulous dark fantasy series and one that I would highly recommend. This story is told from both Kate and Silas's points of view which allows us to follow two very different journeys as they face the aftermath of events in the first book. Kate and her friend Edgar went to the Skilled for help and protection but Kate finds herself wrongly accused of murder and placed un...more
Elizabeth "Liza"
This was awesome! Can you see me jumping up and down? The Wintercraft series is a fantasy extravaganza of amazing characters that find your way to the heart.

My review of Shadowcraft, first book in the series, can be found here. Blackwatch keeps the same title as its UK counterpart and I’m glad for that. This book picks up where Shadowcraft left off. Silas is on the run from the High Council and Kate and her faithful friend Edgar are hiding in the underground city under Albion. Silas thinks that...more
Following the events of Shadowcry, Kate is on trial for murder--and found guilty by the very people she trusted. Her friend Edgar helps her break out of the prison she's been held in, and in escaping the Skilled they are picked up by the Blackwatch. Meanwhile, Silas Dane has also been hunted by the Blackwatch, and it is his link to Kate that may save--or doom--them both, as it's Kate's rare powers to cross into the veil that interest the mysterious Dalliah.

This probably would have made a lot mor...more
Blackwatch is a very quick paced book. There is always so much happening and it was hard to catch my breath while reading. There aren't too many slower parts in this book but that just added to the excitement and intensity of the story. The story isn't all about the excitement though. Burtenshaw builds a completely fascinating world full of things I have never seen in a book before. The ideas of The Skilled, the veil and other things are truly original and I couldn't seem to get enough of learni...more
I love the darkness of this series. Some of the scenes in this book were very creepy but I always love to read them. The first book is still my favorite but this one was still worth the read. I can't exactly say why I didn't like this book as much but the connection I felt with the characters in the last book seemed to have lessened. i might be comparing it to the first book a little to much. I think I was just expecting a little bit more. The second book should either be as good or greater then...more
Jo Ann
I have enjoyed the descriptions and the writing style of Jenna Burtenshaw in this book. Unfortunately, I have not read the first book of the series. To me, Silas Dane felt like a more noteworthy character compared to Kate Winters. But I assume that it is because I did not read the first book and I did not know about the events transpired there. Hopefully, I will be able to get my hands on the first book on my next trip to the bookstore.
Sep 03, 2013 Sara rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2013
The plot of this book can be summed up pretty easily:

People want Kate Winter dead. Kate goes on the run, and is chased. She suffers, goes in and out of the veil. The end.

That's pretty much all that happens. I don't know why it took 300 pages to tell me this.

Silas is on the other side of the ocean, where there's a worse version of Da'ru who wants to ruin the whole world to save only herself. It's not very interesting. There's a little action at the end, but not nearly enough to save the book.

I did not anticipate things getting so much more sinister in this one. I felt the pace was slow and unbelievable to the point where at one point I thought to myself, when have they had time to go pee? Lol. Every second was nearly accounted for and this made things move slowly and unbelievable. I hated how vulnerable and docile Kate was in this one. I wanted to see her be the powerful, stubborn girl I know her to be. I love Silas still. Edgar... Keep on trucking. ;) I'll look for the next one hop...more
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