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From My Sisters' Lips
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From My Sisters' Lips

4.02 of 5 stars 4.02  ·  rating details  ·  504 ratings  ·  59 reviews
Covered from head to toe with only her eyes visible, the sight of a Muslim woman on a western city street rarely fails to provoke a strong reaction. Feelings of shock, horror, repulsion, pity or even fear are not uncommon. But have you ever wondered who it is behind the veil and what makes her tick? Ever wondered what her life is really like and whether her dreams, hopes a ...more
Paperback, 431 pages
Published 2006 by Bantam Books (first published May 2nd 2005)
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Mary Jane
Very well done. After a family member embraced Islam, I've done a lot of reading to try to understand the religion better. This book describes the religion simply and straightforwardly - and it goes a long way to dispel notions about what kind of women in that practice are all about.
Jenny Ekberg
I am not religious, but I am a university lecturer and have students from many cultural and religious backgrounds, for example some young women who have converted to Islam. I wanted to understand them better so I read this book and I thought it was really, really interesting. Naima Robert definitely busts some myths here. This book gives you a unique insights in the world of women in Islam. Highly recommended.

Ps. One thing that I have heard from some non-Muslim women I know is that they don't "d
I found this book very interesting as it gave me a view of how the Muslim womans world works. This is not something I would be naturally exposed to and I thought it an excellent educational journey.
I wasn't sure what to expect out of this book at first. There are so many attempts by Muslim authors to shed light on Islam - Most of which are fractionally sensere. Na'ima B. Roberts does not suffer from this problem.
From My sister's lips is a very personal account of various "reverts" to Islam, as she calls them, including herself. Many of the women's stories surprised me and some were inspiring on many levels. Na'ima also gracefully tackles the wide array of reactions non-Muslims have toward
SISTERS Magazine
Beautifully written and with utmost clarity, Na’ima gives us an account of her journey back to her original religion, Islam, in her memoir From My Sisters’ Lips. Through Na’ima, we also get to meet other sisters from different parts of the world who share their experiences from reversion to submission, nikkah, divorce, hijab, bereavement, niqab and so on. From My Sisters Lips was the first Islamic book I ever read, as it actually came to me in a period when I was facing some challenges in my lif ...more

الحياة معركة مستمرة بين الواجب والرغبة .. هكذا - الحياة معركة مستمرة بين الواجب والرغبة .. هكذا تجعلنا نعيمه روبرت نعيد التفكير مرارا وتكرارا في أنفسنا وفي تعاملاتنا وحتى في علاقتنا مع الباريء سبحانه وتعالى
نساء اعتنقنا الأسلام كتاب يجعلنا نعيش معه عدة تفاصيل بدأً بالتفكر والتدبر إنتقالاً الى الخضوع والاذعان
تتدرج نعيمه بوصف شعورها بكلمات سلسه ومشاعرٌ جياشه في كل مرة ترتدي فيها الحجاب من الوشاح الذي يغطي الشعر وصولا إلى النقاب بطريقه ممتعه تجعلنا نتذكر نحن ايضا اول مرة بدأنا فيها بالاعتياد على
Hmm.. a long book. I think some ideas were repeated many times to the extent that the book turned to be -sometimes- boring. However, there are many parts that I totally enjoyed and I even highlighted these pages to keep reading them over and over again. For a practicing Muslim, many ideas seem already well-known, and here, I think they are assumed to be read by non-Muslims who would see these things as 'strange' or 'different.' From My Sisters' Lips also discusses some crucial stuff that happen ...more
Sarah Lameche
I was really excited when I started reading this book. I love reading stories of peoples journey's in Islam. Parts of it really interested me. However what spoiled it for me was so much talk about the niqab in particular. As this is a cultural thing rather than a necessity in Islam I suppose I found this part a little (dare I say it) boring. I have many friends who wear the niqab and truthfully it doesn't interest me why they wear it either.
I didn't agree with everything she wrote but then that'
Mar 18, 2008 Ilaze rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
Recommended to Ilaze by: Zoya
This Book is the most inspiring piece of autobiographical work i'v ever read. Talking about the basics of Islam, Naima takes us along the journey of her reversion and how she met similar Muslim women who formed her network of 'sisterhood'.

A must read for every girl trying to follow her deen inspite of the societal pressures around her- wether it's donning the hijab or getting married the islamic way...she talks about all the issues that Muslim women face in today's world.
Apr 18, 2009 Huda marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Huda by: Mrs.Hada
Shelves: english-books
وكما أن هناك حب من النظرة الأولى، هناك أيضا حب من المكالمة الأولى
:) وهكذا أحببتها
أتوق لقراءة هذا الكتاب الذي أتوقع أن أجد فيه الكثير من الإلهام والتقويم لمنهج حياتي
شكرا مسز هدا لأنك نشرتِ قصتك في هذا الكتاب..
:)وشكرا شيماء لتعريفي على هذه الإنسانة الرائعة
Amal Dawas
تناولت الكاتبة التي اعتنقت الاسلام قلبا بداية لانها كانت تؤدي شعائر الاسلام كصيام ووضوء وصلوات تتعلمها قبل ان تنطق الشهادتين وبعدما نطقتها بينت جوهر الاعتقاد وجوهر الايمان باركانه الستة ولذة تطبيق اركان الاسلام الخمسة وما امرت به النساء من حجاب وأمومة وطاعة لاوامر الله والرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم وطاعة للزوج وحلاوة الصبر على كل امر وجمال الأخوة في الله والمحبة في الله لكل من حولها
وكما قالت الايمان والاسلام لا يورث ولكن يجب تعليمه للابناء دقة بدقة ويجب ان يؤسسوهم على تعاليم الاسلام كمن يرى النور
Jul 27, 2007 Rora rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
This book was the first book I read about Islam in English. I really enjoyed the book. It contains good convincing answers for common questions about Islam and Muslim women. It really expressed most of the things that I would like people to know about Muslim women.
Shahidah Siraaj
I can't say that I completely agree with the author's interpretation of Islam but I found the book to be refreshing nonetheless. It is important to include the voices of Muslim women in the discussion about our identity and faith.
Zaynäb  tyty Quadri
This book was gifted to me by a dear friend, when I started using hijab.

Alhamdulillah I was able to relate to it as it even strengthened my belief and it helped me in my journey to be a better muslimah
I happened upon this book by chance in the public library, and jumped at the chance to read it, having read two of Na'ima Roberts' beautiful picture books in my capacity as a school library assistant.

I found this book to be an informative and fascinating insight into the lives of Muslim women. This is written from the point of view of a 'revert' to Islam, and with excerpts from interviews with women in the same position. While it perhaps provide a different perspective from that of a 'cultural M
I’ve had this book on my shelf for at least 3 years now and, sadly, only found the time to pick it up now as part of a reading challenge I participated in here on goodreads. I’m so glad that I finally got around to reading it as it has opened my eyes to a different and fresh perspective on what it means to be a Muslim. Seeing the beauty of Islam through the eyes of recent reverts to Islma, people who were not brought up with it in their lives and, therefore, did not take it for granted and place ...more
From my Sisters Lips was a thought-provoking read and pretty much all about converts and there journey to Islam, and although it was quite enlightening to know the reasons of choosing Islam and how they were guided, I kind of wanted to know more about Muslim journeys aswell, to getting to know the religion better, nevertheless though I loved how Na'ima B. Robert conveyed her view of Islam and showed her immense love for it, and to love for the love of Allah swt is truly spectacular.

So it pretty
Good book can be a good read for people to learn about Islam and the lives of Muslim women. Even as a Muslim it gave me a new perspective on some aspects of practicing Islam which I had taken for granted.

However it's important to keep in mind that it's a book about her and that the community she portrays is her unique British-Islamic community which somehow seemed a bit secluded to me.

I also felt like she either over glorified or presented as facts her own choices and interpretation of Islam li
A book that made me cry, laugh, and reflect. I learned a lot from it and every paragraph made me realise the blessing of being born muslim and raised as such. I can never recommend it enough.
Zahrah Awaleh
I appreciate the fact that everyone should be able to tell their story. However, the author's interpretation of Islam is too rigid and narrow.
At first I really liked this book, but I ended up having to stop about 75% of the way through. The point started to get REALLY repetitive, the conclusion of every single chapter was "so now you see, all Muslim women are individuals!" like yeah, cool, but you don't have to keep saying that every single time. The stories speak for themselves, so just let them.

I also felt like she was just trying a bit too much to basically convert the reader to her Islam, she was really trying to sell it. Like, I
Ayesha  Al Fardan
I give up on this book! I felt the author mention everything 100 times, so I ended up not finishing the book.
How or where can I buy this book
I liked this book. I was reading it conjunction with a book by Geraldine Brooks called Nine Parts of Desire. As well as Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black by bell hooks. Reading the other two books alongside this one put it in perspective somewhat.

The muslim women in this book couldn't be further from the women that Geraldine talks about in her book about how Islam oppresses women. Here, from their own lips, the experience of being Muslim is liberating for them. It's something they
Fayiz Melibary
The Author describes her and others journey to discover islam,she talks about how her perspective in life changed and how everything is viewed differently after she embraced Islam.

the book can be divided into sections,where each section discuss a different topic,it begins by the journey in discovering a new religion by someone who is least to say a feminist rebel against all restriction,and living it large.

the second part talks about the after math,the journey in learning and educating them selv
Muneera Al-Tamimi

قرأت الكتاب قبل سنوات و كانت تلك المرة الأولى التي اقرأ فيها كتاباً بهذا الحجم!
جذبني عنوانه و استمتعت فعلاً بقراءته كنت أعود من المدرسة و أقرأ منه حتى وقت الغداء لأعود و أكمل قراءته.
الكتاب يتحدث عن قصة شابة مناهضة للتمييز العنصري من أصول جنوب افريقية ، بدأت قصتها منذ حصلت على البعثة في لندن و سافرت مع صديق يقيم حفلة الموسيقية في مصر و كانت النساء المتحجبات يلفتن انتباهها اعتقدت بأن الحجاب رمز لاضطهاد المرأة و هيمنة الرجل ثم تتسلسل أحداث قصتها إلى اعتناقها للأسلام و ارتدائها للحجاب ومن ثم تغطية
This read is ideal for the new revert, who possibly doesn't have contact with any other reverts and needs stories much like theirs. It was comforting and realistic, Islam isn't going to bring perfection in your life, because this dunya won't be perfect, but Islam will certainly improve so many aspects of your life. If you know someone who has reverted, give them this book as a will see how much they appreciate it and you.
Syed Ahmad Fathi Syed Mohd Khair
Faceless, voiceless, thoughtless, oppressed were maybe the kind of impressions that came into our mind when we see a women fully covered by a thick black fabric. It is the media that fed us with so many distorted views, again and again until it became our perception, our general idea when we see certain thing.

This book maybe one the most important work done so far, to explore and clarify the world behind the veil. As opposed to western mainstream media views on liberation and freedom, the book t
Atika Khanom
Very thought-provoking and gives great details about the conversion. Its a refreshing read that really made me feel grateful for my faith!
I read this book and liked it a lot,but I did have a few problems with it.When talking about headcoverings,she quotes one woman who,when asked if she ever gets too hot,says she always responds, "The hellfire is hotter." You are not going to hell for not wearing a headcovering.Correct me if I'm wrong,but wasn't the hijab that women wear today invented in the 1960s?
She also condones women leaving their husbands if they're not Muslim.What's worse,raising your kids in a multi-faith household or bre
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Na’ima B. Robert is a published author and magazine publisher. Her books include the popular ‘From my sisters’ lips’, and teen novels, ‘From Somalia, with love’, ‘Boy vs. Girl’, the award-winning 'Far from Home' (Winner of Published Children’s Books at the Muslim Writers Awards 2011) as well as several children's books. She is founder and Editor-in-Chief of Discover, the new magazine for curious M ...more
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“It is not Islam that oppresses Muslim women, it is the lack of knowledge or the lack of application of that knowledge that oppresses.” 24 likes
“It was then that I came to an important realization:as long as someone is beautiful,thin,wealthy,fun-loving or talented,we are happy to accept him or her at face value.We are not ever taught to look for-or care about-what lies beneath the surface.” 6 likes
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