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The Sorrows of Satan: Or the Strange Experience of One Geoffrey Tempest, Millionaire, A Romance (Oxford Popular Fiction)
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The Sorrows of Satan: Or the Strange Experience of One Geoffrey Tempest, Millionaire, A Romance (Oxford Popular Fiction)

4.1 of 5 stars 4.10  ·  rating details  ·  456 ratings  ·  66 reviews
"Wealth is like Genius,—bestowed not for personal gratification, but for the benefit of those who lack it."

A novel from a British writer which became in its time of publishing (1886) the first bestseller.

A poor writer without work and money but with original and new ideas finds in one evening three letters on his table.

The first with money, the second with information a
Kindle Edition
Published (first published January 1st 1895)
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I can totally see why this was hailed as one of the first bestsellers. It was fascinating, dramatic, and easy to read, even with all the Victorian language. A bit ridiculous in spots, but I love ridiculous, so it's okay. It also has amazingly drawn characters, something I think is often lacking in a lot of the that "high literary classic" genre. The characters of Mavis Clare and of course Lucio Rimanez were especially vivid. It also did a wonderful job of descriptive setting without bogging down ...more
Morten Schoubye
This is one of those books that one comes across by accident. It is not featured in any of the anthologies or histories of English literature that the Tweed Mafia produces every year. A Faustian tale with a surprising twist at the end and a rather sympathetic Devil makes this a wonderful read. For those budding authors out there, Corelli's representation of how to deal with critics is both inspiring and funny. I will not tell you what it is, let us just say it involves keeping owls in cages.
حمد المطر
القصة ممتعة جدا، عامرة بالأحداث، وللاسف هي قصة كلاسيكية من عصر كلاسيكي، وانا قرأتها في زمني حيث كان احداثها جدا متوقعة بالنسبة لي، فاحداثها بين فاوست ومئة قصة حديثة اخرى.

رواية عجيبة من النوع الذي فيه شيطان وملاك وخير وشر وفلسفة لكل هذه الأيقونات

اريد الكتابة عن ناحية الترجمة، كانت ترجمة من يد احمد توفيق من كتابي المحببين، ترجمته لها سياسات منها: الاختصار الشديد حتى الكل يستمتع بها، فرص أسلوبه فيها حيث اعطاها رونق روايات سلسلة ما وراء الطبيعة، واختصر الكليشيهات والمشاهد الطويلة المشهورة بها روايات
Ayat Mahmoud
اعتقد ان النص الاصلي هيكون مشوق.. هاحاول أدور عليه واقراه
Dina Hady
The soul of a sinner is indeed a sight to look at, the delicacy it feels of how fragile it's in the absence of its great Lord and Master, thus the soul of a sinner is sorrowful, yet in its sorrow it dons the cloak the repentance which brings a human's soul to the utmost point of clarity, that we have the capability of both right and wrong, and we are in constant need of the our Lord to protect us from both, because the arrogance of superiority and the the illusion of not doing wrong was and is t ...more
Sadiqa Ismail
The book was amazing. I felt the language and the vocabulary very enriching and all in all, I felt like i learnt a lot from the book. The meaning of the story was very propounding and it touched very very interesting and philosophical concepts and themes that not all of us have pondering on. The real impact of riches and Mammon is something that society portrays to be so desirable and fabulous. Until we see its real impact on all areas in our life. This story also touched the realms of Evil as i ...more
Jenn McCollum
The "sorrows" of Satan are many in this text, as the fallen angel takes the form of Lucio Ramanez and is bound to carry out a pact with God based on an accusation that he uttered in haste. To the best of his ability, he must tempt man to surrender his soul, all the while longing to redeem himself in God's eyes. He tempts Geoffrey Tempest, who is an idealistic writer on the verge of starvation, with five million dollars (which he accepts). All the while that Ramanez pushes Tempest toward more sin ...more
محمد عبداللطيف
رواية جميلة بها جانب فلسفي جيد
The glowing reviews everywhere really hyped this piece up for me, but I'm sorry to say that this book is sorely disappointing by modern standards. Don't get me wrong, it started rather well, but it then quickly ran out of steam not terribly far into the story... almost as if there was a diminishing rate of return on the number of pages read.

*Nothing but 1 dimensional characters who speak nothing but purple prose
*There's a crazy obvious Mary Sue character
*The novel spends more time as
This is one of those "lost opportunity" sort of novels. The premise of this book was a potentially clever and compelling twist on the Faustian legend. Unfortunately, Corelli, in her inimitable way, turned would-be Gothic tragedy into Monty-Pythonesque vaudeville.

Corelli's writing style--melodramatic, preachy and completely humorless, even for her era--makes it impossible to take anything in this book seriously. During the passages most meant to thrill the reader, one is instead left giggling at
Santino Dela
It was just my fate to stumble upon a used copy of this book a few months ago at an Oxfam in Canterbury. When I first saw the title of the book, my curiosity piqued. Upon a closer look, I was compelled by the style and content of Corelli's writing. Thankfully, I decided to purchase it. After finally putting the book down tonight, I can say without a doubt that it is one of those book which I will always remember fondly. I recommend it. Go find a copy... Or let a copy find you...
Robin Asati
I accidentally stumbled upon this book and I don't regret it. What all can I do if I happen to inherit a fortune? Will I be willing to sell my soul to the devil? I had thought about this many a times and that's what forced me to keep on reading this and complete it in a week.
Marie's writing style is a bit complex and reminds me of Ayn Rand. Those lengthy descriptions of each and every event, slightest of the emotions, a smile, fear, blinking eyes...whatever it may be.Marie has written about ever
Lee Lacy
Very cool, over the top version of the Faust legend, with an interesting twist:

“Arise, Lucifer, Son of the Morning! One soul rejects thee,—one hour of joy is granted thee! Hence and arise!”

For every soul who rejects Satan absolutely, Satan gets one hour in view of heaven; Corelli's view is that Satan could be saved.

I got a very old copy of this at an estate sale, just because the book was pretty, and I like Faustian legends; didn't find out it was something of a big deal until I did some resear
I picked this up as a free download, not having heard of Marie Corelli before. But Mrs had (Mrs actually does know everything) and Corelli was, in her day, far more popular than her contemporary writers like Conan-Doyle. For some reason she has faded since.
This particular book tells the story of Geoffrey Tempest, a starving writer, who falls in with Prince Lucio Rimanez. It is obvious enough that the Prince is really the Devil, though to Tempest he is a hugely helpful friend. He arrives just as
Riham Adly
wow, this book just left me speechless. Inspite of the traditional story of devil seducing man, marie coreili just managed to produce an epic story, superb and huge. the only drawback is the excessive wordiness but regarding that this book was written early on in the last century, one could get past that. wonderful plot, great style, very interesting.
Sara Abd el ma'aboud
معجبنيش مشهد المواجهة اللي في الآخر
مش عارفة الإيمان المطلق بييجي ازاي بس محدش ليتعلم بدري مباشر كده
كل حاجة بتحصل بيبقى أثرها فى النفس فيه نسبة شك
مفيش حاجة اسمها يقين مطلق واللا مكانش يبقى فيه معاناه بشرية و اختبار في الدنيا من الاساس
Chaza Khaled
الرواية عبارة عم فيلم رعب ردئ !
في تشابه مريب بين شخصية لوتشيو اللي بيمثل الشيطان و بين يوسف وهبي في فيلم سفير جهنم لما عمل دور الشيطان بردو . عامة مكتوب في المقدمة ان الرواية كانت شعبية جدا في مصر في أوائل القرن العشرين .
بس فيه حبة quotes
استفزوني و شايفة انهم يستحقوا الذكر - طبعا كانوا على لسان لوتشيو اللي هو الشيطان :
" , الأنثى هى كائن غير كامل ,كائن بلا روح هى أنثى الرجل فقط و ليس من حقها أن تختار"

"لماذا تكره النساء يا لوتشيو ؟ "
"لأن بوسعهن أن يمنحن الفضيلة و الخير و لكنهن يتخلين عن هذه القد
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Avneesh Kumar
This is a book which must be read by anyone who is interested in the history of progress of civilization ....... what she says might be bitter but it is true to a great extent ...... some of her idea might be unfavourable for today's life or at some places you may have your reservations at some points but still it is fantastic ...... the story is beautiful, and the language is even better .... overall this is my most favourate book of English Lit., as much as Pride and Prejudice if not more .... ...more
I picked this book up by accident at an old book store while traveling and just wanted something to read. I'm so glad I did. It was compelling and vivid, and did a great job in portraying Satan in a way rarely explored and that still creates sympathy. There's a lot to be said the various ways in which I liked this book, but one critique is that if you're looking for subtle character development, this isn't it. Each character has personalities that are fully exaggerated from the start, and maybe ...more
Goodreaders, Sorrows of Satan includes passages about writing, publishing, and reviewing books. (Scathing commentary on book reviewers!) But, even beyond that, the book's topics are compelling - where does evil come from, how do we resist temptations, what's needed to lead a fulfilling life, and more. Published in 1895, the writing is old-fashioned, overly dramatic and, at times, drawn out, but the topics remain contemporary. This isn't a book I would normally pick, but it was a favorite of a re ...more
Imagination is what creats the world.
oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!
A fascinating and unintentionally hilarious book that illustrates wonderfully the difference between a book being popular and a book being good. Marie Corelli was perhaps the first best selling author (brought about by a move away from the library system to a private buyer system) and she wrote the equivalent of what airport thrillers are today.

A struggling writer is is saved by making a deal with a mysterious stranger, and he begins to descend into vice under the guidance of said stranger, a By
“The Sorrows of Satan: Or the Strange Experience of one Geoffrey Tempest, Millionaire” by Marie Corelli, fails on many levels. As a result, I found it to be the worst of her first eight. The concept of the story is not a bad one, and it would serve as a nice counter to her previous novel, “Barabbas”. Nor is this novel a repeat of anything she had written before, though certainly reading her previous works detracts from this one because the reader then knows how Corelli writes and develops a stor ...more
Sorrows of Satan is a faustian novel that tells the story of one Geoffrey Tempest, an aspiring author who has high belief in the orignality of his writings and hopes to earn literary fame in his career. However, as all aspiring authors of that generation hoping to make big, Tempest is penniless and starving in his rented home, depressed and at the rock bottom in his career.
That's when he recieves three letters, first from his old friend in Australia who offers to introduce him to a friend who m
Oddly I found Corelli's book about Satan to be more preachy than her one about Christ. There was a lot of things that I loved in this book. Her inditement of the late 19th century printing industry was quite interesting, and the characters were all very amusing. Satan she made sympathetic by having him not enjoy his work, while he tried to cause the ruin of the main and minor characters he hated them for succumbing to him, rather than enjoying their decedance. Indeed Satan would have been an ent ...more
'The Sorrows of Satan' is about a poor writer called Geoffrey Tempest, who becomes a millionaire overnight and how that changes his life. ‘The Sorrows of Satan’ could be called a Faustian fable. It asks interesting questions on human life and wants and desires and makes the reader think on what is the good life and what is the best way to get it. It also throws interesting light on the contrasts between rich and poor, fame and anonymity, truth and imagination, science and faith and attempts to s ...more
Catherine Siemann
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jun 17, 2014 Kara marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition


That sound was me falling off my chair laughing at the description.

Wow. If Ms. Corelli thought Edwardian women were too sexually free, than its just as well for her that she didn't live to see the 20th century get into full swing.
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Marie Corelli (born Mary Mackay) was a best-selling British novelist of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, whose controversial works of the time often label her as an early advocate of the New Age movement.

In the 1890’s Marie Corelli’s novels were eagerly devoured by millions in England, america and the colonies. Her readers ranged from Queen Victoria and Gladstone, to the poorest of shop girls. In
More about Marie Corelli...
A Romance of Two Worlds (Dodo Press) Vendetta or the Story of One Forgotten Thelma Wormwood: A Drama of Paris Ziska: The Problem of a Wicked Soul

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“Beauty combined with wantonness frequently ends in the drawn twitch, fixed eye and helpless limbs of life-in-death. It is Nature’s revenge on the outraged body,—and do you know, Eternity’s revenge on the impure Soul is extremely similar?” 3 likes
“The finest actor is he who play the comedy of life perfectly, as i aspire to do. To walk well, talk well, weep well, laugh well and die well, it is all pure acting, because in every man there is the dumb dreadful immortal spirit who is real- who cannot act, who-is and who steadily maintains an infinite though speechless protest against the body's lies” 3 likes
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