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Simply Love
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Simply Love

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  1,526 ratings  ·  77 reviews
Even the hardest heart can be softened by love ...

Cassandra Zerek is a true innocent in a wild and dangerous place -- but her indomitable spirit and gentle soul make her stronger than anyone suspects.

The owner of a Colorado mining empire, Luke Taggart's wealth and position can buy him anything, yet he has grown bored with a life of saloons, gambling, and loose women. Nothi
Mass Market Paperback, 400 pages
Published April 1st 1997 by Avon Books (first published 1997)
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I guess if you read enough of one author, you're bound to find a failure. This is it. The characters were just plain awful. Luke was a ruthless jerk and Cassandra was just too stupid to breathe. There can be a fine line between stupid and naive, but Cassandra wasn't actually all that close to it. I tried, at first, to accept her naivety, choosing to be angry with her father for somehow sheltering her to the point that it ruined her, but you just can't walk around with your eyes open and believe ...more
Luke Taggart was raised in a brothel by a mother who abused and neglected him. In his early 20's, Luke unearthed a fortune in a Colorado gold mine and became one of the richest men in the state. Drowning in a constant parade of women, liquor, and gambling, Luke denied himself nothing. If it felt good, he did it. If he wanted it, he took it. After one look at Cassandra Zerek, Luke decided that what he needed to cure the boredom and loneliness in his life was this innocent young woman he couldn't ...more
Well, I am not sure...

The book starts off with Luke Taggart, who pretty much owns the mining town of black jack, Colorado, deciding that he wants Cassandra Zerek as his mistress. He approaches her father, who is a miner working for him, but Milo is protective of his daughter and makes it clear that his daughter will be no man's whore. Thereafter luke sets Milo and his son Ambrose up and has them arrested so that he can get to Cassie. He approaches Cassie, pretending that he is upset that her fat
Ana T.
I have discovered that if I read Anderson's books in a row I get a bit tired of her writing and characters but if I only read one every once in a while then they are nice and entertaining reads.

Simply Love is set in a mining town in Colorado during the 19th century. Luke Taggart is the richest man in town and has everything he wants. Predictably he is restless and in need of new challenges. When he meets Cassandra Zerek, whose father and brother work for him as miners, he realises that besides
This book is another great read by Catherine Anderson for me
( I have read Annies's song and comachi moon)
It is defenitly worth the read, I had a hard time putting the book down.
I enjoyed this book very much, I enjoyed the storyline and all the characters.
This book made me laugh until tears came to my eyes.
I'll be keeping it in my book collection, for a re-read later on.
I loved this book from beginning to end and I'll definitely read more of Anderson's work.
Luke Taggart was a man used to getting what he wanted. He grew up poor but then went on to become very rich. He sees Cassandra Zerek and wants her as his mistress. But when he approaches her father, a man who works in his mines, he is refused. Luke Taggart was a real jerk and it took some time but I did come to like him (not love) before the end. Cassandra was naive and, well, ah, kind of stupid. But it was a good story and I'd still recommend it to fans of historical romance set in the American ...more
This was supposed to be a hilarious tale about a pure, innocent maiden and an equally jaded scoundrel. Instead, what I got was a TSTL heroine intent on becoming a nun (possibly a wannabe saint). I could have accepted that she was sheltered enough to be painfully gullible, but to believe in Leprechauns and to be so obtuse when it came to anything sexual was just annoying.

About Luke, I can understand that Cassandra was supposed to bring the best in him, but the things he started doing because of
The premise of this book is interesting. In spite of that, the book falls flat. Luke is a great character, flaws and all, but sadly, Cassandra is dull, too one-dimensional. The contrast between these two is thrust upon the reader constantly, to the point of disbelief (her childish innocence and trust versus his debauched, world-weary, untrusting spirit). The well-written part of the story is Luke's feelings in that they are believable - he's like an innocent himself when he realises he loves Cas ...more
Really really liked this book,another great emotional read by this author Luke is a selfish manipulative callous conceited mean and rotten man,he is a self made man and now he is just bored with his life and all the woman he sleeps around with he wants something different that is when he sees Casandra,she is a miner's daughter and is really innocent and naive-she was too naive for me its hard for me digest that any girl-woman ignorant to the worldly ways of men but then it was i guess necessary ...more
At first I really didn't like the book not because of the story but how dumb the characters were. I hated Cassie cause of how naive she was about life and sex but I also didn't like Luke and how he thought life could be bought. Reading deeper in the book gives u such a emotional setting of why Luke is the way he is. Gawd I wanted to die for him because his life was so miserably lonely. In the end I gave it five stars I wanted to cry when he finally said I love you. ..three words he refused to sa ...more
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Best-selling author Catherine Anderson earlier and classic novels, Simply Love, she told us a passionate story in this historical romance. This was taken place in the American West. We were introduced to Cassandra Zerek, was a true innocent woman in a wild and dangerous place. For Luke Taggert, the owner of a mining empire, was tired and bored of gambling and loose women, until he encountered Cassandra. He vowed to possess her and seduce her, while she was blind to his desire for her. All she si ...more

Seriously, Catherine Anderson. The more I read your books the more I like you as a human being.
Seriously, this book was too cute. At the end, I was just flailing around in adorkableness. Oh, My god.

Though the Heroine, Cassie is so naive that it hurts, I still liked her. I can also get why she is so naive-being sheltered like hell by her father and brother. Which begs to question-Why in the hell would you want your child/sister to be so naive, you're not protectin
The Heroine was almost absurdly naive, but I liked her. The H was an awesome anti-hero who found redemption and REALLY had to work (literally) to get the h back once his schemes were revealed. That was the best part of the book
I loved this book; however, Cassandra, the heroine, was simply too stupid to take seriously. I felt as if she was about six years old regarding the ways of the world. Her vocabulary was very child-like many times. If she had the smallest bit of intellect, she could have figured out a lot of things for herself without ever being told. She believed that leprechauns and fairies were real, for goodness' sake, and she was almost nineteen!

Luke carried this book. I loved him! He obsessed over Cassandra
Luke is a rich and ruthless man that is bored with the women he sleeps with. He wants a live-in mistress who is different from all the used-women he is usually with. When he spots Cassandra, he feels her innocence and quickly arranges a meeting with her father, who happens to work in a mine that he owns. Luke is surprised when Cassandra’s father refuses the money he is willing to offer in order for Cassandra to be his mistress.

Luke is not discouraged and in order to get what he wants, he f
This was a did-not-finish book for me. Heroine was too naive. She went on about how much she liked pretty things and wanted to be a nun. ????

It bored me.
Beth Pearson
I have to say I really like the stories of innocent, little virginal heroines and worldly experienced men. I generally enjoy these stories a lot. Simply Love was a great one--Cassandra is so clueless, she completely misses the sexual innuendos and even most of the straight out requests. Luke's desire for sex and Cassandra's completely misinterpreting what he wants makes for funny situations and a delightful story. Throw in a little brother, their mangy dog, the uptight butler, and an honest fath ...more
Zel Polev
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
5 stars! A story that lets you experience a whole gamut of emotions. This is my second book from the author. Fantastic read again!

My cast:

Luke Taggart

Cassandra Zerek


  "I'm a toad pretending to be a prince."  

Oh, Luke. Sometimes, you break my heart. T_T


Luke is not an easy man to like. At the beginning of the story, we see him paying it forward by donating to the church so the reader will feel that, okay, here's a kind and generous man. But as we learn of his thoughts
I really liked this book. It's really hard to play out a character who is villainous, but has a good heart, then eventually understands not only himself, but how much he cares about the heroine. Awesome read!!...but then again, all Catherine Anderson's books are awesome;)

Definitely a heart wrenching, tear jerking, captivating novel;)
Overall, 5++ stars!!
Cassandra was totally naive, so what? Luke was a conniving, manipulative bastard. So what? I still loved this book! That makes 2 books by Catherine Anderson that I absolutely adore. I'm going to have to read as many of her novels as I can get my hands on. Fun, fun, fun!
In this historical fiction Luke is the most powerful man in the mine town. What others who revere him doesn't know is he is tired of the fast woman and the gambling he is looking for a change. That's when he meets Cassandra as he is leaving an anonymous donation in the orphanage/church. Cassandra is all he envisioned an innocent who seems him not for the callous vulgar man that he is.Luke comes up with a plan to have her as his paid mistress unbeknownst to her. When bribing her father for her fa ...more
Loved it. yes, heroine Cassandra is ridiculously sheltered and ignorant. But it's a historical and she is specifically home and convent schooled to maintain that starry eyed innocence. Made a lot more sense than all the contemporary romance virgins that never experience desire or any basic familiarity with their sexuality (or even their anatomy, since they never self pleasure), well into their 20s and even sometimes 30s. This book is really about redemption, about how her innocence gave the cyni ...more
Christina A. Marley
I didn’t like the characters in this one at all. I found Cassandra too stupid to live and I found Luke a mean-hearted jackass. I liked some parts of the story though. I liked the premise and I liked that Luke was so evil that he threw her brother and father in prison to get what he wants. I usually don’t support actions like that but it works really well in this story. I didn’t like Cassie’s naivety. It was grating on the nerves after a while. I liked how Luke changed but I still didn’t like him ...more
Alur cerita sih bagus tapi yang bikin sebel adalah Luke Taggart benar-benar seorang bajingan licik yang tega membuat sengsara keluarga Zerek hanya demi mendapatkan Cassandra Zerek untuk menjadi wanita simpanannya tinggal di rumahnya selama beberapa waktu. Dia tega menjebak ayah dan kakak laki-laki Cassie masuk penjara, menipu Cassie menandatangani kontrak menjadi "pendamping bayaran" dengan alasan untuk membantunya bisa membayar uang jaminan ayah dan kakaknya, menyuruh bawahannya membuang jauh-j ...more
Totally lacking in credibility.

The debauched hero likes to sleep with several prostitutes in his bed and has a drawer full of dildos and other sex aids. He is portrayed as a ruthless businessman who allows no moral laws to stand in his way.

Yet, in his every act with the heroine, her kid brother, the orphans in town, even a mangy dog who ruins his furniture, he behaves like the kindest, gentlest man in the world. Surely, a man like him would just have gone ahead and taken what he paid for, instea
"Innocent", the back cover copy says. What it *means* is "too stupid to live, oh my GOD,". Even my conservatively-raised teenage self knew this girl was dumber than a box of rocks. She continues to believe that the "hero" wants her as companion and friend essentially right up until he has her naked in his bed. And on a side note, even knowing that she's this blithely clueless, her father and brother (who are in trouble with Hero, which is why he suggests that she come be his "companion", and why ...more
The male character, Luke Taggart, is an owner of a mining empire, so he thinks that nothing is out of his reach. When he becomes tired of saloons, gambling, and loose women, he decides he wants a paid companion and seeks out Cassandra Zerek, a young miner's daughter who plans to become a nun. Luke will go to great lengths to have Cassandra as his own, even wrongly accuse Cassandra's brother and father of claim jumping and putting them in jail. He then proceeds to trick Cassandra into signing a c ...more
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