Heart Mate (Celta's Heartmates, #1)
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Heart Mate (Celta's Heartmates #1)

3.76 of 5 stars 3.76  ·  rating details  ·  2,515 ratings  ·  155 reviews
Robin D. Owens's novels of Celta have been praised as "exciting and magical" (Romance Reviews Today). This is where they all began, in a novel of futuristic romance set on a planet where psychic abilities are the norm—but love the most unexpected pleasure of all...

All his life, Rand T’Ash has looked forward to meeting his HeartMate, with whom he could begin a family. Once

ebook, 352 pages
Published August 1st 2006 by Berkley (first published December 1st 2001)
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Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog)
Sep 28, 2010 Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) by: Daffodil
Set on the distant planet of Celta, the human colony has grown in to a new world over the last 400 years. All the people there have small magical ability and alot have a Flair, a personal magical speciality, automatically putting them into the Noble class. They also have the potential to have HeartMates, their fated soulmate. GreatLord T'Ash has finally found his HeartMate and he trying to use all his wiles to try and get her to bond with him, but still trying to hide his past of that as a homel...more
Jul 11, 2008 Rhapsody rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: paranoraml/fantasy romance readers, Anne Bishop/Dara Joy fans
Excellent paranormal romance, and not formulaic the way almost all the others I've read lately have been. It was a mixture of paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi. A regency-like society, where those with powerful Flair (magic) are the nobles, lives on a planet named Celtan. T'Ash was nobleborn, then grew up Downwind (in the slums) after his family was murdered. He eventually managed to regain his noble place in society and get his vengeance and now owns a jewel shop, where he uses his particular Fla...more
I debated starting this book because it's part of a series and I just didn't want to get invested in a new series....although to be fair, it's almost impossible these days to read a book that ISN'T part of some series in some way. Luckily, I won't have to worry about that. Let me tell you why this didn't work for me: the world building sucked.

First of all, there is no prologue. You would think if you're going to introduce this new world with new characters, there would be some sort of setting up...more
Mary:   Harry Dresden's Love Slave
Well I liked it but it didn't feel like the first book of a series to me. I needed more of an introduction to the world. It felt like a 2nd or 3d book. Like I should already know what a lot of things meant. Not that it was hard to figure out or follow. The cats were funny. I would read more of the series but I don't feel an overwhelming need to rush out and find the rest.
It was hard to categorise this book, being that although it is clearly SF, set on another planet and the characters having psy powers, it portrays itself as more a magical setting, with wonderful psy gifts almost fantastical in appearance. Whatever the category, I loved it. This is the second time I have read this, the first much earlier on in my paranormal romance phase, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I liked the original setting, not a vampire in sight, and the hero is suitably ang...more
I just re-read this book, it is the first in the series. I love this world that Robin Owens has created. It is different, but not so out there that you don't understand what is going on. If you enjoy the Jayne Castle books I would aslo recommend this series.
I struggled with this one. I was tempted to drop it in the beginning. There were just too many details. I was over whelmed with information and strange names. There was a lot in inner dialog, about class, clothes, textures, powers.....after a 100 pages I had little idea what was going on. I let the obnoxious details go and just keep reading. The characters held my interest, they were unique in their creation, aliens from another world living on earth. i think that it, I was really blanking out,...more
Heart Mate is a strong start to the Celtan Heart Mates series.

The hero is a man of the highest class who grew up in the slums after his family and home were destroyed by enemies when he was six. The man be became has destroyed those enemies and rebuilt his home - now he wants a wife, a heartmate who will love him exclusively and help him establish the family and home he so desperately wants. Once he identifies Danith as his heartmate, he expects her to fall into his arms. Unfortunat...more
Oh GoodReads, how you have failed me. How could your recommendation algorithm point me to this? Yes, I like romance. Yes, I like fantasy, and science fiction. But this story? The social structure, based on magic power, was the most interesting aspect... and the least prominent. This book reminded me of those cheesy novels where the "mate bond" is inexplicable and immediate, a final authority granting one woman the heart of a super hot, wealthy / powerful / famous / all-of-the-above man without r...more
Dana Marton
This was my first taste of this new series and I'll be definitely coming back for more. T'Ash is a powerful lord on the distant planet of Celta. When divination tells him that he'll meet his heartmate that day, he has a fair idea who the woman might be, and is looking forward to bringing her home that night. Oh, how wrong he is! The most delightful courtship ensues, full of surprises and a comedy of errors at times. He is so not prepared for his lady resisting. A high level of danger adds to the...more
Sarah Maddaford
This definitely fits the classic definition of a romance novel. The focus of the story is on the romance between Danith and T’Ash who struggle with their feelings for one another until the last chapter. The goal of the romance is eventually marriage and children because Danith wants a large family and T’Ash needs to continue his family line. The narration is split between the two leads in order to show all of their feelings and emotions.

This book fits into the subgenre of alternate reality roma...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This was a hard read.
The world of Celta is intriguing and fresh.
It is full of new possibilities.
Sadly, it is poorly executed.
As an avid reader, I yearn for new ideas.
Few writer do this well enough.
Some over explain, some circle and avoid. And some let the story speak for itself.
It's exciting. But hard to be excited when you don't understand it.
Heart Mate was the worst I've read so far.
It read like there's a missing prequel.
Even the missing GLOSSARY would not be of help to improve my reading expe...more

This is hands down one of my favorite romance series and this first book is wonderful. I love this book because it straddles the genres of science fiction romance, fantasy romance, and regency.

The magic system in this world is compelling. The world building excellent and anthropological. The character development superb. The heroine and the heroine always grow. And then there are the talking cats. I LOVE THE TALKING CATS! They are great comic relief.

I have read this book at least 10 times. Eve...more
Amy Hasten
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Summary: The planet of Celta has been settled and colonized by humans who left Earth in pursuit of magical freedom. On this planet, those who possess magical power (or flair as it is called in this book), are considered the nobility of the race. Those with no flair or very little flair are considered the lower class.

T’Ash is part of the highest magical class on Celta. He grew up in the slums called Downwind after his family was brutally murdered when he was only six years old. T’Ash has fought h...more
This book is a futuristic romance book and it takes place somewhere called Celta. This is another world because Earth had gotten too populated with people, so a whole bunch of them decides to set off to find another place where they could dwell. The "high class" people all have some sort of ability that runs in their family and there are such things as heartmates in this world. Heartmates is a couple that bonds with each other mentally, emotionally, etc. and there are things called Fams which ar...more
I have been remiss in writing reviews for this series, so here it goes...The cover to the first book was dorky IMO. I know, I know "don't judge a book by BLAH BLAH BLAH" I was wrong ok!

These books are set on the planet of Celta, and the locals all posess a certain amount of Flair (magic). I would call it a futuristic historical romance...LMAO (you will see and probably totally agree with me). Celta is a newly colonized place and rank in society is determined by the amount of Flair posessed by ea...more
Rinelle Grey

This is a touching story of T'Ash and Danith, heartmates, who are destined to be together. But even destiny needs people to grow and accept it, and both T'Ash and Danith have some growing to do. I loved this story, and the growing romance between the characters, but my favourite character was Zanth, T'Ash's cat familiar. He made me laugh out loud several times

All this is set in a background of another world, where everything is both different and the same. Robin Owens manages to make this world...more
Angela James
I'm fairly sure I've read this book before, though I don't recall much of it. The series was recommended to me, so I'm giving it another try.

Yeah, this one was not for me. I didn't much care for the heroine, I got impatient with the hero's inability to speak in more than one or two word sentences most of the time, and the end was just too precious for me.

On the upside, I really like the world the author has set up, and I'm willing to give the next book a try at some point, because authors do i...more
I liked the idea of this book more than the actual book itself. Celts in space who have magical abilities, including the ability to create something to attract their "soulmate" aka Heartmate. However I could not find much to like about the characters themselves. Danith has too many hangups that she can't take a chance on something new and T'ash is too one-dimensional "he-manish". I really wanted to like this book, but after wading through it I can only say it was merely okay. I don't think I'll...more
I had such a hard time with this one. I think it was just weeding through the new terms for our everyday things - like Bel for the Sun, Twinmoons for the moon, kaff for coffee. It just got a little tedious and confusing sometimes with the terms they use on Celta. I liked the theme of the book. Actually, it reminds me a lot of the series by Dara Joy "Mine To Take," "Rejar," "Knight of a Trillion Stars" and more. Anyway, they take their mates to another world. Anyway, it just has that same theme....more
My goodness, this was awful. I'd say that over half of the book was just the main characters whining in their heads, and the exposition did not easily explain the world she has created. Like The Passage, which is mentioned multiple times, but barely explained as more than "a deep sleep", but is obviously more than that because a lot of important events for the characters happen during it. The characters are unlikeable and very static. In fact, the characters don't spend a lot of time together, j...more
Interesting world and many original ideas, including some pretty useful skills like teleporting things or even people and a cat that can communicate with its owner.

The focus of the story is the romance,told mostly from the male's point of view. T'Ash is pretty traumatized, having lived through a pretty tough childhood and is hoping that things will change now that he's found his HeartMate. That may have been the case had the woman in question not been obstinate and pretty cowardly. Danith has a...more
En el planeta Celta, la sociedad está dividida en estratos sociales de acuerdo a la magia (FLARE) que cada uno posea. Ran Tash es un artesano de joyas a las que le imprime magia y cree en encontrar a la pareja perfecta -algo asi como la otra parte de tu corazon-. Sara es una chica sencilla que no cree en esa leyenda y esta convencida que lo unico que quiere Tash de ella es convertirla en su amante para luego abandonarla. Esta historia me molesta mucho porque Tash se comporta como la bestia de "L...more
Re-read 9/7/14: Yep, still really enjoyed this book. Zanth, T'Ash's familiar is hilarious, the world amazing and the overall story not bad. Danith annoyed me more this time around, but T'Ash saved the story for me. He's such a big, lovable blockhead.


Re-read 10/26/11: Have I mentioned how much I love this series? The first time I read it, I read out of order. After finishing Heart Search a few days ago, I wasn't ready to leave Celta behind and decided to re-read. It held up very well....more
Wow, where to start? I suppose this could be classified as a sci-fi romance cause it happens on another planet; but they're descended from humans, 400 yrs ago, so they aren't aliens. And they all have psychic powers to some degree. So things happen like 'magic'.

This story of Rand T'Ash, orphaned at 6 to grow up in the Downwind (the slums), and his HeartMate Danith Mallow is anything but predictable. Rand has reclaimed his heritage as the Lord of a GreatFamily, indeed one of the FirstFamilies, bu...more
Rita Lo
Recommend to: Lovers of cats, light sci-fi, and hulking men who just want to be loved. (Aww.)

Warning to: Lovers of strong, rational female characters. Beware. This book is not for you.

This book was refreshingly unique in that the majority of the reader's time is spent in the mind of our tough but lovable T'Ash. Instead of following the unwitting female and her path of self-discovery, we get a ride in the POV of a character who actually knows what's up--a much appreciated break from a paranormal...more
Lover of Romance
Rand T'Ash lost everything as a young boy, his home, his family, and had to learn to fend for himself most of his life until recently now that he is a nobleman and highly sought after artisan, he is now looking for his heartmate, and when he finds out who she is, he sets out to seduce her, only she doesn't seem to want to be seduced and keeps rejecting Him. Rand at first where Danith is coming from, because he once came from the kind of life that she is living currently, and he only desires to h...more
HEART MATE (Celta’s Heartmates #1) by Robin D. Owens

HEART MATE is the first storyline in Robin D Owens’ Celta’s Heart Mates series. A fantasy romance novel, Heart Mate is the story of two people, each with a past filled with sorrow and pain, and a loneliness that threatens to engulf their being.

Background: Celta is a planet colonized by the people of Earth over 400 years ago. The people of Celta have magical powers known as Flairs and psychic ability is the norm. The political structure includes...more
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